The Ancestors of Joe Biden

by William Addams Reitwiesner

The following material on the immediate ancestry of Joe Biden should not be considered either exhaustive or definitive, but rather as a first draft.

Robert Battle contributed the original version of this report. Additions and corrections have been provided by Julie Helen Otto, Marie Daly, Christopher Challender Child, P. J. Evans, Michael Hurdle, and Patrick Hanafee.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Joe Biden
1 Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. ("Joe"), b. Scranton, Pa., 20 Nov. 1942, US Senator from Delaware 1973 to present
2 Joseph Robinette Biden Sr., b. Baltimore, Md., 13 Nov. 1915, d. Wilmington, Del., 2 Sept. 2002 [SSDI 217-09-0364]
m. ... 1941
3 Catherine Eugenia ("Jean") Finnegan, b. Scranton, Pa., ... July 1917, d. Wilmington, Del., 8 Jan. 2010
4 Joseph H ... Biden, b. ... , Md., ... June 1893, d. Baltimore, Md., 26 Sept. 1941
m. Baltimore, Md., 27 Nov. 1914
5 Mary Elizabeth Robinette, b. ... , Md., ... Nov. 1894, d. ... 1943
6 Ambrose Joseph Finnegan, b. Olyphant, Pa., 11 July 1884 [World War II draft registration], d. ... [living 1950s]
m. ... [ca. 1909]
7 Geraldine Catharine Blewitt, b. ... , Pa., ... [ca. 1887], d. ... [living 1930]
8 George T ... Biden, b. ... , Md., ... Oct. 1867, d. ... [living 1910]
m. Baltimore, Md., 8 March 1889
9 Mary Emily Lidell, b. ... , Md., ... Sept. 1870, d. Baltimore, Md., 1 Feb. 1922
10 George H ... Robinette, b. ... , Va., 3 Oct. 1844, d. Baltimore, Md., 2 April 1914
m2. ... [after 21 Sept. 1882 (when his first wife died)]
11 Mary A ... Hanafee, b. ... , Ohio, 27 Aug. 1862 d. Baltimore, Md., 5 Jan. 1930
12 ... Finnegan, b. ... [NY/Ireland], d. ...
13 ... , b. ... [NY/Ireland], d. ...
14 Edward Francis Blewitt, b. New Orleans, La., 2 Jan. 1859, d. ... [living 1924]
15 Mary Ellen Stanton, b. Luzerne Co., Pa., ... [ca. 1860], d. ... 1887
16 Joseph J ... Biden, b. ... , Md., ... [ca. 1828], d. ... 2 June 1895
m. Baltimore, Md., 22 Dec. 1852
17 Lydia Ann Randle, b. ... , Md., ... Jan. 1835, d. ... [living 1900]
18 Robert Theodore Lidell, b. Baltimore, Md., 4 Jan. 1844, d. Baltimore, Md., 4 Oct. 1914
m. ... [ca. 1865]
19 Susan E ... Bomberger, b. Baltimore, Md., ... [March 1848 or 9 May 1844], d. Baltimore, Md., 25 July 1924
20 Moses J ... Robinette, b. ... , Md., 9 Jan. 1819, d. ... 15 Jan. 1903
m. Cumberland, Md., 24 June 1838
21 Jane Eliza Pumphrey, b. ... , D. C., ... [before 27 Aug. 1820], d. ... [living 1860]
22 John Hanafy, b. ... , Ireland, ... 1815, d. ... 1878, bur. Long Run Catholic Church cemetery, near Salem, W. Va.
23 Mary Ward, b. London ... 1826, d. ... 1878, bur. Long Run Catholic Church cemetery, near Salem, W. Va.
28 Patrick Blewitt, b. Rappagh, co. Mayo, ... Jan. 1835, d. Scranton, Pa., ... [ca. 1905]
m. Scranton, Luzerne (now Lackawanna) Co., Pa., 24 Nov. 1857
29 Catharine "Kate" Scanlon, b. Rappagh, co. Mayo, ... [Oct. 1835/1840], d. ... [ca. 1910]
30 James Stanton, b. ... , Ireland, ... [ca. 1835], d. ... [after 1880]
31 Mary ... , b. ... , Ireland, ... [ca. 1835], d. ... [after 1880]
32 William Biden, b. ... , England, ... [ca. 1790-1800], d. ... [between 1840 and 1850, prob. Baltimore, Md.]
m. Baltimore, Md., 13 Feb. 1822
33 Mary Elkins, b. ... , Md., ... [ca. 1799], d. ... [will dated 1863 (and apparently probated 1863/4)]
34 Thomas H ... Randle/Randall, b. ... , Md., ... [ca. 1803/4], d. Arbutus Station, Baltimore Co., Md., 3 June 1889
m. First Methodist Church, Baltimore, Md., 9 June 1830
35 Mary Ann Shoemaker, b. ... , Md., ... [ca. 1813/4], d. Baltimore Co., Md., 15 Aug. 1902
36 John Little/Liddell, b. ... , England, ... [ca. 1809], d. Baltimore, Md., ... [before 1860]
37 Emiline ("Emily") Wooden, b. ... , Md., ... [ca. 1812], d. ... [before 1860]
38 John Hamage Bomberger, b. ... , Va., ... , d. ...
39 Susan Launderslager, b. ... , Md., ... , d. ...
40 Jesse Robinette, Justice of the Peace, b. Flintstone, Allegany Co., Md., 15 June 1776, d. Murley's Branch, Allegany Co., Md., 26 Nov. 1832
m. Allegany Co., Md., 8 May 1807
41 Dorcas ("Darkey") Johnson, b. ... 3 April 1786, d. Murley's Branch, Allegany Co., Md., 17 Jan. 1861
42 James Pumphrey, b. ... , d. ... , D. C., ... 1823
m. Loudon Co., Va., 25 Dec. 1808
43 Ellen Elizabeth Hamilton, b. ... [ca. 1785], d. ... , D. C., 27 Aug. 1820
46 John Ward, b. Galway, Ireland, ... , d. ...
47 Mary ... , b. Galway, Ireland. ... , d. ...
56 Edward Blewitt, b. Rappagh, co. Mayo, ... [ca. 1795], d. Scranton, Pa., ... [ca. 1871]
57 ... , b. ... , d. ...
58 Anthony Scanlon, b. ... , Ireland, ... [ca. 1810], d. ...
59 Honora Hefron, b. ... , Ireland, ... [ca. 1810], d. ...
66 Joseph Elkins, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 27 April 1776, d. ... [ca. 1801]
m. Baltimore, Md., 10 Aug. 1797
67 Nancy Fonts, b. ... , d. ...
70 George Shoemaker, b. ... , d. ...
71 Rachel Herbert, b. ... , d. ...
80 Capt. George Robinette, b. Frederick Co., Md., ... [ca. 1756], d. ... 1831
81 Sarah ("Sally") Dazier/Dozier, b. ... , d. ...
84 William Pumphrey, b. Prince George's Co., Md., 10 Jan. 1732/3, d. ... [between 1776 and 1786]
m. ... 1755
85 Elizabeth Kingsbury, b. Calvert Co., Md., ... 1739, d. ...
132 William Eakins, b. ... 1751, d. Philadelphia, Pa., 29 July 1798
m. Philadelphia, Pa., 10 Jan. 1774
133 Mary Poyntz, b. ... 1748, d. Philadelphia, Pa., 21 Sept. 1798
160 Nathan Robinette, b. East Nottingham Township, Chester Co., Pa., ... 1717, d. Murlay's Branch, Flintstone, Allegany Co., Md., ... [before 1800]
161 Elizabeth ... , b. ... , d. ...
170 James Kingsbury, b. ... [ca. 1704], d. ... 1755
m. ... [ca. 1725]
171 Anne Demilliane, b. ... , d. ...
320 Samuel Robinett, bapt. Bunbury, co. Chester, 11 May 1669, d. ... , Pa., ... May 1745
m. ... [ca. 1693-7]
321 Mary Taylor, b. Kerwick, co. Chester, 16 April 1674, d. Chester Co., Pa., ... [after 1747]
340 Dr. James Kingsbury, b. ... , d. Calvert Co., Md., 25 Jan. 1726/7
341 Elizabeth Hall, b. ... 1673, d. ... 1743
342 Rev. Gabriel Demilliane, b. ... , d. Calvert Co., Md., 21 July 1716
343 Anne Young, b. ... , d. Prince George's Co., Md., 5 Feb. 1730/1
640 Allen Robinett, b. St. Michael, Queenhithe, London, ... [ca. 1632], d. Upper Providence, Chester Co., Pa., 5 June 1694
641 Margaret Symm, b. St. Michael's, Queenhithe, London, ... [ca. 1632], d. Upper Providence, Chester Co., Pa., ... [before 5 June 1694]
642 William Clarke Taylor, b. Sutton, co. Chester, ... [ca. 1640], d. Chester Co., Pa., 6 March 1683
643 Margarett Finsham, b. Horningsheath, co. Suffolk, 27 April 1645, d. Chester Co., Pa., 3 March 1683
682 Richard Hall, b. ... 1635, d. Calvert Co., Md., ... 1688
683 Elizabeth (Wingfield?), b. ... , d. ...
686 George Young, b. ... , d. Calvert Co., Md., 4 July 1719
687 Elizabeth Rousby, b. ... , d. ...
1286 Edward Finsham, b. ... , d. ...
1287 Grace ... , b. ... , d. ...
1372 Richard Young, b. ... , d. ...
1373 Sarah Leigh, b. ... , d. ...
2746 Francis Leigh, b. ... , d. Calvert Co., Md., 18 Dec. 1676
2747 ... , b. ... , d. ...


1930 - 13th Ward, Scranton, Lackawanna Co., PA, e.d. 52, sheet 6a

Finnegan, Ambrose J.  Head    M W 45 M 24  PA NY NY    Advertising Mgr.   Newspaper office
___, Geraldine B.     Wife    F W 42 M 21  PA LA PA
___, Gerald J.        Son     M W 20 S     PA PA PA
___, Blewitt E.       Son     M W 18 S     PA PA PA
___, Ambrose J.       Son     M W 15 S     PA PA PA
___, Catherine E.     Dau     F W 12 S     PA PA PA
___, John A.          Son     M W  9 S     PA PA PA
Blewitt, Gertrude M.  Si-i-L  F W 46 S 26  PA LA PA    Lace Maker         Lace Mill

Gertrude Blewitt has "26" in age-at-first-marriage column, but faint (erased?);
next person down has a bolder "26" in that column.  Probably the number was
originally written in the wrong row, since Gertrude's marital state was


1920 - Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, e.d. 277, sheet 32a

Biden, Joseph H.   Head   M W 27        M  MD MD MD    Salesman      Oil Co.
___, Mary E.       Wife   F W 25        M  MD WV WV
___, Joseph R.     Son    M W  4 6/12   S  MD MD MD
___, Mary A.       Dau    F W  2 11/12  S  MD MD MD
___, Frank H.      Son    M W  1 4/12   S  MD MD MD


1920 - 6th Division, 1st Ward, Scranton, Lackawanna Co., PA, e.d. 102, sheet 1a [2 Jan]

Finnegan, Ambrose J.   Head    M W 35       M  PA Ire NY    advertising solicitor    newspaper
___, Geraldine         Wife    F W 33       F  PA LA  PA
___, Gerald            Son     M W  9       S  PA PA  PA
___, Edward            Son     M W  7       S  PA PA  PA
___, Ambrose J.        Son     M W  5       S  PA PA  PA
___, Eugenia           Dau     F W  2 6/12  S  PA PA  PA
Blewitt, Edward        F-i-L   M W 61       M  LA Ire Ire    --- and mining[?] engineer
___, Gertrude          Si-i-L  F W 39       S  PA LA  PA


1910 - 16th Ward, Baltimore, MD, e.d. 270, sheet 8a

Biden, George T.   Head  M W 43 M1 21       MD MD MD      Produce Dealer
___, Emily R.      Wife  F W 39 M1 21 2 2   MD MD MD
___, Eugenee M.    Dau   F W 18 S           MD MD MD
___, Joseph H.     Son   M W 16 S           MD MD MD


1910 - 22nd Ward, Baltimore, MD, e.d. 365, sheet 5b

Robinette, George H.  Head    M W 65 M1 33      MD MD MD  Inspector Rail Road
___, Mary A.          Wife    F W 48 M1 33 3 3  OH OH MD
Sheene, Alice M.      Dau     F W 22 M1  1 0 0  MD MD OH
Robinette, Mamie      Dau     F W 15 S          MD MD OH
Sheene, Wm. E.        So-i-L  M W 26 M1  1      MA MA MA  Salesman Manf. Estat.


1910 - 6th Ward, Dunmore, Lackawanna Co., PA, e.d. 30, sheet 6b

Blewitt, Edward F. Head    M W 49      Wd 28      LA Ire Ire     civil engineer
___, Gertrude V.   Dau     F W 27      S          PA LA  PA
___, Patrick R.    Son     M W 26      S          PA LA  PA      civil engineer
___, Arthur J.     Son     M W 24      S          PA LA  PA      civil engineer
Finegan, Ambrose   So-i-L  M W 25      M1  0      PA PA  PA      civil engineer
___, Geraldina C.  Dau     F W 23      M1  0 1 1  PA LA  PA
___, Gerard J.     GSon    M W    1/12 S          PA PA  PA


1900 - 18th Ward, Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, e.d. 233, sheet 2a

Biden, George T.   Head  W M  Oct 1867 32 M 11      MD MD MD  Produce Dealer
___, Emily         Wife  W F  Sep 1870 29 M 11 2 2  MD MD MD
___, Eugenia M.    Dau   W F  Sep 1891  8 S         MD MD MD
___, Joseph H.     Son   W M  Jun 1893  6 S         MD MD MD
(1 boarder)


1900 - 1st Ward, 15th Precinct, Baltimore, MD, e.d. 15, sheet 12b

Robinette, George H.  Head  W M  Oct 1844 55       M 18       MD MD MD    Locomotive Engineer
___, Mary A.          Wife  W F  Aug 1862 37       M 18 5 5   MD MD MD
___, Mary             Dau   W F  Nov 1894  5       S          MD MD MD
___, John H.          Son   W M  Jul 1886 13       S          MD MD MD
___, Alice M.         Dau   W F  Nov 1882  7[sic]  S          MD MD MD


1900 - 7th Ward, Scranton, Lackawanna Co., PA, e.d. 70, sheet 11b

Roche, Peter        Head  W M  Oct 1855  44      M 24      NY Ire Ire   Switchman
___, Bridget        Wife  W F  Apr 1857  42      M 24 8 6  PA Ire Ire
___, Mary           Dau   W F  Oct 1876  23      S         PA NY  PA
___, Thomas         Son   W M  Jul 1879  20      S         PA NY  PA    Shoe Clerk
___, Annie          Dau   W F  Jun 1881  18      S         PA NY  PA
___, Peter Jr.      Son   W M  Aug 1886  13      S         PA NY  PA
___, Nellie         Dau   W F  Sep 1890   9      S         PA NY  PA
___, Margaret       Dau   W F  Feb 1900     4/12 S         PA NY  PA
Finnegan, Ambrose   Neph  W M  Jul 1883  16      S         PA Ire Ire   Errand Boy


1900 - 7th Ward, Scranton, Lackawanna Co., PA, e.d. 70, sheet 10a

Blewitt, Patrick   Head  W M  Jan 1836  64 M 41       Ire Ire Ire  1850 50 Na    Sawyer
___, Catherine     Wife  W F  Oct 1840  60 M 41 4 4   Ire Ire Ire
___, Julia         Dau   W F  Feb 1871  29 S          WV Ire Ire
___, Teresa        Dau   W F  Dec 1872  27 S          PA Ire Ire
___, Francis       Dau   W F  Feb 1877  23 S          PA Ire Ire
___, Angela        Dau   W F  May 1881  19 S          PA Ire Ire
(1 servant)


1880 - 9th Precinct, 18th Ward, Baltimore, MD, e.d. 181, sheet 45 (p. 655a)

Biden, Joseph   W M 51        Packer                MD Eng Eng
___, Lydia      W F 46  Wife                        MD MD  MD
___, Mary E.    W F 24  Dau            neuralgia    MD MD  MD
___, Emma       W F 21  Dau                         MD MD  MD
___, Ada        W F 18  Dau                         MD MD  MD
___, Lee        W F 17  Son                         MD MD  MD
___, George     W M 14  Son                         MD MD  MD
___, Harry      W M 10  Son                         MD MD  MD
Biden, Ed       W M 41  Bro   Packer                MD Eng Eng
___, Eugenia    W F 10                              MD MD  MD
(1 boarder)


1880 - Dist. 81, Grafton, Taylor Co., WV, e.d. 81, sheets 34-35 (pp. 316b-317c)

Robinett, George H.  W M 35           Engineer for R.R. Co.    VA MD DC
___, Anna M.         W F 28   Wife                             PA PA PA
Robinette, Ella J.   W F  8   Dau                              WV VA PA
___, John H.         W M  4   Son                              WV VA PA
Clayton, Jennie B.   W F 11   Niece                            WV VA PA
Rexroad, Alice A.    W F 33   Sister  Seamstress               VA MD DC
Rexroad, Lander      W M 13   Neph                             IA VA VA


1880 - 7th Ward, Scranton, Lackawanna Co., PA, e.d. 61, sheet 52 (p. 208d)

Blewitt, Patrick   W M 46         Civil Engineer    Ire Ire Ire
___, Catherine     W F 42  Wife                     Ire Ire Ire
___, Honora        W F 19  Dau    School Teacher    PA  Ire Ire
___, Julia         W F 16  Dau                      PA  Ire Ire
___, Jenny         W F 11  Dau                      PA  Ire Ire
___, Theresa       W F  8  Dau                      PA  Ire Ire
___, Frances       W F  6  Dau                      PA  Ire Ire
___, William       W M  4  Son                      PA  Ire Ire
___, Angelina      W F  1  Dau                      PA  Ire Ire
(1 servant)


1870 - 13th Dist., Baltimore, MD, pp. 22-23 (802b-803a)

Biden, Joseph      42       M W     H. Carpenter    4000    500    MD
___, Lydia         36       F W                                    MD
___, Mary          17       F W                                    MD
___, William       15       M W                                    MD
___, Annie         13       F W                                    MD
___, Emma          11       F W                                    MD
___, Ada            9       F W                                    MD
___, Joseph         7       M W                                    MD
___, George         4       M W                                    MD
___, Henry            8/12  M W                                    MD
[Richard Randall family]
Randall, Thomas    66       M W     Farmer         15000   1200    MD
___, Mary          56       F W                                    MD
___, William       40       M W     F. Laborer                     MD
___, George        28       M W     F. Laborer                     MD
___, Joseph        23       M W     F. Laborer                     MD
Randall, Laura     17       F W                                    MD
___, Roseby        15       M W     F. Laborer                     MD
___, Charles       12       M W                                    MD
High, William      25       M W     F. Laborer                     MD


1870 - Grafton Twp., Taylor Co., WV, p. 22

Clayton, Thos.       54 M W   Retired Merchant                    VA
     Ruth            49 F W                           2000 300    VA
     John            29 M W   Engineman                           VA
     Sarah E.        10 F W                                       VA
Tibbettts, Jas. W.   21 M W   Laborer                             VA
Robinett, Geo. H.    25 M W   Fireman on B&O RR        300        VA
Conty, Laura         16 F W   Domestic Servt.                     VA
Fenton, Eleanor      72 F W                                       VA


1870 - 2nd Ward, Scranton, Luzerne Co., PA, p. 58

Blewitt, Patrick    40 M W    Civil Engineer     1800     200    Ireland
___, Kate           35 F W                                       Ireland
___, Edward         11 M W                                       PA
___, Honora          9 F W                                       PA
___, Julia           6 F W                                       PA
___, Anne            4 F W                                       PA
___, Genevieve       2 F W                                       PA
Terrill, Temera[?]  17 F W                                       PA
Terrill, John       25 M W    Carpenter                   200    Ireland


1860 - 13th Dist., Baltimore, MD, p. 247 (867)

Joseph Byden       33 M        Farmer          4000        MD
Lidia     "        27 F                                    MD
William   "         9 M                                    MD
Mary      "        10 F                                    MD
Joseph    "         6 M                                    MD
Sarah     "         4 F                                    MD
Jane      "         3 F                                    MD


1860 - 13th Dist., Baltimore, MD, p. 263 (883)

James Biden      33 M   Farmer    3000    200   MD
Mary     "       61 F                           MD
Henry    "       29 M                           MD
George   "       22 M                           MD
Edward   "       21 M                           MD
Mary     "       18 F                           MD
Joseph   "        9 M                           MD
Mary     "        7 F                           MD
Sarah    "        6 F                           MD
James    "        4 M                           MD
Jane     "       22 F                           MD
Fanny    "        1 F                           MD


1860 - Taylor Co., VA, p. 110

Moses J. Robinett    42 M     Hotel Keeper            500     MD
Jane E. Robinett     37 F                                     DC
Mary D. Robinett     18 F                                     VA
George D. Robinett   15 M                                     VA
Alice A. Robinett    13 F                                     VA
W. S. Robinett       11 M                                     VA
Sarah E. Robinett     8 F                                     VA
Florence Robinett     3 F                                     VA
Robert Wade          17 M     Day Laborer                     VA
Charles Sterill[?]   23 M     Fireman on R. R.                MD


1860 - Scranton, Luzerne Co., PA, p. 162

Patrick Bluitt     27 M     Sawyer     500    150     Ireland
Catharine  "       22 F                               Ireland
Edward     "        1 M                               LA
Mary Farrell       10 F                               PA


1850 - 1st Dist., Baltimore, MD, p. 130 (284b)

Mary Byden      49 F                            MD
James    "      24 M   Laborer                  MD
Joseph   "      23 M   Laborer                  MD
Henry    "      20 M   Laborer                  MD
Geo      "      13 M                            MD
Edward   "      11 M                            MD
Mary     "       7 F                            MD


1850 - 1st Dist., Baltimore, MD, p. 312a

Thos. H. Randle    46 M          Farmer         MD
Mary A.      "     36 F                         MD
Wm.          "     19 M                         MD
Lidia A.     "     17 F                         MD
George W.    "     11 M                         MD
Mary S.      "      9 F                         MD
John W.      "      6 M                         MD
Joseph       "      3 F[sic]                    MD
Sarah        "      1 F                         MD
Elizabeth Oble     17 F                         Germany


1850 Maryland, Baltimore Co., 1st District, p. 465
Slave Schedule

Thomas H Randle   1   14   M    B


1850 - 45th Dist., Preston Co., VA, p. 376a (753)

William Hamilton     27 M      Constable         1000       VA
Mary A.     "        25 F                                   VA
Moses J. Robinett    32 M      Inn Keeper        3000       MD
Jane E.              26 F                                   MD
Mary D.               9 F                                   VA
John D.               8 M                                   VA
George H.             4 M                                   VA
Alice                 3 F                                   VA
Windfield S.          1 M                                   VA


1840 - 1st Dist., Baltimore, MD, p. 5

William Biden: 2 males    0-5 
               1 male     5-10 
               2 males   10-15 
               1 male    15-20 
               1 male    20-30 
               1 male    40-50 
               1 female  40-50


1830 - 1st Dist., Baltimore, MD, p. 37

William Biden: 2 males   0-5
               1 male    5-10 
               1 male   10-15 
               1 male   30-40 
               1 female 15-20 
               1 female 30-40



3 -- She has a brother named Ambrose J. Finnegan. See

10 -- See

14 -- See

His birth information is taken from a 1924 ship's passenger list. My thanks to P. J. Evans for the citation.

16 -- He is probably the Joseph Biden who was visited in Baltimore in 1868 by a cousin named Henry Biden, along with Henry's wife and children. Henry's diary of their travel has not been published, but a typescript has been provided by Gavin Maidment.

Henry Biden was born in 1834 in Westbourne, Sussex. This may provide a clue for the origin of William Biden, Joseph's father.

20 -- See and

21 -- See and http://archiver.rootsweb/

28 -- possibly the Patk Blewitt, age 16, from Ireland, who arrived in New York 10 Nov 1849 on the Liverpool; or possibly the Patrick Bluet, age 20, from Ireland, who arrived in New York 8 Apr 1850 on the Washington.

32 -- (in Maryland Historical Society Library manuscript collection): "BIDEN PAPERS, MS.1203 Three documents relating to the settlement of the estate of William Biden, 1863-1864. Last will and testament of Mary Biden, 1863. Lease from Owen McManus to William Biden, August 28, 1820. Deed from Charles Warfield to William Biden, 1838."

34 -- According to Virkus 6:529, he was b. 1803, d. 1880, son of William Randle (b. c1770 England, to Baltimore 1798).

35 -- According to Virkus 6:529, she was b. 1813, d. 1902, dau. of Capt. George Shoemaker and ___ Herbert (perhaps the George Shoemaker who m. Rachel Walton 24 Nov 1808 in Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore; see

36 -- May have been a son of William and Mary Little of Lehigh, Essex, England.

85 -- See

132 & 133 have other descendants, such as:

William Elkins m. Mary Poyntz
.George Elkins m. Susanna Howell
 .WILLIAM LUKENS ELKINS (1832-1903), financier, m. Maria Louisa Broomall
  .Mrs. ELEANOR ELKINS WIDENER (1861-1937), philanthropist, m. GEORGE DANTON WIDENER (-1912)
   .HENRY ELKINS WIDENER (1885-1912)


The following notes and source extracts were contributed by Michael Hurdle:


Source: 1850 Census of Baltimore, MD (Dist 1)
887/913 Biden, William  25M  Laborer    MD
      Biden, Selina  27F      MD
      Biden, Wm. ?  12M      MD
889/915 Byden, Mary  49F      MD
      Byden, James  24M      MD
      Byden, Joseph  23M      MD
      Byden, Henry  20M      MD
      Byden, George  13M      MD
      Byden, Edward  11M      MD
      Byden, Mary  7F      MD
/916 Elkin, Mary  50F      MD
      Elkin, Jesee  23M  Laborer    MD
      Elkin, Chas.  7M      MD
      Elkin, Mary  4F      MD
      Byden, Jane  17F      MD 

Source: Marriages in the Baltimore County Advocate & Advertiser, 1 January 1853
On the 22d ult, by the Rev. John C. Hirsh, Joseph Biden, to Miss Lydia Ann 
Randall, both of this county. 

Source: Frederick (MD) News, 6 Dec 1893
Fayette Street M. E. Church, Baltimore, was crowded Tuesday night of last week, 
the occasion being the nuptials of Miss Eugenia May Biden, well known and 
related in Frederick, and Mr. J. Charles Linthicum. The ceremony was performed 
by Rev. J. B. Stitt, pastor of the church. The bridesmaids were Miss Ada Biden, 
Miss May Benson, Miss Clara Divens and Miss Julia Biden. Dr. G. Milton Linthicum 
acted as best man. The ushers were: Wm T. Markland, Jr., Dr. William S. Love, 
Samuel S. Linthicum, Harry M. Biden and Wm. Biden. Miss Lillian Biden and Master 
Edgar S. Benson acted as pages.A reception was held at the residence of Mr. and 
Mrs. Edward S. Biden, parents of the bride, 1329 West Lombard street. 

Source: Baltimore Sun Obits, 1897
On February 25, 1897, at 1:30 A.M.,
EUGENIA B., beloved wife of J. Charles Linthicum, and only child of Edward 
Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the 
funeral, from her late residence, No. 2163 Druid Hill avenue, this (Saturday) 
morning, at eleven o'clock. Interment private. 

Source: 1900 Census of Baltimore, MD (Ward 20, ED 264)
55/62 Biden, Lydia  Head WF65 Jan 1835 Widowed  6/8 ch MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Lizzie  Dau WF43 Jan 1857 Single   MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Emma D.  Dau WF33 Nov 1866 Single   MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Ada D.  Dau WF21 Dec 1868 Single   MD/MD/MD 
      Biden, Henry  Son WM28 Aug 1871 Single   MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Edward  Bro-in-L WM61 Sep 1838 Widowed   MD/MD/MD 
      Randall, Mary  Mother WF86 Feb 1814 Widowed  3/4 ch MD/MD/MD
      Shipley, Augustus  Boarder WM37 May 1863 Single   MD/MD/MD 
      Berry, Charles H.  Boarder WM33 Jun 1866 Single   MD/MD/MD 

Source: Baltimore Sun Obits, 2 May 1910
BIDEN, Edward on 2 May 1910 at his late residence 1329 West Lombard Street, 
Baltimore MD. Age 71 years. 

Source: Baltimore City Index to Death Records
BIDEN, Edward, 2 May 1910   Certificate # C32,632
BIDEN, Kate E., 26 Jan 1919  Certificate #D-27873 

Searched 1910-1920 Baltimore City Death Records Index for BIDEN or BYDEN -- no 
record of George's death found 

Source: 1920 Census of Baltimore, MD (Ward 12, ED 199)
154/244 King, Charles E.  Head MW31 Married    MD/MD/MD
         Occ: Court reporter, Public ???
      King, Eugenia B.  Wife FW28 Married    MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Mary E.  Mo-in-L FW47 Widowed    MD/MD/MD 

Source: Baltimore City Death Index
Mary E. Biden, d. 1 Feb 1922, Certificate #D-60923 

Source: Baltimore Sun, 3 Feb 1922, pg 13
BIDEN -- On February 1, 1922, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles E. King, 
3626 Greenmount avenue, MARY EMILY, daughter of Susan E. and the late Robert T. 
Liddell. Funeral services at the above residence on Friday, February 3, at 11 

Source: 1930 Census of New Castle County, DE (Wilmington, ED 20)
40/48 Biten, Joseph H.  Head MW36 Marr@21    MD/MD/MD
      Biten, Mary E.  Wife FW34 Marr@19    MD/WV/OH
      Biten, Joseph R.  Son MW14 Single    MD/MD/MD
      Biten, Mary A.  Dau FW13 Single    MD/MD/MD 
      Biten, Frank H.  Son MW11 Single    MD/MD/MD 

Source: 1930 Census of Baltimore, MD (Dist 572)
48/60 King, Chas.  Head MW39 Marr@27    MD/MD/MD
         Occ: Court stenographer
      King, Jean B.  Wife FW36 Marr@24    MD/MD/MD
      King, Jean  Dau FW9 Single    MD/MD/MD 

Source: Frederick (MD) Post, 29 Sep 1941
"Joseph H Biden Dies in Baltimore" : "Local Manager of the American Oil Company 
Plant Had Been Ill But Short Time" : "Funeral services are to be held this 
morning in Baltimore for Joseph H Biden, manager of the local American Oil 
Company plant for the past year, who died suddenly last Friday evening in a 
Baltimore hospital of a hemorrhage. He had been ill several weeks and was 
undergoing hospital observation when fatally stricken." "The deceased resided on 
Wilson avenue, this city, with his family. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Mary 
E Robinette Biden, and a daughter Miss Mary Alice at home, and two sons, Joseph 
J Jr Harrisburg, Pa. and Frank, stationed at Aberdeen, Md, with the Ordnance 
[...]ps." "The funeral will be held from the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs 
William Sheene, 811 Woodington road, Baltimore at 8:30 o'clock this morning with 
requiem mass at St William's church at 9 o'clock. Interment will be in Loudon 
Park cemetery."  

Source: Delmarva Obits
Joseph Robinette Biden, Sr., age 86, died Monday, September 2, 2002, at the 
suburban Wilmington home of his oldest son, United States Senator, Joseph R. 
Biden, Jr. 

Mr. Biden was born November 13, 1915 in Baltimore, MD, the son of the late 
Joseph H. Biden and the former Mary Elizabeth Robinette. While he was still a 
boy, his family moved to Wilmington, where he attended St. Paul’s School and 
Wilmington High School before graduating from St. Thomas Academy in Scranton, 
PA, where the family was then residing. 

In 1941, Mr. Biden, while employed as a sales representative for Amoco Oil 
Company in Harrisburg, PA, married Jean Finnegan of Scranton. 

During World War II, Mr. Biden was an executive in Boston, MA, of a war industry 
that supplied "plastic hulls," a special waterproof sealant, applied to all U.S. 
merchant-marine ships built during the war. Following the war, he was co-owner 
of an airport and crop-dusting service on Long Island, New York. In 1953 he 
moved with his family to the Wilmington suburb of Mayfield in Claymont, DE and 
returned to sales as manager for several Wilmington automobile agencies. He then 
spent 15 years working in real estate condominium sales in New Castle County and 
in Rehoboth Beach for the Patterson-Schwartz agency. 

Throughout his working life and during his retirement, Mr. Biden shared with his 
wife, his three sons and daughter, his ten grandchildren and his three great 
grandchildren a strong orientation to family life and personal integrity. He 
valued his reputation as an honorable man and as a family man, and with his 
wife, he conveyed his values consistently to his children and their children. 
Both at home and in the business world, his word was his bond and he was proud 
of that. 

Mr. Biden is survived by his wife of 61 years, Jean Finnegan Biden; and by his 
oldest son, U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., his wife Jill Jacobs Biden and 
their three children, Joseph R. Biden III; Ashley Blazer Biden; and R. Hunter 
Biden of Wilmington, his wife Kathleen and their three children, Naomi, 
Finnegan, and Maisy; by his daughter, Valerie Biden Owens of Kennett Square, PA, 
her husband John T. Owens, their daughters Valerie James Owens and Catherine 
Eugenia Owens and their son, Cuffe Biden Owens; and by his two younger sons, 
James Brian Biden of Merion Station, PA, his wife, Sara Jones Biden and their 
three children, James Brian Biden, Jr., Caroline Nicole Biden and Nicholas 
Colman Biden; and Francis W. Biden of Florida and his daughter, Alana Jaquet 

Friends may call from 5 - 9 p.m., Wednesday, September 4 at St. Joseph on the 
Brandywine Church at 10 Old Church Road in Greenville. Mass of Christian Burial 
will be held at the Church on Thursday morning at 9 am and interment will follow 
at the St. Joseph on the Brandywine Cemetery. 

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions to the Biden Scholarship 
Fund at Archmere Academy or to First State Hospice, Inc. of Wilmington. 
Arrangements by Mealey Funeral Homes. 


Source: 1850 Census of Baltimore County, MD (Ward 7)
682/765 Bomberger, John W. 66M Shoemaker    MD
      Bomberger, Robert  31M Shoemaker    MD
      Bomberger, George U. 10M      MD
      Bomberger, Catherine 8F      MD
683/766 Little, John  41M Shoemaker    England
      Little, Emeline  36F      MD
      Little, Mary A.  15F      MD
      Little, Thomas  13M      MD
      Little, Rebeca  10F      MD
      Little, William  8M      MD
      Little, Robert  5M      MD
      Carmine, Catherine  44F      MD
      Easterby, Sarah  36F      England 

Source: 1860 Census of Baltimore City, MD (Ward 18)
      Bomberger, Jno  39M Shoemaker    VA
      Bomberger, Mary  33F      MD 
      Bomberger, Mary  18F      MD
      Bomberger, Susan  17F      MD
      Bomberger, Alice  7F      MD
      Bomberger, Milford 5M      MD
      Bomberger, Sarah  11F      MD
      McKensie, Thos.  18M  App. shoemaker   MD 

Source: 1870 Census of Baltimore County, MD (Ward 17)
390/358 Ledell, Robert T.  25MW Works in shoe factory   MD
      Ledell, Susan E.  24FW      MD
      Ledell, William T.  4MW      MD 

Source: Baltimore City Death Index
John Bomberger, d. 3 Jul 1879, 33246, CR 48,055
Mary Bomberger, d. 23 Dec 1880, 44979, CR 48,058 

Source: 1880 Census of Baltimore County, MD (Baltimore, Dist 174)
126/137 Liddell, Robt.  WM36 Head Married Works in shoe store  MD/Eng/MD
      Liddell, Susan  WF34 Wife Married Keeping house  MD/VA/MD 
      Liddell, William  WM14 Son Single At school   MD/MD/MD
      Liddell, Emeline  WF9 Dau Single At school   MD/MD/MD
      Liddell, Robert  WM8 Son Single At school   MD/MD/MD
      Liddell, John  WM4 Son Single    MD/MD/MD
      Liddell, Frank  WM3 Son Single    MD/MD/MD 

Source: 1900 Census of Baltimore Ciy, MD (Ward 18, Dist 232)
286/290 Liddell, Robert  Head WM55 Jan 1845 Marr 35 yrs  MD/Eng/MD
         Occ: Shoemaker
      Liddell, Susan E.  Wife WF52 Mar 1848 Marr 35 yrs 5/11 MD/MD/MD
      Liddell, George F.  Son WM23 Dec 1876 Single   MD/MD/MD
         Occ: Shoemaker 

Source: 1910 Census of Baltimore City, MD (Ward 16, Dist 271)
187/187 Liddell, Robert T.  Head MW65 M1 44 yrs   MD/Eng/MD
         Occ: Shoemaker, own shop
      Liddell, Susan E.  Wife FW62 M1 44 yrs 4/11 ch  MD/MD/MD 

Source: 1920 Census of Baltimore City, MD (Ward 20, Dist 345)
Home for the Aged M. E. Church
      Liddell, Susan E.  Inmate FW75 Widowed    MD/VA/MD 

Source: Posting by Patricia Evans Riley dated 11 Jun 2002 to Liddell Family 
History and Genealogy Message Board 
The following LIDDELLS are my relatives. If anyone has any information on them, 
please contact me.
Robert Liddell (1844-?) m Susan Baumberger, and had the following children: 
William (1866-?), Emiline (1871-?), Robert 1872-?), John (1876-?), Frank 
(1877-?), and my grandfather George Franklin Liddell (1880-1930). George had 
married Katie Helmling. As far as I know, my relatives are all deceasd. 
Robert's(1844-?) father was born in England, but my understanding is that the 
family originally came from Scotland. I need my UK relatives names, etc. Also if 
you have any information on the lives of any of these Liddell's, I would 
appreciate the information. Except for Susan, all listed were born in Baltimore, 
Thank-you-Trish Riley 

John LITTLE (Liddell or Ledell) was born Abt 1809 in England, and died in 
Baltimore, MD. He may have been the son of William and Mary Little of Lehigh, 
Essex, England. He married Emiline "Emily" WOODEN. She was born Abt 1812 in MD. 
I believe that John and Emily, along with Thomas and William died before 1860. 
The 1860 Census shows Robert Theodore Liddell living with his sister Rebecca and 
her husband, and John Dawson Liddell living with his sister Mary Ann and her 

    Children of John LIDDELL and Emiline "Emily" WOODEN are:  

        i. Mary Ann Liddell was born 6 Dec 1833 in Baltimore, MD, and died 
           22 Jul 1906. 

        ii. Thomas Liddell was born 1837 in Baltimore, MD. 

        iii. Rebecca Liddell was born 1838 in Baltimore, MD, and died 1 
           Nov 1917 in MD. 

        iv. William Liddell was born 1842 in Baltimore, MD. 

        v. Robert Theodore Liddell was born 4 Jan 1844 in Baltimore, MD, 
           and died 4 Oct 1914 in Baltimore, MD. Robert lived with his 
           sister after 1850 with his sister Rebecca and her husband 
           until aft 1860. 

        vi. John Dawson Liddell Sr was born Sep 1851 in Baltimore, MD, 
           and died 29 Jan 1927 in Baltimore, MD. John lived with his 
           sister Mary Ann and her husband after 1850 until aft 1880. 


Generation No. 2 

Robert Theodore LIDDELL was born 4 Jan 1844 in Baltimore, MD, and died 4 Oct 
1914 in Baltimore, MD. He was the son of John Liddell and Emiline "Emily" 
Wooden. He married Susan E BOMBERGER. She was born 9 May 1844 in Baltimore, MD, 
and died 25 Jul 1924 in a Methodist Church Home for the aged in Baltimore, MD. 
Robert and Susan had 11 children altogether, but only 4 were living at the 1910 
Census. She was the daughter of John Hamage Bomberger (born in VA) and Susan 
Launderslager (born in MD). 

    Children of Robert Theodore LIDDELL and Susan E BOMBERGER are:  

        i. William F Liddell was born Apr 1867 in Baltimore, MD, and died Aft 
1930 in MD. 

        ii. Emiline Liddell was born 1871. 

        iii. Robert Liddell was born1872. 

        iv. John Dawson Liddell Jr was born 1 Jul 1875 in Baltimore, MD, and 
died 19 Jun 1948 in Baltimore, MD. 

        v. George Franklin Liddell was born 27 Dec 1876 in Baltimore, MD, and 
died 14 Sep 1914 in Baltimore, MD. He is listed as just Frank on the 1880 census.


Source: Lackawanna County Will Index, 1878-1901
Finnegan, Catherine, died 4 Apr 1886, Estate # 1048
Finnegan, James, died 1 March 1895, Estate # 3271 

Source: 1870 Census of Seneca County, NY (Lodi)
410/413 Roche, Thomas  57MW  Stonemason  Ireland
      Roche, Bridget  53FW  Keeps house  Ireland
      Roche, Peter  14MW  Farm Laborer  New York 

Source: 1880 Census of Lackawanna County, PA (Scranton, ED 61)
365/487 Roach, Peter   WM25 Head Married Brakesman PA/Ire/Ire
      Roach, Bridget   WF22 Wife Married Keeping house NY/Ire/Ire
      Roach, Mary   WF4 Dau    PA/PA/NY
      Roach, Thomas   WM0 Son b. April   PA/PA/NY 

Source: 1910 Census of Lackawanna County, PA (7 Wd Scranton, ED 82)
190/232 Roche, Briget C.  Head FW52 Widowed 4/8 ch   PA/Ire/Ire
      Roche, Thomas F.  Son MW31 Single    PA/Ire/PA
      Roche, Annie  Dau FW29 Single    PA/Ire/PA
      Roche, Peter A.  Son MW23 Single    PA/Ire/PA
      Roche, Margaret  Dau FW10 Single    PA/Ire/PA 
Source: WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Ambrose Joseph Finnegan, b. 11 Jul 1884, reg. Scranton, Lackawanna, PA, occ: 
Advertising Solicitor for Scrantonian Publishing Company, wife: Geraldine C. 
Peter Ambrose Roche, b. 10 Aug 1886 (Scranton, PA), reg. Scranton, Lackawanna, 
Source: 1920 Census of Lackawanna County, PA (Scranton Ward 7, ED 134)
29/34 Roche, Bridget  Head FW62 Widowed    PA/Ire/Ire
      Roche, Thomas F.  Son MW40 Single    PA/NY/PA
      Roche, Peter A.  Son MW32 Single    PA/NY/PA
      Roche, Anna  Dau FW36 Single    PA/NY/PA
      Roche, Margaret  Dau FW20 Single    PA/NY/PA 

Source: US World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
Ambrose Joseph Finnegan, b. 11 Jul 1884 (Lackawanna, PA), resident of Lackawanna 

Information on ancestry of Jane Pumphrey from: 

Edward F. Blewitt (b. 1859) — of Lackawanna County, Pa. Born in New Orleans, 
Orleans Parish, La., January 2, 1859. Son of Patrick Blewitt; married to Mary E. 
Stanton (died 1887) and Mary Ann "Anna" Blackwell. Civil engineer; Scranton city 
engineer, 1883-93; member of Pennsylvania state senate, 1907-10. Burial location 

Source: 1880 Census of Lackawanna County, PA (Scranton, Dist 72)
1/1 Blewitt, Thomas  WM35 Head Married Laborer   Ire/Ire/Ire
      Blewitt, Mary  WF23 Wife Married Keeps house  Ire/Ire/Ire
      Blewitt, Mary  WF4 Dau Single    PA/Ire/Ire
      Blewitt, Patrick F.  WM2 Son Single    PA/Ire/Ire
      Blewitt, Maggie  WF0 Dau Single B. May   PA/Ire/Ire 
Source: 1900 Census of Lackawanna County, PA (Scranton Ward 14, ED 90)
82/85 Quinion, James  Head WM42 Apr 1858 Marr 16 yrs  PA/Ire/Ire
      Quinion, Bridget  Wife WF37 Apr 1863 Marr 16 yrs  PA/Ire/Ire
      Quinion, Frank  Son WM15 May 1885 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Quinion, Mary  Dau WF12 Jan 1888 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Quinion, Mable  Dau WF10 May 1890 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Quinion, Irene  Dau WF3 Sep 1896 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Stanton, Mable  Sister WF33 May 1867 Single   PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, Elizabeth J. Sister WF23 Aug 1876 Single   PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, John  Brother WM21 Jan 1879 Single   PA/Ire/Ire
      Blewitt, Gertrude  Niece WF20 Jan 1880 Single   PA/NY/PA
      Stanton, Thomas  Brother WM19 Oct 1880 Single   PA/Ire/Ire 
Source: Hazleton (PA) Plain Speaker, Monday, Aug 19, 1907
Another Hazleton pioneer is dead in the person of Lewis G. Blackwell, who passed 
away at his home on East Mine Street late Saturday afternoon at the age of 81 
years. He was born at Newport, this county, in 1826, and at an early age went 
with his father and the rest of the family to Hackettstown, N. J., where he 
lived until he was 18 years of age. In 1844 he came to Hazleton, where he 
resided ever since. When he first came to Hazleton he was employed by A. Pardee 
in the foundry and later on he worked for the same company as a fireman and 
engineer. In 1864 he met with an accident in a collision at Black Creek 
Junction, which crippled him so badly that he could not work for a year.
Later he worked for A. Pardee & Co. in the machine shop, where he remained until 
1890, when he was forced to retire on account of his injured limb. His 
grandfather was born in England and fought in the Revolutionary war with
Washington. He is survived by one sister, residing in Gillman, Ill., also his 
aged wife and the following children: Gardner, of Weatherly, William, Harry, and 
Ellsworth, of Hazleton; George, of Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, N. J., a
private in heavy artillery; Mrs. William Purdy, of Hazleton; Mrs. Edward Bannon 
of Port Carbon; Mrs. Edward Blewitt, Scranton. Mr. Blackwell was married in 1854 
to Miss Almena Krapf, a sister to Casper Krapf, of this city. 
The Funeral will take place on Tuesday afternoon. Services will be held at the 
house by Rev. Russell. 

Source: Hazleton (PA) Plain Speaker, 22 Oct 1916
Hazleton Pa. Plain Speaker, October 22, 1916 

Mrs. Edward J. Bannon, of Palo Alto, Schuykill county, formerly of Hazleton, 
died Sunday morning after a lingering illness of ten months. She is survived by 
her husband and the following children: Charles E and Joseph A., of
Atlanta, Georgia; Sadie E., of Reading; William H, of Hazleton; Edward, J., of 
El Paso, Texas , and Thelma, at home; also the following brothers and sisters; 
Gardner Blackwell, of Weatherly; Mrs. Edward Blewitt, of Philadelphia; Mrs. Wm. 
Purdy, Wm. Blackwell, George, Harry and Ellsworth (Blackwell) all of Hazleton. 
She was the daughter of Mrs. Almena Blackwell, who was buried last Tuesday in 
this city. The funeral will take place Wednesday from the residence, 50 East 
Bacon Street, Palo Alto. Interment will follow in the Lutheran cemetery, at Port 


1. Edward BLEWITT was born circa 1860 (Scranton, PA).
2. Patrick BLEWITT was born circa 1835 (Rappagh, County Mayo, Ireland) and died 
circa 1905 (Scranton, PA). Married 24 November 1857 (Scranton, PA).
3. Catherine SCANLON was born circa 1837 (Rappagh, County Mayo, Ireland) and 
died circa 1910 (Scranton, PA).
4. Edward BLEWITT was born circa 1795 (Rappagh, County Mayo, Ireland) and died 
circa 1871 (Scranton, PA).
6. Anthony SCANLON was born circa 1810 (Ireland).
7. Honora HEFFRON was born circa 1810 (Ireland). 

Subject: Re: Brograns, Blewitts from Co. Mayo Ireland 
Date: 6 Aug 2004 22:15:43 -0600  
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Surnames: Langan, Brogan, Blewitt, Kelly, Reilley, Reilly, Gillespie, Crowley
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Sorry this took so long, but I just started digging deeper into my family. I'm 
Tom Langan (1941-), originally from Scranton PA, and have both Brogans and 
Blewitts in my family all from Ballina, Co. Mayo area. Here's the story: My 
grandfather's (James Langan b. 1875 d. 1950) mother is Barbara Brogan (c. 
1832-1910). She married my ggrandfather, Patrick Langan about 1860. I don't have 
much about the Brogan's of Scranton, but will keep you posted as I find out. I 
found some census records of Barbara's family, and will dig them up for future 

I have a lot about the Blewitts. My gggrandfather was Thomas Blewitt, a land 
surveyor in IR. Thomas was married to Mary Gilroy (no other info on her). Thomas 
had two brothers: James (no further info) and Edward (b. 1795 d. 1871 in 
Scranton), a land surveyor and planner in Scranton PA. These brothers were born 
about 1790 - 1805. There may be more siblings, but I have no further info. After 
Thomas died, his children moved to the Scranton area in 1850 from Belfast, IR to 
be near their Uncle, Edward. The children were a son, Thomas (c. 1836 - 1929 - 
died in Butte, MT area), and four daughters: Mary Blewitt Crowley of Olypant, 
PA, Celia Blewitt Gillespie of Scranton, PA, Bridgitt Blewitt Kelly of Scranton, 
PA (my ggrandmother ) and Julia Blewitt Reilly of Dunmore, PA. The four 
daughters were born about 1830 - 35). When Thomas's family arrived in NY, they 
were met by thier first cousin, Patrick Blewitt, son of Edward. 

FYI, there was a book published about this Blewitt family titled: Celia by one 
of her grandchildren, Joseph T. Reilley. Joe was born in 1899, and lived in NJ 
when I met him in the early 1990's - he was about 92 years old. Joe has since 
passed away. His book was copyrighted in 1987, and the copyright page cites: 
"Library of Congress Cataloging in Unpublished Data, Reilley, Joseph J., 1899 - 
CELIA, I. Title, TXu 9-643 09027, October 10, 1978." 

Several members of the Edward Blewitt family of Scranton have been prominent: 
one as a newspaper reporter for the Scranton Times, and one as a State Senator, 
if I remember correctly, in the 1950s. 

Hopefully this will help you get started. Regards, Tom Langan 

Source: Who's Who in Pennsylvania: A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries 
Page 77
BLEWITT, Edward Francis
Civil and mining engineer and contractor; born in New Orleans, Jan. 2, 1859; son 
of Patrick Blewitt and Catharine (Scanlon) Blewitt. He was educated at Lafayette 
College, Easton, graduating as C. E. in 1879. He married in Scranton, 1879, Mary 
Ellen Stanton, now deceased. They had four children: Patrick Robert, Arthur, 
Mary, Gertrude and Catharine Geraldine, all living. For his second wife he 
married Anne M. Blackwell in 1891. He was city engineer of Scranton, from 1883 
to 1893; chief engineer of construction for O'Boyle and Foy, of Pittston, Pa., 
in the drainage system and water works of Guadalajara, State of Jalisco, Mexico, 
costing $3,000,000, consisting of one hundred and thirty-eight miles of sewer 
and ninety miles of water piping. He has been occupied in mining and consulting 
engineering since that time. He was school controller of Scranton in 1883 and 
1884, city engineer from 1883 to 1893, chief engineer of the Guadalajara 
(Mexico) Sewer and Water System, and State engineer of the State of Jalisco, 
Mexico, 1900-1901. Mr. Blewitt is State senator of the 22d District of 
Pennsylvania, which includes Scranton and Lackawanna County, for the term 
1907-1911. He is a Democrat in politics, and a Roman Catholic in his religious 
faith. He is a member of Scranton Lodge of the Benevolent Protective Order of 
Elks, besides holding membership in other fraternal organizations. Residence: 
1702 Monroe Avenue, Scranton. Business address; Scranton, Pa. 

Information on ancestors of Moses J. Robinette (and wife's maiden name) from: 

20. Moses J. ROBINETTE was born 9 January 1819 (Maryland) and died 15 January 
1903. Married 24 June 1838 (Cumberland, Allegany, MD).
21. Jane Eliza PUMPHREY was born before 27 August 1820 (Washington, DC) and died 
after 1860. 

Source: 1870 Census of Allegany County, MD (Dist 9, PO: Flintstone)
223/232 Fletcher, David  45MW  Laborer    PA
      Fletcher, Jane  35FW  Keeping house   MD
      Fletcher, Loungar?  1FW      MD 
      Robinett, M. J.  50MW  Mill clerk    MD 
Source: Taylor County (WV) Marriages, 1863-1900
George H. Robinett and Annie M. Brenneman, 22 Dec 1870 

Source: Taylor County (WV) Deaths, 1853-1890
Annie M. Robinett, white female, d. 21 Sep 1882 (Taylor County), of paralysis, 
age 28, dau of William H. Breniman and Annie M. , b. PA, husband George H. 

John Davis Robinett, white male, d. 27 Jun 1859 (Grafton), infirmation of brain, 
age 16 yrs, 4 mos, 3 days, son of M. J. Robinett and Jane Eliza, b. Preston 
County, not married 

Source: Baltimore City Death Index
ROBINETTE, Geo. H., 2 April 1914, Certificate # C-74192 

Source: Baltimore Sun, 3 Apr 1914, pg 8
ROBINETTE - On April 2, 1914 GEORGE H. ROBINETTE, beloved husband of Mary A. 
Robinette. Funeral from his late residence, No 21 East Hill street, on Saturday 
at 2 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 
Source: World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
William Everett Sheene, b. 7 May 1885, 400 Hanover St, Baltimore, MD, roofing 
contractor, wife: Alice M. Sheene, 247 W. Fa?ale St, Balt, MD 

Source: 1920 Census of Baltimore, MD (Ward 16, Dist 276)
329/329 Shane, William E.  Head MW34 Married    MA/MA/WV
      Shane, Alice  Wife FW30 Married    WV/MA/WV
      Shane, William E. Jr. Son MW5 Single    MD/MA/WV
      Robinette, Mary  Mo-in-L FW57 Widowed    WV/WV/WV 

Source: Balitmore City Death Index
Mary E. ROBINETTE, 5 January 1930, Death Certificate E-52747 

Source: Baltimore Sun, 7 Jan 1930, pg 22
ROBINETTE - Suddenly, on January 5, 1930, MARY A., beloved wife of the late 
George H. Robinette. [Wilmington (Del.) papers please copy.)
   Funeral from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. William E. Sheene, 4012 
Edmondson avenue, on Wednesday at 8:30 A.M. Requiem High Mass at St. 
Bernardine's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery.

Author: William B. Snavely (
1. Laura Virginia RANDALL was born December 1852 (Maryland) and died 1935. 
Married 1870 to Van Brant RITTENHOUSE, who was born 1851 and died 1935.
2. Thomas Hand RANDALL
Descended from Wm. Randle who came to America from England in 1793 and settled 
in Baltimore. 

Source: 1850 Census of Baltimore, MD (Dist 1)
/1285 Randle, Thos H.  46M  Farmer    MD
      Randle, Mary A.  36F      MD
      Randle, Wm.  19M  None    MD
      Randle, Lidia A.  17F      MD
      Randle, George W.  11M      MD
      Randle, Mary S.  9F      MD
      Randle, John W.  6M      MD
      Randle, Joseph  3F      MD
      Randle, Sarah  1F      MD
      Oble, Elizabeth  17F      Germany 

Source: 1860 Census of Baltimore, MD (Dist 13, PO: Little Gunpowder)
1235/ Randell, Thomas  60M  Farmer    MD
      Randell, Mary  50F      MD
      Randell, George  21M  Farm Laborer   MD
      Randell, Mary  18F      MD
      Randell, John  16M  Farm Laborer   MD
      Randell, Joseph  12M      MD
      Randell, Laura  8F      MD
      Randell, Barbara  6F      MD
      Randell, Charles  2M      MD
      Randell, John W.  12M      MD
1232/ Randell, Richard  50M      MD

Source: 1870 Census of Baltimore, MD (Dist 13)
132/131 Biden, Joseph  42MW  H. Carpenter   MD
      Biden, Lydia  36FW  K. Home    MD
      Biden, Mary  17FW  At Home    MD
      Biden, William  15MW  At Home    MD
      Biden, Annie  13FW  Att school   MD
      Biden, Emma  11FW  Att school   MD
      Biden, Ada  9FW  Att school   MD
      Biden, Joseph  7MW  At home    MD
      Biden, George  4MW  At home    MD
      Biden, Henry  8/12MW  At home    MD
133/132 Randall, Richard  55MW  Farmer    MD
      Randall, Mary  59FW  K. House    MD
      Randall, Rachael  19FW  At Home    MD
      Randall, Henry  17MW  F Laborer    MD
      Randall, Elizabeth  15FW  At Home    MD
      Randall, Emanuel  13MW  At home    MD
      Randall,  Richard  12MW  At home    MD
      Randall, Rebecca  10FW  At home    MD
134/133 Randall, Thomas  66MW  Farmer    MD
      Randall, Mary  56FW  K House    MD
      Randall, William  40MW  F Laborer    MD
      Randall, George  28MW  F Laborer    MD
      Randall, Joseph  2?MW  F Laborer    MD
      Randall, Laura  17FW  At home    MD
      Randall, Roseby  15MW  F Laborer    MD
      Randall, Charles  12MW  Att school   MD
      High, William  25MW  F Laborer    MD 

Source: 1880 Census of Baltimore, MD (Dist 13, ED 258)
15/15 Randle, Thos. H.  WM76 Head Married Farmer   MD/MD/MD 
      Randle, Mary A.  WF66 Wife Married Keeping house  MD/MD/MD
      Randle, George  WM36 Son Single Laborer   MD/MD/MD
      Randle, Rosby C.  WM24 Son Single Laborer   MD/MD/MD
      Randle, Charles  WM22 Son Single Laborer   MD/MD/MD 

Source: 1900 Census of Baltimore, MD (Ward 20, ED 264)
55/62 Biden, Lydia  Head WF65 Jan 1835 Widowed  6/8 ch MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Lizzie  Dau WF43 Jan 1857 Single   MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Emma D.  Dau WF33 Nov 1866 Single   MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Ada D.  Dau WF21 Dec 1868 Single   MD/MD/MD 
      Biden, Henry  Son WM28 Aug 1871 Single   MD/MD/MD
      Biden, Edward  Bro-in-L WM61 Sep 1838 Widowed   MD/MD/MD 
      Randall, Mary  Mother WF86 Feb 1814 Widowed  3/4 ch MD/MD/MD
      Shipley, Augustus  Boarder WM37 May 1863 Single   MD/MD/MD 
      Berry, Charles H.  Boarder WM33 Jun 1866 Single   MD/MD/MD 

Source: 1860 Census of Luzerne County, PA (Hyde Park)
1099/ McCan, Peter  35M  Laborer    Ireland
      McCan, Catharine  38F      Ireland
      Jennings, Mary  15F      Ireland
      Stanton, James  25M  Brick maker   Ireland
      Gilroy, James  25M  Miner    Ireland 
Source: 1870 Census of Luzerne County, PA (Scranton Ward 4, PO: Hyde Park)
85/125 Stanton, James  39MW      Ireland
      Stanton, Mary  35FW      Ireland
      Stanton, Mariella  10FW  At school    PA
      Stanton, Bridget  8FW      PA
      Stanton, Kate  5FW      PA
      Stanton, Maggie  1FW      PA 

Source: 1880 Census of Lackawanna County, PA (Scanton, Dist 68)
163/216 Stanton, James  WM38 Husband Married  Laborer  Ire/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, Mary  WF35 Wife Married  Keeping house Ire/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, Bridget  WF16 Dau Single  Seamstress PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, Mabel  WF12 Dau Single    PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, Edward  WM9 Son Single    PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, Elizabeth  WF3 Dau Single    PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, John  WM1 Son Single    PA/Ire/Ire
      Authurs?, Bridget  WF60 Gmother Widowed  Boarding  Ire/Ire/Ire 

Source: 1900 Census of Lackawanna County, PA (Scranton Ward 14, ED 90)
82/85 Quinion, James  Head WM42 Apr 1858 Marr 16 yrs  PA/Ire/Ire
      Quinion, Bridget  Wife WF37 Apr 1863 Marr 16 yrs  PA/Ire/Ire
      Quinion, Frank  Son WM15 May 1885 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Quinion, Mary  Dau WF12 Jan 1888 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Quinion, Mable  Dau WF10 May 1890 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Quinion, Irene  Dau WF3 Sep 1896 Single   PA/PA/PA
      Stanton, Mable  Sister WF33 May 1867 Single   PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, Elizabeth J. Sister WF23 Aug 1876 Single   PA/Ire/Ire
      Stanton, John  Brother WM21 Jan 1879 Single   PA/Ire/Ire
      Blewitt, Gertrude  Niece WF20 Jan 1880 Single   PA/NY/PA
      Stanton, Thomas  Brother WM19 Oct 1880 Single   PA/Ire/Ire 



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