Ancestry of Suzanne Pleshette

compiled by Michael Hurdle

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Ancestry of Suzanne Pleshette
1 Suzanne PLESHETTE, b. New York, N. Y., 31 January 1937, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 19 January 2008
2 Eugene PLESHETTE, b. ... , N. Y., 7 January 1914, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 11 September 1991 [California Death Index]
3 Geraldine KAPLAN, b. ... , N. Y., 10 April 1918, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 19 March 1987 [California Death Index]
4 Max PLESHET, b. ... , Russia, 12 Aug. 1875, d. ... [living 1930] [WWI Draft Registration Cards]
5 Gertrude SKLAREW, b. ... , Russia, ... [ca. 1891], d. ... [living 1930]
6 Benjamin KAPLAN, b. ... [Austria/Hungary], ... [ca. 1884], d. ... [living 1930]
7 Gussie GOLDSTEIN, b. ... , Russia, ... [ca. 1891], d. ... [living 1930]
10 Morris SKLAREW, b. ... , Russia, ... [ca. 1844], d. ... [after 1920]
11 ... , b. ... , d. ...



Source: California Death Index
Eugene Pleshette, b. 7 Jan 1914 (NY), d. 11 Sep 1991 (Los Angeles County), mother's maiden name: Sklarew
Geraldine Pleshette, b. 10 Apr 1918 (NY), d. 19 Mar 1987 (Los Angeles County), father's name: Kaplan, mother's maiden name: Goldstein

Source: WWI Draft Registration Cards
Max Pleshet, b. 12 Aug 1875, reg. Brooklyn, Kings, NY

Source: 1910 Census of Kings County, NY (Brooklyn Ward 26)
   Pleshet, Louis         Head     MW45   M1 19 yrs      Rus/Rus/Rus   Imm 1890
   Pleshet, Annie         Wife     FW34   M1 19 yrs      Rus/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Eugene        Son      MW18   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Charlotte B.  Dau      FW16   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Mabel C.      Dau      FW12   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Norman M.     Son      MW7    Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Blumberg, Julius       B-in-L   MW30   M1 2 yrs       NY/Rus/Rus

Source: 1920 Census of Kings County, NY (Brooklyn Assembly Dist 17)
   Pleshet, Max        Head        MW42   Married   Imm 1890      Rus/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Gertrude   Wife        FW28   Married   Imm 1891      Rus/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Arnold     Son         MW8    Single                  NJ/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Eugene     Son         MW6    Single                  NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Manuel     Son         MW4    Single                  NY/Rus/Rus
   Sklarew, Morris     Fa-in-law   MW76   Widowed                 Rus/Rus/Rus

Source: 1920 Census of New York, NY (Manhattan Assembly Dist 12)
   Pleshette, Anna        Head   FW44   Married        Rus/Rus/Rus
   Pleshette, Eugene      Son    MW24   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshette, Charlotte   Dau    FW22   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshette, Mabel       Dau    FW22   Single
   Pleshette, Normand     Son    MW17   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Paley, Ida             Aunt   FW40   Single         Rus/Rus/Rus

Source: 1930 Census of Kings County, NY (Brooklyn Dist 671)
   Pleshet, Max        Head   MW50   Marr@30        Rus/Rus/Rus   Imm 1895
   Pleshet, Gertrude   Wife   FW39   Marr@19        Rus/Rus/Rus   Imm 1899
   Pleshet, Arnold     Son    MW19   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Eugene     Son    MW16   Single         NY/Rus/Rus
   Pleshet, Manual     Son    MW14   Single         NY/Rus/Rus

Source: 1930 Census of New York, NY (Manhattan, Dist 555)
Pleshette, Norman      MW26   Single   NY/France/Russia

Source: New York Times, 17 May 1949
BIRNBAUM - Gertrude Pleshette, beloved wife of Jacob J., devoted mother of Arnold, Eugene and Manuel Pleshette. 
Services Park West Chapel, 79th St and Columbus Ave., Tuesday, May 17, 2 PM.

Source: NY Times (December 1953)
Annie Pleshette, beloved mother of Dr. Ben Pleshette, Charlotte Hirsch, Mabel Schirmer and Dr. Norman Pleshette, 
dear sister of Herman Paley.

Source: NY Times 1964
Mark Hirsch, survived by widow, the former Charlotte Pleshette

Source: SSDI
Norman Pleshette, 20 Sep 1902 - 30 Jul 1990, lr: NY, NY

Source: NY Times, 2 Aug 1990
Dr. Norman Pleshette, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Manhattan for almost 60 years, died on Monday at his 
home in Manhattan. He was 87 years old. 

Dr. Norman Pleshette, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Manhattan for almost 60 years, died on Monday at his 
home in Manhattan. He was 87 years old. 

He died of a heart attack, his daughter Ann Murphy said. 

Dr. Pleshette, who graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in 1928, served 
at several hospitals and was in private practice until he retired in 1986. He was chief of obstetrics at Harlem 
Hospital and Beekman Downtown Hospital and was affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital from 1945 to 1986. During 
his career he delivered more than 3,500 babies. 

In addition to his daughter Ann, of Manhattan, he is survived by another daughter, Mary Willis, also of Manhattan; 
a son, John, of Los Angeles; a sister, Mabel Schirmer of Manhattan; and five grandchildren.

Source: NY Times, 1994
Mabel SCHIRMER, died November 8, 1994 at the age of 97 at her home. Cherished sister-in-law of Marjorie Pleshette, 
"Auntie Mame" to ....John Pleshette..."Great Auntie Mame" to Sophie Pleshette....

[Note: Marjorie Pleshette died 2002]

Source: One World Tree
Garnet and Michele Pleshette, children of Manny Pleshette and Adelaide Scavron.

Source: SSDI
Arnold Pleshette, b. 26 Jan 1911, d. Jan 1978, lr: Flushing, Queens, NY
Sylvia Pleshette, b. 31 Aug 1915, d. Dec 1980, lr: Flushing, Queens, NY


Source: WWI Draft Registration Cards
Benjamin Kaplan, b. 5 Jul 1884, nationality: Russia, res. Bronx, NY, gasmaker, nearest rel: Rose Kaplan

Source: 1920 Census of Bronx, NY (Bronx Assembly Dist 5)
   Kaplan, Benjamin     Head   MW36   Married   Imm 1899   Austria/Austria/Austria
   Kaplan, Gussie       Wife   FW29   Married   Imm 1902   Rus/Rus/Rus
   Kaplan, Tobias       Son    MW4    Single               NY/Aus/Rus
   Kaplan, Geraldine    Dau    FW3    Single               NY/Aus/Rus

Source: 1930 Census of Bronx, NY (Dist 232)
   Kaplan, Benjamin     Head   MW45   Marr@30        Hung/Hung/Hung
   Kaplan, Gussie       Wife   FW38   Marr@23        Rus/Rus/Rus
   Kaplan, Tobias       Son    MW14   Single         NY/Hung/Rus
   Kaplan, Geraldine    Dau    FW13   Single         NY/Hung/Rus
   Kaplan, Thelma       Dau    FW5    Single         NY/Hung/Rus

Source: NY Times, 1 Jun 1971
KAPLAN - Harry, beloved husband of Rose Barbara. Devoted father of Ira, Kenneth and Patricia. Dear brother of 
Belle Jachter, Rose Alper, Lilyan Feldman, Gerrie Pleshette, Maurice L. Kaplan and Lawrence Kaplan. Adored 

Source: NY Times, 1955
Louis Jachter, beloved husband of Belle, devoted father of Martin and Ruth.

Source: SSDI
Harry Kaplan, 12 Jul 1882 - Jun 1971, lr: Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Harry Kaplan, 1 Feb 1909 - May 1971, iss: NY
Harry Kaplan, 3 Nov 1912 - May 1971, iss: NY
Belle Jachter, 16 Jun 1902 - 24 Aug 1994, iss: NY, lr: Rio Rancho, Sandoval, NM


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