First Generation


1. Bret Robert Boone: b. 6 Apr 1969 El Cajon, San Diego Co., CA [CABI: Bret R. Boone, born 6 Apr 1969 in San Diego Co., CA; mother’s maiden name Roel]


Second Generation


2. Robert Raymond “Bob” Boone: b. 19 Nov 1947 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA; m. 9 Sep 1967 San Diego Co., CA  [CABI: Robert Raymond Boone, born 19 Nov 1947 in San Diego Co.; mother’s maiden name Brown]  [Baseball 127: “BOONE, Robert Raymond ‘Bob’ (b. November 19, 1947, San Diego, CA), player, coach, manager, and executive, is the son of Ray Boone…and Patricia (Brown) Boone.”]

3. Susan G. Roel: b. c1948  [CA marriage index, 1960-1969 (FHL fiche 6,332,557 (10)): Robert R. Boone, age 19, m. Susan G. Roel, age 19, 9 Sep 1967 in San Diego Co.; registrar #7940, state file #106562]  [Article 2: “‘I was supposed to start the ‘79 All-Star Game, but my wife, Sue, was about to deliver our third son, Matthew,’ Bob Boone, Bret’s father, said.”]  [according to Stephen C. Roel of the Roel construction company (e-mail), she is his cousin]



Third Generation


4. Raymond Otis “Ray” / “Ike” Boone: b. 27 Jul 1923 San Diego, CA; m. Oct 1946  [Baseball 125-126: “BOONE, Raymond Otis ‘Ray,’ ‘Ike’ (b. July 27, 1923, San Diego, CA), player and scout, is the son of Donald E. Boone, a lather, and Beulah Boone, a seamstress, of Irish-German ancestry….Upon his release {from the Navy}, he married Patricia D. Brown, an accomplished synchronized swimmer, in October 1946.  They have three children, Robert, a renowned major league catcher, Rodney, and Theresa.”]  [US1930; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]

5. Patricia Dorothy “Patsy” Brown: b. 17 Mar 1926 San Diego Co., CA [CABI: Patricia Dorothy Brown, born 17 Mar 1926 in San Diego Co., CA; mother’s maiden name Yale]  [US1930; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]

6. (prob. Ralph or Joseph Henry or John S.) Roel:   [if Joseph - US1910; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]  [if Ralph or Joseph - US1920; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]  [US1930; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]  [CADI: John S. Roel; b. 18 Apr 1927 ND; d. 31 Oct 1971 San Diego; SSN 501148192]  [SSDI: Joseph Roel; b. 3 Nov 1909; d. Aug 1957; SSN 501-01-1222 (issued ND bef. 1951)]  [MN Death Index: Joseph Henry Roel; b. 3 Nov 1909; d. 8 Aug 1957 Becker Co.; mother Rogstad; state file #506]

7. ____:



Fourth Generation


8. Donald “Don” Ernest Boone: b. 16 Jul 1901 (prob. Linn Co.) KS; d. 2 Jan 1975 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA  [San Diego Co. death certificate (8009-00108; state file #75-005046) – Don Ernest Boone, b. 16 Jul 1901 KS; d. 2 Jan 1975 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA; father William Boone (b. KS); mother Lula Michaels (b. KS); widowed; SSN 572-03-6580; lather for Brady Construction Co.]  [Article 1: “Ray Boone's father grew up as a Kansas farmer and retired as a California carpenter.”]  [1928 San Diego directory: Don Boone (Beulah) lather h rear 3869 Swift av]  [1929 San Diego directory: Donald Boone lather h 4330 43d]  [1930 San Diego directory: Don Boone (Beulah), 350 18th]  [1937 San Diego directory: Donald Boone (Beulah), lather]  [US1910 – has middle initial “L.”; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1920; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1930; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]

9. Beulah Lagretta Garrison: b. 10 Sep 1904 KS; d. 13 Jan 1969 San Diego Co., CA  [CADI – two entries, identical except for middle initial: Beulah G. / L. Boone, born 10 Sep 1904, died 13 Jan 1969 in San Diego Co., CA; mother’s maiden name Brennan]  [San Diego Co. Death Certificate: Beulah Lagretta (aka Garrison) Boone – d. 13 Jan 1969 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA; born 10 Sep 1904 KS; parents Daniel Garrison (b. KS) and Clara Brennan (b. KS); husband Donald E. Boone]  [obituary (courtesy of Lynn Robinson, San Diego Genealogical Society: “Union Tribune 1/15 and 1/16/1969 BOONE-Beulah wife of Donald E. Boone. Mother of Ray and Donald Boone and Mrs. Phyllis Wright, 6 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild. Services Thursday afternoon 2 o'clock Goodbody's Blvd. Chapel, Rev Richard D. Drews officiating. Private interment.”]  [US1930; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]


10. George Comings Brown: b. 5/10 Jan 1897 UT; d. 18 May 1985 El Cajon, San Diego Co., CA; m. 1919  [CADI and SSDI: George Comings Brown: b. 10 Jan 1897 UT; d. 18 May 1985 El Cajon, San Diego Co., CA; mother’s maiden name Comings; SSN 546-12-9225 (issued CA)]  [Cummings 272: One of the seven children of George P. Brown and Martha Maude Cummings/Comings: “George Comins Brown, b. Jan. 5, 1897.”]  [1928 and 1929 San Diego directories: Geo C Brown (Dorothy; Brown Bros Garage) h 3364 Gregory]  [1930 San Diego directory: Geo C Brown (Dorothy) (Brown Bros Garage) 3364 Gregory; also Brown Bros Garage (George C Brown) 829 University Av]  [1931 San Diego directory: Geo C Brown (Dorothy) (Brown Bros Garage) 3364 Gregory; also Brown Bros Garage (Geo E {sic} and Geo P) 829 University Av]]  [1937 San Diego directory: Geo. C. Brown (Dorothy), Brown Bros. Garage]  [US1910; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]  [US1930; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]

11. Dorothy Yale: b. 20 Nov 1900 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA; d. 14 Feb 1982 Lakeside, San Diego Co., CA  [Philadelphia birth register (FHL #1,289,358): Dorothe Yale; born 20 Nov 1900; 1901 Park St. (32nd ward); parents Arthur and Elsie Yale; father physician; delivered by B. Frank Betts]  [CADI: Dorothy Brown, born 20 Nov 1901 in PA, died 14 Feb 1982 in San Diego Co., CA, SSN 562-20-6842, father’s name Yale, mother’s maiden name Duncan]  [CADI-x: Dorothy Brown, registrar #1804, state file #35332, husband’s initials G. C.]  [SSDI: Dorothy Brown, same SSN (issued CA), born 20 Nov 1900, died Feb 1982, last residence Lakeside, San Diego Co., CA]  [Yale2 570]  [US1910; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1920; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1930; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]


12. Torberg/Tolberg “Tom” (Johnsen) Roel: b. 11 Dec 1885 Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway; imm. 1903 (nat. 1911); d. 17 Jan 1961 Los Angeles Co., CA; m. c1907  [CADI: Tom Roel; b. 11 Dec 1885 Norway; d. 17 Jan 1961 Los Angeles]  [<>: Torberg Roel, “snekker,” b. 1885, departed Trondheim 14 Feb 1921, residence USA Inderoen, destination Fargo, ND, on ship St. fjord 18/2]  [Norway 1900; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]  [US1910; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]  [US1920; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]  [US1930; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]

13. Jennie/Johanny Rogstad: b. 1888 Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway; imm. 1904  [surname – CADI: Paul Sigurd Roel; b. 28 Nov 1913 ND; mother Rogstad; d. 5 May 1987 San Diego; SSN 501011220]  [emigrants from Stavanger (Norway) 1903-1928: Jonny Rogstad; male[sic]; unmarried; b. 1888; residence Stavanger; destination North Dakota; 20 Apr 1904]  [1900 Norway; Stavanger, Rogaland]  [US1910; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]  [US1920; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]  [US1930; Fargo, Cass Co., ND]



Fifth Generation


16. William Shelby Boone: b. 28 May 1865 MO; d. 30 Sep 1955; bur. Oak Lawn Cemetery, Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS [LinnCem 232]; m. 22 Nov 1891 Linn Co., KS  [Linn Co. marriage records 6:22 (FHL #1,521,456) – William S. Boone (of Lacygne, age 23) and Lula Michaels (of Lacygne, age 17); license 19 Nov 1891; “I Andrew Michaels do hereby consent to the marriage of my daughter Lula Michaels to Wm. S. Boone” (signed A. J. Michaels); marr. 22 Nov 1891]  [BoonePost1]  [US1870; Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1900; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1910; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1920; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS] 

17. Lula Michaels: b. 15 Mar 1875 KS; d. 13 Mar 1964; bur. Oak Lawn Cemetery  [LinnCem 232]  [BoonePost1]  [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1900; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1910; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1920; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1930; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]


18. Daniel O. Garrison: b. Sep 1884 KS  [US1900; Aldine, Norton Co., KS]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]

19. Clara Breneman: b. 12 Dec 1889 Norton Co., KS; d. 29 Apr 1934 Patton State Hospital, Patton, San Bernardino Co., CA  [San Bernardino Co. death certificate: Clara Brennan; b. 12 Dec 1889 Norton, KS; d. 29 Apr 1934 Patton State Hospital, Patton, San Bernardino Co.; resident of San Diego Co.; divorced; parents Zenas H. Breneman (b. Keokuk, IA) and Rachel A. Warren (b. MO)]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]


20. George Playter Brown: b. c1866/7 Canada; d. 6 Nov 1939 San Diego Co., CA; immigrated to USA 1870 (naturalized 1879); m. 5 Jan 1888  [CA death index 1930-1939 (FHL #1,686,048): George P. Brown; spouse’s initials M. M.; age 74; d. 6 Nov 1939 in San Diego Co.; state file #70128]  [Cummings 272]  [1909 San Diego directory: Geo P Brown, pres Beryl Mining Co, 306 Granger Bldg.]  [1910 and 1911 San Diego directories: Geo P Brown, pres Beryl Mining Co, h 3695, 3d.]  [1928 San Diego directory: Geo P Brown (Martha M) r 3364 Gregory]  [1930 San Diego directory: Geo P Brown (Martha) Supt Southwest Onyx & Marble Co 2388 Vancouver]  [1931 San Diego directory: Geo P Brown (Martha M) (Brown Bros Garage) 2388 Vancouver Av; also Brown Bros Garage (Geo E {sic} and Geo P) 829 University Av]  [obituary (courtesy of Lynn Robinson, San Diego Genealogical Society: “Union Tribune, Nov 8, 1939.  BROWN-George Playter. Nov 6 husband of Martha N. Brown; father of Dorothy, George C., and Kenneth Brown, Mrs. Mark Baldwin and Mrs. Cecil Stockton, brother of Roy and Frank Brown, Mrs. E.A. Fraser and Mrs. Cleland McAfee, grandfather of Kenneth Merill, George C. Bette, Martha and Patsy Brown, Phyllis, Mark and Margaret Baldwin and great grandfather of Kenneth Brown 3rd. Services at Bradley Woolman Funeral Church Wednesday Nov. 8 at 10:00 am. Rev. John B. Osborn officiating. Interment Greenwood.”] [US1880; Crawford, Crawford Co., KS]  [US1910; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]  {article by Margaret Brown Baldwin mentions George Playter Brown on pp. 26, 27, and 28 – “Memories of Early Days in Baja California”, Journal of San Diego History 22 (1976):4:26-37}

21. Martha Maude Comings: b. 17 Dec 1864 MO; d. 16 Dec 1963 San Diego Co., CA  [CADI: Martha M. Brown, born 17 Dec 1864 MO; mother’s maiden name Walker; resided La Mesa; d. 16 Dec 1963 San Diego Co., CA (also identical entry with middle initial C)]  [Cummings 272]  [US1870; Monroe City, Monroe Co., MO]  [US1880; Girard, Crawford Co., KS]  [US1910; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]


22. Maj. Arthur Wells Yale, M.D.: b. 1 Jul 1875 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA; d. 23 May 1959 Los Angeles Co., CA; bur. Fort Rosencrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego Co., CA; m. 30 Dec 1896 (divorced between 1910 and 1920)  [CADI: Arthur Wells Yale, born 1 Jul 1875 PA, died 23 May 1959 Los Angeles Co., CA]  [CADI-x: Arthur W. Yale, registrar #8172, state file #59-52625, wife’s initials B. Y.]  [For a letter that Maj. Arthur W. Yale, Medical Corps, Surgeon, wrote on 31 Jan 1919 to the San Diego Board of Park Commissioners, see < >.]  [Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego County, California <>: “Yale, Arthur Wells, b. 07/01/1875, d. 05/23/1959, MAJ MED CORPS 74 ARTY CAC, Plot: U 396, bur. 05/28/1959”]  [For a short time in the 1920s, Arthur Wells Yale, M.D., was a licensee of a San Diego radio station – see < >.]  [1928 and 1929 San Diego directories: Arthur W Yale (Grace) Physician, Homeopathic, 200 to 207 Electric Bldg…h 3225 Columbia]  [1930 and 1931 San Diego directories: Arth W Yale (Grace W) phys 220 Laurel 208]  [1937 San Diego directory – Arth. W. Yale (Grace W.); also The Yale Clinic, Doctors Arthur Wells Yale and Edward W. Hall]  [Yale2 569-570: “Dr. Arthur Wells Yale Jr., of 1901 Park Ave., Philadelphia, Penn., married December 30, 1896, Elsie Duncan, who was born October 21, 1873, at Brooklyn, N.Y.  He is a physician.”]  [US1880; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1900; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1910; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]  [US1930; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]

23. Elsie Duncan: b. 21 Oct 1873 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY; d. 30 Jan 1956 San Bernardino Co., CA  [Brooklyn birth certificate 1873:3827 (FHL #1,324,353): ___ Duncan; female; white; b. 21 Oct 1873 at 51 S. Oxford St. (residence); mother Hannah Duncan (maiden name Leech, born Brooklyn); father C. C. Duncan (commissioner)]  [CADI: Elsie Duncan Yale, born 21 Oct 1873 in NY, died 30 Jan 1956 in San Bernardino Co., CA, father’s name Duncan, mother’s maiden name Leech]  [CADI-x: Elsie D. Yale, registrar #179, state file #56-10286]  [1930 San Bernardino directory (Colton): Elsie D Yale (wid A W) r480 East H]  [1933-34 San Bernardino directory (Colton): Mrs Elsie D Yale writer r480 East H]  [the pseudonym of Elsie Duncan Yale was “Grace Gordon”]  [US1880; Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1900; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1910; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1920; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1930; Colton, San Bernardino Co., CA]


24. John Sivertsen Rol: b. 1858 Sakshaug Sogn, Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway   [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1875; Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1900; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]

25. Rebekka Torbergsdatter: b. 1858 Salberg, Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway  [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1875; Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1900; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]


26. Henrik Rogstad: b. 1850 Støren, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway  [1900 Norway; Stavanger, Rogaland]

27. Sigrid ___: b. 1852 Støren, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway  [1900 Norway; Stavanger, Rogaland]



Sixth Generation


32. Edward H. “Ned” Boone: b. c1843 MO  [BoonePost1]  [BoonePost2]  [child buried – BatesCem2 35: Scott Cemetery (no twp. given), Bates Co., MO, David I. Boone, son of Edward H. and Georgia A., 1866-1878]  [Edward H. Boon(e) was a private in Co. E, 22 Texas Cavalry and Brush Battalion (Confederate)]  [US1850; Kan Twp., Jackson Co., MO]  [US1860; Precinct 2, Collin Co., TX]  [US1870; Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS] 

33. Georgeann Brown: b. c1851 MO  [BoonePost1, BoonePost2: Georgia(n)na Brown]  [US1860; Charlotte Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [US1870; Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS] 


34. Andrew J. Michaels: b. Oct 1848 NC; m. 28 May 1874 La Cygne, Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS  [Linn Co. marriage records (FHL #1,521,455): Andrew J. Michaels (of Linn Co., age 31) and Mattie A. Backum (of Linn Co., age 18); license 23 May 1874; marriage 28 May 1874]  [Civil War – Andrew J. Michael(s) private in co. F, 94 IL Infantry (Union)]  [US1850; McDonough Co., IL]  [US1860; Lamoin Twp., McDonough Co., IL]  [US1870; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1900; Virginia City, Cass Co., IL]

35. Mattie A. Backum: b. Apr 1857 IL [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1900; Virginia City, Cass Co., IL]


36. William R Garrison: b. Oct 1848 OH; m. 20 Mar 1873 Henry Co., IA [HenryM p. 11: Wm. Garrison and Lydia Case, 20 Mar 1873, by Jonathan Lee, at bride’s father]   [US1850; Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OH]  [US1880; Tippecanoe, Henry Co., IA]  [US1900; Aldine, Norton Co., KS]  [US1910; Aldine Twp., Norton Co., KS]

37. Lydia M Case: b. Mar 1853 WI  [US1870; New Albion, Cattaraugus Co., NY]  [US1880; Tippecanoe, Henry Co., IA]  [US1900; Aldine, Norton Co., KS]  [US1910; Aldine Twp., Norton Co., KS]


38. Zenas H. Breneman: b. c1856 Keokuk Co., IA  [US1860; Penn Twp., Johnson Co., IA]  [US1870; Oxford Twp., Johnson Co., IA]  [US1880; Rock Bridge Twp., Norton Co., KS]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]

39. Rachel A. Warren: b. c1865 IN  [US1870; Seward Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]  [US1880; Rock Branch, Norton Co., KS]  [US1920; San Diego, San Diego Co., CA]


40. James Brown: b. Nov 1838 Pickering Twp., Durham, Ontario, Canada; Declaration of Intention (as subject of Victoria, Queen of England) 3 Aug 1877 [Crawford Co., KS; FHL #1,404,714 item 2 p. 34]; m.  2 May 1864 Newmarket, York, Ontario, Canada [York County Marriage Register, 1858-1869 (courtesy of Steve Marshall): James Brown, of Pickering Twp., b. in Pickering Twp., age 24, son of James and Annie R., m. 2 May 1864 in Newmarket, York, Ontario, Mary Ann Playter, of Whitchurch Twp., born in Whitchurch Twp., age 19, dau. of George and Mary Ann]  [US1880; Crawford, Crawford Co., KS]  [US1900; Pettis Twp., Platte Co., MO]  [US1910; Parkville, Platte Co., MO]  [US1920; Pettis Twp., Platte Co., MO]

41. Mercy Ann Playter: b. Jun 1844 Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario, Canada   [Canada 1861; Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario]  [US1880; Crawford, Crawford Co., KS]  [US1900; Pettis Twp., Platte Co., MO]  [US1910; Parkville, Platte Co., MO]  [US1920; Pettis Twp., Platte Co., MO]  [CADI: Myrtle Brown Fraser (b. 24 Apr 1870 Canada; d. 15 Mar 1955 Monterey Co., CA; mother Playter; father Brown), Roy Howard Brown (b. 2 May 1877 KS; d. 28 Dec 1958 Los Angeles Co., CA; mother Playter)]


42. George Philander Comings: b. 27 Aug 1820/29 Cornish, NH; d. 6 Sep 1905 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA; m. 23 Jun 1861  [Cummings 271: “George Philander {Cummings}, b. Aug. 27, 1820; m. June 23, 1861, Abigail Cornelia Walker, b. ___, 1837.  He was a graduate of Dartmouth College, 1842, taught school in Randolph, Vt., 1842-45.  He was professor of mathematics and languages in Jubilee college ten years also studied theology and was ordained by the P. E. Church, 1848; was rector at Albion, Ill.; Monroe, Mo., and Girard, Kan.; was professor of mathematics in St. Paul’s College 10 years.  He founded a young ladies’ seminary at Monroe City, Mo., where he remained 17 years.  His wife d. June 16, 1901.  He res. in San Diego, Cal., with his dau. Martha Maude, who m. George P. Brown.”]  [Cornish 110: “[children of Eben Comings and Ursula Child, all born in Cornish] George P. {Comings}, b. Aug. 27, 1820.  Graduated Kimball Union Academy, class of 1838; Dartmouth College, class 1842; teacher, Randolph, Vt., 1842-45; prof. of language and mathematics in St. Paul’s College.  He founded a ladies’ seminary at Monroe, Mo., and had charge of it seventeen years.  M. June 23, 1861, Abigail Cornelia Walker, b. in 1837 and d. in June 16, 1901.  They had four children.  He d. Sept. 6, 1905, in San Diego, Cal., at the home of his dau., Mrs. M. M. Brown, aged 85.”]  [William C. Cuthbertson, The Genesis of Girard; pp. 123-124 – “The Rev. George P. Comings arrived in Girard in 1878 to become a rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, after having served the church in Monroe City, Missouri….Rev. Comings had built the Episcopal Church in Monroe City, which is slightly larger than the Girard church, but similar in appearance….Rev. Comings also operated a boarding school for girls in Monroe City….In Girard the Comings family exerted a good influence on the town, for they were well educated and artistic.  Mrs. Comings, nee Cornelia Walker, was a noted artist, and a number of her oil paintings and water colors are still in existence….Rev. and Mrs. Comings have a most unusual tombstone in the Girard cemetery, made of unpolished Mexican onyx, sent by their son’s family who lived in Mexico many years….Rev. Comings became Rector Emeritus in 1894.”]  [US1850; Palmyra Suburbs, Marion Co., MO]  [US1870; Monroe City, Monroe Co., MO]  [US1880; Girard, Crawford Co., KS]  [US1900; Girard, Crawford Co., KS]

43. Abigail Cornelia Walker: b. Nov 1837 OH; d. 16 Jun 1901 Girard, Crawford Co., KS  [Crawford Co., KS, death register (FHL #1,404,801): #215; A. C. Comings, female, age 63 years and 6 months, d. 16 June 1901 in Girard of ovarian tumor, married]  [US1850; Austinburg Twp., Ashtabula Co., OH]  [US1870; Monroe City, Monroe Co., MO]  [US1880; Girard, Crawford Co., KS]  [US1900; Girard, Crawford Co., KS]


44. Arthur Wells Yale: b. 14 Feb 1856 Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY; d. 11 Feb 1876 Philadelphia, PA; bur. 14 Feb 1876 Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia; m. 31 Oct 1874  [Yale2 475: “Arthur Wells Yale, of Philadelphia, Penn., 1808 Park Ave., was married October 31, 1874, to Ada Blanche Rose, who was born November 9, 1855, at Philadelphia.  His occupation, cashier.  He died in 1876.”]  [Balch 108, emphasis added: “They {Mathew LaRue Perrine Yale and Sarah Maria Case} had one child, Arthur Wells Yale, b. Feb. 14, 1856; d. unm. Feb. 11, 1876.”  The assertion that he died unmarried is, however, in error, as it is directly contradicted by his death certificate (see next) as well as the account in Yale2 (above).]  [Physician’s death certificate, Philadelphia (FHL #2,027,246): Arthur W. Yale – age 20 years; married; died 11 Feb 1876 of typhoid fever (doctor B. Frank Betts); clerk; born NY; father P. Yale; mother S. Yale; residence 1808 Park Ave.; buried 14 Feb 1876 in Laurel Hill Cemetery]  [US1870; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]  {IGI: Albert Rorer m. Catharine Graeff 12 May 1842 Philadelphia}

45. Ada Blanche Rorer: b. 9 Nov 1855 Philadelphia  [1860 – 21st Ward, Western Div., Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1870; 66th Dist., 20th Ward, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1880; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]


46. Charles Crooker Duncan: b. 15 May 1821 Bath, Lincoln (now Sagadahoc) Co., ME  [GVR 1:42 – from Bath city records (births), Charles C. Duncan, son of Samuel E. and Sarah, 15 May 1821, in Bath]; d. 25 Mar 1898 Northfield, MA  [The New York Times, 31 Mar 1898 (Thursday), p. 12: “Charles C. Duncan’s Death.  Peculiar Official Experience of the First New York Shipping Commissioner Recalled.  The death of Charles C. Duncan, formerly Shipping Commissioner in this city, which occurred last Friday at his home, in Northfield, Mass., recalls the circumstances of a peculiar official career.  Mr. Duncan, or ‘Captain Duncan,’ as he was called, was born in Bath, Me., in 1821, and when a mere lad went to sea.  He was in command of a vessel at the age of twenty years.  Subsequently he engaged in business in New York City, and became prominently identified with Plymouth Church, in Brooklyn.  He was Superintendent of the Sunday school there.  Some time before the beginning of the war of the rebellion Duncan removed to England, and it was at his house in Liverpool that Henry Ward Beecher was a guest during part of the time that he spent in England endeavoring to influence British sentiment in favor of the North.  In 1865 Duncan returned to this city and again engaged in business.  He organized and commanded the ‘Quaker City’ trip to the Holy Land, to which was given a lasting fame by Mark Twain in ‘Innocents Abroad.’  In after years Mr. Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) made some caustic and uncomplimentary remarks about Mr. Duncan, but after their publication Mr. Clemens evinced a disposition to disavow them.  Soon after the passage by Congress of the Shipping act of 1872 Duncan was appointed the Shipping Commissioner at this port at the instance of the Chamber of Commerce.  His method of managing his office invited criticism on account of the absorption of the greater part of the revenues of the office by his own family.  He was formally accused in 1884 of misappropriating the funds, and it was shown that three of his sons, who acted as his deputies, averaged about $3,000 compensation yearly, while the other clerks in the office got only $660, $775, and $950.  About this time Commissioner Duncan was publicly accused by The New York Times of corruption in office and with ‘dishonestly appropriating to his own use and to the uses of members of his family money that should have been paid into the public Treasury.’  Commissioner Duncan sued the The New York Times for $100,000 damages, and the case was tried before a jury resulting in a verdict of 12 cents damages.  The jury held that there was lack of technical proof on two of the minor charges.  Mr. Duncan applied for a new trial, but the Court denied the application.  Early in May, 1884, Commissioner Duncan was directed by Judge Wallace of the United States Circuit Court to show cause why he should not be removed from office.  He failed to satisfy the Court as to the propriety of his official methods, and on May 14, 1884, he was removed from office.  Soon after his retirement from the Shipping Commissionership he went to live in Northfield, and a few years ago he was licensed to preach by the Franklin County Conference in Massachusetts.”]  [IGI-x (FHL #873,976 item 2): Charles C. Duncan born 15 May 1821 Georgetown, Sagadahoc Co., ME, son of Samuel E. Duncan and Sarah ___]  [first marriage: IGI-x (FHL #10,562): Charles C. Duncan m. Hannah J. Tibbets 6 Sep 1841 Civil, Bath, Sagadahoc Co., ME]  [US1850; Bath, Lincoln Co., ME]  [US1870; 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1880; Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]


                DAR Lineage Books (emphasis added)  (Information on Charles C. Duncan and his ancestors drawn solely from this source set off by parentheses):

                                vol. 147, p. 89 (#146271):

                                Samuel Duncan (1745-84, surgeon, d. Brunswick, ME) and Hannah Donnell (1750-1827)

                                Samuel Eaton Duncan (1782-1855) and Sarah Webb

                                George Webb Duncan (1810-) and Adaline Waterman

                                George H. Duncan and Josephine Butler

                                Gertrude Duncan and James C. How

                                Mrs. Helen How Allan (wife of Arthur F.) of Bath, ME

                                vol. 94, p. 169 (#93549):

                                Samuel Duncan and Hannah Donnell

                                Samuel Eaton Duncan and Sarah Webb

                                Charles Crooker Duncan (1821-98) and Hannah Jane Tibbetts (1822-1869)

                                Frederick Chandler Duncan (1847-) and Kate Belcher

                                Mrs. Kate Duncan Bryant (wife of Frank R.) of Brooklyn, NY

                                vol. 72, p. 63 (#71173)

                                Samuel Duncan and Hannah Donnell

                                Hannah Duncan and Jonathan R. Crooker

                                William D. Crooker and Eleanor Robinson

                                Harriet Robinson and Andrew Jackson (sic)

                                Mrs. Clara Jackson Lemont (wife of Frank P.) of Bath, ME

                                vol. 58, p. 268 (#57784)

                                Samuel Duncan and Hannah Donnell

                                Hannah Duncan and Jonathan Crooker

                                William D. Crooker and Eleanor Robinson

                                Ellen A. Crooker and John N. Blaisdell

                                Mrs. Alicia Blaisdell Crosby (wife of Elwell S.) of Bath, ME

                                vol. 44, p. 341 (#43907)

                                Benjamin Donnell (c1720-) and Sarah Kingsbury

                                Hannah Donnell and Samuel Duncan

                                Hannah Duncan and Jonathan H. Crooker

                                Charles Crooker and Rachel Sewall

                                Mrs. Adelaide L. (Crooker) Delano (wife of John P.) of Bath, ME


47. Hannah B. Leech: b. Jun 1845 NY  [US1850; 5th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1860; 1st Dist., 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1870; 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1880; Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1900; Queens (NYC), Queens Co., NY]


48. Sivert Sevaldsen: b. 1829 Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway   [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1875; Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag] 

49. Marta/Martha Andersdatter: b. 1828 Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway  {perhaps the Martha Andersdr (dau. of Anders Jacobsen and Anna Margaretha Simonsdr) b. 14 Apr and bp. 15 May 1828 in Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag (FHL #125293)]   [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1875; Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag] 


50. Torberg Kristiansen: b. 14 Sep 1827 Salberg, Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway  [IGI-x: Torber Christiansen, b. 14 and bp. 23 Sep 1827 Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway; son of Christian Olsen and Ragnild Torbergsdr (FHL #125293)]  [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1875; Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag]

51. Olava Kristine Kristiansdatter: b. 24 Jun 1835 Salberg, Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway [IGI-x: Olava Christina Christiansdatter, b. 24 and bp. 26 Jun 1835 Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway; dau. of Christian Rasmusen and Gunild Olsdr (FHL #125294)]  [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag]  [Norway 1875; Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag]



Seventh Generation


64. Alonzo Havington Boone: b. 22 Mar 1817 Montgomery Co., MO; d. 3/13 May 1873; bur. either in Westpoint Cemetery, West Point Twp., Bates Co., MO, or in Scott Cemetery, Bates Co., MO (see following notes); m. 17 Dec 1840 Jackson Co., MO  [Boone 125: Alonzo Havington Boone, b. 22 Mar., 1817; d. abt. 1873; m. 17 Dec., 1840, Elizabeth Stewart, a native of Ky.  After his death his widow moved to Bates Co.”]  [JacksonMar 2: Alonzo H. Boone m. Elizabeth Stuart 17 Dec 1840 in Jackson Co., MO (book 2, p. 7)]  [BatesCem1 215: in Westpoint Cemetery, Alonzo H. Boone, 22 Mar. – 13 May 1874 (see next)]  [BatesCem2: in Scott Cemetery (no twp. given) Alonzo H. Boone, March 22, 1817 – May 3, 1874]  [Jackson 168: “{book} K-504 Edward Boon [Boone].  Died intestate.... {adminstrators appointed} 14 Dec. 1860.  That the heirs are his bros. Daniel Boon, the child of Morgan Boon in Jackson Co., & the ch. of James Boon in Kansas Terr.; the ch. of Louisa White in Plat [sic] Co., Mo.; Alonzo Boon in Texas; & the ch. of Lindsay Boon in Oregon.”  See also below, in nos. 128 and 129.]   [US1850; Kan Twp., Jackson Co., MO]  [US1860; Precinct 2, Collin Co., TX]  [US1870; Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO] 

65. Elizabeth Treble Stewart: b. 2 Dec 1818 KY; d. 15 Jun 1878; bur. Westpoint Cemetery, West Point Twp., Bates Co., MO  [BatesCem1 215: in Westpoint Cemetery, West Point Twp., Bates Co., MO, Elizabeth, wife of Alonzo Boone, d. 15 June 1878, age 59 years, 6 months, and 13 days]  [BoonePost2]  [US1850; Kan Twp., Jackson Co., MO]  [US1860; Precinct 2, Collin Co., TX]  [US1870; Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO]


66. Isaiah/Isaac Brown: b. c1825 IN; d. between 30 Nov 1895 and 29 Jun 1900 Linn Co., KS  [will of Isaiah Brown of Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS (Linn Co. 3:254-257; FHL #1,521,464): “…my beloved daughter George Ann Boone, wife of E. H. Boone…” signed 30 Nov 1895; probated 12 Jul 1900]  [Linn Co. death affidavits (FHL #1,521,458 item 2), p. 130: 29 June 1900; Isaiah Brown d. ___ in Linn Co., KS; heirs George Ann Boone (age about 45), Pearl McCartney (age about 19), Earl A. Brown (age about 17), Martha Brown (age about 46), and L. E. Smith; all of Claremore, Indian Territory, except Smith, who was of Orchard, KS; information submitted by James D. Snoddy]  [US1860; Charlotte Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [US1880; Lincoln, Linn Co., KS]

67. Elizabeth ___: b. c1825 NC  [US1860; Charlotte Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO]  [US1880; Lincoln, Linn Co., KS]   {Isaiah Brown m. Elizabeth D. Basey 9 Oct 1853 in Cass Co., MO}


68. Alexander Michael: b. c1804 NC; m. 13 Aug 1836 Davidson Co., NC  [North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 – Alexander Michael m. Susannah Barrier 13 Aug 1836 Davidson Co., bondsman Solomon Berrier, witness Alfred Hargra (2:90)]  [US1850; McDonough Co., IL]  [US1860; Lamoin Twp., McDonough Co., IL]  [US1870; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]

69. Susanna Berrier: b. c1819 NC  [US1850 – “Rosanah”; McDonough Co., IL]  [US1860; Lamoin Twp., McDonough Co., IL]  [US1870; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]  [US1880; Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS]


72. Freeman T. Garrison: b. Aug 1827 OH  {from submitted IGI – Jesse Benton Garrison b. 13 Dec 1857 Knoxville, Knox Co., IL, son of Freeman Garrison and Sarah Johns}  (m. 2nd Ann Hall 27 Nov 1863 Knox Co., IL (vol. B, p. 109; license 5731))  [Civil War – corp., Co. D, 7th IL Cavalry (from Chestnut, IL; enlisted 10 Aug 1861 (in specific co. 7 Sep); discharged for disability 9 Jul 1862); filed for pension 1 Jun 1878 as invalid (appl. #255,988; cert. #287,889)]  [US1850; Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OH]  [US1870; Tippecanoe, Henry Co., IA]  [US1880; Tippecanoe, Henry Co., IA]  [US1900; Barrett Twp., Thomas Co., KS]

73.  Sarah ___: b. c1825 OH; d. bef. 27 Nov 1863  [US1850; Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OH] 


                1852 IA census – Danville Twp., Des Moines Co., IA, p. 37 – Freeman T. Garrison


74. Isaac Reuben Case: b. c 1817 NY  [US1850; Rutland, Dane Co., WI]  [US1870; New Albion, Cattaraugus Co., NY]  [US1880; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY]

75. Nancy J ___: b. c1827 NY [US1850; Rutland, Dane Co., WI]  [US1870; New Albion, Cattaraugus Co., NY]  [US1880; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY]

                1842 – Southport, Racine Co., WI (Isaac R. Case)

                BLM records – Isaac Ruben Case of Walworth Co., WI, purchased 40 acres in WI 10 Sep 1844

                1855 – Rutland, Dane Co., WI (Isaac R. Case)

                1865 – Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY, p. 34 (Isaac R. Case)


76. Frederick Brenneman: b. c1816 PA  [US1850; Marietta Twp., Lancaster Co., PA]  [US1860; Penn Twp., Johnson Co., IA]  [US1870; Oxford Twp., Johnson Co., IA]  [US1880; Rock Bridge Twp., Norton Co., KS]

77. Elizabeth ___: b. c1815 PA  [US1850; Marietta Twp., Lancaster Co., PA]  [US1860; Penn Twp., Johnson Co., IA]  [US1870; Oxford Twp., Johnson Co., IA]  [US1880; Rock Bridge Twp., Norton Co., KS]


78. Riley Warren: b. c1829 IN; shoemaker (1860); m. 1 Jul 1852 Kosciusko Co., IN  [Kosciusko Co., IN, Marriages 1846-1891 (Ruth M. Slevin, comp., 1972) – Riley Warren m. Zilpha Jane Blue 1 Jul 1852 (book A, p. 230); also <>]  [US1850; Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]  [US1860; Harrison Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]  [US1870; Seward Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]  [US1880; Rock Branch, Norton Co., KS]

79. Zilpha Jane Blue: b. 1837 OH  [US1850; Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]  [US1860; Harrison Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]  [US1870; Seward Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]  [US1880; Rock Branch Twp., Norton Co., KS]


80. James Brown: b. VT or NH

81. Annie R. ____: b. c1800 NY  [US1880; Crawford, Crawford Co., KS]


82. George Playter: b. c1805 PA; d. 9 Mar 1875 Whitchurch Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada; m. 21 Jul 1828 Whitchurch Twp.  [Yonge St. 122-123: “PLAYTER, George of Whitchurch, son of Watson & Priscilla, m. Mary Ann Widdifield, dau of Henry & Phebe of Whitchurch, on 21-5mo-1828 at Whitchurch.”]  [York, Ontario probate 17:509-511 (FHL #817,978): will of George Playter of Whitchurch Twp. (dated 8 Mar 1872; codicil 30 Sep 1874; probated 5 Apr 1875) – names among others wife Mary Ann and daughter Mercy Ann Brown, wife of James Brown; bequeaths west half of lot 31 in the 5th concession of Whitchurch (indicating he is the son of Watson Playter, who left this to his son George in his will); probate says he died on or about 9 Mar 1875 at Whitchurch Twp.]  [Canada 1861; Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario]  [Canada 1871; Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario] 

83. Mary Ann Widdifield: b. c1808 Ontario, Canada  [Widdifield 43: Mary Ann Widdifield, b. c1809, m. George Playter]  [Canada 1861; Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario]  [Canada 1871; Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario] 


84. Eben Cummings: b. 24 Jun 1779 Packersfield, NH; d. 20/30 Oct 1850 Hanover, Grafton Co., NH; m. 2 Nov 1806  [Cummings 271: “Eben Cummings…b. in Packersfield, now Nelson, N.H., June 24, 1779; m. Nov. 2, 1806, Ursula, dau. of Stephen and Mercy (Chase) Child, b. in Cornish, June 2, 1785, and d. in Cornish, June 29, 1831.  He was a captain of light infantry in the war of 1812.  He d. Oct. 20, 1850.  He was a carpenter and farmer, living at his father’s and worked in the mills and carpenter shop until about 1806, when he purchased the farm adjoining his brother Andrew’s farm and erected suitable farm buildings, and farmed and worked at his trade with his brother Andrew until about 1830 when he rem. to Hanover, N.H., where he d. Oct. 30, 1850.”]  [Cornish 109-110: “Eben Comings…b. June 24, 1779; m. Nov. 2, 1806, Ursula Child, dau. of Stephen and Mercy (Chase) Child, b. June 2, 1785, and d. June 29, 1831.  He lived at the Mills till a short time previous to his marriage, when he purchased a farm a mile east, by the side of his brother Andrew, where he, being a carpenter as well as farmer, erected the necessary farm buildings since occupied by Larnard Powers.  Here he lived until about 1830.  He then sold his farm, and rem. to Hanover, where he spent the remainder of his life.  He d. Oct. 30, 1850.  His remains were brought to Cornish and buried in the Comings cemetery.  He was a Capt. of light infantry in the War of 1812.  After the children were equipped for their life work, they emigrated chiefly to Mo. and Kans., where some engaged in educational work, and some in manufacturing, and were all successful until the disturbances due to the Civil War interrupted their prosperity to some extent.”]   [US1850; Hanover, Grafton Co., NH]

85. Ursula Child: b. 2 Jun 1785 Cornish, Sullivan Co., NH; d. 29 Jun 1831 Cornish


86. Ralph Manning Walker: b. 28 Dec 1808 VT; m. 1 Feb 1836 Trumbull Co., OH  [Trumbull Co., OH, marriage records – Ralph M. Walker m. Adeline Griswold 1 Feb 1836; from FHL #904,260]  [Manning 258: “Ralph Manning (Walker) b. 1808, Dec. 28; graduated Western Reserve College, 1832; professor of languages in Otterbein University and, later, President thereof.”]  [papers of brother Ezra Walker, including some letters from Ralph M. Walker, in collection of Ohio University <>]  [US1850; Austinburg Twp., Ashtabula Co., OH]  [US1880; Warren Twp., Marion Twp., MO]

87. Adeline Cornelia Griswold: b. c1810-1815 CT  [Windsor 360: (family of Abraham Griswold and Cecilia Humphrey) “Adeline, m. Prof. Walker, a long time prin. of the Twinsburgh (O.) Acad.; rem. to Mo.”]  [Griswold 5:31: “Adeline Cornelia…m. …..[sic] Walker who was of Twinsburg, Ohio and a professor in the West.”]  [US1850; Austinburg Twp., Ashtabula Co., OH]  [US1880; Warren Twp., Marion Twp., MO]


88. Matthew LaRue Perine Yale: b. 23 Sep 1822 NY; d. 1876; m. 20 Sep 1849  [Yale2 320-321: “Matthew LaRue Perine Yale, of Winnebago Rapids, Wis., married Sarah Maria Case, September 20, 1849.  His occupation, hardware merchant.  He died in 1876.”]  [Yale1 137: “Matthew La Rue Perine {Yale}, born September 23, 1822.  Married Sarah Maria Case, September 20, 1849, and is a merchant, at Winnebago Rapids.”]  [US1850; Neenah, Dist. 11, Winnebago Co., WI]

89. Sarah Maria Case: b. 18 Oct 1823 NY  [Balch 108: “SARAH MARIA {Case}, b. Oct. 18, 1823.  She married Mathew LaRue Perrine Yale, Sept. 20, 1849.  Mr. Yale was a merchant in N. Y. City; he died in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 21, 1876, aged 53 years, he was buried in Johnstown....Sarah M. [Case] married for her second husband, Rev. Robert A. Hill, Aug. 1, 1878.  They reside at Pittsburgh, Penn.  No issue.”]  [US1850; Neenah, Dist. 11, Winnebago Co., WI]  [US1870; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]


90. Albert Rorer: b. c1818 PA; d. bef 1870  [US1850; Lower Delaware Ward, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [1860 – 21st Ward, Western Div., Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]

91. Catharine S. ___: b. c1822 PA  [1890 Philadelphia directory – Catharine S. Rorer, wid. Albert, h 1901 Park av]  [US1850; Lower Delaware Ward, Philadelphia Co., PA (called Caroline)]  [1860 – 21st Ward, Western Div., Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1870; 66th Dist., 20th Ward, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  [US1880; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA]  {IGI (submitted) – Albert Rorer m. Catharine Graeff 12 May 1842 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA}


92. Samuel Eaton Duncan: b. 25 Aug 1779 Brunswick, Cumberland Co., ME; (d. 1855)  [IGI-x (FHL #10,595): Samuel Eaton Dunken born 25 Aug 1779 Civil, Brunswick, Cumberland Co., ME, son of Samuel Dunken and Hannah ___]  [US1850; Bath, Lincoln Co., ME]

93. Sarah Webb: b. 25 May 1785 Bath, Lincoln (now Sagadahoc) Co., ME  [US1850; Bath, Lincoln Co., ME]  [IGI-x (FHL #10,562) – Sarah Webb b. 25 May 1785 Civil, Bath, Sagadahoc Co., ME, dau. of William Webb and Elizabeth Crooker]


94. John Leech: b. c1810/1 England; d. 14 Jan 1893 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY  [1840 Brooklyn directory <>: “LEECH,John jr.,  stone cutter, John n Jay   h  105 Gold”]  [US1850; 5th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1860; 1st Dist., 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [1870; 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1880; 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]

From the Brooklyn Standard Daily Union, 1893 <>: “At his home, 354 Livingston st., Sat., morn, Jan.14, 1893, ex-Alderman John LEECH..83:  a lifelong citizen of Brooklyn.  Notice of funeral hereafter.” AND “Ex-Alderman, John LEECH, one of the oldest residents of this city, died at his home, 354 State st., this morning, of heart disease.  At the time of his death he had probably been a resident of Brooklyn for a longer period than any other old citizen.  He was born in Scotland 83 years ago, and came to this city in 1813, when he was a child.  His parents settled in the Fifth ward, and when a young man, Mr. LEECH engaged in business as a ropemaker.  He was afterward a stone contractor.  He retired from business thirty years ago.  He was one of the founders of the old Mechanics' Exchange, and served one term as president.  From 1828 to 1853 he was a member of the Volunteer Fire Dept., and at the time of his death was a member of the Exempt Volunteer Firemen's Association.  He was a Whig in politics, and enjoyed the distinction of having run thirteen times for Alderman of the Fifth ward, a hot Democratic ward.  He was elected in 1850, through the help of County Judge Henry A. MOORE and Jesse FOLK.  He was a well-known and familiar figure in local political and business circles up to thirty-years ago.  The arrangements for the funeral have not been completed.  The Rev. Lindsay PARKER, of St. Peter's Church in State st., will conduct the services, and the funeral will take place from that edifice.  Mr LEECH was the father of ex-Alderman Richard LEECH.”  [Brooklyn Daily Eagle 7 Oct 1842, p. 2: “At a meeting of the ASSOCIATION OF EXEMPT FIREMEN…on Wednesday evening, Oct. 5th, 1842, the following persons were elected officers for the ensuing year, viz.:…JOHN LEECH, Jr., Secretary.”]

95. Hannah B. ___: b. c1818 England; d. 23 Nov 1889 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY; bur. Greenwood Cemetery; imm. to NY about 1824  [Brooklyn death cert. (1889) #16680 (FHL #1,323,855): Hannah B. Leech; d. 23 Nov 1889 at 354 Livingston St. (residence) of heart failure; age 71 years; married; born in England; resident of USA and Brooklyn 65 years; parents both born England; buried Greenwood Cemetery 27 Nov 1889]  [will dated 8 Oct 1885 and proved 18 Dec 1889; she left everything to husband John Leech and afterwards to daus. Annie Stoddard Leech and Mary Frances Leech (Kings Co., NY, will book 147:1-4; FHL #1,838,988).  The will of Annie Stoddard Leech was written 23 May 1907 and proved 26 Aug 1908; she left everything to her sister Mary Frances Leech and afterwards to sister Hannah Leech Duncan (Kings Co., NY, will book 404:342-348; FHL #1,845,307)]  [Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 26 Nov 1889, p. 1: “Mrs. Hannah B. Leech, wife of ex-Alderman John Leech, died at her residence, 354 Livingston street, in this city, suddenly on Saturday morning.  Heart failure was the cause of death.  Mrs. Leech had resided in Brooklyn all her life, and had passed a happy wedded life of nearly fifty-five years.  She was a woman of rare Christian virtues whose whole life had been one of devotion and love for those around her.  She was endeared by the strongest ties of affection to a large circle of friends and to her many children and grandchildren.  Among the former are Mrs. William Spence, Mrs. Captain Charles C. Duncan, William H. Leech and Alderman elect Richard B. Leech.  Her consort, aged 80, survives her, keenly and almost broken heartedly feeling the sad and unexpected bereavement….The interment will be in the family plot at Greenwood Cemetery to-morrow morning.”]  [US1850; 5th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1860; 1st Dist., 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [1870; 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]  [US1880; 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY]

Also from the Brooklyn Standard Daily Union, Monday, 8 Oct 1888 <>: “On Sunday, 7th inst,. Of typhoid fever, Frank LEECH, youngest son of John and Hannah LEECH.  Funeral services Tuesday evening, 9th inst., 7:30 o’clock, at house of parents, 354 Livingston st. Relatives, friends of family and members of Veteran Corps, Company E, Twenty-third Regiment, N.Y. S.M. invited to attend. Burial at convenience of family.”


100. Christian Olsen: b. 12 Nov 1794 Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway; m. 3 Mar 1826 Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway [IGI-x: Christen Olesen, b. 12 and bp. 23 Nov 1794 in Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway; son of Ole Rasmussen and Gunnil Christophersdr (FHL #125292)]  [IGI-x: Christian Olsen (son of Ole Rasmusen) m. Ragnild Torbersdr (dau. of Torberg Olsen) 3 Mar 1826 in Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway (FHL #125293)]  [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag] 

101. Ragnild Torbergsdatter: b. 21 Feb 1806 Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway [IGI-x: Ragnild Torbersdatter, b. 21 and bp. 23 Feb 1806 in Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway; dau. of Torber Olsen and Inger Sivertsdr (FHL #125292)]  [Norway 1865; Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag] 


102. Christian Rasmusen:

103. Gunnild Olsdatter:



Eighth Generation


128. Daniel Morgan Boone: b. 23 Dec 1769 Yakin, Rowan Co., NC; d. 13 Jul 1839 Jackson Co., MO; bur. Boone-Hays Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO; m. 2 Mar 1800 St. Charles Borromeo, St. Charles Co., MO  [marriage record quoted in John Bakeless, Master of the Wilderness – Daniel Boone (New York, 1939), pp. 369-370: “On this day, the 2nd of March 1800, there appeared before me, Fr. Leander Lusson, Recolet Priest and Pastor of the parish of St. Charles of Missouri:--on the one hand Daniel Morgan Boone, of age and legitimate son of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan his wife, the Father and Mother living in St. Charles, Mo.; on the other hand Sarah Griffin Lewis still a minor, and legitimate daughter of John Baptist Lewis and Elizabeth Harve his wife, as Father and Mother living at the Post of St. Andrew….Daniel Morgan Boone replied he was a native of Virginia in the diocese of Baltimore, and that he now lived with his parents.  Sarah Griffin Lewis said she also was from Virginia, and now lived with her father and mother….”]  [Boone 123-125]  [BoonePost2]  [Jackson 14: “{book}EE-81  Daniel M. Boone....23 July 1839.  That he left his widow Sarah Boone & 8 children: Daniel, Luvisia, Edward, Alonzo, James, Cassandrew [sic], Morgan, & Napolian [sic] Boone.”]  [Morgan]

129. Sarah Griffin Lewis: b. 29 Jan 1786 VA; d. 19 Jun 1850; bur. Boone-Hays Cemetery  [Boone 123: “...Sarah Griffin Lewis (b. 29 Jan., 1786, in Va., died 19 June, 1850), daughter of John and Elizabeth (Harvie) Lewis.”]  [Jackson 79: “{book} H-135 Sarah Boon [Boone].  Died intestate.  Alonzo H. Boone apptd. to admn. estate.  5 July 1850.  H-385 Sarah Boon....That she left as heirs her children, David Boon, Edward Boon, the children of Lavisa White, Alonzo H. Boon, Morgan Boon, and Napoleon Boon of Jackson Co.; James Boon of Cass Co., Mo., and the children of Lindsay Boon on North Grand River in Missouri.”]  [BoonePost2]  [US1850; Kan Twp., Jackson Co., MO] 


130. David Stewart: b. 11 Oct 1785 NJ; d. 6 Aug 1871; bur. either in Westpoint Cemetery, West Point Twp., Bates Co., MO, or in Scott Cemetery, Bates Co., MO (see following notes)  [BatesCem1 215: in Westpoint Cemetery, David Stewart, 11 Oct. 1785 – 6 Aug. 1871 (see next)]  [BatesCem2: in Scott Cemetery (no twp. given) David Stewart, Oct. 11, 1785 – Aug. 6, 1871]  [BoonePost2]  [US1850; Kan Twp., Jackson Co., MO]

131. Elizabeth Larison  [BoonePost2]


138. Jacob Berrier: b. 19 Dec 1794 NC; d. 4 Dec 1857 prob. in Davidson Co., NC; apparently bur. in the Beulah Reformed Church Cemtery, Davidson Co., NC; m. 3 Jun 1816 Burke Co., NC  [NC Marriages to 1825, – Jacob Barrier and Catharine Kellar]  [DavCem 167: Beulah Reformed Church Cemtery, row 19: “Memory of Jacob BERRIER Dec. 19, 1794 – May 4, 1857]  [will of Jacob Berrier, Sr. (Davidson Co., NC, written 23 Oct 1856) submitted to USGenWeb by Stephanie Harrison; names among others wife Catherine and daughter Susannah Michael <>]  [letters to Jacob Berrier from various people (one mentioning Alexander and Susannah (Berrier) Michael) submitted to USGenWeb by Stephanie Harrison <>]  [US1850; North Division, Davidson Co., NC]

139. Catherine Kellar: b. 5 Aug 1794 NC; d. 9 Sep 1886; bur. in the Beulah Reformed Church Cemtery, Davidson Co., NC  [DavCem 167: Beulah Reformed Church Cemtery, row 19: [next to Jacob Berrier marker; see above: “Catharine Berrier, wf. of Jacob Aug. 5, 1794 – Sept 9, 1886]  [US1850; North Division, Davidson Co., NC]


144. ____ Garrison: b. NJ

145. ____: b. VA


148. William Case: b. c1795 RI; d. Little Valley, Cattaraugus Co., NY  [NYFH 175: “William, son of Isaac (2) Case, was born in Rhode Island, 1796, died 1882.  He was a blacksmith and farmer.  In 1824 he settled in Washington county, New York, later coming to Mansfield, Cattaraugus county, where he purchased a tract of one hundred acres, to which he added two other farms of one hundred and ten and one hundred and twenty-five acres.  After several years he sold his Cattaraugus county farm and removed to Sharon, Wisconsin.  He remained west ten years, then returned to Cattaraugus county, dying at Little Valley.  He served in the war of 1812.  He married Sophia, daughter of William Blackmore.  Children: Henry, Isaac, Job R., Charles W., Worden, John, Martin, Sidney, Rhoda, Nancy, Martha.”]  [US1850; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY]  [US1860; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY]  [US1880; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY] 

149. Sophia Blackmore: b. 1799 NY  [US1850; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY]  [US1860; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY]  [US1880; Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY]

                1855 – Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY, p. 288 (William M. Case)

                1865 – Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY, p. 9 (William Case)


156. Azariah Warren: b. c1810 TN; m. 25 Oct 1827 Wayne Co., IN [Indiana Marriages to 1850 – Azariah Warren m. Elizabeth Fruits 25 Oct 1827 (Wayne Co.)]  [US1850; Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]

157. Elizabeth Fruits: b. c1813 IN  [US1850; Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]


158. David Blue: b. c1800 OH; m. 12 Jun 1823 Fayette Co., OH  [IGI-x: David Blue m. Zelpah Bohrer 12 Jun 1823 Fayette Co., OH (#292,630)]  [US1850; Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]

159. Zilpha Bohrer: b. c1802 VA  [Jasper Co., IN, Deaths, 1921-1977 – Phillip Blue, age 82, d. 26 Jun 1929, son of David Blue and Zilpha Bohrah (book CD-3, p. 118)]  [US1850; Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN]


164. Watson Playter: d. 1834 Whitchurch Twp.; m. 4 Dec 1794 Abington Monthly Meeting, Montgomery Co., PA  [William D. Reid, The Loyalists in Ontario: the Sons and Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada (1973), p. 253: “Watson {Playter, son of loyalist George Playter} of York (Whitchurch), cabinetmaker, m. Priscilla.  OC 10 May 1808.”]  [York, Ontario probate 5:22-24 (FHL #817,972): Will of Watson Playter (dated 16 Sep 1834; probated 7 Feb 1835) – names among others wife Priscilla and son George Playter, to whom he left the west half of lots 31 and 32 in the 5th concession of Whitchurch]  [Watson2 249: “Watson Playter, of Byberry Twp., Philadelphia Co., Pa., m. Priscilla Waterman, daughter of Isaac Waterman of Abington, Philadelphia Co., Pa., 4 Dec. 1794 at Abington Meeting House.”]

165. Priscilla Waterman


166. Henry Widdifield: b. 28 Jun 1779 Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; d. 1868 Whitchurch Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada; Quaker preacher; m. 1805 [Widdifield 41-43]

167. Phebe Randall [Widdifield 43: “daughter of Comley and Mary Randall”]


168. Samuel Cummings: b. 18 Nov 1742 Westford, MA; d. 16/17 Jan 1826; m. (1st) 31 Oct 1765 Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA [DVR 120]  [Cummings 115-116: “Samuel Cummings…b. in Westford, Mass., Nov. 18, 1742; m. Oct. 31, 1765, Sarah Butterfield, of Dunstable, b. July 4, 1745.  He settled in (Packersfield) now Nelson, N.H., where he lived until after all his children were born, when he rem. to Cornish, where his father lived; he d. Jan. 16, 1826, and she d. Aug. 31, 1804; m. 2nd Mrs. Lydia Pollard; m. 3rd Mrs. Lucy Willard; no record dates of two last marriages.”]  [Cornish 106: “Samuel Comings…eldest son of Samuel and Sarah (Spaulding) Comings, b. Nov. 18, 1742, in Westford, Mass.; m. first, Oct. 28, 1765, Sarah Butterfield, b. July 4, 1745, d. Aug. 31, 1804.  There is nothing to show when he came to Cornish, as he remained away till all their children were born, the last being in 1789.  He probably came soon after this, and lived with his father.  They carried on their extensive farm, beside running the mill a large portion of the time.  They also increased the capacity of the latter, and added a carding mill, carpenter shop, and tenement rooms.  Thus the little settlement took on the appearance of substantial thrift and prosperity.  The dense forests that then surrounded, and the waters that propelled the mill, rushing over a rocky precipice down into a densely wooded glen, presented scenery exceedingly grand and picturesque….Mr. Comings spent the remainder of his life in Cornish dying Jan. 17, 1826.  After the death of his first wife, he m. second, Mrs. Lydia (Marsh) Pollard, and third, some years afterward, Mrs. Lucy Willard.”]

169. Sarah Butterfield: b. 4 Jul 1745 Dunstable; d. 31 Aug 1804  [no such person in the Dunstable VRs for that date.  Sarah Butterfields (various spellings) born 23 Jun 1746 Dunstable (dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah; DVR 17), 1749 Dunstable (dau. of Joseph Jr. and Elizabeth; DVR 17), 4 May 1744 Chelmsford (dau. of Capt. John and Anna; CVR 37), 20 May 1744 Chelmsford (dau. of David and Keziah; CVR 37)]


170. Stephen Child: b. 26/27 Nov 1749 Woodstock, Windham Co., CT; d. 24 May 1831 Cornish, Sullivan Co., NH; m. 7 Sep 1778 Cornish [NEHGR 72(1918): 284 – Records at Cornish, NH – “Stephen Child and Mercy Chase both of Cornish September ye 7th 1778”]  [IGI-x (FHL #2902; Barbour records): Stephen Child b. 26 Nov 1749 in Woodstock Twp., Windham Co., CT, son of Daniell and Ruth Child]  [Cornish 84: “Stephen Child…was b. Nov. 27, 1749, in Woodstock, Conn.  Came to Cornish March 18, 1775.  Bought and lived on the farm now occupied by his grandson, W. H. Child.  Entered the army of U.S. May 7, 1777; marched from Cornish under Col. Jonathan Chase to Ticonderoga, N.Y., ninety miles, to reinforce the Northern Continental army under Gen. Gates; was discharged June 18, 1777, after serving one month and twelve days; enlisted again Sept. 23, 1777, under Col. Chase, and marched on Saratoga, N.Y., 110 miles, rendering service of one month and one day.  He was at the surrender of Burgoyne Oct. 17; he served as corporal during each term of service.  On Sept. 8, 1778, he m. Mercy, eldest dau. of Dea. Dudley and Alice (Corbett) Chase, who with their children had removed from Sutton, Mass., and were the first family of settlers in Cornish that included any women.  Mercy was ten years of age, when she, with her mother, came to town….She was b. April 6, 1755, and d. in Cornish Dec. 27, 1835, aged 80.  Mr. Child d. May 24, 1831.”]  [Woodstock 3:506-507 – “STEPHEN CHILD…b. Woodstock Nov. 26, 1749; d. Cornish, N.H., May 24, 1831, age 82, m. Sept. 8, 1778 Mercy Chase, b. Sutton, Mass., Apr. 6, 1755, d. Cornish Dec. 27, 1835, age 80, daughter of Dudley Chase of Sutton and Cornish and of Alice Corbet.  Stephen moved in 1775 from Woodstock to Cornish and was proprietor of Bethel, Vt., but lived in Cornish….Children b. Cornish, N.H.:….URSULA b. June 2, 1785, d. Cornish Jan. 29, 1834, m. Nov. 2, 1068 [sic] Ebenezer Cummings of Cornish, b. June 24, 1779.”]

171. Mercy Chase: b. 6 Apr 1755 Sutton, Worcester Co., MA [SVR 40: “Chase, Marcy [Mercy in C.R.] d. Dudley and Allace”]; d. 27 Dec 1835 Cornish


172. Ezra Walker: b. 9 Dec 1776 Killingly, CT; bp. 10 Jul 1777 South Killingly, CT; d. 9 Jan 1852 Ames Twp., Athens Co., OH; physician  [Athens 425-428: “Doctor Ezra Walker, the first resident physician of Ames township, was born December 9, 1776, at Killingly, Connecticut, in which state he studied his profession, and practiced for some years.  Removing from Connecticut he settled in Poultney, Vermont, about the year 1800, and from thence migrated with his family to Marietta, in the autumn of 1810.  He remained on the Muskingum until the spring of 1811, when he came with his family, consisting of wife and seven children, into Ames township, and immediately resumed the practice of medicine….Doctor Walker taught school in Ames, for one or two quarters in 1811-12, always holding himself ready, however, to attend the sick.  By means of his profession, and by farming some, he gained for himself and family a comfortable subsistence, living to see his children all creditably settled in life.  He died January 9, 1852…[description of children]…Ralph M. Walker, the youngest brother, graduated at the Western Reserve college.  The greater part of his life has been passed as a teacher in Otterbein college, Franklin county, Ohio, and in the Grand River institute in Ashtabula county.  He now lives in Missouri.”]  [Register 66(1912): 134 – children of Comfort Walker baptized in South Killingly church (Comfort, Ezra, Dean, Caleb, Aaron, Sarah, and Lucy); RVR 763-764 – births of children of Comfort and Mehittabell Walker in Rehoboth: Sarah (5 Jul 1763), Comfort (18 Jan 1765), Dean (1 Jan 1769), Lucy (13 Feb 1771), and Caleb (20 Apr 1773); Dean Walker, son of Comfort and Mehitable Walker, d. 16 Jun 1786 age 17 yrs., bur. in Old South Killingly Cemetery]  [US1850; Ames Twp., Athens Co., OH]

173. Abigail Manning: b. 25 Jun 1766 Windham, Windham Co., CT; d. c1842 Ames, OH  [Manning 257-258: “Abigail Manning…b. 1766, June 25, at Windham, Ct.; m. at Killingly, 1787, Ezra Walker, b. 1766, Dec.; a physician.  They removed to Ware, Mass., before 1790; thence to Greenwich, R.I.; in 1798 to Poultney, Vt., where they resided for several years; thence to Ames, Ohio.  Abigail d. aged 76; hence, about 1842.  Dr. Walker d. 1852, Jan.”]


174. Abra(ha)m Griswold: b. 28 Nov 1788 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. 6 Sep 1865 Gustavus, Trumbull Co., OH  [Griswold 3:111: “Abram, b. in Windsor, Conn., Nov. 28, 1788…m. Cornelia Humphrey, b. in Canton, Conn., July 30, 1787.  Removed to Gustavus, Ohio, about 1816, where he became a leading citizen, highly respected and esteemed.  Served as J.P. for many years.  He died Sept. 6, 1865.  Cornelia died June 14, 1869.”]  [Windsor 360: “Abraham…b. 1788; m. Cecilia Humphrey of Canton, Conn.; rem. to Kinsman, O.”]  [US1850; Dist. 143, Gustavus, Trumbull Co., OH]

175. Cornelia Humphrey: b. 30 Jul 1787 Canton, Hartford Co., CT; d. 14 Jun 1869 Gustavus  [Canton 80]  [sister of Laura Humphrey, ancestor of Lowell Palmer Weicker, Jr., Gov. of CT (GBR column #63 – Notable Descendants of Governor Thomas Dudley]  [US1850; Dist. 143, Gustavus, Trumbull Co., OH]


176. Charles Yale: b. 1796 MA; m. 20 May 1820  [Yale2 214: “Rev. Charles Yale, first of Lenox, Mass., and later of Neenah, Winnebago Rapids, Wis., was married to Sarah Jones, May 20, 1820.”]  [Yale1 136: verbatim as in Yale2, except “...and now of Neenah...”] [US1850; Neenah, Dist. 11, Winnebago Co., WI]

177. Sarah Jones: b. c1790 NY  [US1850; Neenah, Dist. 11, Winnebago Co., WI]  [US1870; 2nd Ward, Ripon, Fond du Lac Co., WI]


178. Belden Case: b. 28 Jun 1793 Johnstown, Fulton Co. NY; d. 7 Dec 1879 Johnstown; m. 11 Oct 1822  [Mills 59: “Belden {Case}, b. Johnstown (1855 census) 28 June 1793...m. Maria S. Balch....”]  [US1850; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]  [US1860; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]  [US1870; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]

179. Sarah Mariah Balch: b. 6 Nov 1790 Williamstown, Berkshire Co., MA; d. 10 Jun 1879 Johnstown  [Balch 108: “Sarah Maria, daughter of...Joseph and Mary [Watson] Balch, was born at Williamstown, Mass., November 6, 1790, and died at Johnstown, N.Y., June 10, 1879.  She married Belam, son of Allen Case, October 11, 1822.  Mr. Case was born in Kingsboro, N.Y., he was a farmer and lived in Johnstown, where he died December 7, 1879, aged 86 years.  They had seven sons and one daughter.”]  [US1850; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]  [US1860; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]  [US1870; Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY]


184. Dr. Samuel Duncan: b. 1745; d. 30 Jun 1784 Brunswick, ME; bur. Witch Spring Burying Ground, West Bath, ME; surgeon in Revolutionary War  [GVR 3:18 – Deaths – “Duncan, Samuel, Dr., h. Hannah (Donnell), June 30, 1784, a. 39 y.” – from Witch Spring Burying Ground gravestone record]

185. Hannah Donnell: b. (1750) York, ME; d. (1822)  [YVR 67-68: “Benjamin Donnell his Children born in York of his Wife Sarah the Daughter of Mr. John Kingsbury Decd. vizt…Hannah Donnell born [blank]”]


186. William Webb:  m. 3 Feb 1785 Bath, Lincoln (now Sagadahoc) Co., ME  [IGI-x (FHL #10,562) – William Webb m. Elizabeth Crooker 3 Feb 1785 Civil, Bath, Sagadahoc Co., ME]

187. Elizabeth Crooker:  b. 29 Mar 1766 Bath (or 29 Mar 1767 Georgetown, Bath Co., ME; see under father)  [IGI-x (FHL #10,562) – Elizabeth Crooker b. 29 Mar 1766 Civil, Bath, Sagadahoc Co., ME, dau. of Isaiah and Hannah Crooker]


188. John Leech: b. between c1770 and c1780 Scotland; d. 15 Feb 1848 Brooklyn, New York, NY; immigrated to Brooklyn 1813; ropemaker  [in 1840 his son was called John Leech, Jr. (see #94 above); also see #189 below; the only Leech in Brooklyn in 1823 was John Leech, ropemaker at 98 Sands <>]  [Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 22 Feb 1848 (Tues. evening), p. 2: “DIED  On Tuesday morning, in the 78th year of his age, John Leech.  His friends, and those of his son, John Leech, jr., are respectfully invited to attend his funeral to-morrow afternoon…from his late residence, 105 Gold st.  His remains will be interred in the Greenwood cemetery.”]  [US1820; Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, p. 166: John Leach, 1 male 0-10, 1 male 45 and older, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 45 and older]  [US1830; 5th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, p. 333: John Leach, 1 male 15-20, 1 male  50-60, 1 female 50-60]  [US1840; 5th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, p. 616: John Leach, 1 male 0-5, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 0-5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 60-70]

189. Anne (Stoddard?): b. c1777 Scotland  (living with 94. John Leech in 1850 and 1860.  Perhaps her maiden name was Stoddard, given that she had a granddaughter named Annie Stoddard Leech [see under 95 above].  In light of this, it is interesting to note that a marriage between Ann Stoddart and John Leitch was recorded 15 Mar 1802 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland [IGI-x (FHL #1,042,937)].)

[only Ann Stoddard b. within 5 years of 1777 in Glasgow = Ann Stoddard, b. 6 Jul 1779 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, dau. of Thomas Stoddard and Margaret Torrance; IGI-x (1,041,382 or 102,913): Thomas Stodhart m. Margaret Torrence 4 Feb 1778 in Lesmahagow, Lanark, Scotland; IGI-x (1,066,597 or 102,955); AND Thomas Stathart m. Margaret Torrons 16 Jan 1778 in Avondale, Lanark, Scotland (IGI-x (1,041,474)]


200. Ole Rasmussen: m. 18 Sep 1794 Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway [IGI-x: Ole Rasmussen m. Gunnil Christophersdr 18 Sep 1794 in Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway (FHL #125292)]

201. Gunnil Christophersdatter: b. 4 Nov 1773 Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway [IGI-x: Gunille Christophersdatter, b. 4 and bp. 14 Nov 1773 in Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway; dau. of Christopher Olesen and Gunille Johansdr (FHL #125292)]


202. Torberg Olsen: b. 10 Nov 1773 Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway; m. Apr 1799 Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway [IGI-x: Torber Olesen, b. 10 and bp. 14 Nov 1773 in Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway; son of Ole Gunnersen and Mette Olesdr (FHL #125292)] [IGI-x: Torber Olesen m. Inger Sivertsdr Apr 1799 Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway (FHL #125292)]  [1801 Norway; Inderoe, Nord-Trondelag]

203. Inger Sivertsdatter: b. 4 Oct 1773 Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway [IGI-x: Inger Sivertsdatter, b. 4 and bp. 10 Oct 1773 in Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway; dau. of Sivert Olsen and Ragnille Larsdr (FHL #125292)]  [1801 Norway; Inderoe, Nord-Trondelag]



Ninth Generation


256. Daniel Boone: b. 22 Nov 1734 Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA; d. 26 Sep 1820 St. Charles Co., MO; m. 14 Aug 1756 NC  [Boone 64-65]  [Morgan]  (the famous pioneer)

257. Rebecca Bryan: b. 9 Jan 1739; d. 18 Mar 1813 St. Charles Co., MO  [Boone 64: “...Rebecca Bryan (born 9 Jan. 1739; died 18 March, 1813, in St. Charles County, Missouri, ‘aged 74 years, 1 month and 11 days’), daughter of Joseph and Alee Bryan.”] [Morgan]


258. John Baptist Lewis  [Boone 123]

259. Elizabeth Harvey  [Boone 123]


276. George Berrier: d. bef. Aug 1814 prob. Rowan Co., NC  [division of his estate submitted to USGenWeb by Stephanie Harrison <>]

277. Susannah ____: d. c Mar 1826 prob. Davidson Co., NC [will of Susanna Berrier (Davidson Co., NC, proved Mar 1826; A:50) submitted to USGenWeb by Stephanie Harrison; names among others husband George Berrier (deceased) and son Jacob Berrier <>]


296. Isaac Case: b. 1750-60  [NYFH 175: “Isaac (2), grandson of Isaac (1) Case, was born 1750-60.  He married and had a son William.”  This source provides no basis for assuming the grandparent relationship as stated (other than location), so it is not carried through here.]


298. William Blackmore:  {William Blackmore and Mary Bly, both of Plymouth, m. 14 Feb 1793 in Plymouth by Rev. Ivory Hovey]


328. George Playter  [William D. Reid, The Loyalists in Ontario: the Sons and Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada (1973), p. 253: “Playter, George of York, m. Elizabeth.  See OC 28 Oct 1806.  See Upper Canada Gazette, 22 Nov 1832, for advertisement re sale of his property.”]

329. Elizabeth Welding: b. 1748  [Watson2 248: “ELIZABETH WELDING was born about 1748, daughter of John and Hannah (Watson) Welding of Bordentown, Chesterfield Township, Burlington County, N.J.  She and George Playter, ‘a young man,’ declared their intentions of marriage to Chesterfield Monthly Meeting 2 January 1766, the second time as required by Friends practice, and were then approved, with Thomas Watson and Isaac Horner appointed to attend the ceremony and report to next meeting.  At the meeting 8 June 1784 George Playter requested a certificate from himself, wife Elizabeth, and their children, Watson,…to Horsham Monthly Meeting in Montgomery County, Pa….At the meeting there (Horsham) 29 December 1802 a certificate for Elizabeth Playter, with her children Hannah and George, was granted, addressed to Pelham in Upper Canada.  Her husband, George Playter, was described as ‘of Kingston, County of Frontenec, Province of Upper Canada,’ in the marriage certificate of their son Watson Playter of Byberry Township, Philadelphia County, Pa., 4 December 1794.”]


330. Isaac Waterman: d. 1797 Abington, Montgomery Co., PA  [Will of Isaac Waterman of Abington (dated 27 Jul 1795; proved 11 Nov 1797) – wife Hannah, daughter Abigail (wife of Benjamin Hallowell, Jr.), daughter Mary (sic, wife of Watson Playter), son Joseph, son Isaac, son Isaiah, son Charles, cousin Thomas Livezey; witnesses George Williams and John Righter (Montgomery Co., PA, will book 2 p. 20 <>]

331. Hannah ___


332. Henry Widdifield: b. Jan 1743 Philadelphia; d. 1815 “The Windfall,” Whitchurch Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada; m. c1779 [Widdifield 37-39]

333. Martha Willson: b. 18 Feb 1754 Hardwick, Sussex Co., NJ


334. Comley Randall [Widdifield 43]

335. Mary ____ [Widdifield 43]


336. Samuel Cummings: b. 16 Sep 1718 Westford, MA; d. 9 Jun 1796; m. 1 Dec 1741 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 214: “Cummins, Samuel [of Westford, int.], and Sarah Spalding”]  [Cummings 42: “Samuel Cummings…b. in Westford, Mass., Sept. 16, 1718; m. Dec. 1, 1741, Sarah, dau. of Dea. Andrew and Abigail Spaulding; b. June 9, 1723; resided in Westford and Dunstable until 1774; rem. to Cornish, N.H.  He was a farmer and d. June 9, 1796.  She d. Nov. 23, 1801.”]  [Cornish 105: “Samuel Comings, their [John Comings and Elizabeth Adams] fourth son was b. in Westford, Mass., Sept. 16, 1718; m. Dec. 1, 1741, Sarah Spaulding.  She was b. June 9, 1923.  They res. in Westford, Mass., several years and rem. to Dunstable, Mass., in 1757 and lived there till 1773, when they rem. to Cornish.  He took a deed of land and a mill of Jonathan Chase, Esq., which for more than a century has been called ‘Comings Mills.’  Here they spent the remainder of their lives.  He d. June 6, 1796, in his 78th year.  She d. Nov. 20, 1801, aged 78.  Both were buried in the cemetery on the Comings place, near the center of town.”]

337. Sarah Spaulding: b. 9 Jun 1723 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 150: “Spaulding, Sary, d. Andrew and Abigail”]; d. 23 Nov 1801


340. Daniel Child: b. 1 Jan 1713; d. May 1776; m. 1 Jan 1747  [Woodstock 3:487 – “DANIEL CHILD…b. Jan. 1, 1713, d. May 1776, m. Jan. 1, 1747 Ruth Ammiown, both of Woodstock.”]

341. Ruth (Curtis) Amidon:   [Woodstock 2:193 – “ITHAMAR AMIDON…d. before Dec. 1743; m. (int.) June 5, 1736 Ruth Curtis, who lived in Woodstock in 1746 and m. Jan. 1, 1747 Daniel Child, b. Woodstock Jan. 1, 1713, d. May 1776, son of Ephraim Child and Priscilla Harris.”]


342. Dea. Dudley Chase: b. 29 Aug 1730 Sutton, Worcester Co., MA [SVR 38: “Chase, Dudley, s. Samuel and Mary”]; d. 13 Apr 1814 Cornish, Cheshire Co., NH [NEHGR 71(1917): 341 – Record of Deaths at Cornish, NH – “[1814] April 13 Dudley Chase Esqr aged about 84”]; m. 23 Aug 1753 Mendon or Milford, Worcester Co., MA [MiVR 212: “Chase, Dudley of Sutton, and Allice Corbet of Mendon”]  [Mendon VRs: Dudley Chase of Sutton m. Allice Corbitt 23 Aug 1753]  [SVR 227: “Chace, Dudley and Allice Corbitt of Mendon…In Mendon”] [IGI-x (FHL #874,025 item 1): Dudley Chase m. Allice Corbet 23 Aug 1753 in Milford, Worcester Co., MA]  [Cornish 60-61: “Dudley Chase…b. Aug. 29, 1730, in Sutton, Mass.; m. Aug. 23, 1753, Alice Corbett of Mendon, Mass., b. in 1732.  If the honor of being the first settler in Cornish belongs to any one individual more than another it would seem that Dea. Dudley Chase can claim it.  At the age of 35…he, with others, was the first to make a clearing in the wilds of Cornish.  Eight children were b. to this couple before coming to town and seven afterwards….In many respects this was a remarkable family.  Fourteen of the fifteen children grew to maturity and filled useful and even brilliant positions in life….Deacon Chase and wife…never removed their home from Cornish, but each lived to an advanced age.  After her death which occurred Sept. 13, 1813….He survived her but a few months, dying April 13, 1814.”]  [Chase 175: “Dea. Dudley Chase…born in Sutton, 29 Aug. 1730; died in Cornish, N.H., 13 Apr. 1814, aged 81.  He married in Mendon, 23 Aug. 1753, Alice Corbett, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Jones) Corbett of Mendon, born 23 Feb. 1733.  She died in Cornish, 13 Sept. 1813, aged 81.  He was one of the first settlers of Cornish in 1765….He was in Col. Jonathan Chase’s Regiment with the Cornish men who marched for Ticonderoga, 27 June 1777.  He was Quarter-master of Gen. Enoch Poor’s Brigade in 1778; selectman in 1767; representative 1786; one of the founders of the First Church of Cornish, 29 Sept. 1768; vestryman in the Episcopal Church there in 1795; explored the west branch of the White River Valley in Vermont and purchased large tracts in Bethel and Gilead.”]

343. Alice Corbett: b. 23 Feb 1733 Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. 13 Sep 1813 Cornish [NEHGR 71(1917): 340 – Record of Deaths at Cornish, NH – “[1813] September 13 Mrs Elice Chase daughter {sic} of Dudley Chase Esqr aged”]


344. Comfort Walker: b. 26 May 1739 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA [RVR 761: (births) Comfort Walker, son of Caleb and Abigail, 26 May 1739]; d. 16 Apr 1818; bur. Old South Killingly Cemetery, Killingly, Windham Co., CT [Comfort Walker, d. 16 Apr 1818, age 81]; m. 24 Nov 1762 Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA [RVR 374: Comfort Walker of Rehoboth and Mehitabel Robinson of Attleboro, m. at Attleboro 24 Nov 1762]

345. Mehitable Robinson: d. 29 May 1814; bur. Old South Killingly Cemetery [Mehetable Walker, wife of Comfort, d. 29 May 1814, age 74]


346. Joseph Manning: b. 15 Jul 1718 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA [Cambridge VRs: Joseph Manning, s. of John Jr. and Abigail]; d. bef. 22 May 1779; m. 29 Oct 1745  [Manning 193: “Joseph Manning…b. 1718, July 15, at Cambridge, Mass.  When ten years old he was taken by his parents to Windham, Ct., where he thereafter resided.  He was a Colonial soldier in 1761, from Apr. 1 to Dec. 4, under Capt. John Spaulding, 1st Regt., Gen. Lyman.  He was a farmer, having acquired a part of his father’s farm, with the house and barn.  He was elected tithingman 1759-62, ’65; packer of meat, 1753-4, ’58-67, or 12 years, and packer of tobacco, 1763-4.  When he and his wife died has not been found, but a deed shows that his decease was before 1779, May 22.  His son Joel had the farm, the other heirs conveying their rights by deed in 1779 and the following years.  He and his wife were members of the Scotland Society church.  He m. 1745, Oct. 29, Phebe, dau. of Jacob and Phebe (Thurston) Lillie, b. 1724-5, Jan. 4.”]

347. Phebe Lillie: b. 4 Jan 1724/5


348. Abiel Griswold: b. 14 Jun 1755 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. 26 Dec 1818 Poquonoc, Windsor; m. 25 Oct 1775 Windsor  [Griswold 3:24-25: “Abiel, b. in Windsor, Conn., June 14, 1755…m. (1) in Windsor, Oct. 25, 1775, Huldah Pinney, d. of Capt. Abraham and Sarah (Clarke) Moore.  Capt. Abraham was a grandson of Nathaniel and Sarah (Griswold) Pinney…and descendant of Humphrey Pinney.  Huldah died Apr. 20, 1801, ae. 25….Abiel was a farmer.  Served in the Revolution, pvt. 8th Co., 1st Regt. of Militia.  Died Dec. 20, 1813.  (The Filley records of Windsor states ‘cut his own throat.’)  He and his wife Huldah are buried in Elm Grove cemetery, Windsor.  He was among the first owners of Ohio lands.  His old home, Poquonoc Ave., Windsor, remains in an exceptionally unspoiled condition, and contains some of the finest wall paintings in the state, which must have been by a real pioneer in this art.  Distribution of his estate mentions John, eldest son; Abiel B., Ila, Oregen, Abraham, and Marcus.”]  [Windsor 357: “Abiel…m. (1) Huldah (dau. Capt. Abraham) Pinney of Simsbury, Conn., 25 Oct., 1775; (2) Wid. Rebecca Phelps of Sims., 13 May, 1802; she d. 12 Apl., 1819; he d. 26 Dec., 1813, ae. 58, at Poq., W.”]

349. Huldah Pinney: b. Simsbury, CT; d. 20 Apr 1801


350. George Humphrey: b. 1756; d. 1813  [Canton 80: “Col. George Humphrey, a son of Capt. Ezekiel and Elizabeth Humphrey.  His ancestry, from the first settlers in Windsor, was as follows, viz.: first Michael, second Samuel 1st, third Samuel 2d, fourth Ezekiel 1st.  He was a prominent and worthy citizen in the various departments of public and private life.  He bore a part in the Revolutionary war in early life.  He possessed to a good degree the confidence of his fellow-citizens.  He honorably filled various offices in the military department in the prime of life.  At the time of his decease he was in the capacity of justice of the peace, judge of probate, and member of the state legislature.  He resided on the parsonage farm left by his father.  He was connected with his brother Frederick, in the building and ownership of the forge which he built in 1792.  He married for his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Abraham Pettibone, and granddaughter of Samuel Pettibone, Jun.  For his second wife, he married Rachel, daughter of Oliver Humphrey, Esq….George Humphrey, [born] 1756, [died] 1813, [age] 57.  Elizabeth Pettibone, [born] 1756, [died] 1784, [age] 28.  Rachel Humphrey, [born] 1756, [died] 1831, [age] 75.”]

351. Rachel Humphrey: b. 12 Oct 1755 Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT [SiVR 146: Rachel Humphrey, d. Oliver, b. 12 Oct 1755]; d. 1831 (Sister of Ruth Humphrey, who was a grandmother of the abolitionist John Brown [John Brown])


352. Justus Yale: b. 11 and bp. 15 Sep 1754 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT [New Haven 2039]; d. 4 Nov 1826 Kingsboro, NY; m. 2nd aft. 8 Sep 1795 (the death of his first wife, Margaret Tracy)  [Yale2 156: “Justus Yale, first of Meriden, Conn., afterwards of Lenox, Mass., was twice married...second, to Eunice Sikes.  He led an active life, as a farmer.  Mr. Justus Yale died at the house of his son, the Rev. Elisha Yale, D.D. in Kingsboro, N.Y., November 4, 1826, aged 73 years....Mrs. Eunice Yale died November 16, 1814.”]  [Yale1 79: verbatim as in Yale2]

353. Eunice Sikes: d. 16 Nov 1814


356. Allen Case: b. 13 and bp. 20 May 1764 Simsbury, CT; d. 1845; bur. Johnstown Cemetery, Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY  [Case 28: “Allen {Case} b 13 May 1764 {Simsbury, CT}; bp 20 May 1764 {Wintonbury Church}; m Jane Mills”]

357. Jane Mills: b. 1771; d. 1857; bur. Johnstown Cemetery  [Mills 58-59: “Jane {Mills}, b. 1771 (headstone), the child with whom Treat’s wife was pregnant at the time he made his will; d. 1857 and bur. in lot #211 in Johnstown Cem.; m., probably in Gloversville or Johnstown about 1792 or earlier, Allen Case, b. Simsbury, Conn., 13 May 1764, son of Reuben Case who had married at Simsbury 9 July 1747 Ruth Goodrich..., d. 1845 and bur. with Jane....Allen Case bought land in Kingsboro in 1799 (Fulton Co. Deeds, 1:415).  Jane was an original member of the Kingsborough Church in Johnstown as of 20 March 1804 and her death is on the church records....9 Dec. 1811 Allen mortgaged the eastern part of lot 38 in Johnstown (7:204).  16 Apr. 1819 Allen, Jane and Belden Case sold the eastern part of lot 38 in the Village of Johnstown (6:461).”]


358. Joseph Balch: b. 16 Feb 1760 Hartford Co., CT; d. 5 Dec 1855 Johnstown, NY; m. 1786; drummer boy in Revolutionary War; clockmaker and silversmith  [Balch 60-61: “Joseph, son of Ebenezer and his second wife Lois [Belden] Balch, was born at Hartford Ct., February 16, 1760, and died at Johnstown, N.Y., December 5, 1855.  During the revolutionary war he served as a drummer boy.  He was a thorough Christian and gentleman.  His memory was retentive and he was always abreast of the times.  His faculties he retained to the last.  In 1794 he settled at Williamstown, Mass., and followed the occupation of a silversmith, and clock-maker, a business he had learned from his father.  In 1810 he removed to Johnstown, N.Y., where death came to him while in his accustomed seat in church, Bible in hand, following the scripture reading by his pastor.  He was buried with military honors.  In 1786 he married Miss Mary Watson by whom he had seven children.  Miss Watson was born March 6, 1765, and died February 11, 1844.”]

359. Mary Watson: b. 8 Mar 1765 Leicester, Worcester Co., MA [LVR: “Watson, Mary, dr. Johnson and Lydia”]; bp. 8 Mar 1765 Leicester [IGI-x (FHL #582,759 item 2)]; d. 11 Feb 1844


370. Benjamin Donnell: b. c1720; m. int. 17 Jan 1740 York, ME [YVR 127]  [There was a Benjamin Donnel born 17 Jan 1718/19 in York, ME, son of Henry Donnel and Elisabeth Wells (dau. of Peter Wells of Portsmouth) [YVR 27]; however, this Benjamin was identified as the husband of (1st) Mehitable Hutchins and (2nd) Elizabeth Hodgdon in Ruth Gray (ed.), Maine Families in 1790, 3:73 (Camden, ME: Picton Press, 1992).]

371. Sarah Kingsbury: b. 8 Dec 1720 York, ME  [YVR 30 – “John Kingsbury his Children born in York of his ----- Wife Mary ye Daughter of John Stickney viz…Sarah born Decem. 9. 1720”]  [YVR 34: “John Kingsbury his Children born in York of his Wife Mary the Daughter of John Stickney of Newbury…Sarah born Decem: 8. 1720”]  [NEHGR 13(1859): 158: “John Kingsbury, by wife Mary, had ch….Sarah, b. at Y[ork, ME], Dec. 8, 1720; m. at Y., Jan. 17, 1740, Benjamin Donnell”]


374. Isaiah Crooker: b. 28 Jan 1729/30 Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA; d. 15 Sep 1795 West Bath, Lincoln Co., ME; m. (2) 7 Jul 1760 Georgetown, Lincoln (now Sagadahoc) Co., ME  [Ruth Gray, ed., Maine Families in 1790 vol. 1 (Camden, ME: 1988), p. 55: “Isaiah Crooker, b Marshfield MA 28 Jan 1729/30 son of Francis & Patience (Childs) Crooker (VR; & TAG 40:33): d West Bath 15 Sept 1795 (g{rave} s{tone} Witch Spring cem; Lin{coln} Co Probate 6:107): m (1) 24 Oct 1750 Betsey Philbrook…m (2) Georgetown 7 July 1760 widow Hannah (Harding) McKenney (VR), b Truro MA May 1737 dau of Jonathan & Hannah Harding (VR), and widow of Thomas McKenney (VR Georgetown), she d 1825….Isaiah was a Rev soldier (DAR Lineage Book 154:105); a selectman of Bath.  Children: births VR Georgetown…by second wife…iv. Elizabeth, b 29 Mar 1767: m William Webb”]  [Hoar 46-47: “Isaiah Crooker…of New England, came to ancient Reach (Bath, Me.) in 1748.  Owned tract of land on the Kennebec River.  He was a large man (weight 400 lbs. in prime) and was noted for his solid and steadfast character.  He m. 1st Betsey Philbrook, dau. of Jonathan; m. 2d Hannah Harding about 1761….Children by Hannah….4 Elizabeth, b. Bath, Me., March 29, 1767.”]  [Crooker tree – Isaiah Crooker b. 1729 (son of Francis Crooker and Patience Childs), m. Hannah Harding, dau. Huldah Crooker (m. John Whitmore of Bath, Me.), other children indicated but not named]

375. Hannah Harding: b. 1 May 1737 Truro, Barnstable Co., MA; d. 13 Apr 1825; bur. Witch Spring Cemetery, near Bath  [tombstone—Mrs. Hannah, 2d wife of Isaiah Crooker, died Apr. 13, 1825]  [IGI-x (FHL #911,761): Hannah Harding b. 1 May 1737 Truro, Barnstable, MA, dau. of Jonathan and Huldah Harding]


402. Christopher Olsen: m. 8 Oct 1752 Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway [IGI-x: Christopher Olsen m. Gunille Johannesdr 8 Oct 1752 in Inderoy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway (FHL #125292)]

403. Gunnild Johansdatter:


404. Ole Gunnersen: b. c1754 Norway  [1801 Norway; Inderoe, Nord-Trondelag]

405. Mette Olesdatter:


406. Sivert Olsen:

407. Ragnild Larsdatter:



Tenth Generation


512. Squire Boone: b. 6 Dec 1696 Devonshire, England; d. 2 Jan 1765 Rowan Co., NC; m. 23 Sep 1720 Berks Co., PA  [Boone 32-39]

513. Sarah Morgan: b. c1700; d. 1777  [Boone 32]  [Morgan]


514. Joseph Bryan: of Jefferson Co., KY; will dated 20 Nov 1804, proved 4 Mar 1805 [Morgan]  [Boone 64]

515. Alee ___  [Boone 64]


658. John Welding: d. 1759 Bucks Co., PA

659. Hannah Watson  [Watson2 245: “HANNAH WATSON was daughter of Matthew and Hannah (Pancoast) Watson of Chesterfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey.  She and John Welding declared their intentions of marriage to Chesterfield Monthly Meeting 7 May 1747, the second time as required by Friends practice, and he then producing his certificate from Buckingham Monthly Meeting, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, they were permitted to proceed.  Her husband, John Welding, of Bordentown, Burlington County, blacksmith, died intestate…”]


664. John Widdifield III: b. 1704 Dublin, Ireland; imm. PA with parents 1705 [Widdifield 16]


666. Robert Willson: b. 1 Nov 1709 Chesterfield Twp., Burlington Co., NJ; d. 22 Apr 1785 Hardwick, Sussex Co., NJ; m. 8 Oct 1734 Chesterfield MM, Bucks Co., PA [Widdifield 208, 215]

667. Mary Lundy: b. 6 Jan 1716 Plumsted, Bucks Co., PA; d. 3 Apr 1807 Independence Twp., Sussex Co., NJ; Quaker elder for Hardwick Society of Friends 1756 [Widdifield 208, 215]


672. Dea. John Cummings: b. 7 Jul 1682; d. 27 Apr 1759 Westford, MA [Westford VRs: Dea. John Cumings, d. 27 Apr 1759, in 77th yr.]; m. 3 Oct 1705 Charlestown, MA [Chelmsford VRs: John Cumins and Elizabeth Adams, at Charlestown]  [Cummings 12-13: “Dea. John Cummings…b. July 7, 1682; m. Oct. 3, 1705, Elizabeth, dau. of Pelatiah and Ruth (----) Adams, of Chelmsford, b. Apr. 26, 1680.  He was an original member of the church here and the first deacon in Dec. 3, 1727.  He was moderator of the first town meeting and was chosen one of the selectmen; also town clerk in 1736.  His farm included the land around Westford R.R. Station on both sides of the brook, and is now occupied in part by Sarah Cummings and Ge. F. Dupee.  His dwelling was probably near Mr. Dupee’s and the great elm.  His wife d. Apr. 30, 1759.  He d. Apr. 27, 1759.”]

673. Elizabeth Adams: b. 26 Apr 1680 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 9: “Adames, Elisabeth, d. Pelatiah”]; d. 30 Apr 1759


674. Dea. Andrew Spaulding: b. 25 Mar 1678 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 144: “Spaulding, Andrew, s. Andrew and Hannah”]; d. 7 Nov 1753 Chelmsford [CVR 443: “Spaulding, Andrew, Dea.…a. 75 y.”]; m. 5 Feb 1701 Chelmsford [CVR 322: “Spaulding, Andrew, and Abbigall Waring”]

675. Abigail Warren: b. c1681/2; d. 12 May 1768 Chelmsford [CVR 443: “Spaulding, Abigail, wid. Dea. Andrew…a. 85 y.”]


680. Ephraim Child: b. 18 Dec 1683 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA [Roxbury VRs: Childe, Ephraim, s. Benjamin and Grace]; d. 22 Nov 1759 Woodstock, Windham Co., CT  [Woodstock 3:478 – “LIEUT. EPHRAIM CHILD…b. Dec. 18, 1683, d. Nov. 22, 1759, m. 1710 Priscilla Harris, b. Roxbury June 4, 1685, d. Jan. 26, 1780, in 95th year, daughter of Daniel Harris and Joanna Brown of Brookline, Mass.  Priscilla is buried in East Woodstock Yard and Lieut. Ephraim in Woodstock Yard.  Lieut. Ephraim was the eldest of eight brothers who went to Woodstock and settled in East Woodstock….He was Lieutenant, Co. 17, 11th Conn. Regt.”]

681. Priscilla Harris: b. 4 Jan 1684/5 Roxbury [Roxbury VRs: Harriss, Priscilla, dau. of Daniel and Joanna]; d. 26 Jun 1780 Woodstock


684. Judge Samuel Chase: b. 28 Sep 1707 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 1:84: “Chace, Samuel, s. Daniel and Sarah”]; d. 12 Aug 1800 Cornish, Cheshire Co., NH; m. May 1727/28  [Cornish 59: “Samuel Chase…commonly called ‘Judge Chase’ was the eldest son of Daniel, and b. in Newbury, Mass., Sept. 28, 1707.  He m. in May, 1728, Mary Dudley, dau. of Samuel Dudley, Esq.  She was b. Feb. 22, 1711, and d. in Cornish Feb. 12, 1789.  They, with most of their children, some of them having families of their own, left Sutton, Mass., and lived a few years at Walpole, and then settled in Cornish among the first.  He was the first justice of the peace in town, and as such, called the first town meeting.  He was the first moderator, also the first selectman in town for many years.  He retained his physical and mental vigor to a remarkable degree, for although about seventy years of age, he went woth the regt. of his son, Col. Jonathan Chase, to Saratoga and Bennington in the autumn of 1777….He was one of the judges for the Co. of Cheshire, which at that time included all the present territory of Sullivan Co.  After the death of his wife, Mary, in 1789, it is said he m. again….He d. in Cornish Aug. 12, 1800, aged nearly 93.”]  [Chase 88: “Judge Samuel Chase…born in Newbury (now West Newbury), 28 Sept. 1707; died in Cornish, N.H., 12 Aug. 1800, aged about 93.  He married in May 1728, Mary Dudley, daughter of Samuel Dudley Esq. of Sutton.  Her mother was Abigail King of Concord.  She was born 11 Feb. 1711, and died in Cornish, 12 Feb. 1789.”]

685. Mary Dudley: b. 24 Aug 1711 Concord, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 12 Feb 1789 Cornish  [NEHGR 66(1912): 126: “Mary Dudley {dau. of Samuel Dudley and Abigail Rogers}, b. at Concord 24 Aug. 1711; m. May, 1727, Judge Samuel Chase, who became the founder of the Cornish, N.H., family of that name.  They were the parents of Dudley Chase, Gen. Jonathan Chase, and others; grand-parents of U.S. Senator Dudley Chase of Vt., Hon. Ithamar Chase of N.H., and the Rt. Rev. Philander Chase, D.D.; and great-grand-parents of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, LL.D., of the U.S. Supreme Court.”]


686. Daniel Corbett: b. c1693/4; d. 21 Mar 1753 Milford, Worcester Co., MA [MiVR 332: “Corbett, Daniel…in his 60th y.”]; m. 4 Dec 1717 Mendon [Mendon VRs: Daniel Corbitt m. Sarah Jones 4 Dec 1717]

687. Sarah Jones: b. 20 Oct 1694 Hull, Plymouth Co., MA [HVR 24: “Jones, Sarah, d. of John and Sarah”]; d. 7 Mar 1776 Milford; bur. Vernon Grove Cemetery, Milford [MiVR 220: “Corbitt, Sarah, wid., of Mendon, and John Sawin of Watertown, Oct. 9, 1755.”  and MiVR 366: “[Deaths] Sawin, Sarah, w. of John, Mar. 7, 1776, in her 83d y. G. R. 3.”]  [NEHGR 113(1959): 50: “Sarah [Jones], b. 20 Oct. 1694 [in Hull]; m. (1), in Mendon, 4 Dec. 1717, Daniel Corbett, d. in 1753, an elder in her father’s church; m. (2) (intention 9 Oct. 1755), John Sawin of Watertown, Mass.”]


688. Caleb Walker: b. 30 Oct 1706 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA [RVR 761: (births) Caleb Walker, son of Ebennezar and Dorothy, 30 Oct 1706]; d. 13 Apr 1768 Rehoboth [RVR 884]; m. aft. 6 Jan 1727/8 prob. Rehoboth [RVR 307: Caleb Walker of Rehoboth and Abigail Dean of Taunton, int. 6 Jan 1727/8]

689. Abigail Dean:


692. John Manning: bp. 17 Jan 1696/7 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA [Cambridge VRs: John Manning, s. of Samuel]; d. 5 May 1760 Windham, Windham Co., CT  [Manning 152-153: “John Manning…bap. 1696-7, Jan. 17, at Cambridge, Mass., where he lived until 1725.  A part of the time he was a cordwainer, but he was also styled a ‘waterman,’ and when it is noted that the sale of the old family homestead by his father took place soon after the son’s departure from town, it would seem to be a reasonable theory that he lived in the old dwelling-house, and followed his father’s business, as the latter was a ‘waterman’ when in Cambridge….He bought of his father, 1723, June 20, ‘a certain lot of land in the recent division of land in Cambridge’.…He and his wife sold, 1725, Oct. 25…their rights in the estate of ‘our honored father Joseph Winship, deceased,’ to her brother Joseph.  In 1725, between Fe. 3 and June 14, John Manning removed to Hopkinton, and, about two years later, to Windham, Ct.  There he was a farmer in Scotland Society, acquiring land both by deed of gift from his father…and by purchase….At Cambridge he was admitted to full communion with the church, 1716, May 13, and he united with the church at Windham in 1728, by letter, as did his wife in the same way, 1729.  He was made clerk of the parish, 1732.  He and his wife were members of the colony dismissed to form the new church at Scotland Society, 1735.  He d. at Windham, 1760, May 5, and, together with his wife, is buried in the old cemetery on the east side of the Scotland-Norwich road, about 2/3 of a mile south of Scotland church.  He left no will.  In the distribution of his estate his widow had a share in the house and the barn, and the rest of said house and barn went to their son Joseph, with 13 acres and 38 rods of land.  A large part of the farm passed to their son John, who purchased the shares of the other heirs….Capt. Manning m. Abigail Winship, of Cambridge, bap. 1698, Oct. 16; d. 1770, July 30; dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Harrington), and granddau. of Lieut. Edward and Elizabeth Winship.  Edward settled at Cambridge, 1635; was 14 years selectman, 8 years representative, and a prominent citizen.”]

693. Abigail Winship: bp. 16 Oct 1698 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA [Cambridge VRs: Abigail Winship, dau. Joseph, bp. 16 Oct 1698]; d. 30 Jul 1770


694. Jacob Lillie: b. 10 Nov 1698 Lynn, Essex Co., MA [Lynn VRs: Jacob Lilley, son of George and Elizabeth]

695. Phebe Thurston: b. 11 Dec 1702 Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA [IGI-x(873,756): dau. of John and Hannah Thurstun]


696. Isaac Griswold: b. 24 Sep 1718 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. 17 Oct 1755 Windsor; m. 19 May 1748 Windsor  [Griswold 2:74: “Isaac, b. Windsor, Conn., Sept. 24, 1718…m. in Windsor, May 19, 1748, Mindwell Phelps, b. Windsor, Sept. 1729, daughter of Lieut. Daniel and Mindwell (Buckland) Phelps.  Daniel Phelps, descendant of the first William.  His will, Mar. 15, 1749/50, Hartford Probate records, mentions his daughter Mindwell.  Served in the Revolution, 4th Regiment of Lighthorse (Conn. Archives).  Said to have taken part in chasing a company of British cavalry through Danbury, then 76 years old, riding nearly twenty four hours, and mourning on his return that he did not get a shot at one Britisher.  He was so exhausted by this race that he died soon after.  Isaac died in Windsor, Oct. 21, 1755.  T.S.R. Elm Grove cemetery.  Mindwell married (2) Capt. Noah Griswold.”]  [Windsor 354]

697. Mindwell Phelps: b. 30 Sep 1729 Windsor  [Windsor 569]


698. Capt. Abraham Pinney: b. Feb 1709/10; d. 12 Sep 1780  [Windsor 611: “Abraham (Capt.)…m. (1) Elizabeth Butler; (2) wid. Sarah (Clark) Moore; sett. in Scotland, Simsbury, Conn.  He d. 12 Sept., 1780, ae. 71….Children by 1st wife…”]

699. Elizabeth Butler:


700. Ezekiel Humphrey: b. 28 Aug 1719 Simsbury [SiVR 142: “Ezekell, 3rd s. Sam[ue]ll & Lida”; also “Ezekiel, s. Samuel, Jr.” (same date)]; d. 1795; m. 2 Oct 1740 Simsbury [SiVR 142]  [Canton 77: “Capt. Ezekiel Humphrey, Sen., son of Samuel Humphrey, 2d.  Capt. Ezekiel, was grandson of the first Samuel Humphrey in the line of Samuel Humphrey.  He removed from the old parish to West Simsbury in 1743, and settled on the parsonage lot now owned by Dr. B. A. Kasson.  He had ten children, five sons and five daughters, all of whom married and had children, except Lydia….Ezekiel Humphrey, [born] 1720, [died] 1795, [age] 75.  Elizabeth Pettibone, [born] 1724, [died] 1792, [age] 68.”]

701. Elizabeth Pettibone: b. 1724; d. 1792


702. Oliver Humphrey: b. 13 Apr 1720 Simsbury [SiVR 146: Oliuer, 2nd s. Jonathan]; d. 1792; m. 28 Jan 1744/5 Simsbury [SiVR 146]  [Canton 73: “Oliver Humphrey, Esq., the first magistrate in West Simsbury, was son of Jonathan Humphrey, who was born in 1688.  Jonathan Humphrey was son of the first Samuel.  Oliver Humphrey, Esq., was brother to Jonathan and Solomon.  He removed to West Simsbury about 1742, and resided on the premises lately owned by William Stone, Esq., Suffrage Village.  He had eleven children who lived to adult years, eight of whom connected in life and had children.  The family were considered as conspicuous members in the community….Oliver Humphrey, [born] 1720, [died] 1792, [age] 72.  Sarah Garret, [born] 1723, [died] 1821, [age] 98.”]

703. Sarah Garret: b. 22 Jan 1723/4 Simsbury [SiVR 100: Sarah, d. Francis]; d. 1821


704. John Yale: b. 23 Jun and bp. 2 Aug 1730 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT; d. 28 Mar 1795 Wallingford; m. 22 Dec 1750  [New Haven 2039: “JOHN, b 23 June 1730 WV, bp 2 Aug 1730 WC2, d 28 Mar 1795 ae. 65 WT2; m 20 Dec 1750 WV—Eunice da. William & Mary (Foster) Andrews, b 18 Feb 1729 WV, d 5 Mar 1800 ae. 71 WT2; she m (2) John Couch.”]  [Yale2 135-136: “John Yale, of Wallingford, Conn., was married to Eunice Andrews, of the same town, December 22, 1749.  He was a farmer, and lived in that part of the town which is now Meriden.  Mr. John Yale died March 28, 1795, aged 65 years.  Mrs. Eunice Yale died March 5, 1800, aged 71 years.”]  [Yale1 47-48: verbatim as in Yale2]

705. Eunice Andrews: b. 18 Feb 1729 Wallingford; d. 5 Mar 1800 Wallingford


712. Reuben Case: b. c1717; d. 179_ NY; m. 9 Jul 1747 Wintonbury Church, Simsbury, CT  [Case 28: “Reuben Case (Joshua) was born about 1717 and died in 179- in New York.  He married 9 July 1747 in the Wintonbury Church...Ruth Goodrich, daughter of Jacob and Benedicta (Goodwin) Goodrich.  She was born 22 May 1718 and died 23 Jan. 1782. (Wintonbury Church record.)”]

713. Ruth Goodrich: b. 22 May 1727 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT [Wethersfield 300]; d. 23 Jan 1782 Simsbury


714. Treat Mills: b. c1734 CT; d. Jan 1771 NY  [Mills 56-57: “Treat Mills...son of Jedidiah and Abigail (Treat) Mills, was probably born in Ripton Parish, then in Stratford but now Shelton, Conn., about 1734.  He died in January 1771, probably in New York City, although his will was proved in both New York 25 January 1771 and Stratford 14 June.  He married, surely by 1756, Abigail Curtis who was born in Stratford 10 October 1731, daughter of William and Prudence (Judson) Curtis.  She was living at least as late as 1781 if not 1795....William Curtis’ will dated 12 June 1767 mentions his daughter ‘Abigal, the wif [sic] of Treat Mills of Stratford.’...His will, dated 4 January 1771....In other deeds, when Abigail (Treat) Mills’ heirs sold their rights to a certain four acres in Ripton, the following acted:....8 May 1794 ‘Allen Case & Jane Case of Johnstown, Montgomery Co.,’ the right descended to sd Jane Case by death of her grandmother Abigail Mills (2:511).”]

715. Abigail Curtis: b. 10 Oct 1731 Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; d. aft 1781


716. Ebenezer Balch: b. 14 May 1723 Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. 28 Apr 1808 Hartford, CT; m. 2nd 29 Nov 1756 Wethersfield; goldsmith and clock maker  [Balch 40-41: “Ebenezer, son of Joseph and Mary [Osgood] Balch, was born in Boston, May 14, 1723, and died in Hartford, Conn., April 28, 1808.  He was married twice, his first wife was Miss Sarah Belden....Ebenezer married for his second wife, Miss Lois Belden, a cousin of his first wife, and daughter of Ezra Belden, of Wethersfield.  The ceremony was solemnized by the Rev. Elnathan Whitman, November 29, 1756.  She died May 27, 1793.  Their seven children were born in Wethersfield....This family was remarkable for their great longevity, for the average ages of Ebenezer and the nine children that grew to maturity was 84 years.  Two were between 70 and 75 years; two between 75 and 80; two between 80 and 85; two between 90 and 95; and two between 95 and 100.  Ebenezer was a goldsmith and clock-maker by occupation.  When he came to his majority, he left his home in Boston and went to Hartford, but removed to Wethersfield 12 April, 1756.  A letter written by him to his mother and now in the possession of Rev. Manning B. Balch, of DeSoto, Wis., shows his deep religious sentiment and his love for his mother....A fragment of a diary kept by Ebenezer Balch is now in possession of his descendant, John Watson Case, and has been printed in Balch Leaflets, Vol. I.”]

717. Lois Belden: b. 24 Apr 1737 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 80]; d. 27 May 1793


718. Johnson Watson: b. 1741 Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. 30 Sep 1770 Leicester [Leicester VRs: Johnson Watson d. 1770, age 29]; m. 29 Mar 1764 Leicester [LVR 204: “Serjeant, Lydia and Johnson Watson”]  [Watson 9: Johnson Watson was born in Leicester, MA 1741, died there 31 Sept 1770…married 29 Mar 1764 Lydia Sargent…who was born 22 Jul 1743.”]

719. Lydia Sargent: b. 22 Jul 1743 Leicester [LVR 78: “Sargent, Lyda, d. Nathan and Mary”]


740. Capt. Nathaniel Donnell: d. 1761 Lincoln Co., ME  [“Vital Records of York” – “N. Donnell Captt  The Children of Nathaniel Donnell born in York of Elisabeth Daughter of John Todd of Rowley, viz  1. Elisabeth born Aug. 15, 1721.  2. Nathanael Donnel born Octobr 27, 1724.  3. Thomas Donnel born July 29, 1731.” (NEHGR 109(1955): 259)][Will – dated 29 May 1761, probated 8 Dec 1761; “I Nath’ll Donnell of George Town, Gentleman In the County of Lincoln…”; wife Elizabeth; children Elizabeth, Benjamin, Thomas, and Nathaniel; gave two islands to sons (Lincoln Co. probate records I:9)]  [GDMN 200: “Nathaniel [Donnell, son of Thomas], Capt., mariner.  Of Boston 1710, Rowley 1716, Boston 1721, York 1725, Boston 1731, settled in Bath ab. 1734.  List 279.  He m. (int. 14 May 1711) Elizabeth Todd, d. of John of Rowley.  By his will 1761-1761, naming 4 ch., he gave the Bath meetinghouse lot.”]

741. Elizabeth Todd: d. aft. 8 Dec 1761


742. John Kingsbury: b. 16 Oct 1691 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 1:264: “Kingsbury, John, s. John and Hannah”]; d. 2 Mar 1723 York, ME [see under #1484]; m. 29 Dec 1715 Newbury [NVR 2:275: “Kingsbury, John, of York, and Mary Stickney”]  [MPA 101-102: inventory of John Kingsbury of York taken 30 Sep 1723; admx. widow Mrs. Mary Kingsbury; value £233/5/0 (3:150)]  [MPA 112-113: accounts of estate of Benjamin Donnell of York; “Joseph Holt & Mary, his w, who was wid & is admx of the est of Benjamin Donnell, late of York, decd…5 Oct 1725”]  [YVR 34: “John Kingsbury himself was born in Newbury Oct. 16. 1690  His Wife was born in Newbury July. 1. 1691.”] 

743. Mary Stickney: b. 1 Jul 1691 Newbury [NVR 1:495: “Stickney, Mary, d. John and Mary”]


748. Francis Crooker: b. 14 Apr 1687 Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA; m. 11 Mar 1723/4 Marshfield  [IGI-x (FHL #496,621 item 2): Francis Crooker b. 14 Apr 1687 Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA, son of Jonathan and Mary Crooker]  [NEHGR 6(1852): 351 (Marriages in Marshfield, Mass.) – Francis Crooker m. Patience Childs 11 Mar 1723/4]  [Crooker Tree – Francis Crooker (son of Jonathan Crooker and Mary Burroughs), m. 11 Mar 1725/6 Patience Childs (b. 11 Apr 1696, dau. of Joseph Childs and Elizabeth ___)] 

749. Patience Childs: b. 11 Apr 1696 Marshfield  [IGI-x (FHL #496,621 item 2): Patience Childs b. 11 Apr 1696 Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Childs] 


750. Jonathan Harding:

751. Huldah Rich: b. Jul 1712 Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA; d. 27 Apr 1748 Truro, Barnstable Co., MA  [NEHGR 83(1929): 263: “HULDAH [Rich, dau. of Richard], b. in July 1712 [at Eastham]; d. at Truro 27 Apr. 1748, aged 36; m. JONATHAN HARDING of Truro.”]



Eleventh Generation


1024. George Boone: b. 1666 Stoak, Devonshire, England; d. 7 Aug 1744 Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA  [Boone 19-24]

1025. Mary Maugridge: b. 1669 Bradnich, Devonshire, England  [Boone 19]


1026. Edward Morgan: b. say 1660; d. aft 27 Oct 1732  [Morgan]

1027. Elizabeth (Jarman?): d. aft 7 Dec 1731  [Morgan]


1318. Mathew Watson: b. 2 Oct 1682 Chesterfield Twp., Burlington Co., NJ; d. 1750 Chesterfield Twp.; m. 19 Oct 1725 Springfield Twp., NJ  [Watson2 243-4: “MATTHEW WATSON was born 2 December 1682, eldest son of the emigrants Matthew and Anne (Pierson) Watson of Chesterfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey, where he died testate in 1750.  He requested a certificate at Chesterfield Monthly Meeting 7 May 1724.  Of Burlington County, he and Hannah Pancoast, daughter of William and Hannah (Scattergood) Pancoast of Mansfield Township of Mansfield Township, said County, were married by Friends ceremony 19 October 1725 at the Meeting House in Springfield Township.  The will of William Pancoast of Mansfield Township, dated 19 March 1739/40 and proved 28 August 1742….The will of Matthew Watson of Chesterfield Township, dated 13 August 1748 and proved 15 February 1750/51, devised to his daughter Hannah, wife of John Welding, the plantation bought of William Plaskett, in Trenton Township, Hunterdon County, N. J., and the remainder of his estate to his wife Hannah, whom he appointed executriz….The will of Hannah [(Pancoast) (Watson)] Bickerdike of Chesterfield Township, widow of Gideon Bickerdike, dated 14 January 1769 and proved 15 April 1769, named grand-daughter Elizabeth Playtor, wife of George Playtor, and their son Watson Playtor….”]

1319. Hannah Pancoast: d. 1769 NJ


1328. John Widdifield II: b. c1676; d. 23 Jan 1720 Philadelphia; will dated 10 Jan 1720, proved 31 Jan 1720, Philadelphia [Widdifield 11-16]

1329. Margaret O’Bourne: d. 1707 [Widdifield 14]


1332. Samuel Willson: b. 1 May 1681 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England; d. 19 Feb 1761; bur. Friends’ Burying Ground, Kingwood Meeting House, Hunterdon Co., NJ; m. 1705 [Widdifield 212]

1333. Hester Overton: b. 26 Dec 1682 [Widdifield 212]


1334. Richard Lundy II: b. 20 May 1692; d. 28 Feb 1772 Allamuchy Twp., Warren Co., NJ; bur. yard of Hardwick Meeting House; will dated 21 Feb 1772 (NJ 14:440-442); m. 3 Jun 1714 Hardwick and Randolph Meeting, Warren and Morris Cos., NJ [Widdifield 205-207]

1335. Elizabeth Large [Widdifield 205]


1344. John Cummings: b. 1657 Boxford, MA; m. 13 Sep 1680 Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA [DVR 121]  [Cummings 5: “John Cummings…b. in Boxford, 1657, and lived in Dunstable; m. Sept. 13, 1680, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Brackett) Kinsley, b. in Braintree Nov. 22, 1657.  (She was called ‘Goody’ Cummings.)  They settled on the Nathaniel Cutler place in the south part of Nashua, where his wife was killed by the Indians, July 3, 1706.  He was also wounded, (arm broken), but escaped to a swamp about ½ mile south and near the present state line and remained in hiding over night, then made his escape to ‘Farwell block-house,’ near now 1904, Fay Bros.’ ‘Hermitage.’”]

1345. Elizabeth Kinsley: b. 22 Nov 1657 Braintree, MA; d. 3 Jul 1706 Nashua


1346. Pelatiah Adams: bp. 1 Dec 1656 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR: “Adams, Pelatiah, s. Th[omas]”]; d. 29 Apr 1725 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 358: “Adams, Pelatiah, sr.”]

1347. Ruth ___: d. 18 Sep 1719 Chelmsford [CVR 358: “Adams, Ruth, w. Pellatiah”]  [NOT one of the children listed for Jacob and Sarah Parker in NEHGR 31(1877): 111, as given in AF]


1348. Andrew Spalding: b. c1652; bp. 1 Dec 1656 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 141: “Spalding, Andrew, s. Edward, bp. 1: 12 m: 1656, a. 4 y. 19: 9 m: 1656”]; d. 5 May 1713 Chelmsford [CVR 443: “Spaulding, Andrew, Dea….a. 59 y. 5 m.”]; m. 30 Apr 1674 Chelmsford [CVR 319: “Spalding, Andrew, and Hanah Jefes, d. Henry, of Billerica”] [BVR 276: “Jefts, Hannah…d. Henry, and Andrew Spaulding…in Chelmsford”]

1349. Hannah Jefts: b. 4/14 Feb 1654 Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA [BVR 111: “Jefts, Hannah…d. Henry and Hannah”]; d. 21 Jan 1729/30 Chelmsford [CVR 444: “Spaulding, Hannah, wid. Dea. Andrew…in her 77th y.”]


1350. Jacob Warren: b. 26 Oct 1642 Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA [NEHGR 8(1854): 349 – Early Records of Boston, “Waymouth” – “Jacob son of Arthur Warrin borne 26 (8) 1642.” – same in 9(1855): 172]; d. before 1723; m. 21 Jun 1667 Chelmsford [CVR 342: “Warrin, Jacob, and Mary Hilldereth”]

1351. Mary Hildreth: b. c1650; d. 17 Dec 1730 Chelmsford [CVR 454: “Warren, Mary, wid.”]  [Davis 2:270: “Mary [Hildreth], b. about 1650; m. at Chelmsford June 21, 1670, Jacob Warren of Weymouth.  They lived in Chelmsford until about 1690, when they moved to Canterbury, Conn., where he was a member of first board of selectmen.  He d. before 1723.  She d. Dec. 17, 1730.”]


1360. Benjamin Child: bp. 27 Feb 1658/9 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA; d. 24/26 Jan 1723/4 Roxbury; m. 7 Mar 1682/3 Roxbury; bur. Central Burial Ground, Peter’s Hill, West Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA  [NEHGR 8(1854): 243 – West Roxbury Inscriptions (Central Burial Ground, “Peter’s Hill”) – “Here lyes ye Body of Benjamin Child who died the 25 day of Jan 1723-4 in the 66 year of his age.”]  [Woodstock 3:474 – “BENJAMIN CHILD…b. Roxbury 1658, d. Jan. 24, 1724, age 66, m. Mar. 7, 1683 Grace Morris, b. Roxbury Feb. 7, 1661, d. Dec. 10, 1723, daughter of Lieut. Edward Morris and Grace Bett.”]

1361. Grace Morris: b. 7 Feb 1660/1 Roxbury; d. 10 Dec 1723; bur. Central Burial Ground, Peter’s Hill, West Roxbury  [NEHGR 8(1854): 243 – West Roxbury Inscriptions (Central Burial Ground, “Peter’s Hill”) – “Here lyes ye Body of Grace Child the Wife of Benjamin Child Died Dec ye 10 1723 in the 63d year of her age.”]  [NEHGR 146(1992): 278: “Grace [Morris], b. 7 Feb. 1660/1 [Roxbury]; d. at Roxbury 10 Dec. 1723; m. there 7 March 1682/3 Benjamin Child, Jr., bp. there 27 Feb. 1658/9, d. there 24 or 26 Jan. 1723/4, son of Benjamin and Mary (Bowen) Child.”]


1362. Daniel Harris: b. 14 May 1652 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA [Roxbury VRs: Harris, Daniel, s. Robart]; d. 15 Dec 1733 Brookline, Norfolk Co., MA [Brookline VRs: Harris, Daniel, h. Joanna, a. 83 y.] [NEHGR 12 (1858):215: “Robert Harris, my emigrant ancestor, was married, Jan. 24, 1642-3, to Elizabeth Boughey, at Roxbury….[their fourth child] Daniel, born May 14, 1652, m. June 14, 1682, Joanna Brown.  Parentage not ascertained.”]  , 48:219

1363. Joanna Brewer: bp. 12 Feb 1663 Roxbury [Roxbury VRs: Brewer, Joanna, dr. Nath[aniel]]


1368. Daniel Chase: b. 20 Sep 1685 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 1:84: “Chace, Daniel, s. twin, Moses and Ann”]; d. 24 Mar 1769 Sutton, Worcester Co., MA [not in SVR]; m. 2 Jan 1706 Newbury [NVR 2:84: “Chace, Daniel [jr. int.], and Sarah March”]  [Chase 55: “Daniel Chase…born in Newbury (now West Newbury), 20 Sept. 1685; died in Sutton (now Millbury) 28 Mar. 1769, aged 84.  He married in Newbury, 2 Jan 1706/7, Sarah March, daughter of George and Mary (Folsom) March, born in Newbury, 6 July 1685; died in Sutton, 7 Dec. 1770; buried in the Armory Cemetery, Millbury.  He lived on what is now Ash Street in West Newbury until 13 April 1726 when he sold his farm and removed to Littleton, where his youngest child was born.  Later he removed to that part of Sutton which is now Millbury, where he erected a grist mill on the Blackstone River and became known as ‘Miller’ Chase….With his wife, he was admitted to the Second Church of Newbury in July 1715, and in 1726 they were dismissed to the church in Littleton.”]

1369. Sarah March: d. 7 Dec 1770 Sutton [not in SVR]  [NOT the daughter of George and Mary (Folsom) March, as above, who married Humphrey Deering 5 Dec 1705 (NEHGR 53(1899): 121, and Davis 2:573).  The correct identification of the Sarah March who married Daniel Chase is provided by the will of Hugh March (see below, #2738), where his daughter is called Sarah Chase.]


1370. Samuel Dudley: d. 27 May 1777 Douglas, Worcester Co., MA [DoVR 173: “Dudley, Samuel Esq.”]; m. 1 Nov 1704 Concord [NEHGR 66(1912): 126]

1371. Abigail Rogers: d. 9 Aug 1720 Littleton, MA [NEHGR 66(1912): 126]


1372. Robert Corbett:

1373. Abigail ___:


1374. John Jones: b. c1669/70 Hull; d. 2 Mar 1753 Milford, Worcester Co., MA [MiVR 349: “Jones, John, Elder…in his 84th y.”]  [NEHGR 113(1959): 49-50: “John Jones…born in Hull about 1669/70, died in Mendon, Mass., 28 March 1753, in his 84th year.  He married, first, about 1693, Sarah ___, died in Mendon 3 March 1750, in her 83d year, identified in the Bosworth genealogy as a daughter of John Lobdell of Hull and his wife, who was a daughter of Nathaniel and Bridget (Bellamy) Bosworth….John Jones moved to Mendon with his family soon after 11 March 1703, when his brothers Thomas and Ephraim sold him their allotment of land in that town.  In Mendon he held the office of selectman and was an elder of the church….The will of John Jones (Worcester County A33893) was written in Mendon 11 Dec. 1749 and was probated 9 May 1753.  It mentions wife Sarah…daughters Sarah Corbitt…sons-in-law Elder Daniel Corbitt and Jonathan Whitney to be executors….”]

1375. Sarah Lobdell: b. c1668; d. 3 Mar 1750 Milford [MiVR 350: “Jones, Sarah, w. of Elder John…in her 83d y.”]  [NEHGR 143(1989): 129]


1376. Ebenezer Walker: b. middle of Nov 1676 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA [RVR 761: Ebenezer Walker, son of Philip b. middle of Nov., 1676]; d. 13 Mar 1717/8 Rehoboth [RVR 882]; m. 11 Oct 1703 Rehoboth [RVR 373: Ebenezer Walker and Dorothy Abell, 11 Oct 1703; int. 18 Sep 1703]  [will of Preserved Abell (18 Aug 1724-15 Sep 1724) names grandson Ebenezer Walker, son of eldest dau. Dorothy Walker (Register 98(1944):174]

1377. Dorothy Abell: b. 18 Nov 1677 Rehoboth  [Register 98(1944):174-175: “Dorothy [Abell], b. 18 Nov. 1677 [at Rehoboth]; m. at Rehoboth 11 Oct. 1703, as second wife, Ebenezer Walker of Rehoboth, d. in 1718; she m. (2) at Rehoboth, 13 Jan. 1724/5, John Read of Rehoboth.”]


1384. Samuel Manning: c1665; d. 20 Feb 1755 Windham, Windham Co., CT  [Manning 132-134: “Samuel Manning…b. about 1665, probably at Cambridge, Mass., but possibly at Billerica, where he was reared….He removed to Cambridge before 1695, when, under date of Mch. 8, the records of that town say, ‘Then was the Town’s Stock of Powder and ammunition removed from Mr. Samll Andrews’ house, and committed to the custody of Samll Maning….’  In 1698, Jan. 19, his father conveyed to him for £85, of which £15 was ‘onward of his portion’ as an heir, the old homestead in Cambridge at the S. E. corner of Dunster and South streets….His place of residence is not certain for the 8 years following 1714.  In this year, after having long held office in Cambridge, he ceased to fill such offices and bought land in Windham, Ct., but it is not certain he was there until 1722, and he was in Cambridge, as a resident or visitor, 24 Apr., 1721….Occupying this farm [in Windham] as early as 1722, Mr. Manning there passed the rest of his life.  The land was in the eastern part of the town, which was organized as the Third Parish in 1732, and, known as ‘Scotland Society’ from the organization of the church there in 1735, was set off about 1860 and incorporated as the town of Scotland.  It was in Scotland, as now constituted, that nearly all the Mannings of this line lived, and to which the consideration of descendants should turn, but as it was until lately Windham, the old name will be retained in this work….He d. at Windham 1755, Feb. 20, aged about 90, though his gravestone says ‘in his 93d year.’  Exaggeration is common with gravestones, old and new.  That of his first wife says she d. in her 63d year, whereas, if the record of her birth is correct, she was two years younger.  Their graves are in the Palmer Burying Ground of Scotland Society.  By his will, which was dated 1750, Mch. 2, Mr. Manning divided his land between the two oldest sons of his own son Samuel, deceased….Other bequests were to the testator’s own children: To his son John 20 shillings, which, with what had previously been given him, was his full share of the estate….He m. Deborah Spalding [footnote giving descent from parents Edward Spalding and Priscilla Underwood and grandparents Edward Spalding and Margaret ___, and William Underwood], b. 1667, Sep. 12, at Chelmsford, Mass.  An item in her father’s will was: ‘I also will that in the space of six months after my decease my son Edward pay to my daughter Deborah Manning the summ of five pounds….’….Deborah d. 1727, Aug. 8, at Windham, and Samuel Manning m. (2d) at Norwich, 1731, June 10, Sarah Gale, of Canterbury, perhaps widow of Richard Gale.  She d. 1746, Oct. 11.  There was no issue by this union.”]

1385. Deborah Spalding: b. 12 Sep 1667 Chelmsford, MA; d. 8 Aug 1727 Windham


1386. Joseph Winship: b. 21 Jun 1661 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA [Cambridge VRs: Joseph Winship, son of Edw[ard] and Elizab[eth]]; d. 18 Sep 1725 Cambridge [Cambridge VRs: Joseph Winshipp d. 18 Sep 1725, in his 65th y.]

1387. Sarah Harrington: d. 26/28 Nov 1710 Cambridge [Cambridge VRs: Sarah Winship, w. Joseph, d. 26/28 Nov 1710, age 39 y., 5 m., 18 d.]


1388. George Lillie: b. 24 Feb 1667/8 Reading, Middlesex Co., MA [Reading VRs: George Lillie, s. George, b. 24 Feb 1667]; m. 15 Oct 1695 Salem, Essex Co., MA [Lynn VRs: George Lilly m. Eliz[abet]h Hawkes 15 Oct 1695 at Salem]

1389. Elizabeth ____: d. 1 Mar 1706/7 Lynn, Essex Co., MA [Lynn VRs: Elizabeth Lilley, w. Georg]


1390. John Thurston:

1391. Hannah ___


1392. Sgt. John Griswold: b. 17 Sep 1668 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. 13 Jun 1738; m. 22 Nov 1705 Windsor  [Griswold 2:37: “John, b. Windsor, Conn., Sept. 17, 1668…m. in Windsor, Nov. 22, 1705, Abigail Gaylord, daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail (Bissell) Gaylord.  John d. Jan. 13, 1738.  T.S.R. Elm Grove Cemetery, Windsor.  The estate of Nathaniel Gaylord, Hartford Probate, Vol. IX, 62, 117; Manwaring II, 388, mentions Abigail and John Griswold.  Abigail Gaylord was descendant of Dea. William Gaylord, of Dorchester, Mass., 1630; and later of Windsor, Conn.  He was honored with election to the General Court in 41 semi-annual elections.  The date of Abigail’s death or place of burial has not been found.”]  [Windsor 352: “John (Sgt.)…m. Abigail (dau. Nath’l) Gaylord, 22 Nov., 1705; he d. 13 June, 1738, in 70th yr.”]

1393. Abigail Gaylord: b. 13 Mar 1683/4; bp. 12 Aug 1684 Westfield, CT  [Windsor 280]


1394. Lt. Daniel Phelps: b. 21 Mar 1700/1; will dated 15 Mar 1749/50; m. 9 Nov 1728  [Windsor 569]

1395. Mindwell Buckland: [Windsor 123]


1396. Nathaniel Pinney: b. 11 May 1671; d. 1 Jan 1764 Simsbury, CT; m. 21 Sep 1693  [Windsor 610: “Nathaniel…m. Martha (dau. Timothy and gd.-dau. William the emigrant) Thrall, 21 Sept., 1693.  He is prob. the ‘Lieut. Nath. P. of W., who dyed 1 Jan., 1764, ae. abt. 90’ (Sims. Rec.); res. at Poq., W.”]

1397. Martha Thrall: b. 31 May 1673


1400. Samuel Humphrey: b. 17 May 1686 Simsbury [SiVR 147: Samuell, s. Samuel]; m. 6 Dec 1714 Simsbury [SiVR 147: Samuel, m. 3rd w. Lidia North]

1401. Lydia North: d. 8 Aug 1730 Simsbury [SiVR 145: Lydia, w. Ens. Samuell]


1402. Capt. Samuel Pettibone [Register 111(1957):240 (memoir of William Guy Humphrey, descendant of Frederick Humphrey, brother of #350)]

1403. Elizabeth Thrall  [Register 111(1957):240 (memoir of William Guy Humphrey, descendant of Frederick Humphrey, brother of #350)]


1404. Jonathan Humphrey: b. 2 Dec 1688 Simsbury [SiVR 144: “Jonathan, 2nd s. Samuel”]; m. 30 Jun 1714 Simsbury [SiVR 144: “Jonathan, m. Marcy Ruggles, b. of Simsbury]  [Canton 76: “The first Jonathan Humphrey, son of Lieut. Samuel Humphrey, married Mercy Ruggles, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Ruggles, of Suffield.”]

1405. Mercy Ruggles: bp. 2 Jan 1697/8 Simsbury [SiVR 199: Marcy Rugles (no parents recorded)]; d. 10 Nov 1761 Simsbury [SiVR 146: “Mercy Humphrey, wid., d. Nov. 10, 1761, in the 64th y. of her age”]


1406. Francis Garret: d. 1731; m. 19 Mar 1723 Simsbury [SiVR 100: Frances Humphry m. wid. Sarah Tuller]  [Canton 66-67: “Samuel Tuller married Sarah, daughter of John Mills, about the year 1715….The widow afterwards married Francis Garrett, a Frenchman, by whom she had five children….The first Francis Garrett, died 1731, and his widow married Capt. Joseph Woodford, with whom she lived the remainder of her life….She lived until 1797, and died in her 101st year.”]

1407. Sarah Mills: b. 5 Nov 1696 Simsbury; d. 1797 [SiVR 164: Sarah, d. John [& Sarah]]   [SiVR 164: Sarah Mills m. Samuel Tullor, b. of Simsbury, 6 Jan 1714; SiVR 219: Samuell Tuller d. 13 Jan 1719/20]


1408. John Yale: b. 8 Dec 1687 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT; d. 6 Jan 1782; m. 22 Jul 1711 Wallingford  [New Haven 2032: “John, b 8 Dec 1687 WV, d 6 Jan 1782; m 22 Feb 1711 WV—Sarah dau. Philip & Mary Payne, b c. 1691, d 2 July 1774 ae. 83 WV, ae. 84 WT2.”]  [Yale2 127: “Mr. John Yale, of Wallingford, was married to Sarah Payne, of the same town, July 22, 1711, and settled in that part of the town which is now Meriden, near the residence of a later Mr. John Yale who lived there.  He was a farmer.  Mr. John Yale died January 6, 1782, aged 95 years.  Mrs. Sarah Yale died July 2, 1774.”]  [Yale1 36: verbatim as in Yale2]

1409. Sarah Payne: b. c1691; d. 2 Jul 1774


1410. William Andrews: b. 6 Feb 1702 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT; d. 8 Dec 1756 Wallingford; m. (1st) 1 Nov 1726 Wallingford  [New Haven 43: “WILLIAM, b 6 Feb 1702 WV, d 8 Dec 1756 WC2; m (1) 1 Nov 1726 WV—Mary da. Bartholomew Foster, who d 23 Apr 1748 WC2”]

1411. Mary Foster: d. 23 Apr 1748 Wallingford


1424. Joshua Case: b. 1 Jun 1698 Simsbury; d. 15 Feb 1764 Simsbury  [Case 11: “Joshua Case (William) was born 1 June 1698 in Simsbury...and died 15 Feb. 1764 in Simsbury....He married Anne .... who died 9 May 1773 at the age of 74 in Bloomfield....Both are buried in the Old Bloomfield Cemetery.”]

1425. Anne ___: b. c1699; d. 9 May 1773 Bloomfield, CT


1426. Jacob Goodrich: d. Nov 1745 Wethersfield [NEHGR 71(1917): 296 – Wintonbury Church Records – “[1745] Novr --- Jacob Goodrich Dyd in and was buried at Weathersfield, agd perhaps 52 years”]; m. 12 Sep 1717 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT [NEHGR 18(1864): 53 – Records of Wethersfield, Conn. – “Goodrich, Jacob and Benedict, ye dau. of Nathl. Goodwin of Hartford were m. Sept. 12, 1717.  Is.--…Ruth, May 22, ‘27”]  [Wethersfield 375: “Jacob [Goodrich]…m. 12 Sept., 1717, Benedicta (dau. Nath’l) Goodwin, of Htfd., who d. 1746, at Windsor, Ct., and was bu. at Weth. (Wintonbury Ch. Rec.); this fam. rem. to Wintonbury, Mch., 1745.”]

1427. Benedicta Goodwin: bp. 25 Feb 1693/4 [Wethersfield 300; Hartford 270]; d. 1746 Windsor, CT


1428. Jedidiah Mills: b. 23 Mar 1696/7 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. 19 Jan 1776 Huntington, CT; m. 16 Jun 1726 Stratford, CT  [Mills 21-23: “Jedidiah Mills...son of Peter and Joanna (Porter) Mills, was born at Windsor, Conn., 23 March 1696/97....He died at Huntington (now Shelton), Conn., 19 January 1776 in his 79th year and was buried at Huntington Center Cemetery where there is a monument for him and his wife.  He married at Stratford, Conn., 16 June 1726 ‘Mrs.’ Abigail Treat...who had been baptized at the First Congregational Church in Milford, Conn., 11 June 1704 and died at Huntington 2 November 1775....{Yale graduate, 1722, called to Huntington (formerly Ripton, CT) Congregational Church, where he was the minister for almost 52 years}.”]  (Brother of Rev. Gideon Mills, who was a great grandfather of the abolitionist John Brown [John Brown])

1429. Abigail Treat: bp. 11 Jun 1704 First Congregational Church, Milford, CT; d. 2 Nov 1775 Huntington, CT  [Milford 769: “Abigail {Treat, dau. of Robert Treat and Abigail Camp} bpt 11 June 1704…died 2 Nov 1775 mar 16 June 1727 Rev. Jedediah Mills”]


1430. William Curtis: b. 22 Sep 1693 Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 1767 Stratford; will 12 Jun 1767 – 7 Jul 1767; m. 24 Mar 1725/6 [Fairfield 1:177]

1431. Prudence Judson: b. 19 Sep 1700 Stratford [Fairfield 1:355]


1432. Joseph Balch: b. 26 Apr 1680 Beverly, Essex Co., MA [BeVR 1:34: “Balch, Joseph, s. Samuell and Martha, Apr. 26, [bet. 1675 and 1695?].”]; d. 9 Dec 1732 Caribbean Sea, near Antigua; m. 23 Oct 1712 Boston  [Balch 23-24: “Joseph, son of Samuel and Martha [Newmarch] Balch, was born in Beverly, April 26, 1680, and drowned December 9, 1732.  He married in Boston, October 23, 1712, Mary, daughter of Timothy and Deborah Osgood, of Andover.  She was born February 11, 1690, and died in Boston Oct. 22, 1752.  They had six children, all born in Boston....Joseph was a sea captain, and resided in Boston.  The following account of his death is an extract of a letter printed in the Boston News Letter, January 25, 1732-3, from Mr. David Linzey, mate of brigantine ‘Robert,’ and is dated at St. Christophers, December 13, 1732, via Rhode Island: ‘Sir, this comes to acquaint you of the dismal misfortune that has happened, Viz., the loss of Captain Balch.  He was knocked overboard with the gaft seventeen days after we left Boston....We reckoned ourselves four leagues to the east’d of the Island of Antigua.’”]

1433. Mary Osgood: b. 11 Feb 1689/90 Andover, Essex Co., MA [AVR 1:286: “Osgood, Mary, d. Timothy and Deborah”]; d. 22 Oct 1752 Boston


1434. Ezra Belden: b. 27 Nov 1699 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT [NEHGR 15(1861): 246 – Records of Wethersfield, Conn. – “Belding, John, and Dorothy, d. of Josiah Willard, were m. June 15, 1682.  Is.--…Ezra, Nov. 27, ‘99”]; m. 13/15 Feb 1721/2 Wethersfield  [NEHGR 15(1861): 296 – Records of Wethersfield, Ct. – “Belding, Ezra and Elizabeth, d. of Deacn. Jona. B., were m. Feb. 15, 1722.  Is.--…Lois, April 24, 1737.”]  [Wethersfield 80]

1435. Elizabeth Belden: b. 1 Oct 1698 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 78]


1436. Samuel Watson: b. c1698 Coleraine, Derry, Ireland; d. 9 Mar 1776 Leicester [Leicester VRs: Samuel Watson d. 9 Mar 1776, age 78]  [Watson 3: “Samuel Watson was born in Coleraine, Co. Derry, Ireland, ca. 1698…, died Leicester, MA 9 Mar 1776 [LVR 281]; married there Margarette, who was b. 1703 and d. 6 Aug 1780 [LVR].  Samuel remained in Leicester, Worcester County, MA after his brother Matthew moved to Barrington RI in 1720….Samuel purchased a farm on the Auburn road near Leicester some time before 1744….”]

1437. Margaret ___: b. c1703; d. 6 Aug 1780 Leicester [Leicester VRs: Margaret Watson, w. Samuel, d. 6 Aug 1780, age 77]


1438. Nathan Sargent: b. 27 Aug 1718 Malden, Middlesex Co., MA [MVR 73: “Sargent, Nathan, s of Jonathan and Mary”]; m. 24 Jun 1742 [MVR 289: “Sargeant, Nathan, of Leicester, m. Mary Sargeant of Mald. {by} Rev. J. Stimpson”] [MVR 173 (marriage intentions) “Sargeant, Nathan, of Leicester, and Mary Sargeant of Mald., Dec. 30, 1741”] [LVR 201: “Sargeant, Mary of Maldon and Nathan Sargeant, int. Dec. 27, 1741”]

1439. Mary Sargent: d. 28 May 1750 Leicester [LVR 273: “Seargent, Mary, 1st w. Nathan, May 28, 1750, in her 29th year”]


1480. Thomas Donnell: d. c1699   [GDMN 199-200: “THOMAS [Donnell], eldest s. [of Henry]  In 1662 of York with Andrew Haley of Isles of Shoals, fisherman….Inv. 28 Sep., adm. 3 Jan 1699-1700 to wid. Elizabeth (Weare), living 1709.”]

1481. Elizabeth Weare: d. aft. 1709


1482. John Todd:


1484. John Kingsbury: b. 28 Jul 1667 Rowley, Essex Co., MA [NEHGR 13(1859): 157: “John [Kingsbury] b. at Rowley, July 28, 1667; res. at Newbury; w. Hannah adm. to the ch. there Feb. 10, 1699-1700…by wife Hannah, had ch….John, b. at N[ewbury], Oct. 16, 1690; m. at N., then of York, Me., Jan. 5, 1715-16, to Mary Stickney; d. at Y., March 2, 1723”]

1485. Hannah ___: d. after 10 Feb 1699/1700


1486. John Stickney: b. 23 Jun 1666 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 1:494: “Stickney, John, s. Amos”]; d. 13 Aug 1727 Newbury [NVR 2:729: “Stickney, John, s. Amos and Sarah…a. 61 y. 10 m. 8 d.”]; m. 10 Dec 1689 Newbury [NVR 2:466: “Stickney, John, and Mary Poer”]

1487. Mary Poore: b. 21 Oct 1671 Newbury [NVR 1:428: “Poore, Mary, d. Samuell”]; d. 20 Aug 1737 Newbury [NVR 2:730: “Stickney, Mary, w. John…a. 64 y.”]


1496. Jonathan Crooker: b. c1650; d. 17 Feb 1745  [Crooker Tree – Jonathan Crooker b. c1650 (son of Francis Crooker and Mary Guant); d. 17 Feb 1745; m. Mary Burroughs (b. 2 Dec 1656, dau. of Jeremiah Burroughs and ___ Hewet)] 

1497. Mary Burroughs: b. 2 Dec 1656; bp. 5 Apr 1657 Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA  [IGI-x (FHL #14,791): Mary Burroughes bp. 5 Apr 1657 Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA, dau. of Jeremiah Burroughes]


1498. Joseph Childs: d. 11 Mar 1717/8 Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA; m. 24 Jan 1664  [NEHGR 8(1854): 229 (Deaths and Burials in Marshfield) – Joseph Childs d. 11 Mar 1717/18]  [Crooker Tree – Joseph Childs (son of Richard Childs and Mary Truant) d. 11 Mar 1718; m. 24 Jan 1664 Elizabeth ___] 

1499. Elizabeth ___:


1502. Richard Rich: b. 1674 prob. Dover Point, NH; d. 5 May 1743 Truro, Barnstable Co., MA; bur. North Cemetery, Truro, Barnstable Co., MA  [NEHGR 83(1929): 263: “RICHARD RICH…of Eastham and Truro, Mass., born probably at Dover Point, N.H., in 1674, died at Truro 5 May 1743, in his 69th year.  He married ANNE -----, who died 11 May 1753, in her 78th year.  They were buried in the old North Cemetery at Truro, where their gravestones are still standing….In his will, made in 1743, he named his wife Anne…and named…his daughters Sarah Doane, Rebecca Brown, and Huldah Harding.  (Barnstable Probate Records, vol. 6, p. 308.)”]

1503. Anne ___: b. c1675; d. 11 May 1753 Truro; bur. North Cemetery



Twelfth Generation


2048. George Boone: blacksmith  [Boone 19]

2049. Sarah Uppey  [Boone 19]


2050. John Maugridge  [Boone 19]

2051. Mary Milton  [Boone 19]


2054. ?John Jarman: of Llangurig, Co. Montgomery, Wales; to Philadelphia, PA, 1683  [Morgan]

2055. ?Margaret ___ [Morgan]


2636. Matthew Watson: b. Scarborough, York, England; d. 13 Jul 1703 Chesterfield Twp., Burlington Co., NJ  [Watson2 243: “MATTHEW WATSON of Scarborough, Yorkshire, and Anne Mauliverer of the same parish were married 7 September 1681 by Friends ceremony there.  Anne (Pierson) Mauliverer was then widow of Edmund Mauliverer of Ayton, near Scarborough, whom she, a resident of Monthorpe, had married 1 May 1676 at Kirby Grinsdale, and who was buried 28 November 1679….By deed 21 July 1683 Thomas Hutchinson, late of Beverly, County of York, England, yeoman, conveyed to Mathew Watson, late of Scarborough, said County, chemist, one twelfth of a share of proprietorship in West Jersey.  Matthew Watson died in Chesterfield Township 13 September 1703….His widow Anne died 16 January 1721/22.”]

2637. Anne (Pierson) Mauleverer: b. Monthorpe, York, England; d. 16 Nov 1721/2 Chesterfield Twp.


2638. William Pancoast: d. c1742 Mansfield Twp., Burlington Co., NJ

2639. Hannah Scattergood


2656. John Widdifield: b. c1650; d. bef. 1720 Newcastle, Northumberland, England [Widdifield 11]

2658. Gregory O’Bourne: “wealthy Conservative Dublin citizen and wine merchant” [Widdifield 13]


2664. Robert Willson: Quaker; imm. PA 1682; settled Chesterfield Twp., Burlington Co., NJ [Widdifield 212]

2665. Ann Hoag [Widdifield 212]


2666. Samuel Overton [Widdifield 212]

2667. Hannah ____ [Widdifield 212]


2668. Richard Lundy: prob. b. Axminister, Devonshire, England; sailed Bristol to Boston, MA, Aug 1676; 19 May 1682 sailed from there to PA; settled Bristol Twp., Bucks Co., PA, 1684; prob. d. by 1739; m. 2nd 24 Jun 1691 [Widdifield 204-205]

2669. Jane Lyon: b. Apr 1666 England; prob. d. by 1737 [Widdifield 204-205]


2670. Joseph Large: Quaker, of Bucks Co., PA [Widdifield 205]


2688. John Cummings: bp. 9 May 1630 Mistley, Essex, England [see Register article cited in his father’s entry]; d. 1 Dec 1700  [Cummings 2: “John Cummings…b. ___, 1630, m. Sarah, dau. of Ensign Thomas and Alice (French) Howlett of Ipswich, Mass.  He received by his father’s will, the homestead, consisting of 40 acres, with houses, barns, orchards and fences, and in 1680 sold the same to Edward Nealand….This farm was bounded by land of the above Nealand, and by Tobijah Perkins and the Ipswich common land.  About 1658 he removed to Boxford.  He was made freeman in 1673.  Both he and his wife were members of the church in Topsfield, Dec. 7, 1685; ‘voted dismission to John Cummings without commendation and dismissed his wife with commendation to the church to be shortly gathered at Dunstable.’—(Topsfield Church Records.)  He removed with his family to Dunstable, Mass. about 1680, where he was one of the first settlers.  He was a selectman in 1682, and a member of the church in 1684.  He died Dec. 1, 1700, and his wife died Dec. 7., 1700.”]

2689. Sarah Howlett: d. 7 Dec 1700 Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA [DVR 212: “Cuming, Sarah, w. John”]


2690. Samuel Kinsley:

2691. Hannah Brackett:


2692. Thomas Adams: d. 20 Jul 1688 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 359: “Adams, Thomas,…a. 76 y.”]

2693. Mary Blackmore:


2696. Edward Spalding: d. 26 Feb 1669 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 440]
2697. Rachel ___:  


2698. Henry Jefts: b. c1606; d. 24 May 1700 Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA [BVR 371: Jefts, Henry…Sr.,…a. abt. 94.”]

2699. Hannah ___: d. 15 Sep 1662 Billerica [BVR 371: “Jefts, Hannah…w. Henry”]


2700. Arthur Warren:

2701. Mary ___


2702. Richard Hildreth: b. c1604; d. 23 Feb 1692/3 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 403: “Hildreth, Richard…a. 88 yr.”]  [Davis 2:266-269]

2703. Elizabeth ___: b. c1625; d. 3 Aug 1693 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA [CVR 402: “Hildreth, Elisabeth, wid. Richard”]; bur. Malden Burying Ground [NEHGR 9(1855): 322: “Hildreth.—Elizabeth, wife Richd., ae. 68, Aug. 3, 1693.”]  [NEHGR 10(1856):284: “HILDRETH, RICHARD, Chelmsford, 24 (3) 1663, petitions Gen. Ct. for a grant of land—he is a ‘husbandman,’ and has no other means of support—‘wife and many small children’—‘is greatly disadvantaged, partly by ye hand of the Lord depriving me some few years ago since of the use of my right hand, whereby I am wholly disable to labor.’—Orig. Petition.  150 acres are granted him.”]


2720. Benjamin Child: d. 14 Oct 1678  [Woodstock 3:472 – “BENJAMIN CHILD…of Roxbury, b. Aughton, Yorkshire, England, d. Oct. 14, 1678, m. about 1653 Mary Bowen, b. Wales 1635, d. Roxbury Oct. 31, 1707, daughter of Griffith Bowen of Oxwich, Gower, Wales, and of Boston, and his wife Margaret Fleming.”]

2721. Mary Bowen: d. 31 Oct 1707 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA [Roxbury VRs: Child, Mary, wid.]  [NEHGR 47(1893): 459: “Mary [Bowen]…married (?) Benjamin Child of Roxbury.  He died 14 October, 1678.  ‘Widow Child’ had a share of Griffith Bowen’s estate.  She died 31 October, 1707.”]


2722. Edward Morris(on): bp. 22 Jan 1631/2 Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England; d. bef. 27 Oct 1690 Woodstock, CT; m. 30 Nov 1655 Boston, Middlesex Co., MA [NEHGR 11(1857): 201 – Boston marriages – “Edward Morris was marryed to Grace Bett 20 : 9 : 55 By Mr Richd Bellingham Dept Governor.”]  [NEHGR 146(1992): 277: “Edward [Morrison], bp. at Great Amwell 22 Jan. 1631/2; d. at Woodstock, Conn., shortly before 27 Oct. 1690; m. at Boston, Mass., 20 Nov. 1655, Grace Bett, who d. at Roxbury 6 June 1705.  He immigrated by 23 Feb. 1652/3 to New England where he settled first at Roxbury, Mass., and later at Woodstock, Conn.  He and his descendants adopted the Morris spelling.”]

2723. Grace Betts: d. 6 Jun 1705 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA


2724. Robert Harris:

2725. Elizabeth Boffee/Boughey  [NOTE: I am working on an article about her English ancestry and connections]


2726. Nathaniel Brewer: b. 11 May 1635 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA [NEHGR 5(1851): 334 – Roxbury records – “Nathaniell the sonne of Daniel Brewer borne 1 (3) 1635.”]; d. 26 Feb 1692/3 Roxbury; bur. Eliot Cemetery, Roxbury [Roxbury VRs: Brewer, Nathanael, Sr., a, 57 y. G. R. 1]; m. (2nd) 6 Dec 1661 Roxbury [GMB, Daniel Brewer sketch]

2727. Elizabeth Rand: bp. Dec 1639 or Jan 1639/40 Charlestown, MA [NEHGR 25(1871): 150 – Record Book of the First Church in Charlestown – “1639…10th: mo: [altered to 11] day [date bltd] Elizabeth Rand the daughter of widow Alice Rand was Baptized.”]; bur. 25 Jun 1661 Roxbury [Roxbury VRs: Brewer, Elizabeth, w. Nathaniell]


2736. Moses Chase: b. 24 Dec 1663 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 1:94: “Chase, Moses, s. Aquilla”]; d. 6 Sep 1743 Newbury [NVR 2:562: “Chase, Moses, Ens….in his 80th y.”]; m. 10 Nov 1684 Newbury [NVR 2:93: “Chase, Moses, and Anne Follinsby”]  [Chase 42: “‘Ensign’ Moses Chase…born in Newbury (now Newburyport) 24 Dec. 1663; died in Newbury (now West Newbury), 6 Sept. 1743, in his 80th year.  He married (1) in Newbury, 10 Nov. 1684, Anne Follansbee, daughter of Thomas Follansbee Sr. and his first wife Mary of Portsmouth, N.H. and Newbury.  She was born probably in Portsmouth, N.H., in 1668; died in Newbury, 18 Apr. 1708…aged 40 years….She [the second wife] and her husband were buried in the old Ferry Lane (now Bridge street) cemetery in West Newbury where their tombstones may be seen several rods apart….He was styled weaver and ensign and the latter title appears upon his tombstone and that of his first wife….He made his will 3 July 1740, which was probated 19 Sept. 1743.”]

2737. Anne Follansbee: b. c1668 Portsmouth, Rockington Co., NH; d. 18 Apr 1708 Newbury [NVR 2:560: “Chace, Ann, w. Ens. Moses…a. 40 y.”]


2738. Capt. Hugh March: b. 3 Nov 1656; d. 26 Feb 1726/7; m. 29 Mar 1683  [Davis 2:566-567: “Hugh [March], b. Nov. 3, 1656; m. March 29, 1683, Sarah Moody; Capt. Hugh March d. Feb. 26, 1726(7), in his 71st year (gravestone)....Hugh March of Newbury, blacksmith, made his will on Oct. 16, 1726, and it was proved March 15, 1726/7....[named in will] his wife Sarah....son Henry March....son Joshua March....son Trueman March....daughter Sarah Chase....the children of his daughter Elizabeth Morse, deceased....daughter Hannah Folinsby....daughter Mehitable March....son Samuel March....Witnesses: Caleb Moody, William Morse, Joshua Moody.”]

2739. Sarah Moody: d. after 16 Oct 1726


2740. Francis Dudley:

2741. Sarah Wheeler: b. 30 Mar 1640 Concord [NEHGR 4(1850): 273 – Concord records – “Sarah the daughtr of Georg Wheeler was borne 30. (1.) 1640.”]


2742. Samuel Rogers: m. 13 Nov 1661 [GMB, Jonathan Wade sketch]; town clerk of Ipswich, MA [NEHGR 66(1912): 126]

2743. Sarah Wade: b. c1641 [GMB, Jonathan Wade sketch]


2748. Abraham Jones: b. c1630; d. 25 Jan 1718 Hull, Plymouth Co., MA [HVR 68]  [NEHGR 113(1959): 44-45: :Abraham Jones…born in England about 1630, died in Hull 25 Jan. 1718.  He married, about 1656, Sarah Whitman, died in Hull 11 June 1718, daughter of Ens. John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass.  Abraham Jones was listed as a mariner in a deed given by two of his sons in 1707, when he was well over seventy years of age.  This occupation was followed by all members of the Jones family who stayed at Hull.  Abraham had served as Representative to the General Court in 1689…..will, written in Hull 8 Jan. 1716/17.  It mentions six sons …John…wife Sarah…inventory, taken 13 Feb. 1717/18….”]

2749. Sarah Whitman: d. 11 Jun 1718 Hull, Plymouth Co., MA [HVR 68: “Jones, Sarah, w. of Abraham”]


2750. John Lobdell: will dated 26 Oct 1673 Hull and proved 7 Nov 1673; m. 2nd 21 Feb 1664/5 [NEHGR 142 (1988): 394]

2751. ___ Bosworth  [NEHGR 142 (1988): 394]


2752. Philip Walker:  d. 21 Aug 1679 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA [Rehoboth VRs: Dea. Philip Walker d. 21 Aug 1679]


2754. Preserved Abell: b. say 1644 Rehoboth; d. 18 Aug 1724 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA; m. 27 Sep 1677 Rehoboth  [GMB, Robert Abell sketch]

2755. Martha Redway: b. 15 Mar 1648 Rehoboth; bur. 1 Mar 1685/6 [Register 98(1944):173: “Martha [Redway], b. 15 Mar. 1648 [at Rehoboth]; brd. 1 Mar 1685/6; m. at Rehoboth, 27 Sept. 1677, Preserved Abell, b. 1644, d. at Rehoboth 18 Aug. 1724, son of Robert Abell.”]


2768. Samuel Manning: b. 21 Jul 1644 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 22 Feb 1710/11 Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA; m. 13 Apr 1664 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA  [Manning 120-128: “Samuel Manning…b. 1644, July 21, at Cambridge, Mass.  He was reared in his native town, and the superior educational facilities which, for that period of time, it possessed seem to have been improved in his case; his handsome penmanship and easy style of composition in his mature years showing that he had learning beyond the average of his associates.  Of his youth one event has been spared by Time.  When 18 years old he and several other young men were summoned before the Court and reproved for firing off their guns at night to cause an alarm.  They belonged to a militia company, and the object of the alarm seems to have been to give the impression that Indians had attacked the town, but even the Court was not disposed to look too sternly upon the boyish prank….At this time [17 Oct 1664] he was married, and, some time between the date last given and the early part of 1666, he removed a distance of about 20 miles to Billerica, with which town his fortunes were thereafter cast, and where his intelligence and integrity caused his associates to bestow numerous honors upon him as long as he lived….Samuel Manning m. (1st) 1664, Apr. 13, Elizabeth Stearns [footnote concerning family of father Isaac Stearns], b. at Watertown, but date not recorded, and d. 1671, June 24, at Billerica.  Her death may have been sudden.  Her father gave her £20 by will….This was dated five days before his death, hence, 1671, June 14, and she died ten days after, surviving Mr. Stearns only five days, from which it seems her own death was unexpected.  Samuel Manning married (2d) 1673, May 6, Abiel Wight, b. 1654, Jan. 1, at Medfield….Samuel Manning d. 1710-11, Feb. 22, at Billerica.  The exact place of his burial is unknown.”]

2769. Elizabeth Stearns: b. say 1644 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 24 Jun 1671 Billerica  [GMB (Isaac Stearns sketch)]


2770. Edward Spalding: b. c1635; d. Jan 1708; m. 6 Jul 1683

2771. Priscilla Underwood:


2772. Lt. Edward Winship:

2773: Elizabeth ____:


2784. George Griswold: b. 1633 England; d. 3 Sep 1704; m. 3 Oct 1665 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT  [Griswold 2:18-19: “George, b. England, 1633…m. in Windsor, Conn., Oct. 3, 1655, Mary Holcombe, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, who came from England to Dorchester, Mass., and removed to Windsor 1635.  Mary d. Apr. 4, 1708.  George made his home in Poquonoc 1649 where he purchased land from the Indians.  Poquonoc was then about six miles from Windsor and those families venturing out to this settlement had no protection from any danger that might come or from the Indians; however, from the records, we find this family was never molested.  Probably from the fact that he dealt honestly with the Indians and treated them fairly, they respected him; he was known to be of kindly disposition.  Made freeman 1669; was a large land owner and a man of high respectability.  A sturdy active citizen, but did not aspire to political office.  Died Sept. 3, 1704.  His estate, Hartford Probate, Vol. VII, 108; Vol. IX, 10, 11; Manwaring, II, 70.  Inventory Oct. 2, 1704.  An agreement made by the widow and children for the settlement of the estate is recorded.  This agreement also mentions his grand-daughter Abigail Griswold and daughters Mary Cooley and Deborah Moore.  1685 he was mentioned in Windsor Patent.  1676 contributed to the poor of other colonies.  1679 had a warehouse on the north side of the Rivulet near the ferry.  Trade with England and West Indies.”]  [Windsor 351: “George…rec’d (with his bro. Joseph) his father’s W. lds., when the latter rem. to Killingworth; was also a large purchaser of lands from the Indians and an eminently respected citizen; freeman in 1654; he d. 3 Sept., 1704; m. Mary (dau. Thos.) Holcomb, 3 Oct., 1665, who d. 4 Apl., 1708.”]

2785. Mary Holcombe: d. 4 Apr 1708


2786. Nathaniel Gaylord: b. 3 Sep 1656; m. 17 Oct 1678  [Windsor 280: “Nathaniel…took his portion of his father’s estate at Pine Meadow…‘at 22 yrs. old’ m. Abigail (dau. Thomas) Bissell, ‘20 yrs. old,’ 17 Oct., 1678…who d. 23 Sept., 1723; contributed to Conn. Fund for Relief of Poor of other Colonies, 1676, 2s.”]

2787. Abigail Bissell: b. 23 Nov 1658; d. 23 Sep 1723


2788. William Phelps: b. 3 Nov 1660; d. 21 Nov 1711 Poq.; m. 4 Jan 1693  [Windsor 566: “William…m. 4 Jan., 1693, Hannah (dau. Daniel and Hannah Wilcox) Hayden, b. 6 Nov., 1668; res. Poq., where he d. 21 Nov., 1711.”]

2789. Hannah Hayden: b. 6 Nov 1668


2790. Nicholas Buckland: b. 21 Sep 1646; d. 24 Aug 1728; m. 21 Oct 1668  [Windsor 123]

2791. Martha Wakefield: b. 19 Apr 1650 New Haven, CT; d. 28 Oct 1684  [New Haven 1931]


2792. Nathaniel Pinney: b. Dec 1641 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; bp. 2 Jan 1641/2 Windsor; d. 7 Aug 1676 Windsor; m. 21 Jul 1670 Windsor  [Windsor 610: “Nathaniel…m. Sarah (wid. Samuel) Phelps, and dau. of Edward Griswold, the emigrant, 21 July, 1670….Nathaniel d. 1676.”]

2793. Sarah Griswold: bp. 1638 Kenilworth, Warwick, England  [Griswold 2:22: “Sarah, bapt. Kenilworth Parish, England, 1638…m. (1) in Windsor, Conn., Nov. 10, 16--, Samuel Phelps…who d. May 15, 1669….Sarah m. (2) in Windsor, July 21, 1670, Nathaniel Pinney, s. of Humphrey from Dorchester, Mass., becoming one of the settlers of Windsor.  Nathaniel was b. Dec. 1640, bapt. Jan. 2, 1641, at Windsor, and d. there Aug. 7, 1676.  Mentioned in town records Feb. 15, 1668/9, payment for two years ‘setting in the yeard,’ which meant doing guard or sentinal duty in the meeting house yard during divine services.  Presented for freemanship May 9, 1667; oath Oct. 10, 1667.  Tax list for 1675 showed that he had a family and a horse.  His estate, Manwaring Probate I, 225; inventory Sept. 4, 1676, mentions Sarah, widow; children Nathaniel, ae 5; Sarah, ae 3.  Sarah m. (3) William Pratt…”]  [Windsor 351]


2794. Timothy Thrall: b. 25 Jul 1641; m. 10 Nov 1659  [Windsor 761: “Timothy…m. Deborah (dau. Thomas) Gunn, 10 Nov., 1659; contrib. 1s. 6d. to Conn. Relief Fund for Poor of other Colonies, 1676.  She d. 7 Jan., 1694.”]

2795. Deborah Gunn: bp. 21/27 Feb 1641; d. 7 Jan 1694


2800. Lt. Samuel Humphrey: b. 1656; d. 15 Jun 1736 Simsbury [SiVR 148: “Samuel, Lieut., d. June 15, 1736, ae 80”]  [Canton 75: “Lieut. Samuel Humphrey, son of Michael and Priscilla Humphrey, was born 1656, and died 1736.”]

2801. Mary Mills: b. 8 Dec 1662 Windsor [Windsor 500]; d. 4 Apr 1730 Simsbury [SiVR 147: “Samuel, Lieut.  His w. d. Apr. 4, 1730]


2808. same as #2800

2809. same as #2801


2810. Rev. Benjamin Ruggles: b. 11 Aug 1676 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA; d. 5 Sep 1708; m. 19 Nov 1696 [Harvard 4:171-172: (class of 1693) “Benjamin Ruggles, minister of Suffield, born August 11, 1676, was the son of John Ruggles of Roxbury by his second wife, the former Mary Dyer of Weymouth….Useful steps in Benjamin Ruggles’s qualification for the ministry were taking his A.M., Commencement, 1696, and marrying on November 19, 1696, Mercy, daughter of the Reverend John Woodbridge (A.B. 1664) of Wethersfield….The even tenor of his life, with the mild excitement of remote Indian raids, was broken by the death of Mercy Ruggles on June 28, 1707, leaving seven children, the youngest a daughter six days old.  Her husband followed her on September 5, 1708.  It is tradition that he died while on a visit to his old home in Roxbury, and that the town voted to erect a monument in his memory, but he seems to have been buried in his parish.”]  [NYGBR 28 (1897): 216 – “Benjamin [Ruggles, son of John Ruggles and Sarah Dyer], b. Aug. 11, 1676; d. Sept. 5, 1708; m. Mercy Woodbridge.”]

2811. Mercy Woodbridge: b. 27 Sep 1672; d. 28 Jun 1707 Suffield, MA


2814. John Mills: d. bef. 6 Jul 1699  [Canton 92: “John Mills, son of the last named Simon, was the immediate ancestor of Joseph Mills who settled in West Simsbury.  This John Mills married Sarah Pettibone….This John Mills had four children, viz., John, Benjamin, Joseph and Sarah….Sarah had three husbands, Samuel Tuller, Francis Garrett, Joseph Woodford, whom she survived; children only by the two first.  Mrs. Woodford died in 1797, aged 100 years; her children were noted for their longevity.  John Mills the immediate ancestor of the family, died in early life.  His surviving widow married Dea. John Humphrey…”]

2815. Sarah Pettibone: b. 24 Sep 1667 Simsbury [SiVR 181: Sarah, d. John]  [SiVR 164: Sarah Mills, wid. John & d. John Pettibon, m. John Humphri, s. John, July 6, 1699, by Dudley Woodbridge]


2816. Thomas Yale: b. c1647 New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; d. 26 Jan 1736 Wallingford, CT; m. 11 Dec 1667 New Haven  [Yale2 123: “Capt. Thomas Yale, first of New Haven, and afterwards of Wallingford, in the same state, was thrice married—1st, to Rebecca, daughter of William Gibbards, Esq., of New Haven, December 11, 1667, by William Jones, Esq., Deputy Governor....About two years after his first marriage, he, with others, began to agitate the settlement of Wallingford, to which place he removed in May, 1670, with a small band of other adventurers, under the guidance and direction of the New Haven Committee, as it was called.  By the records of Wallingford, it appears that he was one of the most prominent, active and energetic men among them.  He assisted in the formation of the church, February 15, 1675, and in the call of the first and second mininsters....In 1710 himself and the Rev. Samuel Street were the only surviving signers of the Plantation Covenant of Wallingford.  September 19, 1710 he was one of a committee of three appointed to sell Indian lands, etc., in the town.  He was a justice of the peace, captain of the train-band, surveyor of land, and moderator of their meetings, and kept the records of their proceedings for nearly twenty years.  Capt. Thomas Yale died at Wallingford, January 26, 1736, aged 89 years.  Mrs. Rebecca Yale, his first wife, was born at New Haven, February 26, 1650, and died in Wallingford.”]  [Yale1 28-29: verbatim as in Yale2]

2817. Rebecca Gibbard: b. 26 and bp. 30 [sic] Feb 1650 New Haven; d. c1687/8  [New Haven 641]


2818. Philip Payne: m. 1 Jan 1679 New Haven, New Haven Co., CT  [New Haven 1383: “PHILIP m 1 Jan 1679 NHV—Mary da. John & Elizabeth (Tapp) Nash, b 13 Dec 1652 NHV”]

2819. Mary Nash: b. 13 Dec 1652 New Haven; bp. 14 Jan 1652/3 New Haven [New Haven 1312]


2820. Samuel Andrews: b. 30 Apr 1663 New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; d. 21 Jan 1727 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT; m. 27 Aug 1686 Wallingford  [New Haven 40: “Samuel, b 30 Apr 1663 NHV, d 21 Jan 1727 WV; m 27 Aug 1686 WV—Anna da. Richard & Mary Hall, b 20 Mar 1661 MidV, ‘aged wid.’ d 26 Aug 1746 WC2.”]

2821. Anna Hall: b. 20 Mar 1661 Middletown, New Haven Co., CT; d. 26 Aug 1746 Wallingford


2822. Bartholomew Foster: b. 22 Jan 1670 Gloucester, Essex Co., MA; d. 2 Nov 1740 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT  [New Haven 620: “BARTHOLOMEW, s. of Bartholomew & Hannah (Verry), b 22 Jan 1670 Gloucester, Mass., d 2 Nov 1740 WC2, ae. 71 WV; m (1) ----”]


2848. William Case: b. 5 Jun 1665 Windsor, CT; d. 31 Mar 1699/1700 Simsbury, CT; m. 1688  [Case 3: “William Case (John) was born 5 June 1665 in Windsor and died 31 March 1699/70 in Simsbury....He married in 1688, Elizabeth Holcomb, daughter of Joshua and Ruth (Sherod) Holcomb.  She was born 4 April 1670 in Simsbury...and died 26 Feb. 1762.”]

2849. Elizabeth Holcomb: b. 4 Apr 1670 Simsbury, CT; d. 26 Feb 1762


2852. John Goodrich: b. 20 May 1653 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT; d. c1737; m. 28 Mar 1678 Charlestown, MA  [NEHGR 16(1862): 251 – Marvin family – “Sarah [Marvin, dau. of Matthew Marvin], b. in 1632, m. 1st, William Goodrich of Weathersfield, Conn., Oct., 1648….She d. at Stratford, near the close of 1702.  Children by 1st husband:…John, b. May 20, 1653, m. Rebecca Alden”]  [NEHGR 17(1863): 357 – Wethersfield records – “Goodrich, John, son of William and Rebeckah, his wife, were m. in Charlstowne by Mr. Danford, March 28, 1678.”]  [Wethersfield 373: “John [Goodrich]…b. 1653; sett. Weth.; m. 28 Mch., 1678, at Charlestown, Mass., Rebecca (dau. Capt. John ‘mariner’) Allen, of C.  He d. abt. 1737, ae. 84.”]

2853. Rebecca Allen: b. 20 May 1664 Sudbury, MA [NEHGR 17(1863) – Sudbury records – “Rebecca, daughter of John & Sarah Allen…born 20 May, 1664”]


2854. Nathaniel Goodwin: d. Nov 1747 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT  [Hartford 270: “Dea. Nathaniel Goodwin s of William & Susanna born ca 1669 died Nov 1747 ae 79 bur Center Ch mar Mehitable Porter born Sept 15, 1673 died Feb. 6, 1726 ae 52 dau of Samuel Porter & Hannah Stanley.”]

2855. Mehitable Porter: b. 15 Sep 1673; d. 6 Feb 1726 Hartford Co., CT


2856. Peter Mills: b. c1668; d. 14 May 1756 Wintonbury, Windsor, CT; m. 21 Jul 1692 Windsor  [Mills 14-17: “Peter Mills...son of Pieter Wouterse van der Meulen, alias Peter Mills, and Dorcas (Messenger), was born between 14 May 1667 and 14 May 1669.  The Norton manuscript says in 1668.  He died at Wintonbury, the old western parish of Windsor, now Bloomfield, on 14 May 1756 at age 87...or 88...and was buried in the Old Cemetery there....He married at Windsor 21 July 1692 Joanna Porter...who was born at Windsor 7 February 1670....She died 2 December 1760 age 90 according to her headstone in East Granby Cemetery....She was the daughter of John and Joanna (Gaylord) Porter.”]

2857. Joanna Porter: b. 7 Feb 1670 Windsor; d. 2 Dec 1760


2858. Capt. Robert Treat: b. 14 Aug 1654 Milford, CT; d. 20 Mar 1720; m. (2nd) c1687  [Treat 181-182: “Capt. Robert Treat...born Aug. 14, 1654; baptized Aug. 20, 1656, in Milford, Conn.; died March 20, 1720, aged sixty-seven (gravestone, Milford); married...second, about 1687, ABIGAIL CAMP, born March 28, 1667; died March 20, 1742, in her seventy-fourth year (gravestone, Milford), and daughter of Nicholas Camp.  Mr. Treat was proposed as a freeman to the General Court of Connecticut, May 8, 1684, and was admitted Oct. 9th following.  He was appointed a captain Aug. 7, 1763 {sic, should be 1673}.  His...second wife Abigail was admitted {to full communion in the church at Milford} May 1, 1694.  He was a farmer.  Administration on his estate was granted to his widow Abigail May 1, 1721.  Children, born and baptized in the First church, Milford:...By his second marriage:...ABIGAIL, b. about 1704; bapt. June 11, 1704; d. Nov. 2, 1775; m. June 16, 1726, Rev. Jedediah Mills.”]  [Milford 769]

2859. Abigail Camp: b. 28 Mar 1667; d. 20 Mar 1742


2860. Josiah Curtis: b. 30 Aug 1662 Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 1745 Stratford; m. (1st) Jul 1692 Stratford [Fairfield 1:176]

2861. Abigail Judson: b. 15 Sep 1669 [Fairfield 1:176]


2862. Samuel Judson: b. 27 Aug 1660 Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; d. Jan 1725/6 Stratford; will proved 1 Mar 1725/6 [Fairfield 1:355]

2863. Mary ___


2864. Samuel Balch: b. May 1651; d. 14 Oct 1723 Beverly, Essex Co., MA [BeVR 2:371: “Balch, Samuel, Dea….a. abt. 72 y. 5 m.”]; m. 27 Oct 1675 Beverly [BeVR 2:28: “Balch, Samuell, and Martha Newmarch of Ipswich”]  [Balch 14-15: “Samuel, eldest son of Benjamin and Sarah (Gardner) Balch, was born in the old homestead, at the head of Bass river, in May, 1651, and died October 14, 1723.  He was married, October 27, 1675, to Martha, daughter of John and Martha (Gould) Newmarch, of Ipswich, Mass.  She died July 7, 1720, aged 67 years....When nineteen years of age he was baptized, at his own desire, and united with the First church of Beverly, of which he afterwards became a deacon.  He was chosen town clerk of Beverly, and took the oath of office, June 27, 1693.  This office he held for seven years.  He was several times chosen a representative of the town, and was evidently honored and respected by his neighbors as a man of integrity and ability....His will, dated November 30, 1722, making his son John sole executor, was probated at Ipswich, October 23, 1723. [Reg. Essex Prob., Vol. 13, p. 359.]”]

2865. Martha Newmarch: b. c1653; d. 5 Jul 1720 Beverly [BeVR 2:371: “Balch, Martha, w. Dea. Samuel, July 5, 1720, a. abt. 67 y.”]


2866. Timothy Osgood: b. 10 Aug 1659 Andover [AVR 1:288: “Osgood, Timothy, s. John and Mary”]; d. 16 Sep 1748 Andover [AVR 2:516: “Osgood, Timothy, Mr….in his 90th y.”]; m. 29 May 1689 Andover [AVR 2:258: “Osgood, Timothy, and Deborah Poor”]

2867. Deborah Poore: b. 18 Apr 1664 Andover [AVR 1:311: “Pore, Debora, d. Daniell and Mary…[Mar. 18. CT. R.]”]; d. 29 Nov 1724 Andover [AVR 2:513: “Osgood, Deborah, w. Timothy”]  [Farnum 37-38]


2868. John Belden: b. 1658 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT [Wethersfield 78]; d. 10 Jan 1713/4 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 78]; m. 15 Jun 1682 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 78]

2869. Dorothy Willard: b. c1663 Wethersfield; d. 28 Feb 1754 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 78]  [Wethersfield 793: “Dorothy [Willard], b. Weth.; m. 15 June, 1682, John Belden, who was b. 12 June 1658 and d. 10 Jan., 1713-14; she d. 28 Feb., 1754, ae. abt. 91.”]


2870. Deacon Jonathan Belden: b. 1660 [Wethersfield 78]; d. 6 Jul 1734 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 78]; m. 10 Dec 1685 [Wethersfield 78]

2871. Mary Wright: b. c1665; d. 8 Sep 1741 (will 10 Mar 1735/6 – 2 Jan 1741/2) [Wethersfield 78]


2872. Matthew Watson  [Watson 1: “Matthew Watson, of Leicester, MA, Presbyterian in belief….was reportedly born in Coleraine, County Derry, Ulster, Ireland in 1664…and died in Leicester in 1720…or 1724….He married in Derry in 1695, Mary Orr, who may have been the daughter of David Orr, christened in Londonderry Cathedral 26 Jan 1661….Mary died in Leicester post 1720.  Matthew, after operating a linen manufacturing business for several years in Coleraine, decided, because of religious prosecution {sic}, to join the exodus to Boston in 1718….The family settled in Leicester, MA in 1720, and in the same year Matthew was killed by a falling tree.”]  [NEHGR 22(1868): 354-355 – Deaths – “Matthew Watson, Esq., of Barrington, R.I., was born in Londonderry, Ireland, and came with his parents, who were of Scottish descent, when seven years of age, to America.  His father, Robert Watson, married Mary Orr, whose father, being an influential Protestant, and a man of position, at the time of the invasion of Ireland and siege of Derry, 1688, was beheaded, and his head carried through the streets by an infuriated mob upon a pike.  The family soon afterwards came to America.  Matthew Watson, born in Londonderry, Ireland, 1696; married Bethiah Reed, of Barrington, R.I., Feb. 28, 1713; died 1803, aged 107 years.  [Footnote: An extract from a newspaper printed in Warren, R.I., Feb. 24, 1801, says: -- ‘There is now living in this town, Matthew Watson, Esq., in the 105th year of his age, enjoying good health and in possession of all his faculties, except being blind.  He was born in Londonderry, Ireland, 1696, from whence he, with his parents, emigrated and arrived in Boston in 1712; from thence to Leicester, Mass., where one brother, Deacon Oliver Watson, now lives….”]

2873. Mary Orr


2876. Jonathan Sargent: b. 11 Apr 1677 Malden, Middlesex Co., MA [MVR 73: “Sargeant, Jonathan, s of John and Lydia”]; m. 26 Nov 1717 Malden [MVR 289]

2877. Mary Sprague: b. 25 May 1696 Malden [MVR 80: “Sprague, Hannah, Mary, das of Jonathan and Mary”]


2878. Joseph Sargent: b. 28 May 1690 Malden, Middlesex Co., MA [MVR 73: “Sargeant, Joseph, s of Joseph and Mary”]; d. 18/19 Nov 1760 Malden [MVR 373: “Sargeant, Joseph, s of Joseph and Mary [70 y.]”; bur. Malden Burying Ground [NEHGR 9(1855): 325: “[Sargent,] Joseph…in 71 y., Nov. 19, 1760.”]; m. 4 Jun 1713 Malden [MVR 289]

2879. Hannah Bucknam: d. 22 Jan 1782 Malden [MVR 374: “Sargeant, Hannah, wid. of Joseph”]


2960. Henry Donnell: b. c1602-1608; d. betw. 1687 and 1693   [GDMN 199: “HENRY [Donnell], b. ab. 1602-8, first ment. in 1641, but his dep. about Tho. Bradbury, 21 Mar. 1682-3, +-78, ‘about 47 or 48 years ago,’ shows him in York by 1635 or 1636, and dep. 25 Aug. 1676, ag. 68, shows he was over here, at least on a fishing voyage, ab. 1631….The names Henry Donnell and Geo. Jewell are in the church and borough records of Barnstable, co. Devon, 1631-4.  Early fisherman, later innkeeper at the Stage Isl. ferry, his w. ran the lan while he lived at Jewell’s Isl. in Casco Bay, where he made fish 16 or 18 yrs. until Philip’s War….Last ment. June 1687; inv. not till 25 Apr. 1693, after the massacre….W. Frances ment. 1656-1685.”]

2961. Frances ___: d. aft. 1685 


2962. Peter Weare: b. c1618; from Charfield, Gloucester, England; d. bef. 18 Apr 1692  [GDMN 727: “PETER [Weare], Mr., York (+-40 in 1658), from Charfield, co. Gloucester (his fa. prob. ano. Peter of C.), was here +-1638 when he and Thomas Brooks, alias Basil Parker, bot John Wilcox’s land at Great Works.  In early yrs. he trav. to Winnipesaukee and the Merrimack for furs, settled at York by 1643, and on the homestead on Cape Neddick River by 1650.  Favoring Mass., he was often a storm center and is now consid. unqualified for some of his pub. positions, but York evid. found him useful, as he was chosen selectman 18 times 1653-1683….Imprisoned by the Royalists in 1668, and had been in prison for some reason in 1675 when George Norton sued the prison keeper for letting him out.  In 1685 as the exec. he went to Eng. to prove the will of his br. Thomas of Charfield….Wife Ruth Gooch d. bef. 7 May 1667….He was k. in the York massacre, inv. 18 Apr. 1692….Ch. by 1st w.: Elizabeth, m. Thomas Donnell…”]

2963. Ruth Gooch: d. bef. 7 May 1667


2968. John Kingsbury: d. 23 Jan 1670/1 Haverhill, MA  [NEHGR 13(1859): 157: “Henry Kingsbury, whose wife was Susannah, had ch…John of Rowley, Mass., and afterwards of Haverhill, where he died Jan 23, 1670-1; wife Elizabeth survived him, m., Dec. 11, 1672, Peter Green, and d. Dec. 20, 1677”]

2969. Elizabeth ___: d. 20 Dec 1677


2972. Amos Stickney: bp. 11 Feb 1637/8 Cottingham, Yorkshire, England [NEHGR 139(1985): 319]; d. 27 Aug 1678 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 2:728]; m. 24 Jun 1663 Newbury [NVR 2:465: “Stickney, Amos, and Sara Morse”]

2973. Sarah Morse: b. 1 May 1641 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 1:341: “Morse, Sarah, d. Anthoney”]


2974. Samuel Poore: d. 31 Dec 1683 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 2:703: “Poore, Samuell, sr.”]


2992. Francis Crooker: [Crooker Tree – Francis Crooker of Marshfield m. Mary Guant (d. Mar 1693)] 

2993. Mary Gaunt: d. Mar 1693


2994. Jeremiah Burroughs:

2995. ___ Hewit:


2996. Richard Childs:  [Crooker Tree – Richard Childs m. Mary Truant (dau. of Morris Truant)] 

2997. Mary Truant:


3004. Richard Rich: d. Oct 1692 Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA; m. bef. 29 Apr 1671 [NEHGR 83(1929): 261-262: “RICHARD RICH, of Dover Point (Piscataqua), N.H., and Eastham on Cape Cod, in the Plymouth Colony, mariner, who first appears in New England records in 5 Dec. 1667…died in Oct. 1692.  He married, before 29, 2 mo. 1671, SARAH ROBERTS, who died before Oct. 1692, daughter of Thomas Roberts of Dover Point.  Thomas Roberts of Dover, N.H., by a deed dated 29, 2 mo. 1671, gave to his son-in-law Richard Rich and the latter’s wife Sarah one-half of his goods, lands, chattels, household stuff, houses, and orchards….Thomas Roberts of Dover, in his will dated 27 Sept. 1673 and proved 30 June 1674, mentioned ‘my son-in-law Richard Rich, the husband of my dearly beloved daughter Sarah,’…(New Hampshire State Papers, vol. 31.)…The inventory of the estate of Richard Rich, late of Eastham, who died intestate, was rendered 19 Oct. 1692; and letters of administration were granted to his son Richard Rich and to Isaac Pepper….Besides the usual house, lands, horses, and cattle, mention was made in the inventory of various articles not then common.  Among these were a brass chafing dish, a ‘punch bole,’ brass candlesticks (large and small), a ‘cubbord,’ a ‘Duch’ chest, a large looking-glass and three glass stays to it, pewter plates, platters, and porringers, fine linen tablecloths, napkins, silk stockings, fine neck hankerchers, a ‘payer’ of gloves, and a ‘cloke Camlett lined with silver claspes.’…”]

3005. Sarah Roberts: d. bef. Oct 1692



Thirteenth Generation


4096. George Boone  [Boone 19]


5336. Sylvester Lundy [Widdifield 203-204]


5376. Isaac Cummings: b. c1600/1601; d. May 1677 Topsfield, MA  [Cummings 1; not in Topsfield VRs]  [English origin discussed in John Plummer, “Isaac Cummings of Essex County, Massachusetts.”  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 145(1991): 239-240.]

5377. Anne ___


5377. Ens. Thomas Howlett: b. c1606; d. betw. 4 Nov 1677 and 10 Sep 1678 Ipswich  [GMB, Thomas Howlett sketch]

5378. Alice French: bp. 9 Apr 1610 Assington, Suffolk, England; d. 26 Jun 1666 Ipswich  [GMB, Thomas Howlett sketch]


5384. Henry Adams: b. 21 Jan 1583 Barton St. David, Somerset, England [AAP]; bur. 6 Oct 1646 Braintree, Norfolk, MA [AAP]; m. 19 Oct 1609 Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, England [AAP]

5385. Edith Squire: bp. 29 May 1587 Charlton Mackrell [AAP]; d. 21 Jan 1672/73 Medfield, MA [AAP]


5442. Griffith Bowen: d. before 17 Apr 1676 (when administration of his estate was granted to his son Henry Bowen; NEHGR 47(1893): 458)

5443. Margaret Fleming

                both of royal descent


5444. Edward Morrison: b. say 1595; bur. 22 Jun 1631 Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England; m. 25 Oct 1622 St. Mary Mounthaw, London  [NEHGR 146(1992): 277: “Edward Morrison was born say 1595, and he was buried at Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, 22 June 1631.  He was a bargeman.  He married at St. Mary Mounthaw, London, 25 October 1622, Prudence Heath, who was baptized at Ware, Hertfordshire, 6 November 1597, sister of Isaac, William and Mary Heath, and was last known to be living on 22 January 1631/2, when her fifth child was baptized at Great Amwell.”]

5445. Prudence Heath: bp. 6 Nov 1597 Ware, Hertfordshire, England; d. aft. 22 Jan 1631/2


5452. Daniel Brewer: b. c1600; d. 28 Mar 1646 Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA [GMB, Daniel Brewer sketch]

5453. Joanna ___: b. c1602; d. 7 Feb 1688/9 Roxbury


5454. Robert Rand:   [name known from entries such as the following – NEHGR 25(1871): 148 – Record Book of the First Church of Charlestown – “1636…9th: mo: day 3 Nathaniell Rand the son of Alice Rand and of Robert her husband was Babtised.”]

5455. Alice ___


5472. Aquila Chase: d. 27 Dec 1670 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 2:560]

5473. Ann Wheeler: bp. 13 May 1621 St. Edmund’s, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [Davis 3:606]


5474. Thomas Follansbee

5475. Mary ___


5476. Hugh March: d. 12 Dec 1693 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 2:653: “March, Hugh, sr.”]  [NEHGR 53(1899): 121: “Hugh March…was an early settler of Newbury….He sailed from Southampton, England, April 24, 1638, in the ‘Confidence.’  He married Judith ---, who died December 14, 1675.  In 1653, Mistress Judith was ‘presented for wearing a silk hood and scarf,’ but discharged on proof that her husband was of considerable estate….By occupation Hugh March was a house carpenter.  From 1670 to 1680, he kept a tavern, having been licensed by the court to ‘keep an ordinary.’  Hugh March died November 12, 1693.”]

5477. Judith ___: d. 14 Dec 1675 Newbury [NVR 2:653: “March, Judith, w. Hugh”]


5484. Rev. Nathaniel Rogers: b. c1598 [NEHGR 66(1912): 126]; d. 3 Jul 1655 Ipswich, Essex Co., MA [NEHGR 121(1967): 105 – the Hobart Journal – “[July 1655] 3 Mr Nathaniel Rogers pastor to the church at Ipswich dyed”]  [the family of his mother, Bridget Ray (who married Rev. John Rogers of Dedham) is treated in EONEF]  [nuncupative will copied in The Essex Antiquarian, vol. 9 (1905), pp. 65-66: proved 25 Sep 1655; “The last will and testament of Mr Nathaniel Rogers Pastour of the Church of Christ at Ipswich, as was taken from his own mouth July 3. Anno Dom: 1655”; “The summe of my estate both in Old England, and New, seemes to amount to about ye value of twelve hundred pound; of which sume, four hundred pound is expected from my father Mr Robert Crane in England”; children John, Nathaniel, Samuel, Timothy, Ezekiel, unnamed daughter; “cousin Mr Ezekiel Rogers”; grandchildren John, Nathaniel, and Martha Hubbard; “Cousin John Rogers”; “children of my Cousin John Harris of Rowley, viz, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, John, Mary”; wife Mrs. Margaret Rogers; executors wife and friends Mr. Robert Paine and John Whipple; witnesses Mr. Ezekiel Chever and Deacon John Whipple]

5485. Margaret Crane


5486. Lt. Jonathan Wade: b. c1612; d. 13 Jun 1683 [GMB, Jonathan Wade sketch]  [NEHGR 66(1912): 126]

5487. Susanna ___: d. 29 Nov 1678 Ipswich [GMB, Jonathan Wade sketch]


5496. Thomas Jones: b. c1602; d. before 9 Mar 1680/1 Manchester, Essex Co., MA  [NEHGR 113(1959):42-44: “Thomas Jones, who settled in Hingham, Mass., in 1638, was born in England about 1602….The subject of this article sailed from Southampton 24 April 1638, named in the passenger list of the Confidence as ‘Tayler’, age 36, of the parish of Caversham, Oxfordshire.  His wife’s name was Ann, and they had four children (not named) under ten years of age….Mrs. Ann Jones must have died in Hingham before 1657, but there is no record of her death….Thomas was a selectman of Manchester in 1668….The last recorded act of Thomas Jones was to witness, by mark, the will of William Allen, Sr., 7 June 1678….Thomas Jones died in Manchester before 9 March 1680/1, when an inventory of his estate was taken…(Essex County Probate Records, III, 404-6)….Administration was granted in Ipswich, Mass., 29 March 1681, to sons Abraham….”]

5497. Ann ___: d. bef. 1657 Hingham, MA


5498. John Whitman: d. 1692 Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA [AF, AAP 35]

5499. Ruth ___: d. 17 Aug 1662 Weymouth [Weymouth VRs: Whitman, Ruth, “18” 17 – 1662, w. John]


5502. Nathaniel Bosworth: b. 4 Sep 1617; d. 31 Aug 1690 Bristol, MA [NEHGR 142 (1988): 276, 394]  [NEHGR 142(1988): 277 – families of Hull, MA – “On 12 May 1675, ‘Nathaniel Bosworth, Deacon od the Church of Christ at Hull and executor of the last will and testament of his son-in-law John Lobdell, deceased….’…The will of Nathaniel Bosworth, dated 15 March 1689/90 and proved 20 November 1690 in Bristol County (Bristol Co. Probate, 1:26)….”]

5503. Bridget ___


5508. Robert Abell: b. c1605 prob. Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England; d. 20 Jun 1663 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA  [GMB, Robert Abell sketch] [royal descent]

5509. Joanna ____:


5510. James Redway:   [Register 98(1944): 165-166: “James Redway, the progenitor of the family in America, was perhaps born in Dublin, Ireland, where on 18 Apr. 1637 he was apparently servant to William Bladen, stationer and alderman of that city.  He came to Hingham, Mass., about the middle of the year 1637, as William Bladen’s servant, under the charge of Ralph Woodward.  He was probably released form his apprenticeship three years later, in 1640, and married in 1641….There is no mention in the Rehoboth records of the name of James Redway’s wife, who died after the birth of her last child in 1654 and before he made his will in 1677.”]


5536. William Manning: b. c1614; d. 14 Mar 1690/1 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA  [Manning 99-118: “William Manning…b. about 1614, in England, came to the colony of Massachusetts Bay in, or before, the year 1634, and, settling in the latter year in Cambridge, made that town his home throughout the remainder of his life.  He early purchased a homestead and other land, and engaged in business as a merchant; a calling he followed throughout his life.  This enterprise was not, however, limited to the meree selling of goods, for he owned a warehouse and boat-house on a canal to which boats had free access….William Manning married, at a date not learned, Dorothy ------.  Her maiden name is not known, despite a long continued and widely-extended search for light on the subject.  She must have been born in England, or, at least, before the settlement of this country.  Mr. Manning left no will….William Manning and Dorothy, his wife, were buried in the now old cemetery by Harvard Square, and the headstones to their graves remain in good condition.  They record that William Manning died 1690, Mch. 14, aged 76, and Dorothy, his wife, 1692, July 26, aged 80.  They year of his death is imperfectly given.  According to the old method of double dating he died Mch. 14, 1690-1, which, according to present methods, means Mch. 14, 1691.”]

5537. Dorothy ____: d. 26 Jul 1692 Cambridge


5538. Isaac Stearns: bp. 3 Oct 1595 Fordham, Essex, England; d. 19 Jun 1671 Middlesex Co., MA; m. 20 May 1622 Stoke Nayland, Suffolk, England  [GMB (Isaac Stearns sketch); Stearns packet by John Brooks Threlfall]

5539. Mary Barker: d. 23 Apr 1677


5540. same as #2696

5541. Margaret ____: d. 1640


5568. Edward Griswold: b. c1607 England; d. 1691 Killingworth, CT  [Griswold 2:16-17: “Edward.  Born in England, 1607; m. there about 1630, Margaret, whose family name and parentage have not been disclosed; neither have we actual records of his birth and marriage.  About Aug. 17, 1639, Rev. Ephraim Huit arrived in Windsor, Connecticut with his company and immediately entered upon his labors assisting Rev. John Warham.  Rev. Huit had been pastor at Knowle and Wroxall, Warwickshire, England, Wroxall being a part of Kenilworth Parish….Edward and Matthew Griswold were members of this company….Edward was of the sturdy intellectual type and speedily became prominent in the affairs of the new community, exceedingly active, and was frequently mentioned in colonial records.  Served as deputy to the General Court Aug. 18, 1658-Mar. 14, 1660, and May 15, 1662-Mar. 11, 1663.  In 1659 he built the Old Fort at Springfield for Mr. Pynchon.  Also served as J.P.  He was granted land at Poquonoc but he did not remove there until after the title of the Indians was fully extinguished, 1642….In 1663, with his son John, Edward removed to Hammonassett, later called Killingworth….Edward was largely instrumental in organizing the first church and was its first deacon.  Frequently served on important civil matters, his services, counsel and guidance evidently much sought.  Served on the committee to establish a Latin school at New London….Margaret died Aug. 23, 1670, and is buried in the Congregational cemetery at Clinton, Conn., her gravestone marked ‘M.G. 1670’ is the oldest monument….Edward died in his 84th year, his burial place being unknown, except it may be in the vacant space next to that of Margaret.”  [Windsor 350-351]

5569. Margaret ____: d. 23 Aug 1670; bur. Killingworth, CT


5570. Thomas Holcombe: d. 7 Sep 1657 Windsor, CT  [Windsor 394]

5571. Elizabeth ____:


5572. William Gaylord: d. 14 Dec 1653; m. 9 Feb 1653  [Windsor 278: “William….m. (1) Ann Porter, 24 Feb., 1641…who d. 1653…(2) 9 Feb., 1653, Elizabeth (dau. John) Drake; he d. 14 Dec., 1656….John Elderkin of Norwich, Conn…m. in 1660, or before, Elizabeth, relict of William Gaylord of Windsor….”]

5573. Elizabeth Drake:


5574. Thomas Bissell: d. 31 Jul 1689; m. 11 Oct 1655 [Windsor 77-78]

5575. Abigail Moore


5576. Samuel Phelps: d. 15 May 1669 Poquonock, Windsor, CT; m. 10 Nov 1650 Windsor, CT  [Windsor 564]

5577. Sarah Griswold (dau. of #5568 and #5569)


5578. Daniel Hayden: d. 22 Mar 1712/3; m. 17 Mar 1664  [Windsor 370]

5579. Hannah Wilcox/Wilcockson: d. 19 Apr 1722


5580. Thomas Buckland: d. 28 May 1662  [Windsor 122]

5581. Temperance Denslow: d. 26 Jul 1681


5582. John Wakefield: d. 1660  [New Haven 1931]

5583. Ann ____: d. 1695


5584. Humphrey Pinney: d. 23 Aug 1683 Windsor, CT; m. Dorchester  [Windsor 608-610]

5585. Mary Hull:


5586. same as #5568

5587. same as #5569


5588. William Thrall: b. c1606; d. 3 Aug 1679  [Windsor 761]


5590. Thomas Gunn: [Windsor 362]


5600. Michael Humphrey: m. 1647  [Canton 75: “Michael Humphrey, of Windsor, was the ancestor of the Humphreys in this region.  He married Priscilla Grant, in the year 1647.  Their children were…Samuel, born 1656…”]

5601. Priscilla Grant


5602. Simon Mills: d. 8 Jun 1683 Simsbury [SiVR 164: Simon Mills]  [Windsor 500]

5603. Mary Buell


5620. John Ruggles: d. 25 Feb 1713; m. 15 Mar 1675  [NYGBR 28 (1897): 216 – “John [Ruggles, son of John Ruggles of Nasing, Essex, England, and Roxbury, MA, and 1st wife Barbara ___], d. Feb. 25, 1713; m. 1st, Mary Gibson; m. 2d, March 15, 1675, Sarah Dyer.”]

5621. Sarah Dyer


5622. Rev. John Woodbridge: b. c1644; d. 1691 Wethersfield, CT; m. 26 Oct 1671 [Harvard 2:155-158: (class of 1664): “Rev. John Woodbridge, B.A., of Killingworth and Wethersfield, Connecticut, brother of Timothy Woodbridge, H.U. 1675, was born probably at Andover, Massachusetts, about 1644.  He was son of the Reverend John Woodbridge, of Newbury, the first minister of Andover, who was born in 1613, at Stanton, in Wiltshire, England; came to America in 1634, and married Mercy, born 27 September, 1621, in Lancashire, England, youngest daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley and Dorothy his first wife….October 26, 1671, Woodbridge married Abigail, born 1647, oldest daughter of Governor William and Anne Leete, of Guilford, Connecticut.  Of their seven children, Mercy, born 17 September, 1672, married the Reverend Benjamin Ruggles, H.U. 1693, and died 28 June, 1707….Immediately after Woodbridge’s resignation he went to Wethersfield, where he was installed in 1679 and preached till his death in 1691….From Woodbridge’s death till at least 29 December, 1701, the town of Wethersfield occasionally voted to hire a house or to make appropriations…for his widow.”]  [of royal descent]

5623. Abigail Leete:  (dau. of Gov. William Leete)


5628. same as #5602

5629. same as #5603


5630. John Pettibone: m. 16 Feb 1664  [Windsor 562]

5631. Sarah Eggleston: b. 28 Mar 1643 (dau. of Begat [Bygod?] Eggleston)}


5632. Thomas Yale: b. c1616; d. 27 Mar 1683; m. 1645  [Yale2 100: “Thomas Yale married Mary Turner, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Turner of New Haven, 1645.  Capt. Turner was of Lynn, Mass., in 1630, and removed to New Haven in 1638, and was lost at sea, with all his crew, in The Phantom {incorrect name of ship}, Mr. Lamberton’s ship, which sailed from New Haven, January, 1646.  Mr. Yale came to America in 1637, with his father-in-law, Gov. Eaton, and others, and settled in New Haven, as a merchant, in 1638, with an estate of £200.  After the death of Eaton, he accompanied his mother and Hannah Eaton, his half sister, and brother David, to England, in 1659.  He returned to New Haven, and purchased lands in that part of the town which is now North Haven, and settled on them as early as 1660.  He was one of the principal men in the colony, a signer of the Plantation Covenant of New Haven, and filled with honor many offices of trust, with credit to himself, and to the satisfaction of this friends and fellow colonists.  He left an estate of £479.  Capt. Thomas Yale died March 27, 1683, aged 67 years.  Mrs. Mary Yale died October 15, 1704, aged ---.”]  [Yale1 25-26] 

of royal descent through both parents

5633. Mary Turner: d. 15 Oct 1704


5634. William Gibbard: d. 9 Aug 1662 New Haven, New Haven Co., CT  [New Haven 641: “WILLIAM, from near Stratford, Warwick, Eng., Sec. of NH Colony, d 9 Aug 1662 NHV; m Anna da. Edmund Tapp, who d 1702”]

5635. Anna Tapp: d. 1701


5638. John Nash: b. c1615; d 3 Jul 1687 New Haven, New Haven Co., CT  [New Haven 1312: “JOHN {son of Thomas Nash and Margery Baker, grandson of Nicholas Baker and Mary Hodgett}, b c. 1615, d 3 July 1687 NHV, ae. 72 NHT1; Maj.; m Elizabeth da. Edmund Tapp, who d 1 May 1676 NHV.”]

5639. Elizabeth Tapp: d. 1 May 1676 New Haven


5640. Samuel Andrews: b. c1635; d. 6 Oct 1704 Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT  [New Haven 40: “SAMUEL, b c. 1635, d 6 Oct 1704 ae. 69 WV; Ens.; m Elizabeth da. William & Elizabeth Peck.”]

5641. Elizabeth Peck


5642. Richard Hall

5643. Mary ___


5644. Bartholomew Foster

5645. Hannah Verry


5696. John Case: d. 21 Feb 1703/4 Simsbury, CT  [Case 1: “John Case was born in Aylesham, England and died 21 Feb. 1703/4 in Simsbury, Connecticut....He married Sarah Spencer, daughter of William and Agnes (Harris) Spencer of Hartford, Connecticut who died 3 Nov. 1691 in Simsbury at the age of 55....John’s will dated Nov. 21, 1700 named his {second} wife, Elizabeth, six sons and four daughters.  Samuel Spencer of Hartford and John Case, his son, were executors.”]

5697. Sarah Spencer: b. c1635 [GMB (William Spencer sketch)]; d. 3 Nov 1691 Simsbury, CT

                of royal descent through her mother, Agnes (Harris) (Spencer) Edwards; her half brother, Richard Edwards, was grandfather of Jonathan Edwards [AAP 223]


5698. Joshua Holcombe: bp. 27 Sep 1640 Windsor; m. 4 Jun 1663 Windsor [GMB, Thomas Holcombe sketch]

5699. Ruth Sherwood:


5704. William Goodrich: m. 4 Oct 1648 Hartford Co., CT  [NEHGR 17(1863): 357 – Wethersfield records – “Goodrich, William and Sarah, dau. of Matthew Marvin, of Hartford, were m. Oct. 4, 1648.  Is.--…John, ** ‘52”]  [Wethersfield 372: “Ensign William Goodrich, b. near Bury St. Edward, Co. Suffolk, Eng., m. at Htfd., 4 Oct., 1648, Sarah (dau. Matthew & Elizabeth) Marvin, of H….[he died] in 1665….His wid. m. (2) as his second wife, Capt. William…Curtis….She d. at S[tratford], near close of same yr. [1702]; her will, dated 21 Oct., 1697, adm. to prob. 7 Jan., 1702-3….”]

5705. Sarah Marvin: b. 1632; d. 1702 Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT  [see under #2852]


5706. John Allen

5707. Sarah ___


5708. William Goodwin: b. c1629; d. 15 Oct 1689 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT [Hartford 269: “William Goodwin s of Ozias & Mary (Woodward) born 1629 died Oct 15, 1689 mar Susanna Fruen who m John Shepard as 2nd wife ca Aug 1671.  She died 1698.”]

5709. Susannah Fruen: d. 1698


5710. Samuel Porter: b. 1635; d. 1689 Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA [AAP 52] {son of John Porter and Anna White; grandson of Robert White and Bridget Allgar [AAP 240]} {brother of #5723; uncle of #5714}

5711. Hannah Stanley: b. c1640; d. 1708 Hadley [AAP 52] {dau. of Thomas Stanley and Bennett Tritton; granddau. of John Stanley and Susan Lancock [AAP 282]} {aunt of #5714}


5712. Pieter Wouterse van der Meulen (Peter Mills): d. 17 Apr 1710 Windsor, CT; m. 1666  [Mills 1-13: “Pieter Wouterse van der Meulen, or Peter Mills as he came to be known, was probably born in Holland, possibly about 1622 but perhaps somewhat later....‘Peter Mills Sr.’ died atWindsor, Connecticut, 17 April 1710....Although one source suggest Peter was a widower, his first known marriage occurred, surely in Windsor, probably in the spring of 1666 and definitely by 6 June of that year, to Dorcas (‘Darkas’) Messenger....Her birth is recorded at Windsor as 23 September 1650...daughter of Edward Messenger....”]

5713. Dorcas Messenger: b. 23 Sep 1650 Windsor; d. 18 May 1688 Windsor


5714. John Porter: b. 3 Jun 1651 Windsor, CT; d. 4 Jan 1690/9 Windsor; m. 16 Dec 1669 Windsor [John Brown, #50] {son of John Porter and Mary Stanley; grandson of John Porter and Anna White, and Thomas Stanley and Bennett Tritton [John Brown]} {nephew of #s 5710 and 5723}

5715. Joanna Gaylord: b. 5 Feb 1652/3 Windsor; d. 1716 [John Brown, #51]


5716. Gov. Robert Treat: bp. 25 Feb 1624/5 Pittminster, Somerset, England; d. 12 Jul 1710 Milford, CT  [Cutter 1136: “Governor Robert Treat, son of Richard Treat, was born in Pitminster, England, about 1624, baptized February 25, 1624-25, died July 12, 1710 (gravestone at Milford, Connecticut).  He married (first) Jane Tapp, who died the last of October, 1703, aged seventy-five, daughter of Edmund Tapp….Robert Treat was among the early settlers of Milford, Connecticut, coming from Wethersfield, and at the first meeting of the planters, November 20, 1639, was one of nine appointed to survey and lay out lands.  He subsequently returned to Wethersfield and was elected rate-maker there in 1647.  Returning soon afterward to Milford, he joined the church there with his wife, April 19, 1649.  In 1653 he was chosen deputy to the general court and the following year was elected lieutenant of the Milford militia company.  He became a large landholder and a strong and influential factor in the development of the colony.  He was often chosen to purchase and divide public lands.  He was early a prominent member of the church, and in 1660 was one of the laymen chosen to perform the ceremony of laying on of hands at the installation of Rev. Roger Newton.  He held the post of deputy until 1659, with the exception of one year, and then being elected magistrate, he served for five years on the governor’s council, and was re-elected, but declined further service.  In 1663 he was again chosen magistrate for Milford, and he was also captain of the military forces.  In May, 1664, he and William Jones were appointed to meet a committee from Massachusetts to consider various matters of common interest.  He was again elected magistrate, but declined.  He was active in the consummation of the union of the New Haven and Connecticut colonies under one government.  In 1665 he was a deputy to the general court, and the following year was nominated for the office of assistant and defeated.  He was a delegate to go to New Jersey in the interests of those dissatisfied with conditions in Connecticut and desiring to settle there.  The movement resulted in the establishment of the town of Newark, and Treat and ten others were appointed to have charge of the government, and he was the foremost citizen.  From 1667 to 1672 he was deputy to the New Jersey general assembly.  In 1672 he returned to his old home in Connecticut, though a son and daughter remained.  Upon his return he was placed second in command of the forces in preparation to fight the Dutch in New York, and at the next election was chosen assistant and continued for three years, serving also on the committee of safety, which acted when the general court was not in session.  He had many important public duties on committees of the general court and held many private trusts.  When King Philip’s war broke out he was commissioned major in command of the Connecticut quota.  He saved Springfield from destruction and took active part in the campaign in western Massachusetts and the Connecticut valley.  He defeated the Indians at Hadley in October.  He took a leading part in the famous Swamp Fight, when the Narragansetts were defeated.  Four of his five captains were slain, but he escaped with a bullet hole in his hat.  After the death of King Philip, Major Treat returned home, and was elected deputy governor, continuing in this office seven years.  He also served as judge of committee, especially in Indian affairs, now at the request of Northampton to mediate with the Indians for the return of captives and a treaty of peace, now on the committee of safety and twice as commissioner for the United Colonies and twice also as substitute for other commissioners.  In 1683 he was elected governor, to succeed Governor Leete, who died in April.”]  [Milford 768]  [ALSO great grandfather of Robert Treat Paine (1731-1814), Signer of the Declaration of Independence (Gov. Robert Treat -> Samuel Treat (m. Abigail Willard) -> Eunice Treat (m. Thomas Paine) -> Robert Treat Paine)]

5717. Jane Tapp: b. c1628; d. 31 Oct 1703


5718. Nicholas Camp:


5720. William Curtis: bp. 21 Jun 1618 Nazing, Essex, England; d. 21 Dec 1702 Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT [Fairfield 1:170; son of John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins]  [but GMB (William Curtis sketch) has him dying 1634 in Roxbury]


5722. Joseph Judson: b. c1619 England; d. 8 Oct 1690 Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; m. 24 Oct 1644 Windsor, CT; will 27 Feb 1679/80 – 28 Oct 1690 [Fairfield 1:349-350] (brother of #5724)

5723. Sarah Porter: bp. 15 Mar 1624/5 Felsted, Essex, England; d. 16 Mar 1696/7 Stratford [Fairfield 1:349] {sister of #5710; aunt of #5714}


5724. Joshua Judson: d. c1661 [Fairfield 1:351] (brother of #5722)

5725. Ann ___ (m. 2nd 10 Dec 1662 John Hurd, Jr.) [Fairfield 1:351]


5728. Benjamin Balch: b. 1628/9; d. aft. 1706 [Balch genealogy in The Essex Antiquarian, vol. 6 (1902), p. 1]  [Balch 9-10: “Benjamin, eldest son of John and Margary Balch was born in the Sagamoreship of Naumkeag during the severe and trying winter of 1628 and 9 which followed the arrival of Endicott.  The evidence which conclusively fixes his birth in this winter was collected by David M. Balch and published in the Salem Gazette on May 10, 1878, and in Balch Leaflets, Nos. 1-3....Benjamin received at his father’s death half of the farm and sundry other goods.  From his brother John he purchased his share in the old homestead on Bass River, and in 1658 secured possession of his brother Freeborn’s share in his father’s estate.  He lived in the old home from its building when he was nine years old, and in it all of his children were born.  His independence of the rigid puritanical notions of the times appears in several instances.  For entertaining and giving a night’s lodging to a stranger on foot, he was arrested and fined, and he left the baptism of his children to their own desires....Benjamin was married first about 1650, to Sarah the eldest daughter of Thomas Gardner, the overseer of the first Cape Ann Plantation.”]

5729. Sarah Gardner: d. 5 Apr 1686 [Balch genealogy in The Essex Antiquarian, vol. 6 (1902), p. 1]


5730. John Newmarch

5731. Martha Gould: bp. 15 Jun 1623 Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, England  [Davis 2:57]


5732. John Osgood: d. 21 Aug 1693 Andover, Essex Co., MA [AVR 2:514: “Osgood, John, Capt.”]; m. 15 Nov 1653 Haverhill, Essex Co., MA [AVR 2:256: “Osgood, John, and Mary Clemance, at Haverhill”]

5733. Mary Clements: d. 27 Oct 1710 Andover [AVR 2:515: “Osgood, Mary, wid. Capt. John”]  [will of Robert Clements in The Essex Antiquarian, vol. 7 (1903), pp. 158-159: dated 6 Sep 1858; proved 11 Oct 1658; names “son” John Osgood]


5734. Daniel Poor: m. 20 Oct 1650 Boston, MA [AVR 2:278: “Pore, Daniel, and Mary Farnum, at Boston”]

5735. Mary Farnum: bp. 13 Jul 1628 St. Nicholas, Rochester, Kent, England; d. 3 Feb 1713/4 Andover, Essex Co., MA [AVR 2:529: “Poor, Mary, wid. Daniel…a. abt. 85 y.”]  [Farnum 16-17]


5736. John Belden: b.c1631 [Wethersfield 77]; d. 27 Jun 1677 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 77]; m. 24 Apr/Aug 1657 Wethersfield [Wethersfield 77] {son of Richard Belden and Margaret Ackrenden}

5737. Lydia Standish: [d. 5 Dec 1692 Wethersfield age 80; Wethersfield records in NEHGR 20(1866):127] [d. 30 Nov 1692 Wethersfield age 68 (ibid)]; NOT granddaughter of Myles Standish; granddaughter of Richard Smith and Rebeccah ___}


5738. Josiah Willard: d. Jul 1674 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT; m. 20 Mar 1656/7 Concord [GMB, Thomas Hosmer sketch]  [Wethersfield 793: “Josiah [Willard]…b. prob. in N. Eng.; m. 20 Mch., 1656-7, Hannah (dau. Thomas) Hosmer, of Htfd., where he res. for several yrs…he d. July, 1674….Invt….taken 23 July 1674….”]

5739. Hannah Hosmer


5740. same as 5736

5741. same as 5737


5742. Thomas Wright  [Wethersfield 78]

5743. Elizabeth ___  [Wethersfield 78]


5752. John Sargent: bp. 8 Dec 1639 Charlestown, MA [NEHGR 25(1871): 150 – Record Book of the First Church in Charlestown – “1639…10th: mo: day 8 John Sargeant the son of william Sargeant and of sarah his wife was Babtised.”] [EONEF 1:637]; d. 9 Sep 1716 Malden, Middlesex Co., MA [MVR 373: “Sargeant, John, Sen., [76 y. 9 m]”]; bur. Malden Burying Ground [NEHGR 9(1855): 325: “[Sargent,] John…ae. 76 y. 9 m., Sept. 9, 1716.”];  m. 3rd   [NEHGR 75(1921): 141: “John [Sargent], of Barnstable and of Malden, Mass., bapt. at Charlestown, Mass., 8 Dec. 1639; d. at Malden 9 Sept. 1716, aged 76 years, 9 months; m. (1) 19 Mar. 1662/3 Deborah Hillier of Barnstable, b. at Yarmouth in the Plymouth Colony 30 Oct. 1643, d. 20 Apr. 1669, dau. of Hugh….m. (3) Lydia Chipman of Barnstable, b. at Barnstable 25 Dec. 1654, d. 2 Mar. 1729/30, dau. of Elder John and Hope (Howland).”]  {son of William Sargent (of royal descent) and his 3rd wife, Sarah ___}

5753. Lydia Chipman: b. 25 Dec 1654 Barnstable, MA [EONEF 1:637]; d. 2 Mar 1730 Malden [MVR 373: “Sargeant, Lydia, wid. of John”] {dau. of John Chipman and Hope Howland; granddaughter of John Howland [Mayflower] and Elizabeth Tilley [Mayflower]; great granddaughter of John and Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley [Mayflower]}


5754. Jonathan Sprague: b. 1656 Malden, Middlesex Co., MA [MVR 80: “Sprague, Jonathan, s of John”]; d. 8 Mar 1730/31 Malden [MVR 378: “Sprague, Jonathan, in 75 y.”]

5755. Mary ___: b. c1658; d. 30 Jul 1714 Malden [MVR 378: “Sprague, Mary, wf. of Jonathan, abt. 56 y.”]


5756. Joseph Sargent: b. 18 Apr 1663, Barnstable, MA [NEHGR 2(1848): 197 – First Settlers of Barnstable, MA – “John Sergant m. Deborah Hyllier, 19 March, 1662-3; children, Joseph, 18 April, 1663…”]; d. 27 Nov 1717 Malden, Middlesex Co., MA [MVR 373: “Sargeant, Joseph, 54 y. 7 m.”]; bur. Malden Burying Ground [NEHGR 9(1855): 325: “Joseph Seargeant, 54 y. 7 m., Nov. 27, 1717.”]  {son of John Sargent (#5752 above) and his 1st wife Deborah Hillier}

5757. Mary Green: b. Dec 1668 Malden [MVR 32: “Green, Mary, da of John, Dec., 1668.”]; d. 9 Apr 1759 Malden [MVR 373: “Sargeant, Mary, wid. of Joseph [90 y.]”]; bur. Malden Burying Ground [NEHGR 9(1855): 325: “[Sargent,] Mary…wid. Joseph, in 91 y., Apr. 9, 1759.”]


5926. John Gooch: d. 1667 York, York Co., ME  [GDMN 270: “JOHN [Gooch], Mr., propr. York 1640; and in June that yr. headed a commit. for settling their govt.; in 1644 Wm. Hooke deeded to him and Peter Wears 20 a. each near Cape Neddick….W. Ruth among those acc. with Rev. Geo. Burdett….Will 7 May – 12 July 1667 names her….Ch:…Ruth, m. Peter Weare…”]

5927. Ruth ___:


5936. Henry Kingsbury: b. c1615; d. 1 Oct 1687 Haverhill, MA  [NEHGR 13(1859): 157: “Henry Kingsbury was born about 1615, as we learn from his deposition in 1669, he being then 54 years of age….Henry Kingsbury…was certainly in Ipswich from 1658 to 1660.  Soon after this he removed to Rowley, where he was living from 1662 to 1667, and probably later.  He finally settled at Haverhill, where he died Oct. 1, 1687.  His wife, Susannah, died there at an earlier date, Feb. 21, 1678-9.”

5937. Susannah ___: d. 21 Feb 1678/9 Haverhill


5944. William Stickney: will dated 21 Jan 1664 Rowley, Essex Co., MA; m. 29 Nov 1628 Cottingham, Yorkshire, England [NEHGR 139(1985): 319]

5945. Elizabeth Dawson: bp. 22 Feb 1605/6 Cottingham [NEHGR 139(1985): 319]


5946. Anthony Morse: d. 12 Oct 1686 Newbury, Essex Co., MA [NVR 2:666: “Mors, Anthony, sr.”]

[5947. perhaps Anne ___: d. 9 Mar 1679/80 Newbury [NVR 2:667: “Morse, Anne, w. Anthony”]


5948. Daniel Poor


5994. Morris Truant:


6010. Thomas Roberts: d. betw. 17 Sep 1673 and 30 Jun 1674 (dates of will; see under son-in-law)




SOME FAMOUS CONNECTIONS – the descents of 18 Presidents (and Winston Churchill) from ancestors of Bret Boone





#5384 Henry Adams m. #5385 Edith Squire

Joseph Adams m. Abigail Baxter

Joseph Adams Jr. m. Hannah Bass

John Adams m. Susanna Boylston

John Adams Jr. (2nd President USA) m. Abigail Smith

John Quincy Adams (6th President USA)  [AAP 238]





Henry Squire [father of #5385]

Ann Squire m. Aquila Purchase

Abigail Purchase m. Sampson Shore

Jonathan Shore m. Priscilla Hathorne

Phoebe Shore m. Nehemiah Millard

Robert Millard m. Hannah Eddy

Abiathar Millard m. Tabitha Hopkins

Phoebe Millard m. Nathaniel Fillmore Jr.

Millard Fillmore (13th President USA)  [AAP 238]


Robert White m. Bridget Allgar [grandparents of #5710 and #5723; great grandparents of #5714]

Mary White m. Joseph Loomis

Sarah Loomis m. Nicholas Olmstead

Elizabeth Olmstead m. Samuel Butler

Mary Butler m. Ebenezer Hopkins

Ebenezer Hopkins Jr. m. Susannah Messenger

Tabitha Hopkins m. Abiathar Millard

Phoebe Millard m. Nathaniel Fillmore Jr.

Millard Fillmore (13th President USA)  [AAP 240]





#5452 Daniel Brewer m. #5453 Joanna ___

Daniel Brewer Jr. m. (1st) Hannah Morrill

Hannah Brewer m. John Bowen

Abigail Bowen m. Caleb Kendrick

Benjamin Kendrick m. Sarah Harris

Anna Kendrick m. Benjamin Pierce Jr.

Franklin Pierce (14th President USA)  [AAP 254]


#5442 Griffith Bowen m. #5443 Margaret Fleming

Henry Bowen m. Elizabeth Johnson

John Bowen m. Hannah Brewer

Abigail Bowen m. Caleb Kendrick

Benjamin Kendrick m. Sarah Harris

Anna Kendrick m. Benjamin Pierce Jr.

Franklin Pierce (14th President USA)  [AAP 189]


John Rogers m. Bridget Ray [parents of #5484]

Bridget Rogers m. Edmund Angier

Bridget Angier m. John Harris

Timothy Harris m. Phebe Pearson

Stephen Harris m. Mary ___

Sarah Harris m. Benjamin Kendrick

Anna Kendrick m. Benjamin Pierce Jr.

Franklin Pierce (14th President USA)  [AAP 29-32]





#2748 Abraham Jones m. #2749 Sarah Whitman

Sarah Jones m. Mordecai Lincoln

Mordecai Lincoln Jr. m. Hannah Salter

John Lincoln m. Rebecca Flowers

Abraham Lincoln m. Bathsheba (Herrine?)

Thomas Lincoln m. Nancy Hanks

Abraham Lincoln (16th President USA)  [AAP 33-35]





John Porter m. Anna White [parents of #5710 and #5723; grandparents of #5714]

Mary Porter m. Samuel Grant

Samuel Grant Jr. m. Grace Miner

Noah Grant m. Martha Huntington

Noah Grant Jr. m. Susanna Delano

Noah Grant III m. Rachel Kelley

Jesse Root Grant m. Hannah Simpson

Ulysses Simpson Grant (18th President USA)  [AAP 240]





Ralph Farnum m. Alice ___ [parents of #5735]

Sarah Farnum m. George Abbott Jr.

Lydia Abbott m. Henry Chandler

Isaac Chandler m. Abigail Hale

Abigail Chandler m. Israel Smith

Chloe Smith m. Rutherford Hayes

Rutherford Hayes Jr. m. Sophia Birchard

Rutherford Birchard Hayes (19th President USA)  [AAP 276]


#5452 Daniel Brewer m. #5453 Joanna ___

(probably) Hannah Brewer m. Thomas Chandler

Henry Chandler m. Lydia Abbott

Isaac Chandler m. Abigail Hale

Abigail Chandler m. Israel Smith

Chloe Smith m. Rutherford Hayes

Rutherford Hayes Jr. m. Sophia Birchard

Rutherford Birchard Hayes (19th President USA)  [AAP 254]


William Phelps m. Elizabeth ____ (parents of #5576)

Nathaniel Phelps m. Elizabeth Copley

Nathaniel Phelps Jr. m. Grace Martin

Timothy Phelps m. Abigail Merrick

Abigail Phelps m. Daniel Austin

Drusilla Austin m. Roger Cornwall alias Birchard

Sophia Birchard m. Rutherford Hayes Jr.

Rutherford Birchard Hayes (19th President USA)  [AAP 39-45, Windsor 564]





John Wheeler m. Agnes Yeomans [parents of #5473]

Henry Wheeler m. Abigail Allen

James Wheeler m. Grizell Squire

James Wheeler Jr. m. Elizabeth West

Elizabeth Wheeler m. Ebenezer Ingalls

Henry Ingalls m. Sybil Carpenter

Mehitable Ingalls m. James Ballou IV

Eliza Ballou m. Abram Garfield

James Abram Garfield (20th President USA)  [AAP 244]





#5710 Samuel Porter m. #5711 Hannah Stanley

Samuel Porter Jr. m. Joanna Cook

Aaron Porter m. Susanna Sewall

Susanna Porter m. Aaron Cleveland III

Aaron Cleveland IV m. Abiah Hyde

William Cleveland m. Margaret Falley

Richard Falley Cleveland m. Anne Neal

Stephen Grover Cleveland (22nd and 24th President USA)  [AAP 240]





Henry Squire [father of #5385]

Margaret Squire m. John Shepard

Hannah Shepard m. Thomas Holbrook

John Holbrook m. Silence Wood

John Holbrook Jr. m. Ruth Hill

Silence Holbrook m. Samuel Goodale

Sarah Goodale m. Asa Waters

Asa Waters Jr. m. Susan Trask Holman

Susan Holman Waters m. Samuel Davenport Torrey

Louisa Maria Torrey m. Alphonso Taft

William Howard Taft (27th President USA)  [AAP 238]





#5384 Henry Adams m. #5385 Edith Squire

Samuel Adams m. Rebecca Graves

Susanna Adams m. Daniel Waldo

Bethia Waldo m. Edmund Littlefield Jr.

Esther Littlefield m. Samuel Soper Jr.

Esther Soper m. Silas Briggs

Asa Briggs m. Elizabeth Paul

Sally Briggs m. Israel Putnam Brown

Sally Brown m. Israel C. Brewer

Sarah Almeda Brewer m. Calvin Galusha Coolidge

John Calvin Coolidge m. Victoria Josephine Moor

John Calvin Coolidge Jr. (30th President USA)  [AAP 238]





John Wheeler m. Agnes Yeomans [parents of #5473]

David Wheeler m. Sarah Wise

Sarah Wheeler m. John Spofford Jr.

John Spofford III m. Dorcas Hopkinson

John Spofford IV m. Hannah Tyler

Phoebe Spofford m. John Grout Jr.

Phoebe Grout m. Jacob Winn III

Endymia Winn m. Thomas Sherwood

Lucinda Sherwood m. John Minthorn

Theodore Minthorn m. Mary Wasley

Hulda Randall Minthorn m. Jesse Clark Hoover

Herbert Clark Hoover (31st President USA)  [AAP 244]





John Howland m. Elizabeth Tilley [grandparents of #5753]

Joseph Howland m. Elizabeth Southworth

Nathaniel Howland m. Martha Cole

Nathaniel Howland Jr. m. Abigail Burt

Joseph Howland m. Lydia Bill

Susan Howland m. John Aspinwall Jr.

Mary Rebecca Aspinwall m. Isaac Roosevelt

James Roosevelt m. Sara Delano

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32nd President USA)  [AAP 246]





#1024 George Boone m. #1025 Mary Maugridge

Sarah Boone m. Jacob Stover

Abraham Stover m. ____

(probably) Daniel Stover m. ____

Daniel Stover Jr. m. Mary Hannah

Simon P. Stover m. Elizabeth Ida (Juda) Link

Ida Elizabeth Stover m. David Jacob Eisenhower

Dwight David Eisenhower (34th President USA)  [AAP 89-91]





#5538 Isaac Stearns m. #5539 Mary Barker

Abigail Stearns m. John Morse

Joseph Morse m. Elizabeth Sawtelle

Abigail Morse m. Joshua Hemingway

Isaac Hemingway m. Elizabeth Haven

James Hemingway m. Elizabeth Armstrong

James Hemingway Jr. m. Hope Malmsbury

Jane M. Hemingway m. Oliver Burdg

Almira Park Burdg m. Franklin Milhous

Hannah Milhous m. Francis Anthony Nixon

Richard Milhous Nixon (37th President USA)  [AAP 245 (up to Abigail Stearns), GMB (Isaac Stearns sketch)]


Henry Howland m. Margaret ___ [great grandparents of #5753]

Henry Howland Jr. m. Mary ___

Elizabeth Howland m. Jedediah Allen

Mary Allen m. Thomas Smith

Anthony Smith m. Lydia Willets

Judith Smith m. Jacob Burdg

Jacob Burdg Jr. m. Miriam Matthews

Oliver Burdg m. Jane M. Hemingway

Almira Park Burdg m. Franklin Milhous

Hannah Milhous m. Francis Anthony Nixon

Richard Milhous Nixon (37th President USA)  [AAP 246]





#2972 Amos Stickney m. #2973 Sarah Morse

Moses Stickney m. Sarah Wardwell

Susannah Stickney m. Nathaniel Gove

Abigail Gove m. William Chase

Polly Chase m. Samuel Ayer

John Varnum Ayer m. Elida Vanderburgh Manney

George Manney Ayer m. Amy Gridley Butler

Adela Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner

Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King Jr. (name changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.) (38th President USA)  [AAP 107-112; NVR]


#5472 Aquila Chase m. #5473 Ann Wheeler

John Chase m. Lydia Challis

Jacob Chase m. Joanna Davis

Ezra Chase m. Judith Davis

William Chase m. Abigail Gove

Polly Chase m. Samuel Ayer

John Varnum Ayer m. Elida Vanderburgh Manney

George Manney Ayer m. Amy Gridley Butler

Adela Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner

Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King Jr. (name changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.) (38th President USA)  [AAP 244]


#5584 Humphrey Pinney m. #5585 Mary Hull

Isaac Pinney m. Sarah Clark

Mary Pinney m. Jonathan Gridley

Jonathan Gridley Jr. m. Martha Adams

Theodore Gridley m. Amy Ely

Elizabeth Ely Gridley m. George Selden Butler

Amy Gridley Butler m. George Manney Ayer

Adela Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner

Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King Jr. (name changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.) (38th President USA)  [AAP 109-112, Windsor 610]


#5734 Daniel Poor m. #5735 Mary Farnum

Mary Poor m. John Noyes

John Noyes Jr. m. Mary Thurlo

Elizabeth Noyes m. William Adams

Sarah Adams m. Daniel Ayer

Samuel Ayer m. Polly Chase

John Varnum Ayer m. Elida Vanderburgh Manney

George Manney Ayer m. Amy Gridley Butler

Adela Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner

Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King Jr. (name changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.) (38th President USA)  [AAP 276]


#5722 Joseph Judson m. #5723 Sarah Porter

Ruth Judson m. Samuel Welles

Ruth Welles m. Daniel Ely

Wells Ely m. Rebecca Selden

Amy Ely m. Theodore Gridley

Elizabeth Ely Gridley m. George Selden Butler

Amy Gridley Butler m. George Manney Ayer

Adela Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner

Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King Jr. (name changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.) (38th President USA)  [AAP 240]


Robert Clement m. Lydia ___ [parents of #5733]

Robert Clement Jr. m. Elizabeth Fane

John Clement m. Elizabeth Ayers

Abiah Clement m. Daniel Little

Sarah Little m. William Ayer

Daniel Ayer m. Sarah Adams

Samuel Ayer m. Polly Chase

John Varnum Ayer m. Elida Vanderburgh Manney

George Manney Ayer m. Amy Gridley Butler

Adela Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner

Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King Jr. (name changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.) (38th President USA)  [AAP 293; Haverhill VRs]


Henry Howland m. Margaret ___ [great grandparents of #5753]

Henry Howland Jr. m. Mary ___

Zoeth Howland m. Abigail ___

Benjamin Howland m. Judith Sampson

Abigail Howland m. Jonathan Ricketson

Jonathan Ricketson Jr. m. Meribah Wilbur

Rhoda Ricketson m. Hezekiah Collins Jr.

Elizabeth Collins m. John Manney

Elida Vanderburgh Manney m. John Varnum Ayer

George Manney Ayer m. Amy Gridley Butler

Adela Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner

Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King

Leslie Lynch King Jr. (name changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.) (38th President USA)  [AAP 246]





#5452 Daniel Brewer m. #5253 Joanna ___

Sarah Brewer m. John May Jr.

John May III m. Prudence Bridge

Hezekiah May m. Anna Stillman

Elizabeth May m. Daniel Newcomb

Lydia Newcomb m. Timothy Bush Jr.

Obadiah Newcomb Bush m. Harriet Smith

James Smith Bush m. Harriet Eleanor Fay

Samuel Prescott Bush m. Flora Sheldon

Prescott Sheldon Bush m. Dorothy Walker

George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President USA) m. Barbara Pierce  [AAP 254]

George Walker Bush (43rd President USA)


John Wheeler m. Agnes Yeomans [parents of #5473]

Henry Wheeler m. Abigail Allen

James Wheeler m. Grizell Squire

James Wheeler Jr. m. Elizabeth West

Jeremiah Wheeler m. Submit Horton

Jarvis Wheeler m. Sarah Horton

Betsey S. Wheeler m. Levi Pierce

Elizabeth Slade Pierce m. Courtland Philip Livingston Butler

Mary Elizabeth Butler m. Robert Emmet Sheldon

Flora Sheldon m. Samuel Prescott Bush

Prescott Sheldon Bush m. Dorothy Walker

George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President USA) m. Barbara Pierce  [AAP 244]

George Walker Bush (43rd President USA)


John Chipman m. Hope Howland [parents of #5753]

Hope Chipman m. John Huckins

Hope Huckins m. Thomas Nelson

Hannah Nelson m. Jabez Wood

Jabez Wood Jr. m. Joanna Short

Joanna Wood m. Comfort Horton

Sarah Horton m. Jarvis Wheeler

Betsey S. Wheeler m. Levi Pierce

Elizabeth Slade Pierce m. Courtland Philip Livingston Butler

Mary Elizabeth Butler m. Robert Emmet Sheldon

Flora Sheldon m. Samuel Prescott Bush

Prescott Sheldon Bush m. Dorothy Walker

George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President USA) m. Barbara Pierce  [AAP 246]

George Walker Bush (43rd President USA)


John Stanley m. Susan Lancock [grandparents of #5711; great grandparents of #5714]

Timothy Stanley m. Elizabeth ___

Elizabeth Stanley m. Mark St. John

Sarah St. John m. Samuel Keeler

Joseph Keeler m. Elizabeth Whitney

Elijah Keeler m. Sarah ___

Rebecca Keeler m. Lemuel Bangs

Elijah Keeler Bangs m. Esther Stackhouse

Mary Anne Bangs m. Joseph Ambrose Beaky

Martha Adela Beaky m. David Davis Walker

George Herbert Walker m. Lucretia Wear

Dorothy Walker m. Prescott Sheldon Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President USA) m. Barbara Pierce  [AAP 282]

George Walker Bush (43rd President USA)





#2822 Bartholomew Foster m. ____

Thomas Foster m. Mary Clark

Lucy Foster m. Samuel Jerome

Aaron Jerome m. Elizabeth Ball

Isaac Jerome m. Aurora Murray

Leonard Walter Jerome m. Clarissa Hall

Jennie Jerome m. Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill

Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (Prime Minister)  [NEXUS 13(1996): 167-171 and 14(1997): 67]


John Curtis m. Elizabeth Hutchins (parents of #5720)

John Curtis m. Elizabeth ___

Thomas Curtis m. Mary Merriman

Nathaniel Curtis m. Sarah How

Lydia Curtis m. Thomas Hall

Ambrose Hall m. Mehitable Beach

Ambrose Hall m. Clarissa Willcox

Clarissa Hall m. Leonard Walter Jerome

Jennie Jerome m. Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill

Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (Prime Minister)  [NEXUS 13(1996): 167-171 and 14(1997): 67-68; Fairfield 1:169-170]






CENSUS RECORDS (in USA unless otherwise indicated)


1850 – McDonough Co., IL, p. 280B

Alexander Micheal               46 M       Farmer    750          NC

Rosanah                                35 F                                         NC

Henderson                            10 M                                       NC

Andrew                                  8 M                                         IL

Amanda                                 6 F                                           IL

Alford                                    5 M                                         IL

Hirum                                     2 M                                         IL


1850 – Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN, p. 394a

Ezariah Warren                     40 M       Farmer    400          TN

Elizth                                    37 F                                         IN

Riley                                     21 M       Laborer                  IN

Mary                                    20 F                                         IN

Seth                                      16 M       Laborer                  IN

David                                   14 M                                       IN

Rachael                                12 F                                         IN

Elizth                                    10 F                                         IN

Ezariah                                 8 M                                         IN

Henry                                   7 M                                         IN

Danl                                      4 M                                         IN

Lucinda                                2 F                                           IN


1850 – Franklin Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN, p. 397b

David Blue                            50 M       Farmer    600          OH

Zelpha                                  48 F                                         VA

James                                   18 M       Farmer                    OH

George F. “                            16 M                                       OH

Zelpha J.                              13 F                                         OH

Eliza F.                                  10 F                                         OH

David A.                              6 M                                         OH

Philip                                    3 M                                         IN


1850 – Bath, Lincoln Co., ME, p. 127A  [13 Jul 1850]

Samuel E. Duncan                70 M       None                      ME

Sarah                                    65 F                                         ME

Charles C.                            29 M       Marriner   800        ME

Hannah J.                            29 F                                         ME

Emma J.                                7 F                                           ME

Charles D.                            5 M                                         ME

Frederick C.                         3 M                                         ME

Catherine D.                        9/12 F                                     ME


1850 – Kan Twp., Jackson Co., MO, p. 244A

Stewart, David      62            M            Farmer    1,200       NJ

  “, Susan               46            F                                              KY

  “, Jno S.               20            M                                            KY

Hensley, Sarah J.  74            F                                              MO

Jacob, Jno W.       16            M            Farmer                    MO


1850 – Kan Twp., Jackson Co., MO, p. 251A  [16 Aug 1850]

Boone, Alonzo                     29 M       Farmer                    MO

  “, Eliz                                    29 F                                         KY

  “, Edward                             7 M                                         MO

  “, Eliza                                  5 F                                           MO

  “, David                               3 M                                         MO

  “, Susan                               9/12 F                                     MO

  “, Sarah                                65 F                                         VA

White, Eliz                             35 F                                         MO

  “, John                                 6 M                                         MO

next door:

Boone, Daniel                       37 M       Farmer    1200        MO

  “, Mary                                25 F                                         Canada

  “, Eliz                                    17 F                                         MO

  “, Delilah                              15 F                                         MO

  “, Harrington                       10 M                                       MO

  “, Jane                                  12 F                                         MO

  “, Napol.                              8 M                                         MO

  “, Theodore                         6 M                                         MO

  “, Daniel                               4 M                                         MO

  “, Casander                         2 F                                           MO


1850 – Suburbs of Palmyra, Marion Co., MO, p. 281B

in Clark Mission – Episcopal

George P. Comings              37 M       Episc. Minister     NH


1850 – Hanover, Grafton Co., NH, p. 34B

Eben Cummings                   72 M       Carpenter               3,000       NH

Sarah                                    42 F                                                         NH


1850 – Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY, p. 67B

Case, William                        55 M       farmer                     1100        MA

Case, Sophia                         50 S                                                         NY

Case, Nancy                          19 S                                                         NY

Case, John                             16 M                                                       NY

Case, Martha                        14 S                                                         NY

Case, Martin                         14 M                                                       NY

Case, Sidney                         12 M                                                       NY


1850 – Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY, p. 105B

Belden Case                          58 M       Farmer    6,250       NY

Mariah                                 59 F                                         MA

Watson                                22 M       Lab                         NY

Chester                                18 M                                       NY

Michael Cahill                       22 M       Lab                         Ireland

Malinda Haitment                14 F                                         England


1850 – 5th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, p. 106A

John Leech                            39 M       Stone Cutter          7,000       England

Hannah                                32 F                                                         England

Margaret “                             13 F                                                         NY

John A.  “ Jr.                         11 M                                                       NY

Richard                                9 M                                                         NY

Ann                                      7 F                                                           NY

Hannah                                5 F                                                           NY

Mary                                    2 F                                                           NY

Ann                                      73 F                                                         Scotland

Mary                                    40 F                                                         England

Mary Farrell                          18 F                                                         Ireland


1850 – North Division, Davidson Co., NC, p. 308A

Jacob Berrier         55 m        Farmer                    2000        NC

Catharine             54 f                                                          NC

David                   25 m        Physician                               NC

Amanda               13 f                                                          NC

Hiram R                10 m                                                        NC

Wm Rothrock       26 m        Farmer                                    NC

Ellen                     17 f                                                          NC


1850 – Austinburg Twp., Ashtabula Co., OH, p. 398B [23 July 1850]

Ralph M. Walker  40 M       Teacher                  800          VA

Adeline C.           35 F                                                         OH

Cornelia A.          12 F                                                         OH

Ellen                     11 F                                                         OH

Edwin                   5/12 M                                                    OH


1850 – Ames Twp., Athens Co., OH, p. 123A (245)

William R. Walker                52 M       Farmer                    3500        VT

Betsey P                              57 F                                                         OH

Ezra                                       83 M       Physician                               MA

D. W.                                    20 M       Farming                                  OH

Edward P                             16 M       do                                           OH

Henry M                              12 M                                                       OH

Perses Proctor                      33 F                                                         OH

Perses Walker                       22 F                                                         OH


1850 – Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OH, p. 201A (401)

T. F. Garrison                        25 M       Laborer                                  OH

Sarah                                    25 F                                                         OH

Caroline                               3 F                                                           OH

William                                 1 M                                                         OH

Stephen Woodruff               32 M       Farmer                    500          OH


1850 – Dist. 143, Gustavus, Trumbull Co., OH, p. 297A (593)

Abram Griswold                   62 M       Farmer                    600          CT

Cornelia Griswold                 65 (63?) F                                               CT

George A. Griswold             32 M       Farmer                                    CT

Mary A. Griswold                29 F                                                         CT

George H. Griswold              5 M                                                         OH

Mary E. Griswold                 1 F                                                           OH

(2 non-family members)


1850 – Marietta Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, p. 390a [779]

Fredrick Brenneman             33 M       Trader                                    PA

Elizabeth                                34 F                                                         PA

Ann                                        15 F                                                         PA

Fanny                                     13 F                                                         PA

John                                       8 M                                                         PA

Martha                                   7 F                                                           PA

Elizabeth                                4 F                                                           PA

Mary                                      2 F                                                           PA


1850 – Lower Delaware Ward, Philadelphia Co., PA, p. 53a

(John Miller family)

Albert Rorer                          32 M       Merchant                               PA

Caroline Rorer                       28 F                                                         PA


1850 – Rutland, Dane Co., WI, p. 279B  [28 Jul 1850]

Charles E. Case     26 M       Farmer                    800          NY

Matilda                20 F                                                         IN

William                 2 M                                                         WI

[next door]

I. R. Case               29 M       Farmer                    800          NY

Nancy J.               22 F                                                         NY
Martha J. “            1 F                                                           IL

John                     4/12 M                                                    WI


1850 – Neenah, Dist. 11, Winnebago Co., WI, p. 472A

Charles Yale                          54 M       Physician                               MA

Sarah Yale                             60 F                                                         NY

Clarissa Yale                         26 F                                                         NY

Sarah E. Yale                         24 F                                                         NY


1850 – Neenah, Dist. 11, Winnebago Co., WI, p. 477B

Perine Yale                            27 M       Merchant               1,000       NY

Sarah Yale                             26 F                                                         NY

C. Edwin Case                       22 M       Merchant’s Clerk                 NY


1860 – Lamoin Twp., McDonough Co., IL, p. 833  [24 Jul 1860]

Alex Michael         55 M       Farm       4,400       875          NC

Susanah                 43 F                                                         NC

Henderson            22 M                                                       NC

Andrew                  20 M                                                       NC

Amda                     18 F                                                         NC

Alfred                     16 M                                                       NC

Hyram                    12 M                                                       IL

Melissa J.              8 F                                                           IL

George                   3 M                                                         IL

William                   5/12 M                                                    IL


1860 – Harrison Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN, p. 223 (18 June 1860)

Riley Warren                         31 M       Shoemaker             150 100   IN

Zilphy J. Warren                  23 F                                                         OH

John Warren                         4 M                                                         IN

Isabell Warren                      2/12 F                                                     IN


1860 – Penn Twp., Johnson Co., IA, p. 691

Fred Brenneman                   43 M       Farmer                    100          PA

Elizabeth                              45 F                                                         PA

Frances                                22 F                                                         PA

Jonathan                              19 M                                                       PA

Daniel                                   16 M                                                       PA

Martha                                 16 F                                                         PA

Elizabeth                              14 F                                                         PA

Mary                                    12 F                                                         PA

Emeline                                8 F                                                           IA

Amanda                               6 F                                                           IA

Zenas                                   3 M                                                         IA


1860 – Charlotte Twp., Bates Co., MO, p. 123

Isic[sic] Brown                     35 M       Farmer                    6000        IN

Elizabet                                35 F                                                         NY

Lisbon                                  13 M                                                       MO

Edmond                               10 M                                                       MO

Geo A W “                            10 M[sic]                                               MO

William                                 8 M                                                         MO

Alexandra “                           3 M[sic]                                                 MO


1860 – Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY, p. 1111

William Case                         65 M       Farmer    900          1,100       RI

Sophia                                  61 F                                                         NY

Gean[?]                                8  M                                                        NY


1860 – Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY, p. 325

Belden Case          63 M       Farmer    7,000       925          NY

Maria S.                 69 F                                                         NY

Chester H.             28 M                                                       NY


1860 – 1st Dist., 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, p. 90

John Leech            48 M       Stone Cutter                          2,000       England

Hannah                  42 F                                                                         England

Margaret                22 F                                                                         NY

John M.                 21 M       Clerk                                                       NY

Richard                  19 M       Clerk                                                       NY

Anna                      17 F                                                                         NY

Hannah B.             14 F                                                                         NY

Mary                      12 F                                                                         NY

Walter                    8 M                                                                         NY

Willie                      8 M                                                                         NY

Frank                      2 M                                                                         NY

Ann                        82 F                                                                         Scotland

Mary A.                 50 F         Teacher P. School                250          England


1860 – 21st Ward, Western Div., Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, p. 792

Albert Rorer          42 M       Merchant, Books[tate]        300          PA

Catherine S. “        38 F                                                                         PA

Cate L.                  8 F                                                                           PA

Addie B.              4 F                                                                           PA

(2 workers)


1860 – Precinct 2, Collin Co., TX, pp. 45B-46A

Alonzo Boon        37 M       Farmer    3,000       1,000       MO

Elizabeth              42 F                                                         KY

Edward H. “           17 M                                                       MO

Disey C.               14 F                                                         MO

David E. Boon      12 M                                                       MO

Susan L.               10 F                                                         MO

Elizabeth D. “        8 F                                                           MO


1861 – Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario, CANADA, Div. 6, p. 1  (lot 5, Conc.32) [courtesy of Steve Marshall]

PLAYTER, George               farmer     USA                       Society of Friends                56            married

PLAYTER, Mary Ann                         Canada W             S of F                                      53            married

PLAYTER, Agness                              Can W                    S of F                                      24            S

PLAYTER, Franklin                             Can W                    S of F                                      20            S

PLAYTER, Mary Ann                         Can W                    S of F                                      17            S

PLAYTER, Emeline ?                           Can W                    S of F                                      15

PLAYTER, Clarkson                            Can W                    S of F                                      9

PLAYTER, Joseph                               Can W                    S of F                                      7

CHAPMAN, Delworth                        USA                       S of F                                      55            single


1870 – Tippecanoe Twp., Henry Co., IA, p. 350B

Garrison, F. T.                       43            M W       Farmer    7,000       2,850       OH

___, Ann                               42            F  W                                                       England

___, Isaiah                            17            M W                                                       IA

___, Lora                               14            F  W                                                       OH

___, Benton F.                      12            M W                                                       IL

___, Frederick                       9              M W                                                       IL

___, Charles                          9              M W                                                       IL

Burditt, A. M.                       66            M W       Works on Farm                     VA


1870 – Oxford Twp., Johnson Co., IA, p. 479b

Brenneman, Fred                  54            M W       Farm laborer                          PA

     Elizabeth                         55            F W                                                        PA

     Emiline                            18            F W                                                        IA          

     Zenas                              13            M W                                                       IA          


1870 – Seward Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN, p. 452a

Warren, Riley                        41            M W       Farmer                    100          IN

                Zilphia J.                33            F W                                        600          OH

                John                       14            M W                                                       IN

                Isabel                     10            F W                                                        IN

                Azariah T.              7              M W                                                       IN

                Rachel                    5              F W                                                        IN


1870 – Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS, p. 54A

Michael, Alexander              65            M W       Farmer    2,500       700          NC

___, Susanna                        50            F W        Keeping house                     NC

___, Andrew                         28            M W       Farmer                                    NC

___, Jennie                            17            F W        No occupation                      IL

___, George                          12            M W       Farmer                                    IL

___, William                          10            M W       At home                                 IL


1870 – Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO, p. 6A

Brown, Isaac         44            M W       Farmer                    3899 4175               IN

___, Elizabeth       45            F W                                                                        NC

___, William          17            M W       Farm hand                                             MO

___, Alexander     12            M W                                                                       MO

___, Loretta          6              F W                                                                        TX

(2 others)


1870 – Boone Twp., Bates Co., MO, p. 16A  [23 Aug 1870]

Boone, Edward     27            M W       Farmer                    1,300       MO

___, Georgiann     29            F W        Keeping house                     MO

___, David            4              M W                                                       MO

___, Billie              4              M W                                                       MO

___, Alonzo          5/12         M W                                                       MO

next door:

Boone, Alonzo     53            M W       Farmer       4,960    700          MO

___, Elisabeth       52            F W        Keeping house                     KY

___, Elisabeth       [7]           F W        At home                                 MO

Seward, David      [87]         M W       Farmer                                    NJ

[Venn], Richard    10            M W       At home                                 MO


1870 – Monroe City, Monroe Co., MO, p. 673A

Comings, Samuel  46            M W       Teacher  7,500       1,000       NH

___, Martha          39            F W                                                        NH

___, Alice L.         15            F W                                                        NH

___, Isabella         7              F W                                                        MO

Comings, Geo. P.  47            M W       Minister                                 NH

___, Abigal C.      33?          F W                                                        OH

___, Adaline         6              F W                                                        MO

___, Mattie M.     4              F W                                                        MO

Bowen, Hannah C. 28          F W                                                        NH

___, Walter           9              M W                                                       NH

(two other apparent boarders)


1870 – New Albion, Cattaraugus Co., NY, p. 380A

Case, Isaac R.       53            M W       Farmer                    4,120       1,400       NY

___, Nancy J.        43            F  W                                                                       NY

___, Eugene W.   18            M W                                                                       WI

___, Lydia M.       19            F  W                                                                       WI


1870 – Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY, p. 193A

Case, Belden         77            M W       Farmer                    2,800       NY

  “, Maria S.           80            F W        Keeping house     4,400       NY

  “, Chester H.       39            M W       Farmer                    4,500       NY

Yale, Maria M.      46            F W                                                        NY

  “, Arthur              14            M W                                                       NY


1870 – 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, p. 208B

(in boarding house)

Duncan, Charles   49            M W       Prest. of Seamans [afo]       ME

___, George          18            M W       [Ickwiler]                                ME

___, Harry             15            M W       Clerk in Store                        ME


1870 – 10th Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, pp. 363B-364A

Leech, John           58            M W       Contractor             9,000 1,000             England

___, Hannah         57            F W                                                                        England

___, Mary A.        60            F W        Teacher                                                  England

___, Anna             26            F W        Teacher                                                  NY

___, Hannah         24            F W        Teacher                                                  NY

___, Mary             21            F W                                                                        NY

___, Walter           18            M W       Clerk Real Estate                                  NY

___, William          18            M W                                                                   NY

___, Frank             12            M W       At School                                              NY

Kenny, Maria L.   24            F W        Teacher                                                  NY

___, Elizabeth H.  24            F W                                                                        NY


1870 – 66th Dist., 20th Ward, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, p. 463

Rorar, Catharine   47            F W        keeping house      30,000     PA

___, Kate L.          18            F W                                                        PA

___, Ada B.           14            F W        attending school                  PA

(1 servant, 1 boarder)


1870 – 2nd Ward, Ripon, Fond du Lac Co., WI, p. 523B

Woodward, Wm   60            M W       Clothing Merchant                              NY

___, Claresa          35            F W        House Keeping    3,000       800          NY

Yale, Sarah            80            F W        Living with Daughter                          NY


1871 – Whitchurch Twp., York, Ontario, CANADA, Div. b.5, p. 14 (lot 32, con.5) [courtesy of Steve Marshall]

PLAYTER, George               m             66            USA       Quaker   English   farmer     m

PLAYTER, Mary Ann         f               63            Ont         Quaker   Irish                        m

PLAYTER, Agnes                f               33            Ont         Quaker   English                   s

PLAYTER, Emma                 f               24            Ont         Quaker   English                   s

PLAYTER, Phebe                 f               22            Ont         Quaker   English                   s

PLAYTER, Clarkson            m             19            Ont         Quaker   English   student  s

PLAYTER, Joseph               m             16            Ont         Quaker   English   student s

CHAPMAN, Dillworth        m             65            USA       Quaker   Irish        labourer s


1880 – Tippecanoe, Henry Co., IA, e.d. 93, sheet 8 [270D]

Garrison, Freeman                                W M       53            Farmer                                    OH NJ VA

____, Ann                             Wife       W F        52                                                            England England England

[next household]

Garrison, Wm R.                                   W M       31            Farmer    Paralisis                 OH OH England

____, Lydia M.                     Wife       W F        25                                                            WI Not known

____, Freeman R.                 Son         W M       3                                                              NY OH WI


1880 – Crawford Twp., Crawford Co., KS, e.d. 54, sheet 1 [28a]

Brown, Loren                        W M       50                            Lumber Merchant                Canada NH NY

___, Emma                             W F        26            Wife                                                       Canada Canada Canada

(2 boarders)

[Crawford household]

Brown, James                        W M       41                            Lawyer                                   Canada VT NY

___, M. Ann                         W F        36            Wife                                                       Canada PA Canada

___, George P.                      W M       15            Son                                                         Canada Canada Canada

___, H. L.                               W F        12            Dau                                                         Canada Canada Canada

___, L. Frank                         W M       11            Son                                                         Canada Canada Canada

___, Myrtle                           W F        10            Dau                                                         Canada Canada Canada

___, R. Howard                    W M       3              Son                                                         KS Canada Canada

Brown, A. R.                         W F        79            Mother                                                   NY NY NY


1880 – Girard, Crawford Co., KS, e.d. 55, sheet 19 (53C)

Comings, George P. Rev.    W M       59                            Clergyman Episcopel           NH NH NH

___, Abagail C.                    W F        42            Wife       Teacher Music Painting      OH OH CT

___, Mary A.                        W F        18            Dau         At School                              MO NH OH

___, Martha M.                    W F        15            Dau         At School                              MO NH OH

___, Ralph G.                        W M       8              Son         At School                              MO NH OH


1880 – Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS, e.d. 127, sheet 2 (37B)

Boon, Edward       W M       36                            Farming                  MO MO MO

___, George Ann  W F        29            Wife                                       MO IL IL

___, Wm.               W M       12            Son                                         MO MO IL

___, Alonzo          W M       10            Son                                         MO MO IL

___, Alexander     W M       5              Son                                         TX MO IL

___, Isaiah            W M       3              Son                                         KS MO IL


same, sheet 4 (38D)

Boon, David          W M       33                            Farming                  MO MO TN

___, Sarah L.         W F        33            Wife       Keeping House    MO OH OH

___, James W.      W M       13            Son                                         MO MO MO

___, Edwin            W M       11            Son                                         MO MO MO

___, Elizabeth L.   W F        8              Dau                                         MO MO MO

___, David E.        W M       5              Son                                         MO MO MO

___, Daniel            W M       3              Son                                         TX MO MO

___, John              W M       1              Son                                         MO MO MO


same, sheet 8 (40D)

Brown, Isaiah        W M       53                            Farming                  IN KY KY

___, Elizabeth       W F        55            Wife       Keeping house     NC NC NC

___, Lou                W F        16            Dau         At School              TX IN NC

(2 farm laborers)


same, sheet 9 (41A)

Michaels, Alexander            W M       70                            Farming                  NC NC NC

___, Susanna                        W F        61            Wife                                       NC NC NC

___, George                          W M       21            Son                                         IL NC NC

___, Hattie                            W F        11            GDau                                      IL NC NC

___, Charles                          W M       10            GSon                                      MO NC NC

(1 farm hand)

next door:

Michaels, Andrew               W M       43                            Farming                  NC NC NC

___, Mattie                           W F        23            Wife                                       IL TN TN

___, Loula                             W F        6              Dau                                         KS NC TN

___, Burl                                W F        5              Dau                                         KS NC TN


1880 – Rock Bridge Twp., Norton Co., KS, e.d. 204, sheet 1 (p. 406a)

Breneman, Fred                    W M       64                            Farmer                    PA PA PA

___, Elizabeth                       W F        65            Wife                                       PA PA PA

Zenas, H. G.                          W M       23            Son         Works on Farm     IA PA PA


same, sheet 4 (p. 407d)

Warren, Riley                        W M       51                            Farmer                    IN TN IN

___, Zilpha J.                        W F        43            Wife                                       OH VA OH

___, Azariah F.                     W M       17            Son         Works at home     IN IN OH

___, Rachael A.                    W F        15            Dau                                         IN IN OH

___, Effie F.                           W F        9              Dau                                         IN IN OH

___, Edward E.                     W M       6              Son                                         IN IN OH

___, Daniel V.                       W M       3              Son                                         IN IN OH

[next door]

Warren, John A.                   W M       24                            Farmer                    IN IN OH

___, Rhoda A.                      W F        20            Wife                                       IN Unknown OH

___, Linna L.                         W F        4/12         Dau                                         KS IN IN


1880 – Warren Twp. (south of south fork of North River), Marion Twp., MO, e.d. 20, sheet 20 [p. 400D]

Walker, Ralph M.                 W M       71                            Farmer                    VT CT CT

___, Alice C.                         W F        70            Wife       Keeping House    CT CT CT

___, R. Manning                  W M       26            Son         Farming                  OH VT CT

___, Mary                             W F        26            Wife       Keeping House    IL NH NH

(3 laborers)


1880 – Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY, e.d. 22, p. 6 [341B]

Case, Isaac                            W M       63                            Mechanic              NY RI RI

___, Nancey J.                      W F        50            Wife                                       NY

[next door]

Case, Ruben                          W M       30                            Farmer                    WI NY NY

___, Anna                             W F        20            Wife                                       NY NY NY

___, William                          W M       7              Son         At school              NY WI NY

___, George                          W M       2              Son                                         NY WI NY


same, p. 12 [344D]

Case, William                        W M 84                  Gardener                                RI RI RI

Case, Sophia                         W F 81   Wife                                                       NY NY NY


1880 – 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, e.d. 2, sheet 25 [p. 335A]

Leech, John                           W M       69                            No business          England Scotland Scotland

___, Hannah                         W F        62            Wife                                       England England England

___, William H.                     W M       28            Son         Clerk                       NY England England

___, Eugenia W.                  W F        23            Wife                                       NY Ireland Scotland

___, John A.                         W M       41            Son         Clerk                       NY England England

___, Frank                             W M       22            Son         Clerk                       NY England England

___, Annie S.                        W F        35            Dau                                         NY England England

___, Mary F.                         W F        30            Dau         Teacher                  NY England England

Kenney, Maria                      W F        35            Niece      Teacher                  NY Ireland England

Kenney, Elizabeth A.           W F        33            Niece      Dress Maker         NY Ireland England

Neehan, Geraldine                W F        16            Boarder  At School              NY Ireland Scotland

Leech, Edna L.                      W F        1              Dau                                         NY NY NY

(noted on the bottom of the sheet that Edna L. Leech should be inserted underneath William H. Leech)


1880 – Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, e.d. 201, sheet 32 [p. 176D]  [9 Jun 1880]

Duncan, Charles C.              W M       59                            Shipping Merch   ME ME ME

Hannah L.              W F        34            Wife                                       NY Scotland England

Elsa                         W F        6              Dau                                         NY ME NY

Lindsay                 W M       5              Son                                         NY ME NY

Fanny                     W F        3              Dau                                         NY ME NY

Jessee                    W F        1              Dau                                         NY ME NY

(3 servants)


1880 – Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, e.d. 589, sheet 8 (Park Ave.)

Rorer, Catherine   W F        58                            Keeping House    PA PA PA

___, Kate               W F        28            dau         Home duties          PA PA PA

Yale, Ada               W F        24                                                            PA PA PA

Yale, Arthur          W M       5              son                                         PA PA PA

(1 servant)


1900 – Virginia City, Cass Co., IL, e.d. 14, sheet 15B

Michaels, Andrew J.            Head       W M       Oct 1848                 51            M 26                       NC NC NC             Farm laborer

___, Mattie                           Wife       W F        Apr 1857                43            M 26       7 7           IL TN TN

___, Eltie                               Son         W M       Dec 1881                18            S                              KS NC IL               Laborer

___, Myrtle                           Dau         W F        Aug 1882               17            S                              KS NC IL

___, Lily                                Dau         W F        Oct 1884                 15            S                              KS NC IL

___, Frank                             Son         W M       Dec 1892                7              S                              KS NC IL               At school

___, Monroe                         Son         W M       Jun 1896                 3              S                              TX NC IL


1900 – Girard, Crawford Co., KS, e.d. 77, sheet 7A

Crawford, Robert P.             Head       W M       July 1863                36            M  14                      IL Scotland Scotland           Station agent

___, Mary A.                        Wife       W F        May 1862               38            M  14      3  2          MO NH OH

___, Cornelia H.                   Dau         W F        Feb 1890                10            S                              KS IL MO

___, Agnes F.                       Dau         W F        Jun 1892                 7              S                              KS IL MO

Cummings, George P.          Fa-in-L   W M       Aug 1829               70            M  41                      NH CT NH                             Minister of Gospel

___, Cornelia A.                   Mo-in-L W F        Nov 1837               62            M  41      4  3          OH VT CT


1900 – Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS, e.d. 111, sheet 7b

Boone, William                     Head       W M       May 1865               35            M  9                        MO MO MO         farmer

___, Lula                               Wife       W F        Mar 1875                25            M  9        4  4          KS IL IL

___, Willie                             Son         W M       Aug 1892               7              S                              KS MO KS

___, Beulah                           Dau         W F        Oct 1894                 5              S                              KS MO KS

___, Glen                               Dau         W F        Dec 1896                3              S                              KS MO KS

___, Clarence                        Son         W M       Jan 1899                 1              S                              KS MO KS

___, Doll                                Brother   W M       May 1874               26            S                              MO MO MO         day laborer

        [“Doll” was the nickname of Isaiah Boone (LinnCem 183)]


1900 – Aldine, Norton Co., KS, e.d. 88, sheet 9B

Garrison, William R.             Head       W M       Oct 1848                 51            M  17                      OH OH OH            Farmer

___, Lydia M.                       Wife       W F        Mary 1853             47            M  17      9  7          WI WI WI

___, Indoe P.                        Son         W M       Dec 1882                17            S                              IA OH WI              Farm Laborer

___, Daniel O.                       Son         W M       Sept 1884               15            S                              KS OH WI

___, Mattie F.                       Dau         W F        Dec 1887                12            S                              KS OH WI

___, Fay E.                            Dau         W F        Mar 1890                10            S                              KS OH WI

___, Willis H.                        Son         W M       Aug 1892               7              S                              KS OH WI

(1 servant)

[one house down]

Garrison, Jesse B.                 Head       W M       Dec 1857                42            M  17                      IL OH OH              Farmer

___, Loanda [?] W.              Wife       W F        Apr 1859                41            M  17      7  6          IL NY NC

___, Charles J.                      Son         W M       Jan 1884                 16            S                              IA IL IL                  Farm Laborer

___, Lora C.                          Dau         W F        Aug 1885               14            S                              KS IL IL

___, Bertha                           Dau         W F        Feb 1888                12            S                              KS IL IL

___, William F.                     Son         W M       July 1890                9              S                              KS IL IL

___, Oran A.                         Son         W M       July 1893                6              S                              KS IL IL

___, Robert A.                      Son         W M       Dec 1896                3              S                              KS IL IL


1900 – Barrett Twp., Thomas Co., KS, e.d. 127, sheet 2b

Switzer, John R.                    Head       W M       Sep 1879                20            M            1              IL OH PA               Farmer

___, Emma R.                        Wife       W F        Aug 1880               19            M            1 2 2        CA OH CA

___, Carry E.                         Dau         W F        Jan 1895                 5              S                              KS IL CA

___, Peter E.                          Son         W M       Mar 1900                3/12         S                              KS IL CA

Garrison, Freeman                Uncle      W M       Aug 1827               72            D                             OH NJ VA             Farmer

___, Cleveland                     B-i-L       W M       Aug 1885               14            S                              CA OH CA            Farm laborer


1900 – Pettis Twp., Platte Co., MO, e.d. 139, sheet 2A

Brown, James                        Head       W M       Nov 1838               61            M 36                       Canada PA Canada              1871 29 Na                lawyer

___, Mercy A.                      Wife       W F        Jun 1864 [sic]        55            M 36       6 5           Canada PA Canada              1871 29

(2 boarders)


1900 – Queens (NYC), Queens Co., NY, e.d. 660, sheet 7a

Duncan, Hannah L.              Head       W F        June 1845               55            Wd         4   2         NY Scotland England

___, Frances                         Dau         W F        Mar 1877                23            S                              NY Scotland NY

___, Helmer                           Son         W M       Nov 1881               18            S                              NY Scotland NY

(1 servant)


1900 – Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, e.d. 805, sheet 3a

Yale, Arthur W.                    Head       W M       July 1875                24            M  3                        PA NY PA             Physician

___, Elsie D.                          Wife       W F        Oct 1874                 25            M  3        1  1          NY ME NY

Rorer, Kate                            Aunt       W F        Aug 1853               46            S                              PA PA PA

Yale, Adie                              Dau         W F        April 1898              2              S                              PA PA NY

(1 nurse, 1 servant)


1910 – San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, e.d. 142, sheet 5B

Brown, George P.                 Head       M W       44            M1  22                    Canada Canada Canada      1870 Na  Mining Engineer

___, Martha M.                    Wife       F W        40            M1  22    7  5          MO NH OH

___, Margaret                       Dau         F W        19            S                              CO Canada MO

___, Kenneth P.                   Son         M W       18            S                              CO Canada MO

___, Marian                          Dau         F W        16            S                              CO Canada MO

___, George C.                      Son         M W       13            S                              UT Canada MO

___, Dorothy                        Dau         F W        12            S                              CA Canada MO


1910 – Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS, e.d. 118, sheet 16b

Boone, William S.                 Head       M W       44            M1  19                    MO MO KS           farm labor

___, Lula E.                           Wife       F W        35            M1  19    8  8          KS IL IL

___, William J.                      Son         M W       17            S                              KS MO KS            farm labor

___, Lula B.                           Dau         F W        15            S                              KS MO KS

___, G___ D.                        Dau         F W        13            S                              KS MO KS

___, Clarence E.                   Son         M W       11            S                              KS MO KS

___, Donald L.                      Son         M W       9              S                              KS MO KS

___, Mildred H.                    Dau         F W        6              S                              KS MO KS

___, Ervin                              Son         M W       4              S                              KS MO KS

___, Martha A.                     Dau         F W        11/12       S                              KS MO KS


1910 – Aldine Twp., Norton Co., KS, e.d. 105, sheet 6A

Garrison, Jessie B.                Head       M W       52            M2  27                    IL OH Wales         Farmer, General farm

___, Lucinda H.                    Wife       F W        51            M1  27    7  6          IL NY NC

___, Hobart G.                      Son         M W       13            S                              KS IL IL

___, Bertha A.                      Dau         F W        22            S                              KS IL IL                 School teacher


same, sheet 7B

Garrison, William R.             Head       M W       66            M1  36                    OH OH OH            Farmer, General farm

___, Lydia M.                       Wife       F W        56            M1  36    9  7          WI OH NY

___, Mattie F.                       Dau         F W        22            S                              KS OH WI

___, Fay E.                            Dau         F W        20            S                              KS OH WI

___, William H.                     Son         M W       17            S                              KS OH WI             Farm laborer

___, Dell J.                            Gson       M W       2              S                              NE NY IN


1910 – Parkville, Platte Co., MO, e.d. 137, sheets 1a-b

Brown, James                        Head       M W       71            M1 45                     Can English VT VT  1871 Na              Lawyer Office

Brown, Mercy A.                 Wife       F W        65            M1 45                     Can English PA Can English 1877


1910 – Fargo, Cass Co., ND, e.d. 38, sheet 5a

Roel, Tom                              Head       M W 24 M1 2        Norway Norway Norway    1903 Na 

___, Jennie                            Wife       F W 21 M1 2 1 1   Norway Norway Norway    1904 Na

___, Joseph H.                     Son         M W 0 S                ND Norway Norway

(2 boarders)


1910 – Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, e.d. 1069, sheets 1b-2a

Yale, Dr. A. W.                     Head       M W       34            M1  13    2  2          PA NY PA             medical doctor

___, Mrs. A. W.                   Wife       F W        36            M1  13    2  2          NY ME NY

___, Ada                               Dau         F W        12            S                              PA PA NY

___, Dorothy                        Dau         F W        9              S                              PA PA NY

Rorer, Kate L.                        Aunt       F W        57            S                              PA PA PA


1920 – San Diego, San Diego Co., e.d. 245, sheet 4b

Breneman, H. Zenas            Head       M W       53            M                            IA PA PA

___, A. Rachel                      Wife       F W        54            M                            IN IN IN

___, M. Elda                         Dau         F W        17            S                              KS IA IN                [Fire] tagger Auto [Tuo] Wks


1920 – San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, e.d. 268, sheet 1A  (2 Jan 1920)

Brown, George P.                 Head       M W       52            M  1870 Na 1879   Canada Canada Canada      Engineer Mining

___, Martha M.                    Wife       F W        52            M                            MO NH OH

___, Marion                          Dau         F W        26            S                              CO Canada MO

___, Kenneth P.                   Son         M W       26            M                            CO Canada MO                    Engineer Mining

___, Josephine                     D-in-L     F W        26            M                            KS IN IL

___, George C.                      Son         M W       23            S                              UT Canada MO                    Engineer Mining

___, Dorothy                        Dau         F W        20            S                              CA Canada MO

___, Kenneth M.                  Gson       M W       4 6/12      S                              CA CO KS

Baldwin, Mark N.                 S-in-L     M W       23            M                            KS KS IL                                Time Keeper Ship Construction Co.

___, Margaret                       Dau         F W        28            M                            CO Canada MO

___, Phyllis                           Gdau       F W        1 7/12      S                              CA KS CO


1920 – San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, e.d. 269, sheet 5B

Yale, Arthur W.                    Head       M W       44            M            PA NY PA             doctor

___, Grace                             Wife       F W        34            M            KS USA USA

Rorar, Kate                            Aunt       F W        68            S              PA PA PA


1920 – San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, e.d. 347, sheet 2A

Garrison, D. O.                      Head       M W       34            M            KS US NY              Laborer Tineman[?]

___, Clara                              Wife       F W        32            M            KS OH IN

___, Beulah                           Dau         F W        15            S              KS KS KS

___, Vera                               Dau         F W        12            S              KS KS KS


1920 – Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS, e.d. 123, sheet 12a

Boone, William S.                 Head       M W       54            M                            MO MO MO         coal miner

Boone, Lula                           Wife       F W        44            M                            KS IL IL

Boone, Clarence E.               Son         M W       20            S                              KS MO KS            oil driller

Boone, Donald                     Son         M W       18            S                              KS MO KS            farm laborer

Boone, Mildred                    Dau         F W        16            S                              KS MO KS

Boone, Erbin                         Son         M W       13            S                              KS MO KS

Boone, Dorothy D.              Dau         F W        10            S                              KS MO KS

Boone, Cora J.                      Dau         F W        8 2/12      S                              KS MO KS

Boone, Lilly                           Dau         F W        5 8/12      S                              KS MO KS

Boone, Robert D.                 Son         M W       3 1/12      S                              KS MO KS

Boone, Sarah                        Dau         F W        1 10/12    S                              KS MO KS


1920 – Pettis Twp., Platte Co., MO, e.d. 199, sheet 5b

Brown, James                        Head       M W       81            M            Un Na     Canada VT NY                      [Lawen]

___, Mercy                           Wife       F W        75            M            Un Na     Canada PA Canada


1920 – Fargo, Cass Co., ND, e.d. 16, sheet 30a

Roel, Thomas                        Head       M W       34            M            1903 Na 1911         Norway Norway Norway    Carpenter

___, Jennie                            Wife       F W        31            M            1903 Na                  Norway Norway Norway

___, Joseph                          Son         M W       10            S                                              ND Norway Norway

___, Ruth                              Dau         F W        8              S                                              ND Norway Norway

___, Paul                               Son         M W       6              S                                              ND Norway Norway

___, Ralph                             Son         M W       4 8[?]/12 S                                              ND Norway Norway

___, Rabues[?]                     Dau         F W        2              S                                              ND Norway Norway


1920 – Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, e.d. 1576, sheet 12b

Yale, Elsie D.                         Head       F W        46            D             NY ME NY

___, Dorothy                        Dau         F W        19            S              PA PA NY


1930 – Colton, San Bernardino Co., CA, e.d. 36-17, sheet 23a

Sprague, Earl W.                  Head       M W       42            M 24       NE IL IL                 Auto Mechanic Garage

___, Ada B.                           Wife       F W        32            M 20       PA PA NY

___, Ada F.                           Dau         F W        9              S              CA NE PA

___, Elsie D.                          Dau         F W        7              S              CA NE PA

___, Ralph L.                        Son         M W       5              S              CA NE PA

___, Elmer D.                        Son         M W       2 [9]/12   S              CA NE PA

Yale, Elsie D.                         M-in-L    F W        56            D             NY ME NY            Authoress Magazines, etc.


1930 – San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, e.d. 37-108, sheet 9a

Brown, George C.                 Head       M W       33            M 22       UT Canada KS      Proprietor              Garage

___, Dorothy A.                   Wife-H   F W        29            M 19       PA PA NY            

___, Elizabeth C.                  Dau         F W        8              S              CA UT PA            

___, George C.                      Son         M W       6              S              CA UT PA            

___, Martha H.                     Dau         F W        4              S              CA UT PA            

___, Dorothy P.                    Dau         F W        4              S              CA UT PA            


1930 – San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, e.d. 37-141, sheet 7a

Yale, Arthur W.                    Head       M W       55            M 20       PA NY PA             physician surgeon medical

___, Grace                             Wife       F W        45            M 32       KS OH NY             practical nurse

___, Grace E.                         Dau         F W        7              S              CA KS PA            


1930 – San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, e.d. 37-179, sheet 1a

Boone, Donald E.                 Head       M W       25            M 21       KS KS KS              Laborer  Construction

___, Beulah L.                      Wife       F W        25            M 19       KS KS KS

___, Raymond O.                 Son         M W       6              S              CA KS KS

___, Phyllis R.                      Dau         F W        4              S              CA KS KS


1930 – Lincoln Twp., Linn Co., KS, e.d. 54-7, sheet 5a

Boone, Lou                           Head       F W        55            M 16       KS NC TN             Laborer  [Printer F---]

___, Caraline                         Dau         F W        18            S              KS KS KS

___, Lillian                            Dau         F W        15            S              KS KS KS

___, Robert                           Son         M W       13            S              KS KS KS

___, Sarah                             Dau         F W        11            S              KS KS KS


1930 – Fargo, Cass Co., ND, e.d. 42, sheet 10b

Roel, Tolberg                        Head       M W 44 M 23        Norway Norway Norway    1902 Na  Contractor buildings

___, Johanny                        Wife       F W 41 M 20         Norway Norway Norway    1904 Na

___, Joseph                          Son         M W 20 S              ND Norway Norway           

___, Ruth                              Dau         F W 18 S                ND Norway Norway

___, Paul                               Son         M W 16 S              ND Norway Norway

___, Ralph                             Son         M W 14 S              ND Norway Norway

___, Rebecca                        Dau         F W 12 S                ND Norway Norway

___, Ardis                             Dau         F W 6 S                  ND Norway Norway

___, John                              Son         M W 2 11/12 S      ND Norway Norway

(1 boarder)




1801 – 1729 Inderøe, Nord-Trøndelag 

Torberg Olssen    Mand                     27            Baegge i forste aegteskab  Inderste, gaaer i dagleje, national dragon

Inger Sivertsdtr    Hans kone             27            Baegge i forste aegteskab

Ole Torberssen     Deres son              2

Ole Gunnerssen    Mand                     47            Baegge i andet aegteskab   Huusmand med jord

Gunnil Olsdtr        Hans kone             52            Baegge i andet aegtestab

Else Olsdtr             Mandens datter    6


1865 – 1729 Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag 

Sivert Sevalds.                      Husfader                Husmand med Jord              36            Inderøens Praestegjeld

Martha Andersd.                 Hans Kone                                                                            Inderøens Praestegjeld

Johannes Siverts.                 Deres Son                                                                              Inderøens Praestegjeld



Kristian Ols.                                                          Husmand med Jord              72            Inderøens Prgld

Ragnhild Torbergsd.           Hans Kone                                                            60            Inderøens Prgld

Ole Kristianson                    deres Son              Snedker                                  34            Inderøens Prgld

Torberg Kristianson            hans Son                                                               38            Inderøens Prgld

Kristine Kristianson            hans Kone                                                             31            Inderøens Prgld

Rebekka Torbergsd.            Deres Datter                                                          8              Inderøens Prgld

Karoline Torbergsd.            Deres Datter                                                          5              Inderøens Prgld

Oline Torbergsd.                  Deres Datter                                                          2              Inderøens Prgld

Karen Nilsd.                                                          Tjenestepige                         17            Vaerdalens Prgld


1865 – 1648 Støren, Sør Trøndelag

Arnt Mikkels.        Husfader                Gaardb. Selveier                                   47            Størens Prgj.

Berit Hendriksd.   Hans Kone                                                                            55            Størens Prgj.

Christian Arnts.    Deres Son              hjaelper Faderen med Gaardsbruget 18            Størens Prgj.

Henrik Arnts.        Deres Son              hjaelper Faderen med Gaardsbruget 16            Størens Prgj.

Mikkel Arnts.        Deres Son                                                                              15            Størens Prgj.

Ole Arnts.              Deres Son                                                                              11            Størens Prgj.

Ane Arntsd.          Deres Datter                                                                          20            Størens Prgj.

Kjersti Iversd.       Fosterdatter                                                                          11            Størens Prgj.

(3 workers)


1875 – 1648 Rogstad, Støren, Sør Trøndelag

Henrik Arntsen                     hf            Gaardbr. Og Selvejer            1840        Størens Sogn, S

Marit Steffensdatter            Kone                                                      1842        Størens Sogn, S

Steffen Henriksen                s                                                              1871        Størens Sogn, S

Marit Henriksdatter             d                                                              1873        Størens Sogn, S

(other people)


1875 – Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag

Torberg Kristiansen                            hf                            Husmann og selvejer           1827        Salberg s. Ind.

Olava Kristine Kristiansen*               Hans kone                                                             1835        Salberg s. Ind.

Rebekka Torbergsdatter                     d                              Hjelper faderen                     1858        Salberg s. Ind.

Karoline Torbergsdatter                     d                              Hjelper faderen                     1861        Salberg s. Ind.

Tale Oline Torbergsdatter                  d                                                                              1864        Salberg s. Ind.

Anna Berntine Torbergsdatter          d                                                                              1867        Salberg s. Ind.

Martine Torbergsdatter                      d                                                                              1869        Salberg s. Ind.

Tora Ovedia Torbergsdatter              d                                                                              1873        Salberg s. Ind.

Kristian Torbergsen                            s                                                                              1875        Salberg s. Ind.

Marta Sakariasdatter                           d af Sakarias Pedersen  Dagarbeiderske           1836        Salberg s. Ind.


1875 – 1729 Inderøy, Nord-Trøndelag

Sivert Sevaldsen                  hf                            Husmand med Jord              1829        Sakshaug Sogn Inderøens Pr.

Marta Andersdatter             Hans Kone                                                            1828        Sakshaug Sogn Inderøens Pr.

Johannes Sivertsen             Deres s                   Jordarbeider og Fisker         1858        Sakshaug Sogn Inderøens Pr.

Johannes Lornssen             Fosterson                                                              1872        Sakshaug Sogn Inderøens Pr.

Anton Petersen                    Logerende             Seiler                                      1849        Sakshaug Sogn Inderøens Pr.


1900 – 1729 Inderøen, Nord-Trøndelag

John Sivertsen Rol               Meraker                 Hustommermand  1858        t

Rebekka Torbergsdatter                                     Husmor                  1858        t

Signe Johnsdatter                                                Datter Husstel      1881        t

Ingeborg Johnsdatter                                          Datter Husstel      1884        t

Torberg Johnsen                                                  Son                         1885        t

Lovise Johnsdatter                                              Datter                     1888        t

John Johnsen                                                       Son                         1891        t

Klara Johnsdatter                                                 Datter                     1897        t

Arne Johnsen                                                       Son                         1900 18/2 t


1900 – 1103 Stavanger, Rogaland

Henrik Rogstad                    Lokomotivforer ved Jernbanen          1850        Støren ST

Sigrid Rogstad                      Hustru                                                    1852        Støren ST

Anna Rogstad                      Datter                                                     1884        t

Ingeborg Rogstad                Datter                                                     1886        t

Jonny Rogstad                     Datter                                                     1888        t

Ingerid Rogstad                   Datter                                                     1893        t







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BoonePost1:         Posting in Boone Family Genealogy Forum 24 May 1999 by Margo Allee

<>:  “My line seems to be:

George Boone III & Mary Maugridge

Squire Boone & Sarah Morgan

Daniel Boone & Rebecca Bryan

Daniel Morgan Boone & Sarah G. Lewis

Alonzo Havington Boone & Elizabeth T. Stewart

Edward (Ned) Boone & Georgiana Brown

William Shelby Boone & Lou Ella Michaels

Dorothea Dale Boone & William S. McClure”

BoonePost2:         Posting in Boone Family Genealogy Forum 28 Nov 1999 by Roy Brinlee


“Ancestors of Alonzo Havington Boone….

1. Alonzo Havington Boone, born March 22, 1817 in Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of 2. Daniel Morgan

Boone and 3. Sarah Griffin Lewis. He married (1) Elizabeth Treble (Tribble) Stewart. She was the daughter of David Stewart and Elizabeth Larison.

Children of Alonzo Boone and Elizabeth Stewart are:

i. Diza Caroline Boone, born January 02, 1845 in Tenn.; died December 19, 1885 in Texas; married Hiram Carroll Brinlee April 15, 1863 in Collin, Texas….Burial [Diza]: 1885, Akers Cemetery, Sherman, Texas….Burial [Hiram]: 1920, Brinlee Cemetery Located near Melissa, Texas…Married: April 15, 1863, Collin, TX

ii. David Ewing Boone, born August 19, 1847 in Jackson Co., MO; married Sarah Lurena Taylor January 01, 1866….

iii. Edward (Ned) Boone, born 1843 in MO; married Georgianna Brown.

iv. Susan Lee Boone, born October 23, 1849; died August 20, 1942; married Isaac Bennett.

v. Elizabeth Delilah, born June 11, 1852; married William Carl Brummett….

2. Daniel Morgan Boone….

3. Sarah Griffin Lewis….”

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