The genealogical relationships between
Sarah Palin
John McCain

by William Addams Reitwiesner

William Addams Reitwiesner

Gov. Sarah Palin is related, in a number of ways, to Sen. John McCain. Some of the relationships are displayed below.

Edward I, King of England (d. 1307) m. Eleanor of Castile

Elizabeth of England m. Humphrey de Bohun 4 E Hereford & Essex
Joan of England m. Gilbert de Clare 3 E Gloucester 7 E Hertford

William de Bohun 1 E Northampton m. Elizabeth Badlesmere
1st Cousins
Elizabeth de Clare m. Sir Theobald de Verdun

Elizabeth de Bohun m. Richard FitzAlan 10 E Arundel
2nd Cousins
Isabel de Verdon m. Henry Ferrers 2 B Ferrers of Groby

Elizabeth FitzAlan m. Sir Robert Goushill
3rd Cousins
William Ferrers 3 B Ferrers of Groby m. Margaret Ufford

Elizabeth Goushill m. Sir Robert Wingfield
4th Cousins
Henry Ferrers 4 B Ferrers of Groby m. Joan Poynings

Elizabeth Wingfield m. Sir William Brandon
5th Cousins
William Ferrers 5 B Ferrers of Groby m. Philippa Clifford

Eleanor Brandon m. John Glemham
6th Cousins
Sir Thomas Ferrers m. Elizabeth Freville

Anne Glemham m. Henry Pagrave
7th Cousins
Sir Henry Ferrers m. Margaret Hextall

Thomas Pagrave m. Alice Gunton
8th Cousins
Sir Edward Ferrers m. Constance Brome

Edward Palgrave m. ----
9th Cousins
Elizabeth Ferrers m. John Hampden

Dr Richard Palgrave [to Massachusetts] m. Anna ----
10th Cousins
Griffith Hampden m. Anne Cave

Mary Palgrave m. Roger Wellington
11th Cousins
Anne Hampden m. Robert Waller

Benjamin Wellington m. Elizabeth Sweetman
12th Cousins
Robert Thomas Waller m. ---- Barnwell

Elizabeth Wellington m. John Fay
13th Cousins
John Waller m. Hannah Coddington

Bathsheba Fay m. John Pratt
14th Cousins
Robert Waller m. Anna Maria Hughes

Betty Pratt m. Elisha Field
15th Cousins
Hannah Waller m. Dixie Coddington

Elisha Field m. Ruth Kirkham
16th Cousins
Ann Coddington m. Richard Fenner [to North Carolina]

Luman Field m. Abigail DeLong
17th Cousins
Richard Fenner m. Ann McKinney Geddy

Lucinda M. Field m. William M. Heath
18th Cousins
Eliza Geddy Fenner m. James Vaulx

James W. Heath m. Alma Miranda Rhodes
19th Cousins
James Julius Vaulx m. Margaret Garside

Charles R. Heath m. Addie Oriel
20th Cousins
Catherine Davey Vaulx m. John Sidney McCain

Charles F. Heath m. Marie Brandt
21st Cousins
John Sidney McCain m. Roberta Wright

Charles Richard Heath m. Sarah Sheeran
22nd Cousins

22nd Cousins
once removed


So through their shared descent from Edward I, King of England (d. 1307) Gov. Sarah Palin is a 22nd cousin once removed of Sen. John McCain.

Other relationships exist. No doubt a closer relationship can be established.

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William Addams Reitwiesner