Ancestry of Gov. Bill Richardson

compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner

El siguiente material de los ancestros más próximos de William Blaine Richardson López-Collada, gobernador de Nuevo México, no será consideraro como exhaustivo ni definitivo, pero si como un primer borrador.

The following material on the immediate ancestry of William Blaine Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, should not be considered either exhaustive or definitive, but rather as a first draft.

In his autobiography Between worlds [:] the making of an American life [New York: Putnam, 2005], p. 8 (and elsewhere), Gov. Richardson refers to himself as "the child of an American father and a Mexican mother". This is often distorted by journalists and others who refer to the Governor as "half-American, half-Mexican", when in fact the Governor's American-national father was born in Nicaragua, son of an American-born father and a Mexican mother, while the Governor's mother was daughter of a Spanish-born father and a Mexican mother, thus making Bill Richardson one-quarter American (specifically Massachusetts and Maine Yankee), one-quarter Spanish (specifically Asturian), and half Mexican (specifically Oaxacan).

I'd like to thank Robert Battle and Christopher Challender Child for their major contributions to this report. Others who helped include David Curtis Dearborn, Julie Helen Otto, and James W. Cummings.

Most (though not all) of the distant relationships in the "Notes" section below were extracted from the Ancestry World Tree database of George Larson II. Tom Gede and Dennis Cunniff contributed and/or corrected some other relationships.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Bill Richardson
1 William Blaine ("Bill") Richardson, b. Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, Cal., 15 Nov. 1947 [California Birth Index 1905-1995], graduated from Middlesex HS, Concord, Mass., in 1966, BA Tufts 1970, MA Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (Tufts) 1971, Hon Doctorate, Tufts 1997, research assistant with the House Wednesday Group in 1972, US Representative from New Mexico 1983-1997, US Ambassador to the United Nations 1997-1998, Secretary of the Department of Energy 1998-2001, Governor of New Mexico 2003-present
m. Goddard Chapel, Tufts Univ., Medford, Mass., 5 Aug. 1972,
Barbara Flavin, b. Gardner, Mass., 25 March 1949, BA Wheaton 1971, dau. of John Francis Flavin and of Evelyn Mary Kaplan.

No issue yet.
2 William Blaney (or Blaine) Richardson, b. Chinandega, Nicaragua, 25 May 1891, prepared at Goddard Seminary in Barre, Vermont (now Goddard College), BS Tufts 1915, Hon MA Tufts 1940, manager of the Mexico City branch of the First National City Bank of New York from 1929 to 1956, d. at his home, Recreo 123, Colonia del Valle, México, D.F., México, 27 July 1972 (at 11:30 PM), bur. 29 July 1972 at the Panteón Español [SSDI 091-26-0177]
m. ... 1936
3 María Luisa López-Collada Márquez, b. México, D.F., México, 18 June 1914, in 2007 living in México City,
she m2. Chihuahua, México, ... [ca. 1986], Salvador Zubirán Anchondo, founder of the Cuadernos de Nutrición, (b. Cusihuiriachic 23 Dec. 1898, d. ... 10 June 1998)
[younger child now Dr. Vesta Luisa Richardson López Collada, of Newton Highlands, Mass., for whom see]
4 William Blaney Richardson, b. Boston, Mass., 19 March 1868, in 1870 enumerated with his parents in Boston MA, in 1880 enumerated with his parents in Boston MA, collector of biological specimens in Central and South America and the Caribbean for various US museums between at least 1886 and 1927, d. Matagalpa, Nicaragua, 1 Dec. 1927, bur. Cementerio de Extranjeros, Matagalpa
m. ... [ca. 1888]
5 Rosaura Ojeda Medero, b. Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, México, 13 Aug. 1872 [IGI], d. [in childbirth] Matagalpa, Nicaragua, 11 June 1906, bur. Cementerio de Extranjeros, Matagalpa
6 Manuel López-Collada Márquez, b. Villaviciosa, Asturias, 3 Jan. 1880, d. Villaviciosa, Oviedo [now Asturias], 6 Jan. 1936
m. Villaviciosa, Asturias, ... Oct. 1910
7 Maria Márquez Vazconcelos, b. Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, 16 May 1894, d. Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, 15 Oct. 1950
8 William Everett Richardson, wharfinger, b. Princeton, Mass., 21 Feb. 1825, in 1850 enumerated with his parents in Brookline MA, in 1860 a wharfinger enumerated in Boston MA, in 1870 a wharfinger enumerated in Boston MA, in 1880 a wharfinger enumerated in Boston MA, in 1900 manager of the Central Wharf enumerated in Cambridge MA, d. (of Bright's disease) at 29 Ware, Cambridge, Mass., 23 May 1902 ae. 77y 3m 2d, bur. Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston [Death in Massachusetts Vital Records: 1902: 529: 379 (Cambridge)]
m. Boston, Mass., 8 Aug. 1862 [Mass VRs 1862, 155:63]
9 Vesta Hodsdon, b. Berwick, Maine, ... Sept. 1843, in 1850 enumerated with her parents in Somersworth NH, in 1860 enumerated (as "Augusta") with her father in Somersworth NH, in 1870 enumerated with her husband in Boston MA, in 1880 enumerated with her husband in Boston MA, in 1900 enumerated with her husband in Cambridge MA, in 1910 enumerated with her son-in-law in Southhold NY, in 1920 enumerated with her son-in-law in Fort Jay NY, in 1930 enumerated in Boston MA, d. Boston, Mass., 23 Apr. 1931 [Death in Massachusetts Vital Records: 1931: 12: 211 (Boston)], will dated 26 Feb. 1929, filed 30 April 1931 [vol. 512, p. 59], allowed 18 June 1931
10 Efren Ojeda Zota, b. ... , d. ...
m. Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, México, 30 Oct. 1868 [IGI]
11 Florentina Medero Romo, b. ... , d. ...
12 Manuel López-Collada, b. ... , d. ...
13 Maria Teresa Márquez, b. ... , d. ...
14 Jesus Márquez, b. ... , d. ...
15 Maria Vazconcelos, b. ... , d. ...
16 Peter Richardson, b. Princeton, Mass., 13 Feb. 1798, in 1850 a merchant enumerated in Brookline MA, in 1860 a merchant enumerated in Boston MA, in 1870 a farmer enumerated in Hubbardston MA, d. of hemorrhage of nose at Brookline, Mass., 15 March 1878 ae. 80y 1m 2d [Death in Massachusetts Vital Records: 1878: 302: 212 (Brookline)]
m. Princeton, Mass., 19 Dec. 1819
17 Mehitable ("Hitty") Spencer Prentiss, b. Princeton, Mass., 7 Apr. 1801, in 1850 enumerated with her husband in Brookline MA, in 1860 enumerated with her son in Hubbardston MA, in 1870 enumerated with her husband in Hubbardston MA, in 1880 enumerated in Hubbardston MA, d. of bronchitis and of a fractured femur at Brookline City Hospital, Brookline, Mass., 25 May 1891 ae. 90y 1m 8d, bur. in Mount Hope Cemetery, Boston [Prentiss 104-5; Death in Massachusetts Vital Records: 1891: 419: 416 (Brookline)]
18 David L ... Hodsdon, b. Berwick, Maine, 25 Aug. 1821, in 1850 a carpenter enumerated in Somersworth NH, in 1860 a master carpenter enumerated in Somersworth NH, in 1870 a carpenter enumerated in Somersworth NH, in 1880 a carpenter enumerated in Somersworth NH, d. ...
m. Berwick, Maine, 9 Oct. 1842
19 Louisa Tibbetts, b. Berwick, Maine, 1 Apr. 1824, in 1850 enumerated with her husband in Somersworth NH, d. ... 4 Oct. 1853
20 Ignacio Ojeda, b. ... , d. ...
[non-marital liaison]
21 Juana Zoto, b. ... , d. ...
22 Sebastian Medero, b. ... , d. ...
23 Eusebia Rosa, b. ... , d. ...
32 Samuel Richardson, b. Lancaster, Mass., 27 June 1760, d. Princeton, Mass., 26 July 1814
m. Princeton, Mass., 30 Sept. 1784
33 Lucy Mirick, b. Weston, Mass., ... 1766, d. Princeton, Mass., ... 1850 (she m2. William Everett) [Merrick 105]
34 Henry Prentiss, b. Berwick, Maine, 25 July 1767, d. Hubbardston, Mass., 6 March 1843 [Prentiss 104-5]
m. ... 6 March 1800
35 Elizabeth Gill, b. Princeton, Mass., 24 March 1780, in 1850 enumerated with her son in Hubbardston MA, d. ... [Jan. or June 1860]
36 David Hodsdon, b. Berwick, Maine, 16 Nov. 1776, in 1850 enumerated with his son in Somersworth NH, d. ... 20 July 1851 ae. 75y 8m
m. Berwick, Maine, 16 Feb. 1804
37 Jane Fogg, b. ... 9 May 1779, d. ... 5 Apr. 1847 ae. 67y 11m
38 James Tibbetts, b. Berwick, Maine, 25 Sept. 1795, d. Berwick, Maine, 20 Oct. 1843
m. Berwick, Maine, 6 Dec. 1820
39 Eunice Foye, b. ... 18 Dec. 1792, d. ...
64 William Richardson, b. Woburn, Mass., 6 May 1731, d. Princeton, Mass., 13 Dec. 1814
m. ... [ca. 1754]
65 Esther Joslin, b. Lancaster, Mass., 11 Sept. 1731, d. Princeton, Mass., 13 Oct. 1811
66 John Mirick, b. Weston, Mass., 18 Nov. 1722, d. ... [Merrick 105; Bond 375]
m. ... [29 Feb. or 19 May 1748]
67 Keziah Stratton, b. ... 13 Feb. 1724/5, d. ...
68 Nathan Prentice, [Harvard 1756], b. ... 8 Apr. 1738, d. Cambridge, Mass., 29 July 1769, ae. 34 [Prentiss 24-5]
69 Mehitable Spencer, of Berwick, Maine, b. ... , d. ... (she m2. ... Davis)
70 John Gill, b. ... 1749, d. Princeton, Mass., 8 Nov. 1804, ae. 55 [VR] [Hopkins 64-5]
m. Wellfleet, Mass., 3 Jan. 1773
71 Hannah Foster, b. Harwich, Mass., 4 May 1749, d. Princeton, Mass., 15 Apr. 1802, ae. 53 [VR] (she had m1. ... Mayo) [Hopkins 432-33]
72 Thomas Hodsdon, b. ... [ca. 1739], d. ... 4 Apr. 1818 ae. 80
73 Margaret Goodwin, b. Berwick, Maine, ... [before 27 Feb. 1741/2], d. Berwick, Maine, 21 Sept. 1825 ae. 84
74 Joseph Fogg, b. Kittery, Maine, 8/12 Feb. 1745, d. Berwick, Maine, 30 Sept. 1807
m. ... 26 Dec. 1770/1
75 Mercy/Mary Littlefield, b. ... , d. ... [after her husband]
76 Ephraim Tibbetts, b. Berwick, Maine, ... [ca. 1762], d. Berwick, Maine, 31 Dec. 1850
77 Rachel Jones, b. ... 29 Sept. 1764, d. ... 15 Oct. 1852
128 James Richardson, b. Woburn, Mass., 13 March 1703/4, d. ... [by 30 Nov. 1761]
m. Woburn, Mass., 24 Sept. 1728
129 Sarah Fowle, b. Woburn, Mass., 29 July 1703, d. ... [before July 1803] [Fowle 32-33]
130 Peter Joslin, b. Lancaster, Mass., ... 1700, d. Lancaster, Mass., 6 Aug. 1771
m. ... 30 Apr. 1724
131 Alice Woods, b. Groton, Mass., 26 Dec. 1700, d. Lancaster, Mass., 25 Sept. 1784
132 John Mirick, b. Newton, Mass., 3 Nov. 1693, d. ... 7 March 1764 [Merrick 103-4; Bond 375]
133 Abigail Harrington, b. ... , d. ... 20 Oct. 1753
134 Joseph Stratton, b. ... , d. ... [Bond 595]
135 Sarah Hagar, b. ... [bapt. 24 May 1691], d. ... 8 Feb. 1771, ae. 80
136 Henry Prentice, b. ... 1693, d. Holliston, Mass., 18 Oct. 1778, ae. 85 [Prentiss 8-9]
137 Elizabeth Rand, b. Charlestown, Mass., 23 March 1697, d. ... 13 Mar. 1748/9
138 William Spencer, b. ... 1706, d. ...
139 Mary Plaisted, b. ... , d. ...
140 Col. Michael Gill, b. ... [bap. Charlestown, Mass., 27 Oct. 1728], d. ...
m. Boston, Mass., 12 Nov. 1748 [VR]
141 Mercy Nutting, b. ... , d. ...
142 Isaac Foster, b. Harwich, Mass., 17 June 1718, d. Harwich, Mass., 10 Sep. 1777 [Hopkins 432]
m. Harwich, Mass., 2 Nov. 1738
143 Hannah Sears, b. Harwich, Mass., 3 June 1720, d. Harwich, Mass., 31 Oct. 1760
144 Thomas Hodsdon, b. ... , d. ...
145 Mary ... , b. ... , d. ...
148 James Fogg, b. Kittery, Maine, 17 March 1704, d. Kittery, Maine, 24 Dec. 1787
m. ... 23 Oct. 1728
149 Elizabeth Fernald, b. ... 8 Sept. 1706, d. ... 1766
152 Ichabod Tibbetts, b. ... 1723, d. ...
153 Tamson ... , b. ... , d. ...
256 James Richardson, b. Woburn, Mass., 25 Feb. 1675/6, d. Woburn, Mass., 24 March 1722
m. Woburn, Mass., 22 Dec. 1699
257 Elizabeth Arnold, b. Reading, Mass., 17 June 1676, d. Woburn, Mass., 3 Nov. 1744
258 James Fowle, b. Woburn, Mass., 4 March 1667, d. Woburn, Mass., 19 March 1713/4 [Fowle 29]
m. Woburn, Mass., 2 Oct. 1688
259 Mary Richardson, b. Woburn, Mass., 22 March 1668/9, d. Charlestown, Mass., 23 Oct. 1748, ae 80
260 Peter Joslin, b. Lancaster, Mass., 22 Dec. 1665, d. Leominster, Mass., 8 Apr. 1759 ae. 94
m. ... [by 1698]
261 Joanna Whitcomb, b. Lancaster, Mass., 8 March 1673/4, d. ... 24 Sept. 1717
262 Samuel Woods, b. Cambridge, Mass., 3 Jan. 1660/1, d. Lancaster, Mass., 19 March 1711/2
m. Chelmsford, Mass., 30 Dec. 1685
263 Hannah Farwell, b. Chelmsford, Mass., 20 Jan. 1667/8, d. Lancaster, Mass., 21 May 1743
264 John Mirick, b. Charlestown, Mass., ... 1655, d. ... 1706 [Merrick 102-3]
m. Newton, Mass., 9 Feb. 1682
265 Elizabeth Trowbridge, b. ... 12 Oct. 1660, d. Newton, Mass., ... 1734
266 Benjamin Harrington, b. ... , d. ... [Bond 274]
m. ... 10 Dec. 1684
267 Abigail Bigelow, b. ... 4 Feb. 1663/4, d. ... 12 Jan. 1754, aged 90
268 Joseph Stratton, b. ... , d. ... [Bond 594]
m. ... 14 Nov. 1695
269 Sarah How, b. ... 1672, d. ...
270 Samuel Hagar, b. ... , d. ... 13 Feb. 1704/5
271 Sarah Mixer, b. ... 29 Nov. 1659, d. Waltham, Mass., ... 1745 [Bond 5]
272 Solomon Prentice, b. Cambridge, Mass. 23 Sep. 1646 d. ... 24 Jul. 1719 [bur. Cambridge, Mass.] [Prentiss 4]
273 Hepzibah Dunn/Dunton, b. ... , d. ... 15 Jan. 1741, ae. 89.
274 William Rand, of Charlestown, Mass., b. Charlestown, Mass., 11 (13) Sept. 1674, d. Charleston, Mass., 9 Feb. 1746/7 [Wyman 789-790]
m. Charleston, Mass., 6 Sept. 1697
275 Persis Pierce, b. Charleston, Mass., 30 Jan. 1668/9, d. Charleston, Mass., 25 June 1748
276 Humphrey Spencer, b. ... , d. ... 1712
277 Mary Cutts, b. ... 1675, d. ...
278 John Plaisted, b. ... , d. ... 1745
279 Mary Pickering, b. ... 1668, d. ...
280 Capt. John Gill, b. ... 13 (or 18) June 1704, d. ...
281 Elizabeth Abbott, b. ... 10 (or 16) Mar. 1706/7, d. ...
284 Chillingsworth Foster, b. Marshfield, Mass., 11 Jul. 1680, d. Harwich, Mass., 22 Dec. 1764
285 Mercy Freeman, b. Eastham, Mass., 3 Aug. 1687, d. Harwich, Mass., 7 July 1720
286 Samuel Sears, b. Harwich, Mass., 15 Sep. 1687, d. Harwich, Mass., ... [between 26 Nov. 1726 and 20 Jan. 1726/7]
m. Harwich, Mass., 2 Nov. 1710
287 Ruth Merrick, b. Eastham, Mass., ... 1684, d. Harwich, Mass., 13 Feb. 1766 [Hopkins 105-6]
296 Daniel Fogg, b. Hampton, N. H., 16 April 1660 [or 19 June 1660], d. Kittery, Maine, 9 June 1755
m. ... 1684
297 Hannah Libby, b. Scarborough, Maine, ... 1663, d. ... 1733 ae. 70
298 James Fernald, b. Kittery, Maine, ... [ca. 1675], d. Kittery, Maine, ... [between 2 Apr. 1739 and 19 Jan. 1741]
m. ... [by 1706]
299 Mary ... (possibly Woodman), b. ... , d. ... [after 2 Apr. 1739]
304 Samuel Tibbits, b. ... , d. ... 1724
305 Judith ... , b. ... , d. ...
512 Nathaniel Richardson, b. Woburn, Mass., 2 Jan. 1650/1, d. Woburn, Mass., 4 Dec. 1714
m. Woburn, Mass., 22 Dec. 1672
513 Mary ... , b. ... [ca. 1654], d. Woburn, Mass., 22 Dec. 1719
514 William Arnold, b. ... 1648, d. ... 1697
515 Elizabeth Clarke, b. ... 1658, d. ... 1695
516 James Fowle, b. Concord, Mass., 12 March 1642/3, d. Woburn, Mass., 17 Dec. 1690 [Fowle 12]
m. ... [ca. 1666]
517 Abigail Carter, b. Woburn, Mass., 21 Apr. 1648, d. Woburn, Mass., 11 May 1718 (as Widow Abigail Stone)
518 Joseph Richardson, b. Woburn, Mass., 27 July 1643, d. Woburn, Mass., 5 March 1717/18 [Vinton 186-7]
m. ... 5 Nov. 1666
519 Hannah Green, b. ... [ca. 1647], d. ... 20 May 1721
520 Nathaniel Josselyn, b. London, England, 12 June 1627, d. Marlborough, Mass., 8 Apr. 1694
m. ... 1656
521 Sarah King, b. ... , d. Marlborough, Mass., 2 July 1706
522 Josiah Whitcomb, b. Dorchester, Mass., ... [ca. 1638/9], d. Lancaster, Mass., ... 1718
m. Lancaster, Mass., ... 1664
523 Rebecca Waters, b. ... 1644, d. Lancaster, Mass., ... 1718
524 Samuel Woods, b. Cambridge, Mass., ... , d. Groton, Mass., ... 1717/8
m. Cambridge, Mass., ... 1659
525 Alice Rushton, b. Cambridge, Mass., ... 1636, d. Groton, Mass., ... 1712
526 Joseph Farwell, b. Concord, Mass., 26 Feb. 1640/1, d. Dunstable, N. H., 31 Dec. 1722, in 82nd yr
m. Chelmsford, Mass., 25 Dec. 1666
527 Hannah Learned, b. Woburn, Mass., ... 1649, d. ... [after 1722]
528 John Mirick, b. ... 1614, d. ... [Merrick 100]
529 Hopestill ... , b. ... , d. ...
530 James Trowbridge, b. Dorchester, Mass., ... 1636, d. ... 22 May 1717 [Trowbridge 216]
m. ... 30 Dec. 1659
531 Margaret Atherton, b. ... , d. ... 17 Aug. 1672
532 Robert Harrington, b. ... , d. ... [Bond 272-3]
m. ... 1 Oct. 1649 or 48
533 Susanna George, b. ... , d. ...
534 John Bigelow, b. ... , d. ... [Bond 29]
m. ... 30 Oct. 1642
535 Mary Warren, b. ... , d. ...
536 John Stratton, b. ... , d. ... 7 Apr. 1691 [Bond 593]
m. ... 10 Mar. 1658/9
537 Elizabeth Traine, b. ... , d. ... 7 May 1708
538 Abraham How, b. ... , d. ... [Bond 619]
m. Watertown, Mass., 26 March 1657
539 Hannah Ward, b. ... , d. ...
540 William Hagar, b. ... , d. ... 10 Jan. 1683/4 [Bond 264]
m. ... 20 Mar. 1644/5
541 Mary Bemis, b. ... , d. ... Dec. 1695
542 Isaac Mixer, b. ... , d. ... 22 Nov. 1716 [Bond 367]
m. ... 19 Sep. 1655
543 Mary Coolidge, b. ... 14 Oct. 1637, d. ... 2 Nov. 1660 [Bond 165]
544 Henry Prentice, b. ... , England, ... , d. Cambridge, Mass., 9 Jun. 1654 [Prentiss 2-3]
545 Joan ... , b. ... , d. ...
548 Thomas Rand, b. ... , d. Charleston, Mass., 4 6mo 1683
m. Charlestown, Mass., 25 March 1655/6
549 Sarah Edenden, b. ... , d. Charleston, Mass., 26 June 1699 ae. 63
550 Samuel Pierce, b. ... , d. Charlestown, Mass., 17 Jan. 1705/6
551 Mary ... , b. ... , d. ...
552 Humphrey Spencer, b. ... 1638, d. ... 1700
553 Elizabeth Shears, b. ... , d. ...
556 Roger Plaisted, b. ... 1623, d. ... 1675
557 Olive Coleman, b. ... 1628, d. ...
558 John Pickering, b. ... , d. ...
559 Mary Stanyan, b. ... , d. ...
560 Lt. Col. Michael Gill, b. ... , d. Charlestown, Mass. 14 June 1720, ae. 47 [Wyman 408]
m. Charlestown, Mass., 26 May 1696
561 Relief Dowse, b. ... , d. Charlestown, Mass., 2 June 1759
562 Moses Abbott, b. ... , lost at sea ... Feb. 1717/18 [Wyman 1]
m. ... 11 Sept. 1701
563 Rebecca Knight, b. ... 14 Oct. 1680, d. ... 3 Oct. 1741
568 John Foster, b. ... , d. ... 1732
569 Mary Chillingsworth, b. ... , d. ... 1700
570 John Freeman, b. Eastham, Mass., ... Dec. 1651, d. Harwich [now Brewster], Mass., 27 July 1721 [Brewster 83-4]
m. Eastham, Mass., 18 Dec. 1672
571 Sarah Merrick, b. Eastham, Mass., 1 Aug. 1654, d. Eastham, Mass., 21 Apr. 1696
572 Samuel Sears, b. ... , d. ...
573 Mercy Mayo, b. ... , d. ...
574 William Merrick, b. ... [prob. Duxbury, Mass., 15 Sept. 1643], d. Harwich, Mass., 30 Oct. 1732
m. Eastham, Mass., 23 May 1667
575 Abigail Hopkins, b. Yarmouth, Mass., ... Oct. 1644, d. ... [prob. Eastham, Mass.] [Hopkins 28]
592 Samuel Fogg, b. ... [bapt. Theydon Garnon, co. Essex, 1 Jan. 1628], d. Hampton, N. H., 15/16 Apr. 1672
m. Hampton, N. H., 12 Nov. 1652
593 Ann Shaw, b. ... [ca. 1636], d. Hampton, N. H., 9 Dec. 1663
594 John Libby, b. ... , England, ... [ca. 1602], d. Scarborough, Maine, ... [by 9 Feb. 1682/3]
m. ... [by 1636]
595 (Judith?) ... , b. ... , d. ...
596 John Fernald, b. Strawberry Bank [now Portsmouth], N. H., ... [ca. 1649], d. ... 19 Apr. 1687
m. ... [ca. 1670]
597 Mary Norman, b. ... , d. ... [ca. 1687]
608 Samuel Tibbits, b. ... 1666, d. ... 1738
609 Dorothy Tuttle, b. ... 1664, d. ...
1024 Thomas Richardson, b. Westmill, co. Herts, 3 July 1608, d. Woburn, Mass., 28 Aug. 1651
1025 Mary ... , b. ... [ca. 1610], d. Woburn, Mass., 19 May 1670
1028 Joseph Arnold, b. ... 1620, d. ... 1701
1029 Rebecca Curtis, b. ... 1630, d. ... 1693
1032 George Fowle, b. ... [ca. 1610], d. Charlestown, Mass., 19 Sept. 1682
1033 Mary ... , b. ... [ca. 1613], d. Charlestown, Mass., 15 Feb. 1676/7
1034 John Carter, b. ... , d. ...
1035 Elizabeth ... , b. ... , d. ...
1036 Samuel Richardson, b. ... [ca. 1610], d. ... 23 Mar. 1658 [Vinton 183-5]
1037 Joanna ... , b. ... , d. ...
1038 Thomas Green, b. ... , d. ...
1039 Elizabeth ... , b. ... , d. ...
1040 Thomas Josselyn, b. Roxwell, co. Essex, ... [ca. 1591], d. Lancaster, Mass., 3 Jan. 1660/1
1041 Rebecca Jude, b. ... , d. ... [prob. by 1669]
1042 Thomas King, b. ... , d. Marlborough, Mass., ... 1676
1043 Anne ... , b. ... , d. Sudbury, Mass., ... 1642
1044 John Whitcomb, b. near Taunton, co. Somerset, ... [ca. 1588], d. Lancaster, Mass., ... 1662
m. Taunton, co. Somerset, ... 1623
1045 Frances Cogan, b. Taunton, co. Somerset, ... 1605/6, d. Lancaster, Mass., ... 1671
1046 Lawrence Waters, b. ... 1603, d. Charlestown, Mass., ... 1687
m. ... [ca. 1632]
1047 Ann Linton, b. ... , d. Charleston, Mass., ... 1680
1052 Henry Farwell, b. Boston, co. Lincoln, ... [ca. 1605], d. Chelmsford, Mass., 1 Aug. 1670
m. Boston, co. Lincoln, 16 Apr. 1629
1053 Olive Welby, b. ... [bapt. Moulton, co. Lincoln, ... 1604], d. Chelmsford, Mass., 1 March 1691/2
1054 Isaac Learned, b. Bermondsey, co. Surrey, ... 1623/4, d. Chelmsford, Mass., ... 1657
m. Woburn, Mass., ... 1646
1055 Mary Stearns, b. Stoke Nayland, co. Suffolk. ... 1626, d. Chelmsford, Mass., ... 1663
1060 Thomas Trowbridge, b. ... , d. ... 1672
1061 Elizabeth Marshall, b. ... , d. ... 1642
1062 Humphrey Atherton, b. ... 1607, d. ... 1661
1063 Mary Wales, b. ... , d. ...
1064 James Harrington, b. ... , d. ... 1631
1065 Joanne ... , b. ... , d. ... 1632
1066 John George, b. ... , d. ... 1647
1067 Anna ... , b. ... , d. ...
1068 Randall Bigelow, b. ... , d. ... 1626
1069 Jane ... , b. ... , d. ... 1626
1070 John Warren, b. ... , d. ... 13 Dec. 1667 ae. 82 [Bond 619]
1071 Margaret ... , b. ... , d. ... 6 Nov. 1662
1072 Samuel Stratton, b. ... 1592, d. ... 1672 [Bond 592-3]
1073 ... , b. ... , d. ...
1074 John Traine, b. ... , d. ... 29 Jan. 1680/1 [Bond 605]
1075 Margaret Dix, b. ... , d. ... 18 Dec. 1660, ae. 44
1076 John Howe, b. ... , d. ... 1680
1077 Mary ... , b. ... , d. ... 1672
1078 William Ward, b. ... , d. Marlborough, Mass., 10 Aug. 1687
1079 Elizabeth ... , b. ... , d. ... Marlborough, Mass., 9 Dec. 1700 ae. 87
1084 Isaac Mixer, b. ... , d. ... [Bond 367]
1085 Sarah ... , b. ... , d. ... 24 Nov. 1681
1086 John Coolidge, b. ... , d. ... 7 May 1691
1087 Mary Ravens, b. ... , d. Watertown, Mass., 22 Aug. 1691
1096 Robert Rand, b. ... , d. Charleston, Mass., ... [ca. 1639]
1097 Alice ... , b. ... , d. Charleston, Mass., ... [either 5 Aug ae 97 (gravestone) or 29 July ae 98 (town record) 1691
1098 Edmund Edenden, b. ... , d. ... [after 4 4mo 1654]
1099 Elizabeth Whitman/Wightman, b. ... , d. Charleston, Mass., 15 Aug. 1694 ae. 88
1100 Thomas Pierce, b. ... , d. ...
1101 Elizabeth ... , b. ... , d. ...
1104 Thomas Spencer, b. ... , d. ... 1681
1105 Patience ... , b. ... , d. ... 1683
1122 John Dowse, of Dorchester, Mass., b. ... , d. ... 28 Nov. 1677 ae. 28 [Wyman 304]
m. ... 31 Oct. 1672
1123 Relief Holland, b. ... , d. ...
1124 Arthur Abbott, of Ipswich, b. ... , d. ...
1125 ... , b. ... , d. ...
1126 Richard Knight, of Boston, b. ... , d. ...
1127 Hannah Townsend, b. ... , d. ...
1140 John Freeman, b. ... [bapt. Billinghurst, co. Sussex, 28 Jan. 1626/7], d. Eastham, Mass., 28 Oct. 1719
m. Eastham, Mass., 13 Feb. 1649
1141 Mercy Prence, b. Plymouth, Mass. ... [before 28 Sep. 1631], d. Eastham, Mass., 28 Sep. 1711 [Brewster 27-8]
1142 (=1148) William Merrick, b. ... , d. ... [Dawes-Gates II:801-2]
1143 (=1149) Rebecca Tracy, b. Plymouth, Mass., ... [say 1625], d. ...
1144 Paul Sears, b. ... , d. ...
1145 Deborah Willard, b. ... , d. ...
1146 Samuel Mayo, b. ... , d. ...
1147 Tomasin Mayo, b. ... , d. ...
1148 - 1149 Same as 1142 - 1143, above.
1150 Giles Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger, b. ... , d. ...
1151 Catherine Whelden, b. ... , d. ...
2048 (=2072) Thomas Richardson, b. ... , d. Westmill, co. Hertford, ... 1633/4
2049 (=2073) Katherine Duxford, b. ... , d. ...
2072 - 2073 Same as 2048 - 2049, above.
2110 Isaac Stearns, b. ... , d. ...
2111 Mary Barker, b. ... , d. ...
2174 Richard Ravens, b. ... , d. ...
2175 Elizabeth Hedge, b. ... , d. ...
2244 Lawrence Dowse, b. ... , d. ... 14 Mar. 1692, ae. 78 [Wyman 301]
2245 Margery Rand, b. ... , d. ... 12 Apr. 1714 ae. 90
2254 William Townsend, b. ... , d. ...
2255 ... , b. ... , d. ...
2280 Edmund Freeman, b. ... , d. ...
2281 Bennett Hodsell, b. ... , d. ...
2282 Thomas Prence, b. ... [prob. near Lechlade, co. Gloucester, ca. 1600], d. Plymouth, Mass., 29 Mar. 1673
m. Plymouth, Mass., 5 Aug. 1624
2283 Patience Brewster, b. ... [England ca. 1600], d. Plymouth, Mass. ... [bef. 12 Dec. 1634] [Brewster 8]
2286 (=2298) Stephen Tracy, b. ... [prob. bapt. Great Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, 28 Dec. 1596], d. ... [after 20 Mar. 1654/5] [Great Migration Begins III:1833-4]
m. Leiden, Holland, 3 Jan. 1621
2287 (=2299) Tryphosa Lee, b. ... , d. ...
2296 - 2299 Same as 2284 - 2287, above.
2300 Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger, b. ... , d. ...
2301 Mary ... , b. ... , d. ...
2302 Gabriel Whelden, b. ... , d. ...
2303 ... , b. ... , d. ...
4144 - 4147 Same as 4096 - 4099, above.
4564 Thomas Prence, b. ... , d. ...
4565 Elizabeth Todlerby, b. ... , d. ...
4566 William Brewster, Mayflower Passenger, b. ... , d. ...
4567 Mary ... , Mayflower Passenger, b. ... , d. ...
4592 - 4599 Same as 4568 - 4575, above.
8288 - 8295 Same as 8192 - 8199, above.
9132 William Brewster, b. ... , d. ...
9133 Mary Smythe, b. ... , d. ...
9184 - 9199 Same as 9136 - 9151, above.
16576 - 16591 Same as 16384 - 16399, above.
18368 - 18399 Same as 18272 - 18303, above.


1930 Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston, ED 134, page 17A
Carleton Hotel, 1138 Boylston St

Line 26:

Richardson Francis A  Lodger  M W  56  S        Mass  Mass  Maine

Line 29:

Richardson Vesta H    Lodger  F W  86  Wd  18   Maine Maine Maine


1930 California, Los Angeles Co., Pasadena Twp., ED 1270, sheet 14B, line 72
Two adjacent entries (on Woodbury Road)

Richardson Spencer C   H    M W   58 S     MA  MA  MA       Farmer     Coffee Plantation
           William C   Bro  M W   60 D     MA  MA  MA       none
Nunn Phillip           Svt  M Neg 41 D     IN  NC  KY       Servant    Private Home

Richardson Amor H      H    M W   55 M 35  MA  MA  MA       none
           Rosaura     W    F Mu  36 M 16  N   MA  Mexico   none
           Spencer W   S    M W   16 S     MA  MA  N        none

N = Nicaragua, Central America


1930 California, San Bernaardino Co., San Bernardino City, ED 106, sheet 4A, line 9

Dustin Benjamin H   H  M W 38      M 21   Cal Cal Cal             Helper   Boilermaker Rail Road
       Mary A       W  F W 25      M 17   N   N   Mass  1908 Na
       David A      S  M W 18      S      Cal Cal Cal
       Fred         S  M W 15      S      Cal Cal Cal
       Harriet G    D  F W 12      S      Cal Cal Cal
       Dolores M    D  F W  2      S      Cal Cal N
       Rose N       D  F W   10/12 S      Cal Cal N

N = Nicaragua


1920 New York, New York, Governors Island Fort Jay, ED 64, sheet 16A, line 12

Taylor Brainert      Head          M W  42  W    Mass  Mass  Turkey   Colonel
       Harold W      Son           M W   9  S    Mass  Mass  Mass
Richardson Vesta H   Grandmother   F W  75  M    Maine Maine Maine


1920 California, Los Angeles County, Pasadena, ED 497, sheet 4B, line 61

Richardson Auna H       H    M W 42 M     Mass Mass Mass       none
           Rosa N       W    F W 26 M     C    Mass Mexico
           Spencer W    S    M W  6 S     Mass Mass C
           Ida          Sis  F W 15 S     C    Mass Mass
   (one servant)

C = Central America


1910 New York, Suffolk Co., Southhold, Fort H. G. Wright, ED 1395, sheet 8A, line 21

Taylor Brainerd      H    M W 32 M1 8      MA MA MA     Army Officer    Lieutenant
       Vesta R       W    F W 31 M1 8 1 1  MA MA ME
       Brainerd R    S    M W  6 S         MA MA MA
Hodston Ester        MiL  F W 66 Wd        ME NH NH
    (one servant)


1900 Massachusetts, Middlesex County, Cambridge, ED 678, sheet 7B, line 74

Richardson William E   Head  W M  Feb 1825 75  M 37      MA MA MA  Manager Central Wharf
           Vesta H     Wife  W F  Sep 1843 56  M 37 4 3  ME ME ME
           Francis A   Son   W M  Feb 1874 26  S         MA MA ME  Teacher-doctor
           Vesta E     Dau   W F  Mar 1879 21  S         MA MA ME  At School
      (one servant)


1880 Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston, ED 653, page 6, line 11
218 Tremont St

Richardson W E        W M  54           Wharfinger       Mass  Mass  Mass
           V          W F  36  Wife     Keeping house    Maine Maine Maine
           Wm B       W M  12  Son      At school        Mass  Mass  Maine
           Francis A  W M   6  Son      At home          Mass  Mass  Maine
           Vest E     W F   1  Dau      At home          Mass  Mass  Maine
Frazier Jane          W F  22  Svt      Servant          N S   N S   N S
Acton B F             W M  63  Boa      Engraver         N H   N H   N H


1880 Massachusetts, Worcester County, Hubbardston, ED 812, page 11, line 32

Richardson Hitty S   W F  79           Keeping House            Mass  Mass  Mass
           T Emmett  W M  50  Son      Farmer                   Mass  Mass  Mass
Kneeland Annie       W F  19  Servant  Servant                  Ire   Ire   Ire
Richardson Edward    W M  41  Son      Works in Custom House    Mass  Mass  Mass


1880 New Hampshire, Strafford County, Somersworth, ED 260, page 11, line 48,
continued on page 12

Hodsdon David L   W M  58         Carpenter            Maine  Maine  Maine
        Mary H    W F  49  Wife   Keeping House        Maine  Maine  Maine
        Anne L    W F  11  Dau    At School            N H    Maine  Maine
        Alice M   W F   9  Dau    At School            N H    Maine  Maine


1870 Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston Ward 8, page 87, line 37

Richardson William E   45 M W   Wharfinger      ---  2000   Mass
           Vesta       26 F W   Keeping house               N H
           William B    2 M W   Attend School               Mass
      (one servant)


1870 Massachusetts, Worcester County, Hubbardston, page 16, line 17

Richardson Peter     72 M W   Farmer          5000  1000   Mass
           Hitty S   69 F W   Keeping house                Mass
    (three servant)


1870 New Hampshire, Strafford County, Somersworth, page 64, line 30

Hodgdon David    46 M W   Carpenter        ---   ---   Maine
        Mary     36 F W   Keeping house                N H
        Jones    21 M W   Carpenter                    N H
        Nellie    1 F W                                N H


1860 Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston Ward 7, page 341
Part of the household of William C Thompson
lines 30 & 31

Wm E Richardson    36    M    Wharfinger      ---  ---   Mass
Peter Richardson   63    M    Merchant        ---  ---   Mass


1860 Massachusetts, Worcester County, Hubbardston, page 111, line 23

George P Richardson   29    M    Farmer         3000  1800   Mass
Hitty       "         59    F                                Mass
Emely Prentiss        36    F                                Mass
Winslow Hallett       15    M                                Mass
Henry     "            8    M                                Mass
Mary Hudson           16    F    Domestic                    England
Aaron Grimes          56    M    Farm laborer                Mass


1860 New Hampshire, Strafford County, Somersworth, page 132, line 27

David Hodgden     37    M    Master Carpenter     5000  3000   Maine
Mary H     "      29    F                                      Maine
Augusta J  "      17    F    Domestic                          Maine
Jones T    "      11    M                                      N H
Hannah Fernald    27    F    Weaver                            Maine
Stalisa Nelson    20    F    Weaver                            Maine


1850 Massachusetts, Norfolk County, Brookline, page 79, line 34

Peter Richardson   53    M    Merchant        1200     Mass
Hetty S     "      49    F                             Mass
Harriet B   "      28    F                             Mass
William E   "      25    M    Railroad        3000     Mass
George P    "      19    M    Clerk                    Mass
James M     "      24    M    Railroad                 Mass
Thomas E    "      21    M    Clerk                    Mass
Spencer W   "      14    M    Student                  Mass
Emma B      "      12    M                             Mass


1850 Massachusetts, Worcester County, Hubbardston, page 356, line 34

Spencer Prentiss   32    M    Farmer         2200   Mass
Sarah       "      29    F                          Mass
Elisabeth   "       3    F                          Mass
William T   "       1    M                          Mass
Elisabeth   "      70    F                          Mass
Emily       "      24    F                          Mass
Charles Dix        16    M    Laborer               Mass
Alfred Stone        7    M                          Mass


1850 New Hampshire, Strafford County, Somersworth, page 159, line 2

David L Hodgdon     26    M    Carpenter     1500   Maine
Louisa Hodgdon      25    F                         Maine
Vesta Hodgdon        6    F                         Maine
Jones F Hodgdon      1    M                         N H
David Hodgdon       80    M    None                 Maine
Oliver M Tibbetts   23    F                         Maine



While the Governor and his father both refer to themselves as "William Blaine Richardson", it should be pointed out that all references to the Governor's grandfather, and all references to the Governor's father by his Massachusetts relatives, call them both "William Blaney Richardson". The name clearly was originally "Blaney" (the grandfather's father, William Everett Richardson, had been assistant wharfinger at Boston's Central Wharf under James Mears Blaney, and succeeded Blaney as wharfinger about the time the governor's grandfather was born), but the date of the change from "Blaney" to "Blaine" is unknown, as is the reason for the change.

1 -- Ancestry of Barbara Flavin, contributed by Christopher Challender Child:

1.  Barbara Flavin, b. Gardner, Mass. 25 March 1949
2.  John Francis Flavin, b. Concord, Mass. 1924
3.  Evelyn Mary Kaplan, b. Gardner, Mass. 1926
4.  Philip Thomas Flavin, b. Mass. ca. 1886
    d. Concord, Mass. 1945 [1945, 37:53]
    m. ca. 1916
5.  Elizabeth McCarthy, b. Mass. ca. 1889,
    d. Concord 1956 [1956, 40:303]
6.  Samuel Kaplan, Jr., b. Mass. ca. 1896,
    d. Gardner, Mass. 1945 [1945, 45:428],
    m. Gardner 1925 [1925, 20:218]
7.  Catherine ---, b. Mass. ca. 1888
8.  --- Flavin, b. Irish Free State
9.  ---, b. Irish Free State
10.  ---, b. Mass.
11.  ---, b. Mass.
12.  --- Kaplan, b. Poland
13.  ---, b. Poland
14.  ---, b. Mass.
15.  ---, b. Mass.

Census entries:

1930 Massachusetts, Middlesex, Concord, ED 202, sheet 8A, line 23

Flavin Philip T      H   M W 44      M 30     MA IFS IFS     Dentist    General Prectice
       Elizabeth M   W   F W 41      M 27     MA MA  MA
       Philip        S   M W 11      S        MA MA  MA
       Robert        S   M W  9      S        MA MA  MA
       John          S   M W  6      S        MA MA  MA
       David         S   M W  2 3/12 S        MA MA  MA
   (one servant)

IFS = Irish Free State

1930 Massachussets, Worcester Co., Gardner, ED 188, sheet 7B, line 53

Kaplan Samuel      H    M W 34 M 29     MA Poland Poland      Retail Merchant    Mens Clothing
       Catherine   W    F W 42 M 37     MA MA     MA
       David L     S    M W  4 S        MA MA     MA
       Evelyn M    D    F W  3 S        MA MA     MA
       Eleanor L   D    F W  3 S        MA MA     MA
       Marilyn A   D    F W  1 S        MA MA     MA
   (one servant)

2 -- Even though the banker William B. Richardson ("Big Bill") was a public figure, it was very difficult to determine his parentage and origin. The Boston Globe printed an obituary article on him in the 7/29/72 issue, and another article in the 7/30/72 issue about his funeral, but while both of these articles mention his college football career (he was one of the first centers to snap the ball through his legs rather than from the side, and he was involved in a pile-up in the Tufts-Army game in 1913 in which a sophomore cadet, Dwight D. Eisenhower, broke his leg), neither mention his parents or where he was born or anything about him before he entered Tufts.

The article in Time magazine on his retirement (vol. 67, no. 23 [June 4, 1956], p. 45, col. 3) refers to him as "a heavy-set Bostonian", but his birth is not recorded in the Massachusetts Vital Records.

On 16 March 1954, Mr. Richardson participated in a Town Hall radio broadcast on Mexican-US friendship, and a transcript of this show was published in vol. 19, no. 46, of Town Meeting. The biographical information on the speakers says, of Mr. Richardson, that he was "a product of Boston grammar schools" and that he "prepared for college at Goddard Seminary, Barre, Vermont" [p. 16].

The Catalogue of Tufts College for 1914-1915 (when he was a senior) and 1913-1914 (when he was a junior) state that he resided at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house and that his home town was Boston, but the Catalogs for 1912-1913 (when he was a sophomore) and 1911-1912 (when he was a freshman) state that he resided in one of the general student dormitories and that his home town was "Fisher's Island, N.Y.".

Tufts University maintains, in its archives (in Spring 2004 located in the basement of the Tisch Library building on the grounds of the Tufts campus in Medfield, Mass.), a vertical file on each student who attended Tufts, and a card file index of citations to the various Tufts publications. For example, when Tufts awarded Mr. Richardson with its Distinguished Service Award in 1950, the text of the presentation was printed in the Tufts Alumni Review, vol. 4, no. 4 (Summer 1950), p. 18. And when Mr. Richardson spoke to the Class of 1965 on behalf of the Class of 1915, the text of his remarks was printed in the Tufts Alumni Review, vol. 11, no. 3 (August 1965), p. 33. All of these are cited in the card file, as is an entry in The Tufts College Graduate, vol. XVIII, no. 2 (December-February, 1919-20), p. 103, in which:
          '15.   William B. Richardson was mar-
          ried on November 12, to Mary Pescetto,
          daughter of Col. and Mrs. Edward
          Pescetto, of Genoa, Italy.  Mr. Richard-
          son represents the National City Bank
          of New York in Italy.  He expects to
          return to the United States about the
          middle of February.
Which means that María Luisa López-Collada (the Governor's mother) was Mr. Richardson's second wife (at least).

The vertical file on Mr. Richardson in the Tufts archives consists mostly of letters from Tufts administrators asking for money, Mr. Richardson's cover letters when he sent his $1000.00 checks, and letters from the Tufts administrators thanking Mr. Richardson for his generous donation.

One of the items in the Tufts vertical file on Mr. Richardson is this extraordinary letter dated July 14, 1961, and sent from Frank A. Tredennick Jr to Dr. Nils Y. Wessell (who at the time was president of Tufts University):

          I had a long discussion this week with Fred J. Lauerman, executive
assistant to the president of Mexico City College.  He reported to me that
Mexico City College had made its greatest stride forward in years by forcibly
deposing Bill Richardson from the board of trustees.  The general feeling, how-
ever, is that the action came too late and that Richardson's leadership has been
so misdirected and yet so strong that the College will probably go under in the
next year or two.

          Richardson evidently has a reputation in Mexico of being quite a thrifty
individual.  His total giving to Mexico City College has amounted to slightly more
than $2,000 and most of this was made in the form of a single gift.  His capabili-
ties are definitely major.

          Lauerman had heard a lot about Tufts from Richardson, and he knew either
from Richardson or from educational fund-raising sources that we were starting a
program.  He strongly urged us to see him this year because of his health situa-
tion.  He has had a couple of operations for various reasons and evidently has a
serious cirrhosis condition which is not improving.

          His wife will be a key person in any gift that is made and evidently
there are two small children so that a life-income reserved gift might come into
play.  Do not underestimate the role of the wife.  She is Mexican and was, I be-
lieve, his secretary at one time.

          This would seem to me to make imperative the immediate setting aside of
some time for a southwest trip on your part with a date in Mexico City as the key
to the whole business.  It would not seem too early to write to Richardson right
now in an effort to set up this date for sometime in the fall and after confirma-
tion on Richardson's part we could attempt to build the rest of the trip.  You
are holding some dates tentatively if I am not mistaken.

                               Frank A. Tredennick, Jr.

Most of Mr. Richardson's contributions to Tufts occurred in the decade after this letter was sent.

Shortly after Mr. Richardson's death, there was some correspondence between his widow and his son (the current Governor) on the one hand and Tufts administrators on the other hand, promising a donation of several thousand dollars if Tufts would rename its baseball fields in memory of the late William Blaine Richardson. It should be noted that the elder William Blaine Richardson (the banker) played football, not baseball, for Tufts, while the younger William Blaine Richardson (the Governor) played baseball for Tufts. The file does not reflect whether the renaming and/or the donation were accomplished.

There is almost nothing in the vertical file which would shed any light on Mr. Richardson's background, except for the text of the press release issued by the Tufts University Office of Public Information on 28 July 1972 announcing Mr. Richardson's death. The first paragraph on page 3 of this press release states that "Richardson could not really call any town or city his hometown since his father, a collector of museum items, constantly travelled around the world."

As an aside, the date of birth given above for Mr. Richardson (25 May 1891) is the birthdate given for him in the Social Security Death Index. However, Elizabeth Gilmore, a Taos midwife and a childhood neighbor and schoolmate of "little Billy Richardson" (the future Governor), states that she, the dean of Mexico City College, and Billy's dad, all had the same birthday (Sept. 9). See No explanation for this disparity has been found.

As another aside, Mexico City College changed its name in 1963 to "University of the Americas" and in 1968 to Universidad de las Américas.

In June 2004, the "" website added online access to the World War I draft registration cards for the state of Massachusetts. Robert Battle noticed that one of these cards was for a William B. Richardson. An extract of the information from the card (as best as can be determined from the out-of-focus image):

Registration card:

Name in full:  William B. Richardson
Age in years:  27
Home address:  Tufts College, Somerville, Mass.
Date of birth:  May 25, 1891
Citizenship:  Natural-born, born of American parents abroad
Place of birth:  Chinandega, Nicaragua
Occupation:  Banking
Employer:  National City Bank
Location:  Genoa, Italy
Dependents?  No
Marital status:  Single
Race:  White
Military service:  Private, Infantry, 2 yrs, Massachusetts N. G.
Exemption?  No
Signature:  William B. Richardson

Registrar's Report:

Height:  Tall
Build:  Medium
Eye color:  Grey
Hair color:  Black
Bald?  No
Disabled?  No

Registrar's signature:  James J. Murphy Jr
(stamped:  Vice Consul of the United States of America)

Precinct:  Tufts College
City or County:  Somerville
State:  Massachusetts

Date of registration:  June 26, 1918

(additional handwritten comment):

   Applicant has no present legal
   residence in the United States
   has given above as local
   basis for registration.

   James J. Murphy Jr
Chinandega, currently [2005] Nicaragua's third-largest city, is in western Nicaragua, near the Pacific Ocean. This date of birth (25 May 1891) for William Blaine Richardson, the banker, matches the birthdate given in the Social Security Death Index, but doesn't explain why Elizabeth Gilmore, the Taos midwife (above), claims that his birthday was Sept. 9.

In his autobiography, the Governor says (on p. 11) that his father was born on a boat on its way to Nicaragua.

In August 2004, Robert Battle obtained the Social Security application form filed by William Blaine Richardson, the banker. The following is the relevant information from the form:

Name: William Blaine Richardson
Address: National City Bank of New York, Apartado 87 bis, Mexico City, Mexico
Age: 59
Date of birth: 25 May 1891
Place of birth: Chinandega, Nicaragua
Father's name: William Blaine Richardson of Boston, Mass.
Mother's name: Rose Ojeda
Date: 10 Feb 1951
SSN: 091-26-0177

In November 2007, the "" website added online access to US passport applications from 1795 to 1925. William B. Richardson Jr was issued passport 36122 on 7 Oct 1916, passport 39659 on 18 Nov 1916, passport 120986 on 24 Sept. 1919, and passport 97382 on 12 Nov 1921. In each of his applications he states he was born in Chinandega, Nicaragua, on 25 May 1891, and that his father, William B. Richardson, was born in Boston, Mass., and that he [the father] resided in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, at the time of the application. He [the applicant] is described in each of the applications as 5 feet 10 1/2 inches tall, black hair, olive complexion, etc. Each application includes a photograph of the applicant. A copy of the photograph on the application which resulted in passport 36122 can be found here.

On 14 May 1920, he filed papers asking that passport 120986 be amended to include his wife Mary, born 14 Oct. 1898 in Spagra, Italy. Passport 97382 was for him and his wife Mary, and refers to a "Marriage Certificate issued by City Hall, Genoa, Italy, Nov. 14, 1919". Both of these include photos of Mary.

In each of his passport applications he used the form for native citizens of the United States, even though he had been born in Nicaragua. The reason for this is that US nationality law at the time extended US native citizenship to foreign-born persons whose father [not mother] was born in the United States.

3 -- She appears to be the María Luisa López-Collada who was the middle child of the five López-Collada Márquez siblings, for whom see My thanks to Heath Haussamen for this citation.

The webpage (which discusses her daughter Vesta), says of Vesta that "Su madre, poseedora de un extraordinario encanto, es la Sra. María Luisa López-Collada, de una prestigiada familia Oaxaqueña ... ".

A biography of Dr. Zubirán can be found at

On 26 June 1950 Maria Luisa Collado de Richardson entered the United States at El Paso, Texas, and was granted visa 873171. In the border crossing record (available at, she was said to have been born on 6-18-1914 at Mexico, D.F., Mexico; travelling on Mexican passport 16507; and visiting Mrs. Rosa Richardson.

4 -- For information on his ancestry, see, later (by early 2007) removed.

As mentioned above, the Tufts University press release announcing the death of William Blaine Richardson, the banker, says that his father (the Governor's grandfather) was "a collector of museum items" who "constantly travelled around the world." Robert Battle has found a number of instances where a "William B Richardson" or "W B Richardson" collected biological specimens for the American Museum of Natural History (and other museums) in Nicaragua and elsewhere in Central and South America between 1886 and 1911.

For example, two-toed sloth skull "collected from Matagalpa, Tuma, Nicaragua by William B. Richardson" "Chontales and Ro Coco are two of the collecting sites visited by William B. Richardson, who obtained specimens for American Museum of Natural History (Allen, 1908, 1910). These and others of Richardson's collecting localities have been difficult to pinpoint with accuracy.... The only mention of the giant anteater in Nicaragua is a report to Allen (1910: 94) in letters from his field collector William R. Richardson that the species occurs in the 'forest lowlands of the east coast.'" "collected at...Esmeraldas, Ecuador, on 10 November 1912, by William B. Richardson.... collected at La Manuelita...near Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, on 11 April 1911, by Frank M. Chapman and William B. Richardson.... collected at Ro Grande, Nicaragua, on 1 April 1908, by William B. Richardson. COMMENTS: According to a letter in the Department of Ornithology Archives from Richardson to Allen, 5 October 1908, Richardson was enclosing a rough map of his collecting localities. This map is no longer present. However, Allen (1908: 647) reported on the mammals collected by Richardson on this trip and placed Ro Grande south of Tuma and at a somewhat lower altitude. Gazetteer no. 25, 1956, of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names...lists a town called Ro Grande...which may be where Richardson collected. In his letter, Richardson stated that he collected 'down on the Atlantic slope to 700 feet where it rains the year round.'" (many more instances of things Richardson collected in various South-Central American locations). "The holotype and 11 paratypes of Handleyomys fuscatus were collected near San Antonio by William B. Richardson, a professional collector employed by the 1911 AMNH expedition to Colombia."

Also in the French West Indies in 1886: and

in México, 1889:

This page contains link to list of specimens collected by W. B. Richardson in Nicaragua from 1891 to 1892:

Presumably all of these refer to William B. Richardson, the father of William B. Richardson, the banker, and grandfather of William B. Richardson, the governor.

Eddy Kühl Aráuz writes regularly for El Nuevo Diario on the history of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. In he refers to "del naturalista americano William Richardson en 1898 quien se quedó a vivir en Matagalpa". In he refers to "El médico militar del hospital de los marinos el cual estaba ubicado en una casa de William Richardson frente a la Power de Willey era el Dr. John Stubert." And in he quotes a letter dated "23 de Junio 1901" from Britta de Viggh, a Swedish expatriate living in Matagalpa. At one point in the letter, she says "El y señora esposa, la niña Rosa, vivien aquí en el pueblo otra vez en una casa grande y nueva, que ha hecho el señor don Rosario Leytón atrás de su otra casa en la calle atravesada, es decir frente de la casa nueva de Richardson donde se retrataron usted y Erick la última vez, y por esa pagan $45 pesos mensuales. William Richardson ha hecho una casa extraña, de madera, con casa alta en la esquina, pintada de azul."

Also, in an article on Matagalpa, Nicaragua, makes reference to "del naturalista americano William Richardson (quien llegó en 1898 y finalmente se quedó a vivir en Matagalpa)."

Presumably all of these also refer to William B. Richardson, the father of William B. Richardson, the banker, and grandfather of William B. Richardson, the governor.

Juan C. Martínez-Sánchez, in "Records of new or little known birds for Nicaragua", The Condor, vol. 91 [1989], pp. 468-469, says that "the professional collector W. B. Richardson resided in Matagalpa from the 1890s until at least 1927 and obtained bird specimens throughout this time span."

The W. B. Richardson mentioned (and pictured) in the article "Flying Birdmen" by A. L. Rand in Natural History Magazine, Oct. 1940, pages 136-141, appears to be someone else.

An article in the Boston Daily Globe, 27 Dec. 1888, p. 2, says that "William B. Richardson, collector for the British museum, lately returned to the States from a trip through Mexico and Central America for that establishment, gave a talk on his experiences while on that trip before the Boston Scientific Society, at 419 Washington street, last evening. ... Mr. Richardson is a young Boston man, a relative of one of our prominent bankers, and a very enterprising and persevering man ... ".

A further article in the Boston Daily Globe, 22 Sept. 1910, p. 14, includes a photograph of the naturalist, and starts out:
  William B. Richardson, who has won 
renown in America and Great Britain 
as a naturalist, is paying a brief visit 
to his native city of Boston for the fifth 
time in 25 years.
The article states that he
   was born in Boston in 1869, his fa-
ther being the late William E. Rich-
ardson, who was for many years the 
wharfinger at Central and India 
wharves. An uncle is Spencer W. Rich-
ardson, the retired banker, ...
   Since 1892 Mr. Richardson has been 
engaged in coffee and cattle raising in 
Matagalpa, Nicaragua, and still holds 
an interest in the enterprise.  
   About 22 years ago he married a 
Mexican woman, "one of the noblest 
women in the world", he says. She 
died four years ago leaving six chil-
dren. One son, William B. Richardson 
Jr, a student in Goddard seminary, 
Barre, Vt, his father has not seen for 
four years until his present visit to New 
England.  During the summer he has 
acted as interpreter for the Spanish 
yachtsmen at Marblehead, and they 
have asked him to go to Spain with 
them next year and become an inter-
preter for Americans and Britons at 
their mercantile house.  
   Mr Richardson also has a daughter 
in Guadapalpa, who last year married 
her second cousin, Amor Richardson, 
the son of Spencer W. Richardson, who 
went to Nicaragua 12 years ago to en-
ter business with the man who has 
since become his father-in-law.
   One daughter, aged seven years, is in 
Boston, and will be left with her 
grandmother when he leaves.  Another 
daughter is in college in Managua, 
Nicaragua, and the two younger chil-
dren are with their sister, Mrs Amor 

The precise number of children of William B. Richardson, the naturalist, and the identities of all of their mothers, does not appear to be known. The 1910 article (above) says that his wife had six children, while the will of his mother (below) refers to his ten children. Gov. Richardson, in his autobiography, says (on p. 12) that "My grandfather apparently had a roving eye, and the story is that he fathered children by four different women in Mexico and Central America." At least two of his children are by his second wife, Maria de Jesús Lugo Laguna.

His death certificate, issued in Matagalpa, reads:
Partida de Defunción No. 242.

 En la ciudad de Matagalpa a la una de la mañana del día 1 de 
Diciembre de 1927, compareció el señor Humberto Sánchez 
R., casado, negociante de este domicilio y dice que a las dos de la 
mañana del día de hoy falleció de disentería 
el señor don Guillermo Richardson, de 58 años de edad, casado 
en segundas nupcias con la señora María Lugo. Agricultor natural 
del estado de Boston y avecindado en esta ciudad. Tuvo asistencia médica 
del doctor Luis Salazar y testó ante los oficios del doctor Modesto 
Armijo. Fue hijo legítimo del señor Guillermo Richardson y de 
la señora Besta. Se le leyó este acto al compareciente, el 
cual aprueba, lo ratifica y firma. 

 J. M. Mairena
Humberto Sánchez 
P. Hernández 

William B. Richardson, born at Boston, Mass., on 19 March 1868, was granted US passport 3544 on 14 Nov 1885 (at the age of 17 years 8 months).

5 -- The 1930 Federal Census of Pasadena, Cal., includes an entry for Mrs. Rosaura Richardson, daughter of William B. Richardson and Rosaura Ojedo. In the census schedule, this Mrs. Richardson (aunt of the governor) is enumerated as a "Mulatto". On the other hand, the entry in the 1930 Federal Census of San Bernardino, Cal., for Mrs. Mary A. Dustin, another daughter of William B. Richardson and Rosaura Ojedo, refers to this aunt of the Governor as "White". See the Census extracts, above.

6 -- On 4 March 1931 Manuel Lopez-Collado entered the United States at El Paso, Texas (entry number 183123). In the border crossing record (available at, his age is given as 49, born in Villaviciosa, Oviedo, Spain, occupation salesman, traveling alone, wife Maria Marquez remaining at home (71 Ave Jalisco, Mexico DF, Mexico). Other border crossings of his from Mexico through El Paso occurred on 31 May 1935 and 2 November 1929 (where he is said to have Spanish nationality and is travelling on Spanish Pasa Port #1689 issued in Mexico City on 9/3/29).

8 -- Obituary in Boston Evening Transcript, May 24, 1902, page 8, col. 6:

        William E. Richardson
    Mr. William Everett Richardson died yesterday at his home, 29 Ware
St., Cambridge, aged seventy-seven.  He was a son of the late Peter R.
Richardson of Boston, formerly of Princeton.  The deceased came to Boston in
1839.  He had been at Central wharf forty-five years, and for the last
thirty-four years he had been wharfinger.
    He had served in the Civil War in the Twenty-First and Thirty-Third
Massachusetts regiments, and had been president of those regimental
associations and also of the Roanoke Association.  He was a member of the
Loyal Legion, as were four of his brothers.  They are James M., who had
served in the Twenty-First and Forty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry and as
lieutenant colonel of the Third Massachusetts Heavy Artillery; George P.,
who fought in the Third Heavy Artillery; Spencer W., who was in the
Forty-Fourth Infantry, and Edward B., who served in the Forty-Fifth
Infantry.  The last three named are living.  Another brother, the late Henry
P. Richardson, served under Fremont in California.  Mr. Richardson left two
sons and a daughter.  The elder son, William Blaney Richardson, is a planter
and distinguished naturalist of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  The younger is Dr.
Frank A. Richardson of Cambridge.  The daughter is the wife of Lieutenant
Brainerd Taylor, U.S.A., now on duty in Boston harbor.  

Obituary of William Everett Richardson, Boston Daily Globe May 24, 1902

Had Been at Central Wharf 45 Years

   -- Lived in Cambridge.

   William Everett Richardson died yesterday at his home, 
29 Ware st., Cambridge, aged 77.
   Mr. Richardson was a son of the late Peter R. Richardson 
of Boston, formerly of Princeton, Mass.  The elder Richardson 
and his wife were friends of Squire Russell and wife, 
grandparents of the late Gov Russell, who lived in Princeton.  
William came to Boston in 1839, and resided on Williams st., 
now Congress st.  He had been at Central wharf 45 years, and 
for the last 34 years he had been wharfinger, succeeding William 
Blaney in that position.
   He served in the civil war in the 21st and 32d Massachusetts 
regiments, and has been president of those regimental associations 
and also of the Roanoke association.
   Mr. Richardson left two sons and daughter.  The elder son, 
William Blaney Richardson, is a planter and distinguished 
naturalist of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  The younger is Dr. Frank 
A. Richardson of Cambridge.  The daughter is the wife of Lieut. 
Brainerd Taylor, USA, now on duty in Boston harbor.
   Deceased was a member of the Loyal Legion, as were four of 
his brothers.  They are James M., who served in the 21st and 
44th Massachusetts infantry; Spencer W., who was in the 44th 
infantry, and Edward B., who served in the 45th infantry.  The 
last three named are living.  Another brother, the late Henry P. 
Richardson, served under Fremont in California.

(These are the only occurrences where Peter Richardson is said to be Peter R. Richardson). The brother Edward B., is Edward Bangs Richardson, died Brookline 21 Apr. 1909.

For some information on some of the Taylor descendants, see

The "William Blaney" mentioned in the Globe obituary was actually James M. Blaney who was wharfinger at Central Wharf until around 1869 (see below). James Mears Blaney was born at Roxbury, Mass. 26 August 1791 and died at Brookline, Mass. 31 March 1880, the son of William and Catherine (Mears) Blaney. He married Mary Beeman at Hallowell, Maine 6 September 1818. Mary was born at Maine May 1792 and died at Brookline 15 September 1874.
Boston City Directories

1867 - James M. Blaney, wharfinger, 28 Central wharf, h. 25 South

1868 - James M. Blaney, wharfinger, 28 Central wharf, h. 25 South

1869 - James M. Blaney, wharfinger, 28 Central wharf, h. 25 South

1870 - James M. Blaney, house 25 South

1871 - James M. Blaney, house 25 South

1867 - William E. Richardson, assist. whafinger, 28 Central wharf, house Green

1868 - William E. Richardson, assistant wharfinger, h. La Grange House, 218 Tremont

1869 - Wm. E. Richardson, assistant wharfinger, 28 Central whf. H. La Grange House, 218 Tremont

1870 - William E. Richardson, wharfinger, 50 Central whf. h. La Grange House, 218 Tremont

1871 - William E. Richardson, wharfinger, 50 Central whf. H. La Grange House, 218 Tremont
In the 1870 Census, James Blaney appears in Boston with occupation of wharfinger.

The will of William Everett Richardson, docket #58794 in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, dated 11 January 1901 and entered into probate before 5 March 1902, was extracted in December 2007 by Christopher Challender Child and David Allan Lambert. His executors were his wife, Vesta Hodsdon Richardson, and his son, Francis Allen Richardson, both of Cambridge, Mass.

He bequeaths to his son William Blaney Richardson, now in Nicaragua, Central America, two hundred dollars, to his son Francis Allen Richardson two hundred dollars, to his daughter Vesta Eloise Richardson, now of Cambridge, two hundred dollars. The balance of his property he bequeaths to his wife, Vesta Hodsdon Richardson, "believing and well knowing that she will use it for her own benefit and that of her children, and at her demise, will equitably distribute the remainder among them and their heirs."

9 -- The will of Vesta H. Richardson, docket #249330 in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, dated 26 February 1929, filed 30 April 1931 [filed vol. 512, p. 59], and allowed 18 June 1931, was extracted in November and December 2005 by Christopher Challender Child. Her last residence was 20 Charlesgate West, Boston, and her executor was Francis Allen Richardson of Boston, Mass.

Name                             Residence                 relationship

Francis Allen Richardson         Boston, Mass.             son
William Blaney Richardson        Mexico City, Mexico       grandson
Rosa N. Richardson               Pasadena, Calif.          granddaughter
Lucia Richardson Navarro         Matagalpa, Nicaragua      granddaughter
Flora Richardson Rourk           Matagalpa, Nicaragua      granddaughter
Margarita Richardson Baldizon    Matagalpa, Nicaragua      granddaughter
Amada Richardson                 Matagalpa, Nicaragua      granddaughter
Antonio Richardson               Matagalpa, Nicaragua      grandson
Evangelina Richardson            Matagalpa, Nicaragua      granddaughter
Amanda Richardson                Matagalpa, Nicaragua      granddaughter
Aida Richardson Dustin           San Bernardino, Calif.    granddaughter
Brainerd R. Taylor               Cambridge, Mass.          grandson
Harold W. Taylor                 Cambridge, Mass.          grandson
In her will, to the ten children of her deceased son William Blaney Richardson, she leaves $300 each, to the two children of her deceased daughter Vesta, she leaves $2000 each. She also leaves $200 to her sister Annie Hodsdon Mooney and $200 to her friend Caroline V. Broughton. The remainder of her estate she leaves to her only surviving son Francis Allen Richardson.

This Francis Allen Richardson was born at Boston on 19 Feb. 1874 and was graduated from Harvard in the class of 1896. He contributed biographical information about himself to each of the class reports, and his obituary notice appears in the 50th anniversary class report [1946], on p. 345. He was a physician and died at San Francisco, California, on 18 May 1936, unmarried. See also the Boston Evening Transcript, 20 May 1936, p. 14.

The will of Francis Allen Richardson alias Francis A. Richardson, docket #275604 in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, dated 13 August 1934, filed 26 May 1936, and allowed 9 June 1936, was extracted in November and December 2005 by Christopher Challender Child. The decedent's residence was San Francisco, California. The will gave bequests as follows: He then leaves various amounts of money and other items to various friends for various reasons. To his friend Sarah A. Jameson of Wellesley, Mass., he leaves her the equity in his home at 281 Weston Road in Wellesley and is instructed to give some of the personal property in this house to his relatives, according to her judgement. He also gives Ms. Jameson 10%. He divides the remaining percentages to others as well as 7% to his nieces Flora, Aida and Margarita.

Part of his will is contested by his brother-in-law Lieut. Brainerd Taylor over the provision of properties contained in the house in Wellesley, Mass. given to Ms. Jameson. Mr. Taylor contends more items should be given to his sons as they were the sons that lived with their grandmother, Vesta Richardson, and most of the property in this house belonged to her. He also says that from 1902-1905, Brainerd Taylor and his wife lived in Fort Andrews, Massachusetts and Fort Banks, Massachusetts, and took care of his widowed mother-in-law Vesta, as well as William, Aida, and Rosa Richardson, the "children of Vesta's oldest son William Blaney Richardson." From 1905-1908 they lived with the mother-in-law Vesta and the daughters Aida and Rosa in Lousiana, and from 1911-1913 they lived in California with Vesta and Aida. Brainerd Taylor also describes his brother-in-law Francis as "a confirmed nomad."

As an aside, when Brainerd Richardson Taylor married Elia Ocampo in Mexico City on 13 June 1934, William E. [sic] Richardson was best man for his cousin, and the post-wedding reception was at Mr. Richardson's home. See the New York Times, 19 June 1934, p. 23.

As another aside, Eddy Kühl Aráuz (see above) had an article in El Nuevo Diario in July 2000, available at, on the later careers of the Nicaraguan aunts of Gov. Richardson (the nieces of Francis A. Richardson and granddaughters of Mrs. Vesta Hodsdon Richardson) and some of their descendants. For example, Francisco Navarro, husband of Lucia Richardson, was Vice President of Nicaragua in 1937.

Alejandro Fiallos Navarro (b. 1956), grandson of Lucia Richardson, great-great-grandson of William Everett Richardson the wharfinger, and a first cousin once removed of Gov. Bill Richardson, is executive president of Empresa Portuaria Nacional, the Nicaraguan Port Authority. Alejandro's brother, Francisco, was Nicaraguan Ambassador to the United States in the early 1980s, and is currently [2006] the Nicaraguan Ambassador to Costa Rica.

Other descendants can be found at

16 -- From Prentiss 104-5: "Peter Richardson, of Princeton, Mass., who was b. Feb. 13, 1798. He was a prominent merchant of Boston, one of the pioneers in opening the States of Arkansas and Texas. Of sound judgement, he was employed by the Boston Board of Trade to adjust the freights on the great trade routes. They [Peter and Mehitable] now [1883] reside in Hubbardston, Mass."

20 & 21 -- The marriage record of their son Efren [number 10, above] refers to him as a "hijo natural" [illegitimate son].

132 & 133 have other descendants, such as:

John Mirick m. Abigail Harrington
.Elizabeth Mirick m. Nathaniel Stimson
 .Lemuel Stimson m. Phebe Felton (below)
  .Royal Stimson m. Relief Walker
   .Amelia Stimson m. Andrew Newell Wyeth (below)
    .Andrew Newell Wyeth m. Henrietta Zerngiebel
     .NEWELL CONVERS WYETH (1882-1945), artist, m. Caroline Brenneman Bokius
      .ANDREW NEWELL WYETH (b. 1917), artist, m. Betsy Merle James
       .JAMES BROWNING WYETH (b. 1946), artist

258 & 259 have other descendants, such as:

James Fowle m. Mary Richardson
.Mary Fowle m. James Simons
 .James Simon m. Anna Lawrence
  .Elizabeth Simons m. Nathaniel Chapman
   .John Chapman [JOHNNY APPLESEED] (1774-1845)

264 & 265 have other descendants, such as:

John Mirick m. Elizabeth Trowbridge
.Sarah Mirick m. Jonathan Fuller
 .Sarah Fuller m. Edward Learned (below)
  .Edward Learned m. Sarah Platt
   .Mary Learned m. Seth Harding
    .Edward Learned Harding m. Lucy Booker Ramsay
     .Mary Virginia Ramsay Harding m. John Henry Steuart
      .Gladys Virginia Steuart m. Julius Count Appony de Nagy-Appony
       .Geraldine Apponyi de Nagy-Appony m. ZOG I, King of the ALBANIANS (1895-1961)
        .LEKA I, "King of the ALBANIANS" (b. 1939)

266 & 267 have other descendants, such as:

Benjamin Harrington m. Abigail Bigelow
.Thankful Harrington m. Josiah Livermore
 .Abijah Livermore m. Anna Graves
  .Abijah Livermore m. Rebecca Hammond
   .Justice Lot Livermore m. Christian Muzzy
    .Abigail Lutheria Livermore m. Riley Mead Merrill
     .Charles Morton Merrill m. Octavia Wilson
      .Charles Edward Merrill m. Hellen Ingram
       .JAMES INGRAM MERRILL (1926-1995), poet

272 has other descendants, such as:

Solomon Prentice m. (1) Elizabeth ___
.Solomon Prentice m. Lydia ___
 .Rev. Solomon Prentice m. Sarah Sartell
  .Nathaniel Sartell Prentice m. Martha Howard
   .Sartell Prentice m. Jemima Parmalee
   |.Ezra Parmalee Prentice m. Philena Cheney
   ||.Maj. Sartell Prentice m. Mary Adeline Isham
   || .Ezra Parmalee Prentice m. Alta Rockefeller
   || |.John Rockefeller Prentice m. Abbie Cantrill
   || | .ABRA ROCKEFELLER PRENTICE WILKIN (b. 1942), philanthopist
   || .REV. SARTELL PRENTICE (1867-1937), author, m. Lydia Beekman Vanderpoel
   ||  .Mary Isham Prentice m. Henry Home Porter
   ||   .HENRY HOME PORTER (b. 1903), industrialist
   |.John Hill Prentice m. Sarah Nichols Davis
   | .William Satterlee Packer Prentice m. Ella Sheldon
   |  .Kate de Forest Prentice m. Reeve Schley
   |   .Eleanor Prentice Schley m. Webster Bray Todd
   |    .CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN (b. 1946), Governor of New Jersey, EPA Administrator
   .Susannah Prentice m. John Banks
    .Nathaniel Prentice Banks m. Rebecca Greenwood
     .NATHANIEL PRENTICE BANKS (1816-1894), Governor of Massachusetts, Speaker of the House

284 & 285 have other descendants, such as:

Chillingsworth Foster m. Mercy Freeman
.Chillingsworth Foster m. Mercy Winslow
 .Chillingsworth Foster m. Sarah Freeman (below)
  .Ruby Foster m. Nathaniel Crosby
   .Nathaniel Crosby m. Mary Lincoln
    .Nathaniel Crosby m. Cordelia Jane Smith
     .Harry Lincoln Crosby m. Catherine Helen Harrigan
      .Harry Lillis [BING] CROSBY (1904-1977)

516 & 517 have other descendants, such as:

James Fowle m. Abigail Carter
.Elizabeth Fowle m. Stephen Hall
 .Mary Hall m. Francis Whitmore
  .John Whitmore m. Huldah Crooker
   .Isaiah Crooker Whitmore m. Elizabeth Ann Culver
    .Franklin Gray Whitmore m. Harriet Eliza Goulden
     .Harriet Eliza Whitmore m. John Ostrom Enders
      .JOHN FRANKLIN ENDERS (1897-1985), bacteriologist

522 & 523 have other descendants, such as:

Josiah Whitcomb m. Rebecca Waters
.David Whitcomb m. Mary Hayward
|.Benjamin Whitcomb m. Dorothy White (below)
| .Tamar Whitcomb m. Asa Johnson
|  .Tamar Johnson m. William Ross
|   .Peter Ross m. Polly Kendall Burpee (below)
|    .Olive Ross m. Samuel Walton Burbank
|     .LUTHER BURBANK (1849-1926), horticulturist
.Rebecca Whitcomb m. Jacob Houghton
 .Jonathan Houghton m. ----
  .Jonathan Houghton m. Susannah Moore
   .Rufus Houghton m. Abigail Bernard
    .Amory Houghton m. Sophronia Mann Oakes (below)
     .Alfred Augustus Houghton m. Caroline Garlinghouse (below)
      .Katharine Martha Houghton m. Thomas Horval Hepburn
       .KATHARINE HOUGHTON HEPBURN (1909-2003), actress

532 & 533 have other descendants, such as:

Robert Harrington m. Susanna George
.Daniel Harrington m. Sarah Whitney
|.Sarah Harrington m. John Cutting (below)
| .Hannah Cutting m. John Clark (below)
|  .Cutting Clark m. Lucy Carver (below)
|   .Betsey Clark m. Zenas Hall
|    .Elbridge Gerry Hall m. Hannah Kent Robinson
|     .Justin Smith Hall m. Sarah Mehitable Stanford (below)
|      .EMERY STANFORD HALL (1869-1939), architect, m. Clara Louise Adams (below)
|       .Josephine Sarah Hall m. Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo
|        .Jo Raquel Tejada [RAQUEL WELCH] (b. 1940), actress
.John Harrington m. Hannah Winter
|.George Harrington m. Abiel Parker
| .Abigail Harrington m. Thomas Slayton
|  .Phineas Slayton m. Eleanor Morey
|   .Simeon Slayton m. Susannah Barnes
|    .Morey Slayton m. Tryphosa Goodwin
|     .Zera Slayton m. Janette Kidney
|      .Lorenzo Dow Slayton m. Ida Schultz
|       .Charles Slayton m. Victoria Adele Larsen
|        .DONALD KENT SLAYTON (1924-1993), astronaut
.Mary Harrington m. John Bemis
|.Beriah Bemis m. Daniel Child (below)
||.Daniel Child m. Mary Bright
|||.Abijah Child m. Beulah Harrington
||| .William Child m. Anna Washburn
|||  .Joseph Child m. Olive Woodsum
|||   .Lewis Washburn Child m. Emily Mandville Reed
|||    .Sampson Reed Child m. Alice Alberta Webber
|||     .Marjorie Child ["BETTY CROCKER"] (1892-1986), home economist
||.Elizabeth Child m. Isaac Stearns (below)
|| .Silas Stearns m. Elizabeth Wellington
||  .Silas Stearns m. Mary Lunt
||   .Mary Homer Stearns m. James Rivers
||    .Joseph Stearns Rivers m. Zella Mary Anway
||     .Eva May Rivers m. Ora Edward Stocker Libby
||      .WILLARD FRANK LIBBY (1908-1980), chemist
|.Mary Bemis m. Isaac Stearns
| .Isaac Stearns m. Elizabeth Child (above)
.Susanna Harrington m. John Cutting
 .John Cutting m. Sarah Harrington (above)

534 & 535 have other descendants, such as:

John Bigelow m. Mary Warren
.Daniel Bigelow m. Abiel Pratt
|.Abiel Bigelow m. Jonathan Stone
| .Jonathan Stone m. Mary Clark
| |.Sarah Stone m. Jonah Cutting
| | .Sally Cutting m. David Whipple (below)
| |  .Solomon Mason Whipple m. Henriette Kimball Hersey
| |   .Ashley Cooper Whipple m. Frances Anna Hoyt
| |    .GEORGE HOYT WHIPPLE (1878-1976), pathologist
| .Jonathan Stone (again) m. Elizabeth Lamb
| |.Francis Stone m. Sarah Witt
| | .Francis Stone m. Marion Wilkins
| |  .LUCY STONE (1818-1893), suffragist
| .Simeon Stone m. Hannah Kendall
|  .Hannah Stone m. Benjamin Dexter
|   .Hannah Dexter m. Benjamin Morton
|    .Eunice Morton m. Jonathan Stanford
|     .Emery Stanford m. Mary Lydia Elliott
|      .Sarah Mehitable Stanford m. Justin Smith Hall (above)
.Elizabeth Bigelow m. John Stearns
|.John Stearns m. Esther Johnson
| .Isaac Stearns m. Sarah Abbott
|  .Mary Stearns m. Nathan Fiske (below)
|   .Nathan Welby Fiske m. Deborah Vinal
|    .HELEN [Maria Fiske] HUNT JACKSON (1830-1885), author
.Jonathan Bigelow m. Rebecca Shepard
|.Sarah Bigelow m. John Bigelow (below)
| .Asa Bigelow m. Dorothy Otis
|  .Sarah Bigelow m. Elias Ransom
|   .Lois Ransom m. Andrew Hollenbeck
|    .Sarah Bigelow Hollenbeck m. Jacob Sloat
|     .Henry Ransom Sloat m. Carrie Ward Schultz
|      .Carrie Louise Sloat m. Samuel Lloyd Eastburn
|       .Barbara Sloat Eastburn m. Vine Victor Deloria
|        .VINE VICTOR DELORIA Jr (1933-2005), author
.Joshua Bigelow m. Elizabeth Flagg
|.John Bigelow m. Sarah Bigelow (above)
|.Mercy Bigelow m. Thomas Garfield
| .Thomas Garfield m. Rebecca Johnson
|  .Solomon Garfield m. Sarah Briant
|   .Thomas Garfield m. Asenath Hill
|    .Abram Garfield m. Elizabeth Ballou (below)
|     .JAMES ABRAM GARFIELD (1831-1881), US President
.Mary Bigelow m. Michael Flagg
|.Mary Flagg m. William Hager
| .Dinah Hager m. Abijah Bemis
|  .Beulah Bemis m. John Pike
|   .Lydia Pike m. Silas Jacobs
|    .Almira Jacobs m. Henry Clinton Jaynes
|     .Henry Silas Jaynes m. Elma Lampher
|      .Herberta Kreuger Jaynes m. William Brace Fonda
|       .HENRY JAYNES FONDA (1905-1982), actor, m. Frances Ford Seymour (below)
|        .JANE FONDA (b. 1937), actress, m. TOM HAYDEN (b. 1939), radical
|        |.TROY GARITY (b. 1973), actor
|        .PETER FONDA (b. 1939), actor, m. Susan Brewer
|         .BRIDGET FONDA (b. 1964), actress
.Samuel Bigelow m. Mary Flagg
|.Abigail Bigelow m. Jonathan Cutler
||.Jonathan Cutler m. Abigail Cook
|| .Joseph Cutler m. Hannah Sheldon
||  .Susanna Cutler m. Moses Marcy
||   .George Marcy m. Elizabeth Stillwell
||    .George Still Marcy m. Magdalena Heldt
||     .Caroline Marcy m. David Newhard
||      .George Newhart m. Emma O'Connor
||       .George David Newhart m. Julia Pauline Burns
||        .George Rober [BOB] NEWHART (b. 1929), actor
|.Isaac Bigelow m. Mary Bond
||.Isaac Bigelow m. Abigail Skinner
|| .Abigail Bigelow m. David Pratt
|| |.Lydia Pratt m. Isaac Lacey
|| | .Jedediah Lacey m. William Camp
|| |  .Ann Camp m. Treat Bosworth
|| |   .Emma Bosworth m. Lorenzo Ackley (below)
|| |    .Helen Eva Ackley m. William Gildersleeve Parke
|| |     .Elizabeth Parke m. Percy Ballantine
|| |      .John B Ballantine m. Anne L Crawford
|| |       .Jeanette Ballantine m. Donald Byers Barrows
|| |        .SYDNEY BIDDLE BARROWS (b. 1952), the "Mayflower Madam"
|| .Amasa Bigelow m. Rozina Cone
||  .Sarah Bigelow m. Behjamin Rand
||   .Ruby Rand m. Nelson Weaver
||    .Ella Weaver m. Alton Fenton Hulce
||     .Raymond Stillman Hulce m. Lenna Grace Baker
||      .Raymond Albert Hulce m. Joanna Winkelman
||       .THOMAS EDWARD HULCE (b. 1953), actor
|.Sarah Bigelow m. Josiah Howe
||.Rachel Howe m. Isaac Ball
|| .Isaac Ball m. Hannah Cummings
||  .Isaac Ball m. Sarah Manross
||   .Clinton Manross Ball m. Cynthia Dale
||    .Jasper Clinton Ball m. Nellie Rebecca Durrell
||     .Henry Durrell Ball m. Desiree Evelyn Hunt
||      .LUCILLE DESIREE BALL (1911-1989), comedienne
|.Thomas Bigelow m. Mary Livermore
| .Jacob Bigelow m. Susanna Mead
|  .Abijah Bigelow m. Mercy Amelia Spring
|   .Mercy Amelia Bigelow m. Horace Dickinson
|    .Ellen Maria Dickinson m. William Edwards Doubleday
|     .FRANK NELSON DOUBLEDAY (1862-1934), publisher
.Sarah Bigelow m. Isaac Learned
 .Ebenezer Learned m. Deborah Haynes
 |.Dorothy Learned m. Elijah Moore
 | .Dorothy Moore m. Stephen Barton
 |  .Stephen Barton m. Sarah Stone
 |   .CLARISSA HARLOWE BARTON (1821-1912), founder of the Red Cross
 .Mary Learned m. George Robinson
  .Paul Robinson m. Hannah Trumble
   .John Robinson m. Deborah Cummings
    .George Robinson m. Rebecca Grant
     .Susan Grant Robinson m. Joseph Hill Foss
      .Cecelia Media Foss m. Howard Leavitt Pillsbury
       .Guy Herbert Pillsbury m. Nellie Weston Fogg
        .Nellie Ruth Pillsbury m. Donald Edwin King
         .STEPHEN KING (b. 1947), author

536 & 537 have other descendants, such as:

John Stratton m. Elizabeth Traine
.Elizabeth Stratton m. John Chinery
 .Ebenezer Chinery m. Ruth Allen
  .Abigail Chinery m. Edward Richardson
   .Abigail Richardson m. Oliver Brown (below)
    .Sarah Brown m. Robert Colwell
     .Elizabeth Colwell m. Robert Fulton
      .Sarah Colwell Fulton m. William Trimble Beatty
       .Marguerite McLeod Beatty m. Samuel LeRoy Barber
        .SAMUEL OSBORNE BARBER (1910-1981), composer

540 & 541 have other descendants, such as:

William Hagar m. Mary Bemis
.Hannah Hagar m. Joseph Priest
|.Joseph Priest m. Margaret Child (below)
| .James Priest m. Hannah Lawrence
| |.Hannah Priest m. John Coolidge (below)
| | .Calvin Coolidge m. Sarah Thompson
| |  .Calvin Galusha Coolidge m. Sarah Almeda Brewer
| |   .John Calvin Coolidge m. Victoria Josephine Moor
| |    .(John) CALVIN COOLIDGE, Jr. (1872-1933), US President
| .John Priest m. Bethiah Hutchinson
|  .Sarah Priest m. John Hewitt
|   .Sarah Hewitt m. Moses Hewitt
|    .Joseph Coke Hewitt m. Ruth Cranston
|     .Mary Phoebe Hewitt m. Augustus Perry Blocksom
|      .Mary Ellis Blocksom m. Benjamin St John Garvey (below)
|       .Helen Dunham Garvey m. Edward Lee Gorey
|        .EDWARD St JOHN GOREY (1925-2002), illustrator
.Sarah Hagar m. Nathaniel Whitney
|.Nathaniel Whitney m. Mercy Robinson
| .Nathaniel Whitney m. Mary Child (below)
| |.ELi Whitney m. Elizabeth Fay
| | .ELI WHITNEY (1765-1825), inventor
| .Samuel Whitney m. Elizabeth Hastings
|  .Jonas Whitney m. Tamar Houghton
|   .Tamar Whitney m. John Stoughton Strong
|    .Lyman Whitney Strong m. Ruth Martha Dix
|     .Sarah Elizabeth Strong m. Adelbert Lorenzo Spitzer (below)
|      .Lyman Strong Spitzer m. Blanche Carey Brumback
|       .LYMAN STRONG SPITZER (1914-1997), astrophysicist
.William Hagar m. Sarah Benjamin
 .Sarah Hagar m. John Flagg
  .Adonijah Flagg m. Mary Corey
   .Isaac Flagg m. Sarah Parkhurst
    .Isaac Flagg m. Elizabeth Frances Wilson
     .Henry Fisher Flagg m. Mary Sophia Wesson
      .Elisha Flagg m. Ann Elida Coburn
       .JAMES MONTGOMERY FLAGG (1877-1960), illustrator

542 has other descendants, such as:

Isaac Mixer m. Rebecca Garfield
.Abigail Mixer m. Samuel Howe (below)
 .Abigail Howe m. Jonathan Stanhope
 |.Samuel Stanhope m. Elizabeth Angier
 | .Samuel Stanhope m. Mary Goodenow
 |  .Levi Stanhope m. Lucinda Davis
 |   .Charles Stanhope m. Nancy McLaughlin
 |    .Archibald Levi Stanhope m. Eva Adelia Barber (below)
 |     .Ruth Adaline Stanhope m. Spangler Andrew Brugh
 |      .Spangler Arlington Brugh [ROBERT TAYLOR] (1911-1969), actor
 .Peter Howe m. Thankful Howe (below)
  .Phineas Howe m. Susannah Goddard (below)
   .Abigail Howe m. John Young
    .BRIGHAM YOUNG (1801-1877), Mormon leader

544 & 545 have other descendants, such as:

Henry Prentice m. Joan ----
.Mary Prentice m. John Hancock
 .Ebenezer Hancock m. Susannah Clark
 |.Susannah Hancock m. Ebenezer Wyeth (below)
 | .Noah Wyeth m. Elizabeth Finch
 |  .Job Wyeth m. Lydia Convers Francis
 |   .Andrew Newell Wyeth m. Amelia Stimson (above)
 .Elizabeth Hancock m. Benjamin Wyman
 |.Abijah Wyman m. Abigail Smith
 ||.Abigail Wyman m. Cyrus Fairbanks
 || .Abigail Fairbanks m. Calvin Peabody
 ||  .Mary Jenkins Peabody m. Samuel Whitman
 ||   .Perrin Beza Whitman m. Priscilla Mace Parker
 ||    .Elizabeth Auzella Whitman m. Harry Kelso Barnett
 ||     .Marcus Whitman Barnett m. Sue Neill
 ||      .Virginia Barnett m. Ivan Wing
 ||       .GRACE [Barnett Wing] SLICK (b. 1939), singer
 |.Tabitha Wyman m. Josiah Kendall
 | .Herman Kendall m. Mary Fairbanks
 |  .Mary Kendall m. Jeremiah Burpee
 |   .Polly Kendall Burpee m. Peter Ross (above)
 .John Hancock m. Elizabeth Clatke
 |.John Hancock m. Mary Hawke
 | .JOHN HANCOCK (1737-1793), Signer
 .Samuel Hancock m. Dorothy ----
  .Mary Hancock m. James Thompson
   .Joseph Thompson m. Abigail Sherman
    .Amherst Thompson m. Sarah Clark
     .Sarah Thompson m. Elisha Branch
      .Mary Jane Branch m. Garrett Spitzer
       .Adelbert Lorenzo Spitzer m. Sarah Elizabeth Strong (above)

568 & 569 have other descendants, such as:

John Foster m. Mary Chillingworth
.Elizabeth Foster m. William Carver
|.William Carver m. Abigail Branch
| .William Carver m. Margaret Kempton
|  .Lucy Carver m. Cutting Clark (above)
.John Foster m. Hannah Stetson
|.Hannah Foster m. George Partridge
||.Hannah Partridge m. Bartholomew Richardson (below)
|| .Partridge Richardson m. Martha Reed
||  .Charlotte Richardson m. Josiah Oakes
||   .Sophronia Mann Oakes m. Amory Houghton (above)
|.Mercy Foster m. Ebenezer Morton
| .John Morton m. Elizabeth Bennett
|  .Hannah Morton m. Abiel Edson
|   .John Morton Edson m. Mary Fairbrother
|    .John Morton Edson m. Mary Stevens
|     .Mary Helen Edson m. George Henry Appleton
|      .Blanche Appleton m. Ellis John Miller
|       .Ellis Warren Miller m. Sophia Squarebriggs
|        .ROBERT WARREN MILLER (b. 1933), Duty-Free tycoon
.Joseph Foster m. Rachel Bassett
 .Mary Foster m. Moses Swift
  .Hannah Swift m. Israel Fearing
   .Sarah Fearing m. Barzillai Swift
    .George Swift m. Eunuce Storrs
     .Cynthis Storrs Swift m. Lee de Forest
      .Henry Swift de Forest m. Anna Margaret Robbins (below)
       .LEE de FOREST (1873-1961), inventor

572 & 573 have other descendants, such as:

Samuel Sears m. Mercy Mayo
.Benjamin Sears m. Abigail Burgess (below)
 .Sunderland Sears m. Mary Andrus
  .Abraham Sears m. Elizabeth Ann Barnum
   .Mary Polly Sears m. Warren Campbell
    .Adelia Campbell m. Manville Barber
     .Eva Adelia Barber m. Archibald Levi Stanhope (above)

574 & 575 have other descendants, such as:

William Merrick m. Abigail Hopkins
.Rebecca Merrick m. Jonathan Sparrow
 .Hannah Sparrow m. John Hurd
  .Sarah Hurd m. Seth Covell
   .Jerusha Covell m. John Salmon
    .Mary Salmon m. Elijah Sabin
     .Mary Ann Sabin m. James Dakin
      .Edwin Francis Dakin m. Hannah Jane Bellar
       .Walter Edward Dakin m. Rosina Maria Otte
        .Edwina Dakin m. Cornelius Coffin Williams
         .THOMAS LANIER WILLIAMS (1911-1983), playwright

608 & 609 have other descendants, such as:

Samuel Tibbits m. Dorothy Tuttle
.Mary Tibbits m. William Chamberlain
 .Ebenezer Chamberlain m. Lucretia Rogers
  .Joshua Chamberlain m. Ann Gould
   .Joshua Chamberlain m. Sarah Dupree Brastow
    .JOSHUA LAWRENCE CHAMBERLAIN (1828-1914), Governor of Maine

1024 & 1025 have other descendants, such as:

Thomas Richardson m. Mary ----
.Sarah Richardson m. Michael Bacon
 .Mary Bacon m. Jacob Fuller
  .Jacob Fuller m. Abigail Holton
  |.Timothy Fuller m. Sarah Williams
  | .Timothy Fuller m. Margaret Crane
  |  .Arthur Buckminster Fuller m. Emma Lucilla Reeves
  |   .Richard Buckminster Fuller m. Caroline Wolcott Andrews
  |    .RICHARD BUCKMINSTER FULLER (1895-1983), architect
  .Mary Fuller m. James Whipple
   .Jacob Whipple m. Jerusha Leland
    .Moses Whipple m. Catherine Forbrush
     .Aaron Whipple m. Matilda Cooper
      .David Whipple m. Sally Cutting (above)

1032 & 1033 have other descendants, such as:

George Fowle m. Mary ----
.Hannah Fowle m. Samuel Ruggles
 .Samuel Ruggles m. Martha Woodbridge
  .Benjamin Ruggles m. Dorcas Whiting
  |.Mary Ruggles m. Joel Carpenter (below)
  | .Elijah Carpenter m. Sarah Younglove
  |  .Daniel Carpenter m. Olive Smith
  |   .Lucien Carpenter m. Almira Burlingham
  |    .Lewis Cass Carpenter m. Mary Morrison
  |     .Marion Ernest Carpenter m. ----
  |      .Marion Scott Carpenter m. Florence Kelso Noxon
  |       .MALCOLM SCOTT CARPENTER (b. 1925), astronaut
  .Samuel Ruggles m. Elizabeth Whiting
  |.Elizabeth Ruggles m. Daniel Rogers
  | .Sarah Rogers m. Samuel Parkman
  |  .Elizabeth Parkman m. Robert Gould Shaw
  |  |.Francis George Shaw m. Sarah Blake Sturgis
  |  | .ROBERT GOULD SHAW (1837-1863)
  |  .Francis Parkman m. Caroline Hall
  |  |.FRANCIS PARKMAN (1823-1893), historian
  |  .Susannah Parkman m. Nathaniel Russell Sturgis
  |   .Elizabeth Parkman Sturgis m. Henry Grew
  |    .Henry Sturgis Grew m. Joan Norton Wigglesworth
  |     .Harriet Marian Grew m. Stephen Van Rensselar Crosby
  |      .HENRY GREW CROSBY (1898-1929), poet
  .Sarah Ruggles m. John Holbrook
   .John Holbrook m. Mary Hunt
    .Hannah Holbrook m. Urban Bates
    |.Sarah Bates m. David Rice
    | .David Rice m. Patty Hall
    |  .WILLIAM MARSH RICE (1816-1900), founder of Rice University
    .John Holbrook m. Anna Wild
     .Elisha Holbrook m. Sarah Thayer
      .Abigail Holbrook m. Jonathan White
       .Eliza Ann White m. Samuel Albert Vining
        .Mary Frances Vining m. Perley Bacon Davis
         .ARTHUR VINING DAVIS (1867-1962), philanthropist

1036 & 1037 have other descendants, such as:

Samuel Richardson m. Joanna ----
.John Richardson m. Mary Pierson
|.Pierson Richardson m. Mary Perrin
| .Noah Richardson m. Phebe Walker
|  .Bartholomew Richardson m. Hannah Partridge (above)
.Samuel Richardson m. Phoebe Baldwin
|.Zachariah Richardson m. Mehitable Perrin
| .Phebe Richardson m. John Brooks
|  .Abijah Brooks m. Lucy Knowlton
|   .Simeon Brooks m. Eunice Bass
|    .Juliana Brooks m. Danforth Armour
|     .HERMAN OSSIAN ARMOUR (1837-1901), meat packer
|     .PHILIP DANFORTH ARMOUR (1832-1901), meat packer
.Samuel Richardson (again) m. Sarah Hayward
 .Thomas Richardson m. Rebecca Wyman
  .Lemuel Richardson m. Anna Preston
   .William Richardson m. Lavinia Tefft
    .Lois Richardson m. Jesse Hemingway
     .Frank Hemingway m. Delia Randall
      .Louis Randall Hemingway m. Carrie May Salisbury
       .Frank Randall Hemingway m. Hazel Mae Brown
        .Ramona Eileen Hemingway m. Kenneth Leroy Crawford
         .John Crawford m. Jennifer Sue Walker
          .CYNTHIA ANN CRAWFORD (b. 1966), model

1038 & 1039 have other descendants, such as:

Thomas Green m. Elizabeth ----
.Thomas Greene m. Rebecca Hills
 .Hannah Green m. John Vinton
 |.Thomas Vinton m. Hannah Thayer
 | .Thomas Vinton m. Mehitable Allen
 |  .Thomas Vinton m. Jemima Mills
 |   .Sarah Vinton m. Isaac Thomas
 |    .Clarissa Thomas m. Elias Adams (below)
 |     .Joseph Warren Adams m. Josephine Merrill
 |      .Clara Louise Adams m. Emery Stanford Hall (above)
 .Samuel Green m. Elizabeth Upham
  .Ruth Green m. Joshua Nichols
   .Katherine Nichols m. Jabez Upham
    .Phineas Upham m. Susanna Buckmaster
     .Jabez Upham m. Lucy Faulkner
      .Harriett Upham m. Horace Gray
       .HORACE GRAY (1828-1902), US Supreme Court Justice

1040 & 1041 have other descendants, such as:

Thomas Josselyn m. Rebecca Jude
.Mary Josselyn m. Roger Sumner
|.Mary Sumner m. Israel Nichols (below)
||.Nathaniel Nichols m. Elizabeth Lincoln
|||.Daniel Nichols m. Abigail Beal
||| .Abigail Nichols m. Zealous Bates
|||  .Joshua Bates m. Anna Poor
|||   .William Bates m. Cornelia Frances Lee
|||    .KATHARINE LEE BATES (1859-1929), poet
||.Roger Nichols m. Bethiah Winslow
|| .Levi Nichols m. Elizabeth Sawyer
|| |.Nancy Nichols m. David Seymour
|| | .George Nichols m. Sophie Marie Lefebre de Villiers
|| |  .George Devilliers Seymour m. Frances Gabriella Ford
|| |   .Eugene Ford Seymour m. Sophie Mildred Bower
|| |    .Frances Ford Seymour m. Henry Jaynes Fonda (above)
|| .Susannah Nichols m. Jonathan Bates
||  .Meriel Bates m. Elisha Brown
||   .Enos Brown m. Hannah Griswold
||    .Emerson Elisha Brown m. Gratia Allbee
||     .Prairie Frank Brown m. Mary Elizabeth Barnhill
||      .Harriet Evelyn Brown m. Lloyd Vernet Bridges
||       .LLOYD VERNET BRIDGES (1913-1998), actor
|.Samuel Sumner m. Experience Blake
||.Waitstill Sumner m. Israel Washburn
|| .Israel Washburn m. Leah Fobes
||  .Israel Washburn m. Abiah King
||   .Israel Washburn m. Martha Benjamin
||    .CADWALLADER COLDEN WASHBURN (1818-1882), Governor of Wisconsin
|.William Sumner m. Esther Puffer
| .Seth Sumner m. Lydia Badcock
|  .Job Sumner m. Esther Holmes
|   .Charles Pinkney Sumner m. Relief Jacob
|    .CHARLES SUMNER (1811-1874), US Senator
.Rebecca Josselyn m. Thomas Nichols
 .Israel Nichols m. Mary Sumner (above)
 .Rebecca Nichols m. Samuel House
 |.Nathaniel House m. Hannah Davenport
 | .Rebecca House m. Aaron Jaque
 |  .Parthenia Jacqua m. Thomas Tupper
 |   .Chauncey Tupper m. Delia Gibbs
 |    .Delia Jane Tupper m. Gabriel Linch Oakley
 |     .Oscar Rodman Oakley m. Isabella Thompson
 |      .Belle Oakley m. James Willard Maxwell
 |       .James Willard Maxwell m. Adele Thompson
 |        .Mary Maxwell m. William Henry Gates Jr (below)
 |         .WILLIAM HENRY GATES III (b. 1955), software executive
 .Sarah Nichols m. John Hammond
 |.Hannah Hammond m. John Poulter
 | .Sarah Poulter m. William Reed
 |  .Sarah Reed m. Benjamin Brown
 |  |.Oliver brown m. Abigail Richardson (above)
 |  .William Reed m. Abigail Stone
 |   .Thaddeus Reed m. Anna Longley
 |    .Edmund Reed m. Harriet Goggings
 |     .Margaret Reed m. Samuel Angier
 |      .Margaret Ann Reed Angier m. Harrison Gray Otis Peck
 |       .Fanny Angier Peck m. Edwin Elliott
 |        .Mary Eleanor Elliott m. David John Vincent
 |         .Leon Edwin Vincent m. Anna Albertina Madsen
 |          .Wayne Edwin Vincent m. Edna Lolita Lybyer
 |           .LYNNE ANN VINCENT (b. 1941) m. Richard Bruce CHENEEY
 .Thomas Nichols m. Sarah Whiston
  .Sarah Nichols m. Daniel Lincoln
  |.Moses Lincoln m. Mehitable Townsend
  | .Welcome Lincoln m. Sarah Gill
  |  .Moses Lincoln m. Sarah Wilder
  |   .Lucy Lincoln m. Theophilus Wilder
  |    .Amos Lincoln Wilder m. Charlotte ----
  |     .Amos Parker Wilder m. Isabella Thornton Niven
  |      .THORNTON NIVEN WILDER (1897-1975), playwright
  .Susannah Nichols m. Joshua Beale
   .Sarah Beale m. David Loring
    .Joshua Loring m. Innocent Pope
     .Betsy Loring m. Elisha Blossom
      .Eliza Blossom m. Joseph Stanton Hoxie
       .Maria Schaeffer Hoxie m. Henry Lee Norris
        .Eliza Hoxie Norris m. Alexander Gatherer Russell
         .HENRY NORRIS RUSSELL (1877-1957), astronomer

1042 & 1043 have other descendants, such as:

Thomas King m. Anne ----
.Elizabeth King m. Samuel Rice
|.Esther Rice m. Daniel Hubbard
||.Mary Hubbard m. Peter Montagu
|||.Mary Montagu m. Daniel Alexander
||| .Mary Alexander m. Paul King
|||  .Mary Polly King m. George Hall Sylvester
|||   .Almira Sylvester m. Luther Laflin
|||    .Sylvester Hall Laflin m. Anna W Staats
|||     .Jane W Laflin m. Francis Milton Weaver
|||      .Sylvester Laflin Weaver m. Annabel Dixon
|||       .Sylvester Laflin [PAT] WEAVER Jr. (1908-2002), broadcast executive m. Desiree Mary Hawkins
|||       |.Susan Alexandra [SIGOURNEY] WEAVER (b. 1949), actress
|||       .Winstead Sheffield [DOODLES] WEAVER (1911-1983), comedian
||.Samuel Hubbard m. Hannah Bliss
|| .Esther Hubbard m. Edmund Damon
||  .Jason Damon m. Lucy Owen
||   .Edmund Damon m. Sarah Hicks
||    .Albert Nelson Damon m. Hattie Salisbury
||     .Albert Howe Damon m. Grace Henrietta Telfer
||      .Albert Howe Damon m. Roberta Fay
||       .Kent Damon m. Nancy Carlsson-Paige
||        .MATTHEW PAIGE DAMON (b. 1970), actor
|.Samuel Rice King m. Abigail Clapp
| .Ezra King m. Silence Rice (below)
|  .William King m. Elizabeth Cushing
|   .Thomas King m. Ruth Hyde
|    .Thomas Rice King m. Matilda Robinson
|     .Delilah Cornelia King m. George Daniel Olson
|      .CULBERT LEVY OLSON (1876-1962), Governor of California
.Mary King m. Thomas Rice
 .Frances Rice m. Benjamin Allen
 |.Frances Allen m. John Gregory
 ||.Elizabeth Gregory m. William Upham
 || .Abigail Upham m. Josiah Starr
 ||  .Deborah Starr m. Orlando Ware
 ||   .Emily Ware m. James Pecker Fogg
 ||    .James Leland Fogg m. Elizabeth Bogart Lockwood
 ||     .Emily Fogg m. Edward Sherwood Mead
 ||      .MARGARET MEAD (1901-1978), anthropologist
 |.Zebediah Allen m. Mary Hoar
 | .Dorothy Allen m. Benjamin Gleason
 |  .Benjamin Gleason m. Sarah Underwood
 |   .Dorothy Gleason m. John Alonzo Bills
 |    .Celestial Bills m. William Long
 |     .Mary Dorothy Long m. Richard O'Leary
 |      .Frances Elvira O'Leary m. Charles B. Franklin
 |       .Alice Mary Franklin m. ---- Moorhead
 |        .Barbara Jean Moorhead [BARBARA EDEN] (b. 1934), actress
 .Jonas Rice m. Mary Stone
 |.Silence Rice m. Ezra King (above)
 .Mary Rice m. Josiah White
  .Frances White m. Henry Winchester
  |.Jonathan Winchester m. Sarah Crafts
  | .Samuel Winchester m. Hannah Bates
  |  .OLIVER FISHER WINCHESTER (1810-1880), firearms manufacturer
  .John White m. Eunice Wilder
  |.Dorothy White m. Benjamin Whitcomb (above)
  .Sarah White m. John Wilder
   .Jonathan Wilder m. Zerviah Houghton
    .Jonathan Wilder m. Deborah Sawyer
     .Dolly Wilder m. Gideon Beaman
      .Mary Beaman m. Samuel Kilburn
       .Anda Kilburn m. Ellen Langdon
        .Anne Elizabeth Kilburn m. Frederick Barrett Kilmer
         .ALFRED JOYCE KILMER (1886-1918), poet

1044 & 1045 have other descendants, such as:

John Whitcomb m. Frances Cogan
.Catherine Whitcomb m. Rodolphus Elmes
|.Rodolphus Elmes m. Bethia Dodson
| .Ignatius Elmes m. Sarah Bennett
|  .Elkanah Elmes m. Sarah Lazelle
|   .Ruth Elmes m. Consider Fuller
|    .Lucinda Fuller m. Jonathan Tewksbury
|     .Sarah Tewksbury m. Albert Rezin Geer
|      .George Lane Geer m. Mary Mae Alworth
|       .Albert William Gere m. Hazel Marjorie Snover
|        .Homer Gere m. Doris Anna Tiffany
|         .RICHARD TIFFANY GERE (b. 1949), actor
.Robert Whitcomb m. Mary Cudworth
 .James Whitcomb m. Mary Parker
  .Nathaniel Whitcomb m. Rosilla Coombs
   .Dorcas Whitcomb m. Solomon Aikens
    .Nathaniel Aikens m. Mary Tupper
     .Mary Aikens m. Silas Smith
      .Jesse Nathaniel Smith m. Janet Mauretta Johnson (below)
       .Esther Smith m. Clarence Shumway (above)

1046 & 1047 have other descendants, such as:

Lawrence Waters m. Ann Linton
.Mary Waters m. Samuel Davis
 .Sarah Davis m. Joseph Cady
  .James Cady m. Abigail ----
   .Abigail Cady m. Jonathan Church
    .James Cady Church m. Mary Porter
     .Mary Church m. Ezra Ritter
      .Horatio Ritter m. Leonora Eason
       .WILLIAM EMERSON RITTER (1856-1944), naturalist

1052 & 1053 have other descendants, such as:

Henry Farwell m. Olive Welby
.Mary Farwell m. John Bates
|.Mary Bates m. Josiah Cleveland
||.Henry Cleveland m. Lucy Fitch
|||.William Cleveland m. Rachel Warren
||| .Jacob Cleveland m. Charity Parmelee
|||  .Asenath Cleveland m. Abel Russell
|||   .Jason Cleveland Russell m. Harriet Balsey
|||    .Theodora Caroline Russell m. Covell Alonzo Peck
|||     .Frederick Russell Peck m. Alice Eliza Hubbs
|||      .Margery Peck m. William Rehnquist
|||       .WILLIAM HUBBS REHNQUIST (1924-2005), US Supreme Court Chief Justice
||.Josiah Cleveland m. Abigail Paine
|| .Abigail Cleveland m. John Adams
||  .Cornelius Adams m. Esther Stedman
||   .Betsey Adams m. Samuel Lockwood Hough
||    .Elizabeth Hough m. Alden Burrill Robbins
||     .Anna Margaret Robbins m. Henry Swift De Forest (above)
|.Sarah Bates m. Benjamin Butterfield
| .Mary Butterfield m. Ephraim Hildreth
|  .Ephraim Hildreth m. Elizabeth French
|   .Olive Hildreth m. Eleazer Parlin
|    .Olive Parlin m. William Whitney
|     .Albion Paris Whitney m. Susan Durgin Eastman
|      .Cleora Melissa Whitney m. Frederick Hewlett
|       .Albion Hewlett m. Louise Redington
|        .WILLIAM REDINGTON HEWLETT (1913-2001)
.Olive Farwell m. Benjamin Spaulding
 .Edward Spaulding m. Mary Adams
  .Ephraim Spaulding m. Abigail Bullard
   .Oliver Spaulding m. Mary Witter
    .Erastus Lyman Spaulding m. Jennet Mack
     .Martha Ann Spaulding m. Leman Benton Garlinghouse
      .Caroline Garlinghouse m. Alfred Augustus Houghton (above)

1053 -- For some of the ancestry of Mrs. Olive Welby Farwell, including her descent from Edward I, King of England (d. 1307), see RD600 338.

1054 & 1055 have other descendants, such as:

Isaac Learned m. Mary Stearns
.Benoni Learned m. Sarah Wright
 .Edward Learned m. Sarah Fuller (above)

1060 & 1061 have other descendants, such as:

Thomas Trowbridge m. Elizabeth Marshall
.Thomas Trowbridge m. Sarah Rutherford
|.Thomas Trowbridge m. Mary Winston
| .Elizabeth Trowbridge m. Joseph Miles
| |.Sarah Miles m. Joshua Chandler
| | .Samuel Chandler m. Susan Watson
| |  .Catherine Chandler m. John Martin Pentz
| |   .Mary Angeline Pentz m. John Sutherland
| |    .Frederick Winslow Sutherland m. Louisa Condon Day
| |     .Fred McLea Sutherland m. Dorothy Isobel McNichol
| |      .DONALD McNICHOL SUTHERLAND (b. 1935), actor, m. Shirley Jean Douglas
| .Sarah Trowbridge m. John Russell
|  .Rebecca Russell m. Ezekiel Hayes
|   .Rutherford Hayes m. Chloe Smith
|    .Rutherford Hayes m. Sophia Birchard
|     .RUTHERFORD BIRCHARD HAYES (1822-1893), US President
.William Trowbridge m. Elizabeth Lamberton
 .James Trowbridge m. Esther Howe
  .Isaac Trowbridge m. Ruth Perry
   .Joseph Trowbridge m. Tryal Morehouse
    .Joseph Trowbridge m. Olive Clark
     .Sarah Lorania Trowbridge m. Peter Crannell Tappan
      .Helen Tappan m. Bartow White Van Voorhis
       .Helen Abby Van Voorhis m. Thomas A. Maitland
        .James William Maitland m. Sylvia Wigglesworth
         .Andrée Belden Maitland m. Howard Brush Dean Jr
          .HOWARD BRUSH DEAN III (b. 1948), Governor of Vermont

1060 -- For some of the ancestry of Thomas Trowbridge, including his descent from Hugh Capet, King of France (d. 996), see RD600 551-552.

1062 & 1063 have other descendants, such as:

Humphrey Atherton m. Mary Wales
.Elizabeth Atherton m. Timothy Mather
|.Atherton Mather m. Rebecca Stoughton
| .William Mather m. Silence Biddulph
|  .Timothy Mather m. Hannah Fuller
|   .Timothy Mather m. Hannah Church
|    .Hannah Mather m. Reuel Kimball
|     .Reuel Kimball m. Cleantha Thomas
|      .Walter Scott Kimball m. Jane Spinnery
|       .Helen Mather Kimball m. Edmund Wilson
|        .EDMUND WILSON (1895-1972), critic
.Elizabeth Atherton (again) m. Nathaniel Wales
|.Nathaniel Wales m. Elizabeth Billings
| .Elizabeth Wales m. John Child
|  .Nathaniel Child m. Dorothy Johnson
|   .Elijah Child m. Rachel Palmer
|    .David Child m. Ruth Brown
|     .David Child m. Susannah Tinkham
|      .David Lorenzo Child m. Margaret Dysart
|       .Susan Child m. Ninian Alfonso McCord
|        .Charles Cornelius McCord m. Adeline Verinda Neal
|         .Hazel Vorice McCord m. Loren Van Dyke
|          .RICHARD WAYNE Van DYKE (b. 1925), actor
.Elizabeth Atherton (again) m. William Weekes
|.Elizabeth Weekes m. John Robinson
||.Joseph Robinson m. Bethiah Lombard
|| .Elizabeth Robinson m. Abiel Turner
||  .Abiel Turner m. Lurana Sylvester
||   .Ephraim Turner m. Ruth Child
||    .Solon Turner m. Sarah Pinkham
||     .Phoebe Sawyer Turner m. Emery Sawyer
||      .Charles T. Sawyer m. Allah ----
||       .Phoebe M. Sawyer m. Cleo A. Short
||        .ELIZABETH SHORT (1924-1947), actress
|.Elizabeth Weekes (again) m. Charles Williams
||.Charles Williams m. Mary Robinson
|| .Mary Williams m. Nathaniel Ackley
||  .Elizabeth Ackley m. Benjamin Barney
||   .Nathan Barney m. Hannah Cary
||    .Nathan Barney m. Mary Ann Deverell
||     .Mary Weed Barney m. Henry Montgomery
||      .Henry Montgomery m. Elizabeth Bryan Allen
||       .ELIZABETH VICTORIA MONTGOMERY (1933-1995), actress
|.Renew Weekes m. Benjamin Carpenter
| .Benjamin Carpenter m. Mary Barney
| |.Daniel Carpenter m. Sarah Eddy
| | .Joel Carpenter m. Mary Ruggles (above)
| .Elizabeth Carpenter m. James Winslow
| |.James Winslow m. Anna Huston
| | .Sarah Winslow m. Ebenezer Church
| |  .James Church m. Abi Brooks
| |   .Hannah Trufant Church m. Michael Farley Gannett
| |    .HENRY GANNETT (1846-1914), geographer
| .Jotham Carpenter m. Desire Martin
|  .Jotham Carpenter m. Mehitable Thompson
|   .Sybil Carpenter m. Henry Ingalls
|    .Mehitabel Ingalls m. James Ballou
|     .Elizabeth Ballou m. Abram Garfield (above)
.Mary Atherton m. William Billings
|.Abigail Billings m. John Randall
||.John Randall m. Dorothy Cottrell
|||.Hannah Randall m. Joshua Stanton
||| .Robert Stanton m. Elizabeth Palmer
|||  .Oliver Stanton m. Rhoda Underwood
|||   .Cynthia Ann Stanton m. Benjamin Ward Baum
|||    .LYMAN FRANK BAUM (1856-1919), author
||.John Randall (again) m. Mary Holmes
|| .Keturah Randall m. John Williams
||  .Esther Williams m. Roswell Brown
||   .Esther Brown m. Sylvester Baldwin
||    .Roswell Baldwin m. Hannah Miles
||     .Sylvester Baldwin m. Helen Irene McNamara
||      .Alexander Rae Baldwin m. Ruth Noble
||       .Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr m. Carol Martineau
||        .Alexander Rae [ALEC] BALDWIN (b. 1958), actor
||        .William [BILLY] BALDWIN (b. 1963), actor
||        .DANIEL BALDWIN (b. 1960), actor
||        .STEPHEN BALDWIN (b. 1966), actor
|.Ebenezer Billings m. Anne Comstock
||.James Billings m. Mary Hewitt
|||.James Billings m. Margaret Fanning
||| .James Billings m. Sarah Fitch
|||  .Sarah Billings m. Gideon Mosher
|||   .Henry Mosher m. Nancy Guthrie
|||    .Sally Mosher m. William Fithian Mitchel (below)
|||     .Harriet Mitchel m. Samuel Porter Turk
|||      .Sally Mosher Turk m. Louis Bert Lindley
|||       .Louis Bert Lindley [SLIM PICKENS], (1919-1983), actor
||.William Billings m. Margaret ----
|| .Prudence Billings m. Simon Gates
||  .Israel Gates m. Eunice Gates
||   .Joseph Gates m. Martha Satterlee
||    .William Henry Gates m. Rebecca Eppinhauser
||     .William Henry Gates m. Lillian Elizabeth Rice
||      .William Henry Gates m. Mary Maxwell (above)
|.Mary Billings m. John Whiting
| .Jerusha Whiting m. Benjamin Slack
|  .Benjamin Slack m. Rebecca Schooley
|   .Elizabeth Slack m. Benjamin South
|    .Enoch South m. Ruth Gregg
|     .Ruth South m. William Knotts
|      .Lewis Knotts m. Mary Johnson
|       .William Jesse Knotts m. Elsie Moore
|        .Jesse DONALD KNOTTS (b. 1924), actor
.Thankful Atherton m. Thomas Bird
 .Anne Bird m. John Clark
  .John Clark m. Hannah Cutting (above)

1064 & 1065 have other descendants, such as:

James Harrington m. Joanne ----
.Abraham Harrington m. Rebecca Cutler
 .Rebecca Harrington m. John Gibson
  .Timothy Gibson m. Rebecca Gates
   .Abraham Gibson m. Mary Wheeler
    .Abraham Gibson m. Esther Fox
     .Thomas Gibson m. Lucy Martin
      .Thomas Gibson m. Frances Maria Hastings
       .Charles Dana Gibson m. Abigail de Wolf
        .Charles de Wold Gibson m. Josephine Elizabeth Lovett
         .CHARLES DANA GIBSON (1867-1945), illustrator

1070 & 1071 have other descendants, such as:

John Warren m. Margaret ----
.Daniel Warren m. Mary Barron
|.Joshua Warren m. Rebecca Church
||.Abigail Warren m. Jedediah Howe
|| .Elijah Howe m. Deborah Smith
||  .Elijah Howe m. Fanny Bemis
||   .Elias Howe m. Polly Bemis
||    .ELIAS HOWE (1819-1867), inventor
|.Mary Warren m. John Child
||.Daniel Child m. Beriah Bemis (above)
||.John Child m. Hannah French
|| .Hannah Child m. John Fay
|| |.Jonathan Fay m. Joanna Phillips
|| | .Jonathan Fay m. Lucy Prescott
|| |  .Samuel Prescott Fay m. Harriett Howard
|| |   .Samuel Howard Fay m. Susan Shellman
|| |    .Harriet Eleanor Fay m. James Smith Bush
|| |     .Samuel Prescott Bush m. Flora Sheldon
|| |      .Prescott Sheldon Bush m. Dorothy Walker (below)
|| |       .GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH (b. 1924), US President, m. Barbara Pierce
|| |       |.GEORGE WALKER BUSH (b. 1946), US President
|| |       |.JOHN ELLIS "Jeb" BUSH (b. 1953), Governor of Florida
|| |       .Jonathan James Bush m. Josephine Bradley
|| |        .William Hall "BILLY" BUSH (b. 1972), entertainment reporter
|| .Mary Child m. Nathaniel Whitney (above)
|.Mary Warren (again) m. Nathaniel Fiske
| .Abigail Fiske m. Allen Flagg
| |.Abijah Flagg m. Sarah Clark
| | .Abijah Flagg m. Thankful Seymour
| |  .Augustus Flagg m. Lydia Wells
| |   .Ethan Flagg m. Julia Baldwin
| |    .Elizabeth Palmer Flagg m. John Maynard Harlan (below)
| |     .JOHN MARSHALL HARLAN (1899-1971), US Supreme Court Justice
| .William Fiske m. Hannah Smith
|  .Thomas Fiske m. Mary Pierce
|   .Abigail Fiske m. Jonathan Fiske
|    .Nathan Fiske m. Mary Stearns (above)
.Elizabeth Warren m. James Knapp
 .Elizabeth Knapp m. Samuel Scripture
  .Anna Scripture m. Nathaniel Lawrence
  |.Joseph Lawrence m. Elizabeth Martin
  | .Martin Lawrence m. Sarah Puffer
  |  .Jesse Lawrence m. Susanna Farwell
  |   .Almira Lawrence m. James McMath
  |    .James Gibbon McMath m. Louise Eddins
  |     .William Eddins McMath m. Lela Owens
  |      .Virginia Katherine McMath [GINGER ROGERS] (1911-1995), actress
  .Mary Scripture m. Eleazer Lawrence
   .Mary Lawrence m. Samuel Fletcher
    .Peter Fletcher m. Martha Dix
     .Samuel Fletcher m. Susannah Gold Patterson
      .Mary Burns Fletcher m. Francis Hodgman
       .Francis Fletcher Hodgman m. Llewella French Woolson
        .Eleanor Emily Hodgman [ELEANOR PORTER] (1868-1920), author

1074 & 1075 have other descendants, such as:

John Traine m. Margaret Dix
.Hannah Traine m. Richard Child
 .Margaret Child m. Joseph Priest (above)

1076 & 1077 have other descendants, such as:

John Howe m. Mary ----
.Samuel Howe m. Martha Bent
|.David Howe m. Hepzibah Death
||.Thankful Howe m. Peter Howe (above)
|.Samuel Howe m. Abigail Mixer (above)
.Samuel Howe (again) m. Sarah Leavitt
|.Nehemiah Howe m. Margaret Willard
| .Sarah Howe m. Simeon Alexander
|  .Caleb Alexander m. Lucina Strong
|   .Laura Alexander m. Dirck Cornelius Lansing
|    .Helen Alvord Lansing m. George Blake Grinnell
|     .GEORGE BIRD GRINNELL (1849-1938), naturalist
.Thomas Howe m. Sarah Hosmer
 .Jonathan Howe m. Lydia Brigham
  .Bezaleel Howe m. Anna Foster
   .Edith Howe m. Timothy Bradford
    .Edith Howe Bradford m. Abel French
     .Philura Fillmore French m. John Shanklin
      .Malvina French Shanklin m. John Marshall Harlan
       .John Maynard Harlan m. Elizabeth Palmer Flagg (above)

1078 & 1079 have other descendants, such as:

William Ward m. Elizabeth ----
.Hannah Ward m. Abraham Howe
|.Elizabeth Howe m. Samuel Brigham
||.Lydia Brigham m. Jonathan Howe (above)
||.Samuel Brigham m. Abigail Moore
|| .Sybil Brigham m. Ebenezer Goddard
||  .Susannah Goddard m. Phinehas Howe (above)
|.Hannah Howe m. Eleazer Howe
||.Gershom Howe m. Hannah Bowker (below)
|| .Zerviah Howe m. David Felton
||  .Phebe Felton m. Lemuel Stimson (above)
|.Mary Howe m. John Bowker
| .Hannah Bowker m. Gershom Howe (above)
.Increase Ward m. Record Wheelock
|.Record Ward m. Thomas Newton
| .Phoebe Newton m. Simon Willard
|  .Sarah Willard m. Reuben Warriner
|   .Reuben Warriner m. Sarah Colton
|    .Nancy Warriner m. Sanford Porter
|     .Nathan Tanner Porter m. Rebecca Ann Cherry
|      .Aaron Benjamin Porter m. Rebecca Margaret Poole
|       .Edna Margaret Porter m. John Hegsted
|        .Barbara Porter Hegsted m. Richard Costley Rasmussen
|         .Judith Rasmussen m. Philip Dushku
|          .ELIZA PATRICIA DUSHKU (b. 1980), actress
.John Ward m. Hannah Jackson
|.Deborah Ward m. John Wyeth
||.Ebenezer Wyeth m. Susannah Hancock (above)
|.Edward Ward m. Grace Loring
||.Timothy Ward m. Margaret Woodward
|| .Nehemiah Ward m. Sarah Whitney
||  .Timothy Ward m. Mehitable Ward
||   .Martha Ward m. Jacob Seguine
||    .Alfred Allen Seguine m. Renzila Sliker
||     .Margaret Seguine m. Benjamin Kinsey
||      .Alfred Seguine Kinsey m. Sarah Ann Charles
||       .ALFRED CHARLES KINSEY (1894-1956), entomologist
|.Mercy Ward m. Isaac Thayer
| .Comfort Thayer m. James Keith
| |.Rachel Keith m. Joseph Rist
| | .Susanna Rist m. Samuel Adams
| |  .Eilias Adams m. Clarissa Thomas (above)
| .Isaac Thayer m. Miriam Thayer
| |.Susannah Thayer m. Isaac Johnson
| | .Ezekiel Johnson m. Bethiah Garnsey
| |  .Ezekiel Johnson m. Julia Hills
| |   .Joel Hills Johnson m. Janet Fife
| |    .Janet Maurette Johnson m. Jesse Nathaniel Smith (above)
| .Nathaniel Thayer m. Anna Partridge
| |.Jemima Thayer m. Uriah Thayer
| | .Esack Thayer m. Mary Shepardson
| |  .Uriah Thayer m. Lydia Harris
| |   .Mary Thayer m. Charles Potter
| |    .Ida May Potter m. Charles Burrhus
| |     .Grace Madge Burrhus m. William Arthur Skinner
| |      .BURRHUS FREDERIC SKINNER (1904-1980), psychologist
| .Patience Thayer m. Benjamin Child
|  .Grace Child m. Moses Lyon
|  |.Elfleda Lyon m. Eliaphet Janes
|  | .Alfred Janes m. Mary Warren
|  |  .Eliza Janes m. Joseph Church
|  |   .FREDERIC EDWIN CHURCH (1826-1900), painter
|  .Sarah Child m. Jedediah Morse
|   .Jedediah Morse m. Elizabeth Ann Breese
|    .SAMUEL FINLEY BREESE MORSE (1791-1872), inventor
.Obadiah Ward m. Mary ----
|.William Ward m. Judith ----
| .Jemima Ward m. Nathaniel Walker
|  .Susannah Walker m. Jabez Warren
|   .Nathaniel Warren m. Persis Sumner
|    .Thomas Hibbard Warren m. Lydia Peck
|     .Marilla Warren m. Henry Heinz Wilson
|      .George Washington Wilson m. Mary Bailey
|       .William Henry Wilson m. Alta Lenora Chitwood
|        .William Coral Wilson m. Edith Sophia Sthole
|         .Emily Glee Wilson m. Edwin Milton Love
|         |.MICHAEL EDWARD LOVE (b. 1941), Beach Boy
|         .Murray Gage Wilson m. Audree Neva Korthoff
|          .BRIAN DOUGLAS WILSON (b. 1942), Beach Boy
|          .CARL DEAN WILSON (1946-1998), Beach Boy
|          .DENNIS CARL WILSON (1944-1983), Beach Boy
.Richard Ward m. Mary Morse
|.Obadiah Ward m. Joanna Mixer
| .Thankful Ward m. Jonas Farnsworth
|  .Azubah Farnsworth m. Benjamin Tarbell
|   .Benjamin Tarbell m. Lydia Hodgeman
|    .William Charles Tarbell m. Asenath Howe
|     .Franklin Sumner Tarbell m. Esther Ann McCullough
|      .IDA MINERVA TARBELL (1857-1944), journalist
.William Ward m. Hannah Brigham
 .Bethniah Ward m. Elnathan Brigham
  .Priscilla Brigham m. Mathias Marsh
   .William Samuel Marsh m. Sarah French
    .Mathias Marsh m. Sarah Richardson
     .Abraham Marsh m. Abigail Whittier
      .Hester Ann Marsh m. Marmaduke Pearson
       .Edwin Arthur Pearson m. Annie Sarah Bowles
        .LESTER BOWLES PEARSON (1897-1972), Canadian Prime Minister

1086 & 1087 have other descendants, such as:

John Coolidge m. Mary Ravens
.John Coolidge m. Hannah Livermore
|.Grace Coolidge m. Jonas Bond
||.Josiah Bond m. Elizabeth Fuller
|| .Anna Bond m. Samuel Trask
||  .Susanna Trask m. Jonathan Holman
||   .Susan Trask Holman m. Asa Waters
||    .Susan Holman Waters m. Samuel Davenport Torrey
||    .Louisa Maria Torrey m. Alphonso Taft
||     .WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT (1857-1930), US President, m. Helen Herron
||      .ROBERT ALPHONSO TAFT (1889-1953), US Senator, m. Martha Wheaton Bowers
||       .ROBERT ALPHONSO TAFT (1917-1993), US Senator, m. Blanca Duncan Noel
||        .ROBERT ALPHONSO TAFT (b. 1942), Governor of Ohio
|.Hannah Coolidge m. John Bond
| .Sarah Bond m. Ebenezer Stone
|  .Margaret Stone m. David Goddard
|   .Lucy Goddard m. Asa Goddard
|    .David Goddard m. Czarina White
|     .Elvira C Goddard m. Danford Goddard
|      .Nahum Parks Goddard m. Mary Pease Upham
|       .Nahum Danford Goddard m. Fannie Louise Hoyt
|        .ROBERT HUTCHINGS GODDARD (1882-1945), rocket scientist
.Simon Coolidge m. Hannah Barron
 .Obadiah Coolidge m. Elizabeth Roose
  .Obadiah Coolidge m. Rachel Goddard
   .Josiah Coolidge m. Mary Jones
    .John Coolidge m. Hannah Priest (above)

1140 & 1141 have other descendants, such as:

John Freeman m. Mercy Prence
.Edmund Freeman m. Sarah Mayo
|.Mercy Freeman m. Thomas Cobb
||.Tamsin Cobb m. Lot Harding
|| .Esther Harding m. Elkanah Paine
||  .Joshua Paine m. Nancy Nickerson (below)
||   .Lysander Paine m. Rebecca ----
||    .Emma Linwood Paine m. Richard Perry Bush
||     .VANNEVAR BUSH (1890-1974), electrical engineer
|.Ruth Freeman m. Israel Doane
| .Prence Doane m. Elizabeth Godfrey (below)
|  .Abigail Doane m. Hezekiah Ackley
|   .Benjamin Ackley m. Nancy Maxfield
|    .Harry Ackley m. Abigail Bennett
|     .Lorenzo Ackley m. Emma Bosworth (above)
.Hannah Freeman m. John Mayo (below)
|.Joseph Mayo m. Abigail Merrick
||.Moses Mayo m. Phebe Freeman (below)
|| .Issacher Mayo m. Deborah Gould (below)
||  .Phebe Mayo m. Samuel Houston
||   .Phoebe Houston m. Alavah Alexander
||    .Louisa Pool Alexander m. Jeremiah Hatch
||     .Josephus Hatch m. Martha Luella Thomas
||      .Jesse Hatch m. Helen Frances Kamm
||       .ORRIN GRANT HATCH (b. 1934), US Senator
|.Mary Mayo m. Joseph Hopkins (below)
| .Nathan Hopkins m. ----
|  .Phebe Hopkins m. Seth Nickerson (below)
|   .Nancy Nickerson m. Joshua Paine (above)
.Nathaniel Freeman m. Mary ----
|.John Freeman m. Thomasine Spears
| .Mercy Freeman m. Daniel Freeman (below)
|  .Sarah Freeman m. Chilligsworth Foster (above)
.Thomas Freeman m. Rebecca Sparrow
|.Edmund Freeman m. Phebe Watson
| .Watson Freeman m. Sarah Gray
|  .Phebe Freeman m. Moses Mayo (above)
.William Freeman m. Lydia Sparrow
 .Lydia Freeman m. Richard Godfrey
 |.Elizabeth Godfrey m. Prence Doane (above)
 .William Freeman m. Mary Pepper
  .Daniel Freeman m. Mercy Freeman (above)

1142 & 1143 have other descendants, such as:

William Merrick m. Rebecca Tracy
.Mary Merrick m. Stephen Hopkins (below)
 .Elizabeth Merrick m. Samuel Burgess
 |.Abigail Burgess m. Benjamin Sears (above)
 .Joseph Hopkins m. Mary Mayo (above)

1144 & 1145 have other descendants, such as:

Paul Sears m. Deborah Willard
.Lydia Sears m. Eleazer Hamlin
 .Benjamin Hamlin m. Anne Mayo (below)
  .Eleazer Hamlin m. Lydia Bonney
  |.Cyrus Hamlin m. Anna Livermore
  | .HANNIBAL HAMLIN (1809-1891), US Vice-President
  .Isaac Hamlin m. Sarah Shaw
   .Isaac Hamlin m. Polly Beals
    .Sarah Hamlin m. Peleg Standish
     .Sarah Standish m. Reuben Burras
      .Oscar Burras m. Annette Hakes
       .Adelia Burras m. William O Cline
        .Marie Pauline Cline m. Robert Harwood Quayle
         .James Cline Quayle m. Martha Corinne Pulliam
          .JAMES DANFORTH QUAYLE (b. 1947), US Vice-President

1146 & 1147 have other descendants, such as:

Samuel Mayo m. Tomasin Lumpkin
.Anne Mayo m. Benjamin Hamlin (above)
.Elizabeth Mayo m. Samuel Treat
|.Jane Treat Constant Freeman
| .Robert Freeman m. Mary Payne
|  .Abigail Freeman m. Abraham Howell
|   .Nancy Howell m. Elijah St. John
|    .Elijah Howell St. John m. Charlotte Sophia Dunham
|     .Helen Amelia St. John m. Benjamin Garvey
|      .Benjamin St. John Garvey m. Mary Ellis Blocksom (above)
.John Mayo m. Hannah Freeman (above)
.Mary Mayo m. Jonathan Bangs
 .Mary Bangs m. Thomas Nickerson
 |.Jonathan Nickerson m. Sarah Collins
 | .Seth Nickerson m. Martha Atwood
 |  .Seth Nickerson m. Phebe Hopkins (above)
 .Samuel Bangs m. Mary Hinckley
  .Joseph Bangs m. Thankful Hamlin
   .Lemuel Bangs m. Rebecca Keeler
    .Elijah Keeler Bangs m. Esther Stackhouse
     .Mary Ann Bangs m. Joseph Ambrose Beaky
      .Martha Adela Beaky m. David Davis Walker
       .George Herbert Walker m. Lucretia Wear
        .Dorothy Walker m. Prescott Sheldon Bush (above)

1150 & 1151 have other descendants, such as:

Giles Hopkins m. Catherine Whelden
.Deborah Hopkins m. Josiah Cooke
|.Deborah Cooke m. Moses Godfrey
||.Moses Godfrey m. Martha Collins
|| .Hannah Godfrey m. Joseph Gould
||  .Deborah Gould m. Issacher Mayo (above)
|.Joshua Cooke m. Patience Doane
| .Ruhamah Cooke m. Robert Shattuck
|  .Maria Patience Shattuck m. Lemuel Mitchel
|   .William Mitchel m. ----
|    .William Fithian Mitchel m. Sally Mosher (above)
.Stephen Hopkins m. Mary Merrick (above)

2110 & 2111 have other descendants, such as:

Isaac Stearns m. Mary Barker
.Abigail Stearns m. John Morse
 .Joseph Morse m. Elizabeth Sawtelle
  .Abigail Morse m. Joshua Hemingway
   .Isaac Hemingway m. Elizabeth Haven
    .James Hemingway m. Elizabeth Armstrong
     .James Hemingway, Jr. m. Hope Malmsbury
      .Jane M. Hemingway m. Oliver Burdg
       .Almira Park Burdg m. Franklin Milhous
        .Hannah Milhous m. Francis Anthony Nixon
         .RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON (1913-1994), US President


The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) publishes a Patriot Index, a list of persons whose honorable service in the cause of independence during the American Revolution renders their female descendants eligible for membership in the NSDAR. Several ancestors of Bill Richardson appear in the Patriot Index, including:

    John Gill (number 70)
    Thomas Hodsdon (number 72)
    John Mirick (number 66)
    William Richardson (number 64)

While Mr. Richardson is not eligible for membership in the NSDAR (by not being female), he is eligible for membership in the equivalent organization for men, the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.


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