Ancestry of Tim Berners-Lee

compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner

The following material on the immediate ancestry of Tim Berners-Lee should not be considered either exhaustive or authoritative, but rather as a first draft.

Michael J. Wood and John Blythe Dobson (noted as "J.B.D." below) contributed to this report.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Tim Berners-Lee
1 Timothy John ("Tim") Berners-Lee, b. University College Hospital, London 8 June 1955 [The Times 1955 Jun 9, 1A], invented the World Wide Web (6 Aug 1991)
2 Conway Berners-Lee, b. Birmingham 19 Sept. 1921 [The Times 1921 Sep 26, 1A]
3 Mary Lee Woods, b. ...
4 Cecil Burford Berners Lee, Maj., b. Handsworth, Staffordshire, ... [Oct-Dec 1884], d. ... 28 Feb. 1931 [The Times 1931 Mar 3, 1C]
m. Great Barr, Birmingham, 1 Sept. 1920 [The Times 1920 Aug 18, 13C]
5 Helen Lane Campbell Gray, b. Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2 Dec. 1895, d. ... 8 June 1968 [The Times 1968 Jun 12, 20A]
6 ... Woods, b. ... , d. ...
7 ... , b. ... , d. ...
8 Berners Burford Lee, b. Leicester, Leicestershire, ... [ca. 1854-5], d. ... [living 1901]
m. Islington ... [Jan-Mar 1884]
9 Gertrude Agnes P ... Tegner, b. ... , India, ... [ca. 1860-1], d. ... [living 1901]
10 John S ... Gray, M.D., b. Heckston, South Gower Township, Grenville County, Ontario, 26 Jan. 1850, d. ... [living 1906]
m. Napanee, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario, 10 Nov. 1879
11 Adelaide Lane, b. Augusta Township, Grenville County, Ontario, 24 Sept. 1850, d. ... [living 1906]
16 Rev. Charles Lee, vicar of Bilston, Staffordshire (1871-1908), b. Soho, Middlesex, bapt. St. James, Westminster, 30 March 1827, d. Stratford on Avon 20 Jan. 1911 [Alumni Cantab]
m. All Saints, Derby, co. Derby, 11 Oct. 1853 [IGI]
17 Sarah Ann Mansfield, b. Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, ... [ca. 1834], d. ... 1903
20 John Gray/Grey, of South Gower Township, Grenville County, Ontario, b. ... [Ireland ca. 1799-1800], d. ... [living in 1852 ae. 52]
m. ... [by 1828]
21 Nancy Cummings, b. ... [Canada ca. 1807-8], d. ... [living 1852 ae. 44]
22 Charles Lane, of Charleville, Augusta Township, Grenville County, Ontario, b. ... [Canada ca. 1814-5], d. ... [living in 1852 ae. 37]
m. Yonge Township, Leeds County, Ontario, 5 March 1840
23 Lucinda Taplin, b. ... , Ontario, 19 Aug. 1819, d. Richmond Township, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario, 19 Feb. 1905, ae. 85y 6m
32 William Lee, wine merchant, b. ... , d. ... [by 1851]
33 Mary ... , b. St. Martin's, Middlesex, ... [ca. 1793], d. ... [living 1851]
34 John Mansfield, wine merchant, b. Chaddesden, Derbyshire, ... [ca. 1811], d. ... [living 1861]
m. Duffield, Derbyshire, 2 Feb. 1834 [IGI]
35 Mary Bullock, b. St. Alkmund, Derbyshire, ... [ca. 1808], d. ... [living 1861]
46 Henry Taplin, in Augusta Township by 1800, when he was enumerated in an early census. On his tombstone in Glen Elbe Cemetery, lot 4, concession 8, Yonge township, Leeds County, his dates are given as 1780-1843; and therefore on chronological grounds he must surely be the Henry Taplin b. 27 May 1780 at Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont, d. 6 Sept. 1843, son of Maj. John Taplin and Catherine Lovewell. Since he was in Canada before his wife was born in the U.S., their marriage must have occurred in Canada unless he made a return trip to the U.S.
m. certainly by 1823, and by 1818 if they indeed were the parents of Lucinda (no. 23) above,
47 Melinda Huntley, b. 1801 in the U.S., d. 13 April 1874, aged 73 years, and buried in Glen Elbe Cemetery, lot 4, concession 8, Yonge township, Leeds County
70 ... Bullock, b. ... , d. ... [by 1851],
71 Anne ____, b. St. Werburg's Parish, Derby, Derbyshire, ... [ca. 1777-8], d. ... [living 1851]
92 Maj. John Taplin, b. 14 July 1748 at Marlboro, Mass. (not verified). If the dates of his birth and his parents' marriage have been recorded correctly as to the year (and in fact unless both are recorded incorrectly so as to make them appear closer together than they really were), he was clearly illegitimate. Accordingly, some accounts of this family have suppressed or falsified the date of his parents' marriage.
He m. (1) 29 Sept. 1769 at Newbury, Vermont,
93 Catherine Lovewell, b. 17 June 1749 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass. (Dunstable VR), d. 16 July 1794 at Corinth, Vermont. Birth registered as Katharine Lovewell.
184 Col. John Taplin, bapt. 27 Oct. 1727 at Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Mass. (not verified), d. 9 Nov. 1803 at Corinth, Orange Co., Vermont. The rather evasive discussion of his marriage date in Hamilton Child, Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vermont, 1783-1899 [Syracuse, N.Y., 1889], was doubtless occasioned by its inconvenient proximity to the birth of his son (no. 92) above.
m. 21 March 1748/9 at Southborough, Middlesex Co., Mass. (Southborough VR)
185 Hepzibah Brigham, b. 1 June 1732 at Charlestown, Mass. (not verified), d. 27 Dec. 1815 at Corinth, Vermont. Called "Hephzibah Brigham" in their marriage record.
186 Col. Nehemiah Lovewell, b. 9 Jan. 1726/7 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass. (Dunstable VR), d. 23 March 1801 at Corinth, Vermont.
m. 24 Nov 1748 at Dunstable (not verified),
187 Rachel Farwell, said to have been b. 19 Feb. 1727/8 at Dunstable (Dunstable VR).
368 (?) Mansfield Taplin, "a native of England, who settled in Charlestown, Mass., and died there in 1734." (NCAB 16:420).
369 (?) Mary Johnson.
370 Lieut. Nathan Brigham, b. 28 Nov. 1693 at Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Mass. (Marlborough VR), d. 15 Sept. 1784 "in his 91st year" at Southborough, Middlesex Co., Mass. (Southborough VR).
371 Hepzibah (Ward?) (often called Elizabeth Ward, although this appears to be wrong). Southborough VR gives the death of Hepzibah, wife of Nathan Brigham, on 15 Nov. 1748.
372 John Lovewell, perhaps b. 14 Oct. 1691 at Dunstable, Mass. (a number of his parents' children were baptized there on the same day, but the entry is partly torn), d. 8 May 1725 at Fryeburg, Maine (not verified).
373 Hannah Lull, b. 26 Nov. 1696 at Ipswich, Mass.
374 Jonathan Farwell, b. 24 Jul 1700 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Mass.
m. 29 May 1723 at Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Mass.,
375 Susannah Blanchard, b. 29 March 1707 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass.
740 Capt. Nathan Brigham, b. 17 June 1671 at Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Mass. (Marlborough VR), d. there 16 Feb. 1746/7. See the NEHGS database "Legislators of the Massachusetts General Court, 1691-1780."
m. (1) ca. 1692,
741 Elizabeth ____. Older works identify her as Elizabeth Maynard, b. 2 April 1664 at Marlborough, Mass., daughter of John Maynard and Mary Gates, and this John Maynard's will mentions a daughter "Elizabeth Brigham." But it must be wondered whether Nathan Brigham would have married a woman more than seven years his senior. This identification is rejected (without explanation) in Legislators of the Massachusetts General Court, where she is instead called Elizabeth Howe.
744 John Lovewell, b. 7 April 1660 at Boston, Mass., d. 5 Jan. 1754 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass.
m. 7 Dec. 1686 at Dunstable [Torrey]
745 Anna Hassell, b. 6 Oct. 1669 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass, d. 7 Jan. 1754 in an Indian massacre at Nashua, N.H.
746 Thomas Lull, b. 16__, d. v.p. 1714.
m. 21 Jan. 1689 at Ipswich, Mass. [Torrey]
747 Rebecca Kimball, b. 1664
748 Henry Farwell, b. 18 Dec. 1674 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Mass., d. there 1738.
m. there 23 Jan. 1695/6 [Torrey]
749 Susannah Richardson, b. 3 Sept. 1677 at Chelmsford.
750 Capt. Joseph Blanchard, b. 1 Sept. 1672 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Mass, d. 1727.
m. 25 May 1696 at Dunstable, Mass. [Torrey]
751 Abiah Hassell, b. 13 May 1673, d. 8 Dec 1746.
1480 Thomas Brigham, b. ca. 1640-41, d. 25 Nov. 1717 at Marlborough, Mass., aged 76 years [see the account of his father in Anderson2 1:401-4].
m. (1) 27 Dec. 1665 at Marlborough [Torrey]
1481 Mary Rice, b. 1646
1488 John Lovewell, b. ca. 1629 at Bristol, Gloucester, England, and died 7 Jan. 1693/4 at Boston, Suffolk, Mass. (not verified).
m. 24 Jan. 1658/9 at Scituate [see the account of her father in Anderson1 3:1677-81]
1489 Elizabeth Silvester, b. 23 Jan. 1643/4 at Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass, d. 1666 at Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Mass. (not verified).
1490 Joseph Hassell, b. 20 Sept. 1645 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Mass., d. 2 Sept. 1691 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass.
m. 21 Aug. 1667 at an undetermined place [Torrey]
1491 Anna Perry, b. ca. 1649 at Watertown, Middlesex Co., Mass, d. 2 Sept. 1691 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass.
1492 Thomas Lull, b. ca. 1636-37, d. 1719, aged 82 years.
m. by 1661 [Torrey]
1493 Elizabeth _____
1494 John Kimball, b. ca. 1631-32 in England, d. 6 May 1698 at Ipswich, Mass., aged 66 years.
m. by 1657 [Torrey]
1495 Mary Bradstreet, b. 1632-33 (aged 1 at her parents' immigration in 1634) in England, still alive in 1675. [See the account of her father, Humphrey Bradstreet, in Anderson2 1:384-88.]
1496 Joseph Farwell, b. 26 Feb. 1640/1 at Concord, Middlesex Co., Mass., d. 31 Dec. 1722 at Dunstable, N.H., 31 Dec. 1722, in his 82nd year.
1497 Hannah Learned, b. 24 Aug. 1649 at Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass., living 1722.
1498 Capt. Josiah Richardson, bapt. 7 Nov. 1635 at Charlestown, Mass. d. 22 June 1695 at Chelmsford, Mass.
m. 6 June 1659 at Concord (but recorded at Chelmsford)
1499 Remembrance Underwood, b. 25 Feb. 1639/40 at Concord, Mass., d. 20 Feb. 1718/9 at Chelmsford, Mass.
1500 John Blanchard, b. 1631 in England, d. 1694.
m. (as her second husband) by 1665,
1501 Hannah Brackett, bapt. 4 Jan. 1634/5 at Boston, Mass., d. 3 July 1706 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass. She m. (1) Samuel Kingsley.
1502 - 1503 Same as 1490 - 1491, above.
2960 Thomas Brigham, b. ca. 1602-03, d. 8 Dec. 1653 at Cambridge, Mass. [Anderson2 1:401-4].
m. (as the first of her three husbands) by about 1641
2961 Mercy ____ (there is no evidence for the frequently-repeated claim that her surname was Hunt), d. 28 Dec. 1693 at Marlboro, Mass.
2962 Henry Rice, b. 1621, d. 1711.
m. apparently in Jan. or Feb. of 1643/4 [Torrey]
2963 Elizabeth Moore, d. 1705.
2978 Richard Silvester, of Weymouth and Marshfield, Mass., b. ca. 1608 in England, d. between 15 June 1663 (when he made his will) and 27 Sept. 1663 (when an inventory was made of his estate). See Albert Henry Silvester, "Richard Silvester of Weymouth, Mass., and some of his descendants," NEHGR 85 (1931): 247 ff.; Anderson1 3:1677-81.
2979 Naomi ____, d. by 26 Nov. 1668 (when her estate was inventoried).
2980 Richard Hassell, b. ca. 1622 at Axbridge, Somerset, England, d. in Sept. 1691 at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Mass.
m. by about 1643
2981 Joan ____, b. ca. 1624 in England.
2982 William Perry, b. ca. 1594 (?) in England, d. 9 Sept. 1683 at Watertown, Middlesex Co., Mass.
2983 Alice ____, b. in England.
2990 Humphrey Bradstreet, b. ca. 1593-94 (aged 40 in 1634), d. between 21 July 1655 (when he made his will) and 6 Sept. 1655 (when his estate was inventoried). See Anderson2 1:384-88.
m. by about 1625
2991 Bridget ____, b. ca. 1603-04 (aged 30 in 1634), d. __ Nov. 1665 at Ipswich, Mass.
2992 (Deacon) Henry Farwell, b. ca. 1605, d. 1 Aug. 1670 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Mass.
m. 16 April 1629 in the parish church of St. Botolph, Boston, Lincolnshire
2993 Olive Welby, bapt. 17 June 1604 at Moulton, Lincolnshire, England, d. 1 March 1691/2 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Mass. [See Richardson 757.]
2994 Isaac Learned, bapt. 25 Feb. 1623/4 at Bermondsay, Surrey, England, d. 24 Nov. 1657 at Chelmsford, Mass. (not verified). See the account of his father, William Learned, in Anderson1 2:1164-66.
m. 9 July 1646 at Woburn, Mass.
2995 Mary Stearns, bapt. 6 Jan. 1624/5 at Nayland, co. Suffolk, England, d. 24 Nov. 1660 at Malden, Mass. (not verified).
2996 Ezekiel Richardson, b. by about 1604, d. 21 Oct. 1647 at Woburn, Mass. See Anderson1 3:1580-83.
m. (as her first husband) by 1632
2997 Susannah ____, living 1651.
2998 William Underwood, b. ca. 1615, d. 12 Aug. 1697 at Chelmsford, Mass.
2999 Sarah ____, d. Chelmsford, Mass., 5 Nov. 1684.
3000 Joseph Blanchard, b. ca. 1596 in England, d. Oct. 1637.
3001 Ann ____, d. 24 June 1662.
3002 (Deacon) Richard Brackett, bapt. 16 Sept. 1610 at St. Gregory, Sudbury, Suffolk, d. 5 March 1689/90 at Braintree, Mass. See Anderson1 1:203-06.
m. He 6 Jan. 1633/4 in St. Katherine-by-the-Tower, London,
3003 Alice Blower, bapt. 30 June 1615 at St. Gregory, Sudbury, Suffolk, d. 3 Nov. 1690 at Braintree, Norfolk Co., Mass., aged 76 years.


1906 Census of Manitoba Saskatchewan and Alberta, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Subdistrict 2D, Page 14

Gray John S     H   M M 56  Ont
     Adelaide   W   F M 55  Ont
     Eva        D   F S 21  Ont
     Charles    S   M S 20  Man
     Helen      D   F S 10  Man
   (one servant, one lodger)


1901 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Dist 8, Subdiv 13, Ward 2, Page 4

Gray John S      M W  H  M  26 Jan  1850  51  Ont   Irish  Canadian   ...    Physician
     Adelaide    F W  W  M  24 Sep  1850  50   "    ...      "       Presb
     Eva L       F W  D  S  25 Sep  1884  16   "    Irish    "         "
     Charles B   M W  S  S  15 Apr  1886  14  Man    "       "         "
     Helen L C   F W  D  S   2 Dec  1895   5   "     "       "         "
   (one servant)


1881 Census of Canada
Province: Ontario
County: Leeds & Grenville North
Township: Gower South
District: 107 
Subdistrict: G 
Page: 20
Archives of Canada microfilm no. C-13231 
Family History Library microfilm no. 1,375,867

Name       Cond. Gender  Origin   Age   Birthplace  Occupation  Religion
Robert COOK  M   Male    Irish     38   Ontario     Farmer      Wesleyan Methodist  
Marie COOK   M   Female  Irish     36   Ontario                 Wesleyan Methodist  
Allace COOK      Female  Irish      7   Ontario                 Wesleyan Methodist  
Robert COOK      Male    Irish      5   Ontario                 Wesleyan Methodist  
Ada M. COOK      Female  Irish      2   Ontario                 Wesleyan Methodist  
Nancy GRAY   W   Female  Scottish  74   Ontario                 Baptist  



1901 Staffordshire, Handsworth, Handsworth [RG 13/2711], p. 16

Berners B Lee     Head     M   46       Manufacturer Cast Iron Holloware    Employer    Leicester    Leicester
Gertrude A  Do    Wife     M      40                                                    India        British Subject
Helen G     Do    Daur     S      12                                                    Handsworth   Staffs
Freda M Pearson   Visitor  S      12                                                       Do
    (one sewing maid, three servants)


1901 Staffordshire, Bilston [RG 13/2690], p. 1

Charles Lee    Head   M   74        Clergyman (Church of England)    London (St James)
Sarah A  do    Wife   M       66                                     Derbyshire      Matlock
    (two servants)


1891 Staffordshire, Handsworth [RG 12/2260], p. 22

Berners B Lee    Head   M   36        Manufacturer of Cast Iron + Holloware    Leicester
Gertrude   do    Wife   M       30                                             India
Cecil      do    Son    S    6                                                 Staffs     Handsworth
Helen      do    Daur   S        3                                               do          do
    (three servants)


1891 Staffordshire, Bilston [RG 12/2243], p. 6

Charles Lee       Head   M   64        Vicar of Bilston                    London      St James Piccadilly
Sarah A      do   Wife   M       56                                        Derbyshire  Matlock
Leslie W     do   Son    S   24        Iron Merchant                       London      Haverstock Hill
Charles St A do    do    S   20        Student of Theology Trin Coll Cam     do          do
    (two servants)


1881 Staffordshire, Bilston [RG 11/2815], p. 10

Charles Lee M. A.   Head   Mar   54       Vicar of Bilston        Middlesex  London
Sarah Ann Lee       Wife   Mar       46         do         Wife   Darby      Matlock Bath
Berners B   do      Son    Umn   26       Iron Foundry Manager    Leicester  Leicester
Madeleine B do      Daur   Unm       23                           Stafford   Bilston
Newton W A  do      Son    Unm   17       Factors Apprentice      Middlesex  London
Leslie W    do      Son    Unm   14       Scholar                   do         do
    (two servants)


1881 Essex, West Ham, West Ham [RG 11/1720], p. 41
   Household of George R Birt

Gertrude Tegner    Visitor             20                           Calcutta


1871 London, St. Pancras, Kentish Town [RG 10/236], p. 28

Charles Lee            Head      Mar   44            Vicar Holy Trinity S Pancras   S James        Piccadilly
Sarah A Lee            Wife      "            34                                    Derbyshire     Matlock
Edith E      "         Daur      U            15                                    Staffordshire  Bilston
Madeleine M  "          "        "            13                                       "             "
Newton Wm A  "         Son       "      6                                           S Pancras      London
Leslie W     "          "        "      4                                              "             "
Charles A    "          "        "      4 mo                                           "             "
Frances M Tredsminck   Visitor   U            25                                    Cornwall       Cambourn


1871 London, St. Pancras, Kentish Town [RG 10/249], p. 13

Alfred Tegner   Head    Mar   37        Shipbroker    Denmark
Annie     "     Wife     "        31                  Middlesex     St Giles
Louis     "     Son     Unm   12                        "           St Pancras
Cecilie   "     Daur     "        10                  Surrey        Battersea
Helen     "      "       "         5                  Middlesex     St Pancras
Gertrude  "     Niece    "        10                  India (East)
Waller Payne    Nephew   "     9                         "    "
    (one servant)


1861 Middlesex, St. Pancras, Kentish Town [RG 9/119], page 3

Charles Lee       Head   Mar   34      Incumbent Holy Trinity Kentit Town Perpetual Curate   Middlesex    Soho
Sarah A Lee       Wife   M         26                                                        Derbysh      Matlock
Berners B Lee     Son           6                                                            Leicestersh  Leicester
Edith E Lee       Daur              5                                                        Staffordsh   Bilston
Madeleine M Lee   Daur              3                                                           Do          Do
Charles W Lee     Son          2 m                                                           Middlesex    Camden
    (two servants)


1861 Derbyshirt, Litchurch, St. Peter [RG 9/2505]
   Victoria Hotel

John Mansfield   Head   Mar   49       Victualler Victoria Hotel    Derbyshire   Chaddesden
Mary    Do       Wife   Mar       51                                  Do         Derby
Henry   Do       Son    Un    23       Assistant to Father            Do           Do
Joseph  Do       Son          17       Railway Clerk                  Do           Do
Harriet Do       Dau              10   Scholar                        Do           Do
    (one servant, six lodgers)


1851 Middlesex, Chelsea, Chelsea NorthWest [HO 107/1473], p. 3

Mary Lee       Head       W       58   Cowkeeper    St Martins  Middx
John    Do     Son        U   34       Assistant    Chelsea     Middx
Charles Do     Son        U   24         Do           Do          Do
Henry Carter   Grandson        3                      Do          Do


1851 Derbyshire, Derby St. Werburgh [HO 107/2143], p. 3

John Mansfield   Head     Mar    40         Book Keeper      Derby   Chaddesden
Mary       Do    Wife     Mar        43                        Do    St Alkmund
Sarah Ann  Do    Daur     U          16     Dress Maker        Do    St Peters
William    Do    Son      U      14         Compositor         Do       Do
Henry      Do    Son      U      13         Scholar            Do       Do
John       Do    Do       U      10         Cabinet Maker      Do       Do
Joseph     Do    Do       U       7         Scholar            Do       Do
Harriet    Do    Daur                3mo                       Do       Do
Ann Bullock      Mother   Widow      63     Silk Trimmer       Do    St Werburgh



9 -- In the 1871 Census, she is enumerated in the household of the Danish-born Alfred Tegner, where she is described as his niece. He appears as number 31 (Ludvig Ferdinand Alfred Tegner) in, but Gertrude is not mentioned there.

16 -- Note by John Blythe Dobson:

There is a memorial to "Charles Lee M.A. vicar d. 1911 & wife Sarah d. 1903" in the parish church of Bilston, although we do not know whether they are actually buried there ["Church Memorials, Bagnall-Bishop's Wood," The Staffordshire Encyclopedia,]. The name of "Rev. Charles Lee, M.A., Vicar of Bilston," appears in a list of the Committees of Management for the Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society & Fire Insurance Co., of London and Birmingham, on one of the pages of advertising at the back of E. Edwards, Personal Recollections of Birmingham and Birmingham Men (Birmingham, 1877) [see].

21 -- Note by John Blythe Dobson:

Nancy (Cummings) Grey, d. 1888, and as wife or widow of John Grey, was buried in in South Gower Cemetery, South Gower, Grenville County [Ontario Genealogical Society Cemetery Index]. A corresponding death registration has not been found.

Nancy (Cummings) Gray is named as the mother of the bride in the following marriage record:
Leeds & Grenville Marriage Registrations, no. ______
(indexed at, but no image available)
Groom: Robert Cook 
Birth Place: Ontario  
Age: 26  
Father's Name: Joseph Cook 
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Cook 
Estimated birth year: abt 1845  
Bride: Maria Gray 
Age: 25  
Birth Place: On  
Father's Name: John Gray 
Mother's Name: Nancy Gray 
Marriage Date: 22 Mar 1871 
Marriage Place: Leeds and Grenville  
Thus, she may be identified as the Nancy Gray found in the household of her married daughter, Mary (Gray) Cook, in 1881 (see above).

23 -- Note by John Blythe Dobson:

It seems almost certain that Lucinda Taplin (no. 23) was a daughter of Henry Taplin, of Augusta Tp., and his wife Melinda Huntley, for several reasons: (a) they seem to have been the only couple in the area old enough to have been her parents; (b) a witness at Lucinda's wedding was Melinda Taplin (possibly her mother, or else a sister with the same name as the mother); (c) Lucinda named a son Henry. If this connection can be established, there would be additional American ancestry, as shown above.

Besides her presumed mother Melinda (Huntley) Taplin, there was a Melinda Taplin of the right age to her sister, thus probably accounting for the Melinda Taplin who appeared as a witness at her wedding. This Melinda Taplin has not yet been found in documentary sources, but is mentioned, probably during her lifetime, as the wife of Coleman Lewis, of Addison, Elizabethtown Tp., Leeds Co., in T.W.H. Leavitt, History of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario [Brockville, Ontario, 1879], p. 146 (facsimile edition available online at

46 -- Note by John Blythe Dobson:

I have found definite proof of the identification of Henry Taplin of Augusta Township, U.C., with the man from Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont. A biographical sketch of a grandson, Mortimer Mason Taplin, in the National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 16:420-21, reads, in part:
"Taplin, Mortimer Mason, physician and surgeon, was born at Addison, 
Ontario, Can., June 25, 1868, son of Rufus and Lucy (Stowell) Taplin. 
His first American ancestor was Mansfield Taplin, a native of England, 
who settled in Charlestown, Mass., and died there in 1734, and the line 
of descent is through his son, Col. John Taplin, who married Hepsibah 
Brigham; their son John, who married Catherine Lovewell; their son 
Henry, who was a native of Montpelier, Vt., [who] married Melinda 
Huntly, and their son Rufus, the father of Dr. Taplin."
Rufus and Lucy (Stowell) Taplin are buried with his parents in Glen Elbe Cemetery, lot 4, concession 8, Yonge township, Leeds County, confirming the stated relationship.

Mortimer Mason Taplin was himself the father of George Vorce Taplin (1910-1979), a pioneer in the field of Nuclear Medicine. A sketch of the latter published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 16 (1975): 504-7 (, is vague as to its subject's parentage connection and appears to muddle the family history, but the connection is established in a well-informed posting to RootsWeb's Taplin Family Genealogy Forum at An obituary of George V. Taplin appears in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 21 (1980): 174-5 (, but it has no genealogical content.

47 -- Note by John Blythe Dobson:

A promising candidate for her father appears in Ivy Huntley Horn, "John Huntley of Lyme, Connecticutt [sic] and his descendants" (typescript, Herndon, Virginia, 1985), pp. 41-42, available in facsimile at, which rarely cites its sources explicitly yet seems to be based (for the American portions at least) on sound research and authentic tradition, and adds substantially to the Huntley genealogy serialized in NEHGR in the late 1940s (see below for full citation). Zadock Smith Huntley, who lived at various times in at least two of the townships now comprised in Leeds County, was certainly of the right age to have been Melinda's father. A search of all surviving early census records and asssessment rolls (for links to images and transcriptions see and, while it has found only two references to Zadock himself, has at least revealed no other Huntley family in Elizabethtown, and only one other prospect in an adjacent township (an Ezra Huntley is found in the 1819 census of Yonge Township, with a household consisting of 2 males and 1 female). (Database searches for Huntleys in this area are to some extent hampered by the unfortunate coincidence that Huntley is a local placename.) Thus, a circumstantial case can be made that she was likely the daughter of:

no. 94. Zadock Smith Huntley (Horn persistently calls him "Zodock" although subsequent authors have disregarded this ideosyncrasy), b. 8 Feb. 1761 at Lyme, Conn. (confirmed by Barbour Collection), d. 8 Aug. 1846 in Clayton Tp., Jefferson Co., N.Y. (date confirmed by Revolutionary War pension record, at He was of Lyme in his youth, and participated in the defeat of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781. He afterwards lived at various locations in New York, being enumerated with a woman, presumably a first wife, at Balls Town, Saratoga or Albany Co., at the taking of the 1790 census. Horn notes that he must have been married prior to his 1798 marriage to Elizabeth Balis, for when he was enumerated at Palatine, Montgomery Co., New York, in the 1800 census, he already had five daughters and one son. He has not been found in the U.S. 1810 census. According to Horne he was subsequently of Elizabethtown Tp. and of Lansdowne Tp. (both now in Leeds County), Upper Canada, but no dates are mentioned. Two daughters, Martha and Anna, are named in an online Huntley genealogy at, but no source is cited. Also, several web sources, including, distinctly state that Wait Huntley, wife of John Kyes, was a daughter of Zadock Huntley and Elizabeth Balis, and this seems to be borne out by the fact that they had a son with the exceedingly rare name of Zadock. We are also inclined to believe these statements because a group of marriages for four Huntley women, including three with these names, not only form a coherent sequence chronologically and geographically, but have overlaps in the names of the witnesses:
1819. May 25th. Augustus Plumb, of Yonge, and Ann Huntly, of Elizabethtown,
banns, witnesses Harvey Plumb, Jeremiah Mallory.

1820. Feb. 15th. Festus Plumb and Martha Huntly, both of Yonge, banns, 
witnesses Augustus Plumb, Henry Guild.

1830. May 19th. John Kyes [not a spelling error] and Weight [Wait] Huntley,
both of Lansdowne, banns, witnesses Augustus Plumb, Abner Landon.

1832. Jan. 11th. Allan Brown, of Leeds, and Betsy Ann Huntley, of Lansdowne,
banns, witnesses Jacob Smith, Joseph S. Landon.
See "A Record of Marriages solemnized by William Smart, Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation, Brockville, Elizabethtown, Upper Canada," Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records 5 (1904): 187-236 (transcribed at

Further confirmation that these persons were all of one family comes from the 1839 census of Leeds & Lansdowne townships, Front portion, in which the following entries occur together in a continuous block:
heads             men women total
Landon, Abner       1     2     3     2     8      
Plumb, Festus       1     2     2     3     8      
Plumb, Augustus     1    --    --    --     1      
Huntley, Zeodac*    1     1    --    --     2      
Keyes, John         1     1     3     1     6      
Keyes, Henry        1     1     4    --     6      
Shipman, David      1     1     1     3     6      
Keyes, Ephriam      2     1     2     2     7      
Landon, Jesse       1     2     2     1     6
* corrected from "Leodac" in the transcription published at

Zadock Huntley is not listed in the 1840 census, but appears as "Jedoch Huntley" in that of 1841, his household again containing only one man and one woman. He is not listed in the 1845 census, and possibly had already retured by then to the U.S., where he is said to have died.

Martha Huntley, like her possible sister Melinda, was evidently born in the U.S., for "Festus and Martha (Huntley) Plumb, natives of the United States, who moved to Canada in early life" are mentioned in a biographical sketch of a son, Festus N. Plumb, in History of the St. Croix Valley [Wisconsin] (1909), transcribed at Many undocumented web sources assert that she was born 18 Jan. 1798 in New York State, which if true would make her a daughter of her father's first marriage.

Zadock Smith Huntley m. [2] 8 Oct. 1798 at Stephenstown, N.Y.,

no. 95. Elizabeth Balis, of Clayton, who survived him.

If this connection could be proved, there would then be further readily-traceable ancestry, starting with:

no. 188. Jonathan Huntley, b. 9 March 1727/8, probably at Lyme. For further ancestry see Alice P. Huntley, "John Huntley and some of his descendants," pt. __, NEHGR 101 (1947): 141-52, at p. 146. He married 22 August 1754 at Lyme,

no. 189. Sarah Stephens Smith, b. 19 Sept. 1733 at Lyme.

184 -- Note by John Blythe Dobson:

Although various web sources state that John Taplin was "baptized" 27 Oct. 1727 at Charlestown, it seems likely this should refer to a record of *birth*.

368 -- Note by John Blythe Dobson:

Despite mention of him in various web sources, I was bothered by his absence from the lengthy account of the Taplin family in Hamilton Child, Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vermont, 1783-1899 [Syracuse, 1889], 353-75 ( However, his name is supported by the account in NCAB cited above, and as his son John named a son Mansfield, and the name is not found among the ancestry of John's wife, there seems to be no real reason to doubt it. Various web sources assert that Mansfield Taplin and wife Mary Johnson had the following children baptized at Charlestown, Mass.:
Annie Taplin, b. 7 Feb. 1725.
John Taplin, "baptized" (i.e. born?) 27 Oct. 1727.
However, I do not have access to a copy of the Charlestown VR to verify this.


provided by John Blythe Dobson

Manitoba Birth Registrations, no. 1895-12117840

[from online database at; original record not checked]
Child: Helen Lane Camp.... [cut off] Gray

Gender: F

Date of Birth: 2 Dec. 1895

Place of Birth: Winnipeg

Father: [suppressed in free display]

Mother: Adelaide Lane

Date of Registration: 1 April 1931

[not certain of relevance of the following:]

Manitoba Death Registrations, no. 1917-011130

[from online database at; original record not checked]
Deceased: John Sidney Gray

Gender: M 

Date of Death: 11 Feb. 1917

Place of Death: Winnipeg

Age At Death: 67 years 

Lennox & Addington County Marriage Registrations, no. 1879-00794

[transcribed by J.B.D. from actual record at]
Groom: John S. Grey 

Age: 29

Residence when married: Williamsburgh [there are several places of this name]

Birth Place: Heckston [in South Gower Township, Grenville County]

Condition: B[achelor]

Profession: Physician

Religious Denomination: Presbyterian

Father's Name: John Grey 

Mother's Name : Nancey ____

Bride: Adelaide Lane 

Birth Place: Augusta [Township, Grenville County]

Age: 29

Residence when married: Napanee [in Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington County]

Religious Denomination: Episcopal Methodist

Father's Name: Charles Lane

Mother's Name: Lucinda ____

Marriage Date: 10 Nov. 1879 

Marriage Place: Napanee, Lennox and Addington

By whom married: Revd. C.S. Eastman

Witnesses: Henry Lane, Napanee; Clara Lane, Napanee


1851-52 census of Canada West [Ontario]
District no. 12 (Grenville County)

sub-district no. 102 (Gower South)

Enumeration District 1

Folios 3 & 5 [names are record only on rectos of odd-numbered folios in this record]

PAC microfilm no. C-11724

Name            occ.   Birthpl. Religion     Age next b'day  Gender


John Gray       farmer Ireland  Free Church  53              M
Nancy Gray      ----   Canada   Free Church  45              F
Pegyann Gray    ----   Canada   Free Church  25              F
Wm. Gray        "      Canada   Free Church  23              M
Jane Gray       ----   Canada   Free Church  17              F
Elisabeth Gray  ----   Canada   Free Church  15              F
Hugh Gray       "      Canada   F. Church    13              M
Susan Gray      ----   Canada   F. Church    10              F
Esther Gray     ----   Canada   F. Church    10              F
Martha Carson*  ----   Canada   F. Church     9              F
Maria Gray      ----   Canada   F. Church     8              F
=== (page break) ===
Nancy Gray      ----   Canada   Free Church   5              F
John Gray       ----   Canada   F.C.          2              M

*residence if out of limits: Oxford

[The maiden surname of Nancy, wife of John Gray, is supplied by the marriage record of the daughter Jane (as transcribed at, where no image is given):]
Groom: Andrew Adams

Birth Place: Edwardsburg Township  

Residence: Johnston District  

Age: 28  

Father Name: Andrew Adams

Mother Name: Catherine Height 

Estimated birth year: 1830  

Bride: Jane Gray 

Age: 23  

Birth Place: South Gower Township  

Residence: South Gower Township  

Father Name: John Gray 

Mother Name : Nancy Cummings 

Marriage Date: 22 Sep 1858

Marriage Place: South Gower Township  

Marriage County: Leeds and Grenville  

Family History Library Microfilm: 1030059


From: The Prescott Journal, vol. 171, no. 16 (18 April 2001)

available online at

"Charleville is named after Charles Lane, a pioneer farmer, businessman and justice of the peace whose activities were concentrated around Augusta Centre and the hamlet of Charleville. The name was given to the settlement in the mid-1850s when a post office was set up there."

Goldie A. Connell, Royal Township Number Seven (Prescott, Ontario: 1985)

Available online at

From p. 224: "CHARLEVILLE. The name Charles Lane appears over and over in records of business affairs of Augusta. He had several pot ashery establishments, mills, was Justice of [the] Peace, and involved in many activities in Charleville, Augusta Centre and afield. It is quite fitting that, when a post office was set up here, his name was given to the settlement. The name covers a wide area, between Lord's Mills on the west, Maynard to the south, and Glenmore on the north. The Nation River bisects it, providing energy for early mills, but today it is a sluggish stream, draining or flooding the farms, and providing good hunting for muskrats."

From p. 227: "Canada Post records state that the Charleville post office was established April 1, 1853, with postmaster Charles Lane. He served April 1, 1853 to January 31, 1860."

Extracts from "Early Land Records and Wills for Grenville Co., Ont.," transcribed by Lynnda Shaffer

Mem # 149 Charles LANE; pg 152; of Elizabeth, gentleman; Lucinda Lane, his wife. [date not show] Mem # 150 Charles LANE, of Augusta, yeoman, schoolmaster, wife Lucinda, Lot 37, Concession # 8; 7 July 1841. Mem # 241 Joel BAXTER, Township of Augusta; wife - Amy BAXTER; Lot # 35 & 36, Concession # 7; only son - Richard BAXTER; dau- Almeda BAXTER. 16 oct 1842; "His mark"; witness - Jospeh AMES, Augusta, Physian, Charles LANE, yeoman, Augusta, William TANNEY, yeoman, Augusta; 18 Jan 1842.

Extract from "Deeds and Wills for township of Augusta, District of Johnstown, Ont.," transcribed by Lynnda Shaffer

Mem. # 136. 25 Aug 1847. *Will* Daniel YOUNG of Augusta, yeoman.
to wife - Jerusha ? YOUNG - Lot 14, con # 3.
son - Joseph YOUNG
William YOUNG
Ephraim YOUNG
Daniel YOUNG
dau - Mary YOUNG
Martha YOUNG
Excutor - Charles LANE; Edw. B. BUCKS.

Mem. # 386. *Will* 19 Dec. 1849. John BASS of Augusta, yeoman;
to wife - Hannah BASS Lot 11& 12, Con # 4.
son - James BASS
Justus BASS
leased land to Almond EASTMAN
son - Samuel - lots in Prescott
grandson - Philander BASS - not 21 years of age, son of Jonathan BASS, deceased , lot 36, con # 4 of Edwardburgh.
son - Joseph BASS
witnesses: Charles LANE of Augusta, yeoman
Simon LANE of Augusta, Laborer
Wesley PIKE of Augusta, Laborer

Mem. # 413. *Will*. Register 26 March 1852. John LANE, township of Augusta.
to wife - Mary LANE
son - Samuel LANE when he arrives to 21 years. Lot 15, Con # 2
son - James LANE - Lot ?, Con # 16.
dau. - Abigail LANE
Amanda LANE
Minorva ? LANE
son - Cornlius LANE
grandson - John Henry LANE
24 June? 1852; signed by: Charles LANE, yeoman of Augusta
V.R. KNAPP, gentleman of Augusta.

LANE, Charles & wife, Mem # 245.

LANE, Charles & wife to L. ? LANE; Mem # 135.

LANE, Charles, Mem. # 81, 102, 135, 342, 458.

LANE, Charles, Mem. # 458, 459.

Lennox & Addington County Death Registrations, no. 1905-016705

[transcribed by J.B.D. from actual record at]
Name: Lucinda Lane

Residence: Napanee [in Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington County]

Gender: F

Date of death: 19 Feb. 1905

Age at death: 85 yrs., 6 mos.

Condition: widow

Where born: Ontario

Cause of death: old age

Length of illness: 6 mos.

Physician in attendance: J.P. Vrooman

Religious denomination: Meth.

Date of registration: 21 Feb. 1905

From "Johnstown District Marriage Register [pt. 5]," Ontario Register, vol. 8 (1990), pp. 1-20, at p. 20:
Charles Lane & Lucinda Taplin

Both of Younge [sic; i.e. Yonge Township in what would become Leeds County] 5 March 1840

performed by: Rev. John W. Byan, Methodist Episcopal [= Episcopal Methodist]

witnesses: Colman Lewis, Melinda Taplin

1851-52 census of Canada West [Ontario]
District no. 12 (Grenville County)
Subdistrict no. 100 (Augusta)  

folio 39 

PAC microfilm no. C-11724  

Name                occ.   Birthpl. Religion     Age next b'day  Gender
Charles Lane        farmer Canada  E. Methodist* 38              M
Lucinda Lane        ----   Canada  "     "       33              F
Celestia Lane       ----   Canada  "     "       12              F
Henry Lane          ----   Canada  "     "        9              M
Freeman Lane        ----   Canada  "     "        7              M
Cornelia Lane       ----   Canada  "     "        4              F
Adalade [sic] Lane  ----   Canada  "     "        2              F

* dittoed from an earlier line in the record

1881 Census of Canada

as transcribed at
Province: Ontario

District 117 (Lennox County) 

Subdistrict G (Town of Napanee)

p. 127 

Family History Library microfilm no. 1375872 

PAC microfilm no. C-13236 

Name        Status Gender  Ethn.    Age   Birthplace Occupation       Religion 

Charles Lane   M   Male    English   66   Ontario    Retired Merchant E. Methodist  
Lucinda Lane   M   Female  English   61   Ontario                     E. Methodist  
Charles Lane       Male    English   26   Ontario    Teacher          E. Methodist  
Ida M. Lane        Female  English   24   Ontario                     E. Methodist  
Maggie Lane        Female  English   22   Ontario                     E. Methodist  
Clara Lane         Female  English   19   Ontario                     E. Methodist  

1901 census of Canada
Province: Ontario  

District no. 84 (Lennox)  

Sub-District G (Napanee)

Polling subdivision 2 (West Ward)

p. 5  

Name          Gen. Relat. Status Birthdate     Age B.p.  Origin   Relig. Occupation


Lane, Lucinda  F   head   W      19 Aug. 1819  81  Ont.  English  Meth.* widow
 "  , Clara    F   dau.   S      1 April 1872  28   "    German    "

* dittoed from previous line of the record

[In the transcription at the surname of this family has been misread as "Langs."]


From's index to Ontario and Nova Scotia Censuses, 1800-1842
Name: Henry Taplin 

Year [of enumeration]: 1800  

Province: Ontario  

Residence: Toronto-Augusta

Lorna Johnston, "Taplin family of Elizabethtown Twp., Leeds Co., ON," posting to ONT-LEEDS-GRENVILLE-L Archives dated 12 Jan 2006
From the Glen Elbe Cemetery -

Rufus Taplin died Feb 7, 1883 age 75 years [this is probably wrong]

his wife Lucy Stowell died Sept 24, 1883 age 47 years

Henry Taplin 1780 - 1843

his wiffe Melinda Huntley 1801 - 1874

Their son Henry 1825 - 1896

From patrons' submission records extracted in IGI:

Henry Taplin, b. 27 March 1780 at Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont, d. 6 Sept. 1843, son of Maj. John Taplin and Catherine Lovewell.

1851-52 Census, Elizabethtown Tp., Leeds Co., ON

transcribed at
Augustus Taplin - (age 30), b. Canada; farmer

Jane (Arnold) - (age 26), b. Canada

Charles R. - (age 3)

Rufus - (age 24)

* Malinda - (age 52); widow

Ann - (age 19)

Amanda - (age 16)

Leeds & Grenville Death Registrations, no. 1874-995346
Name: Melinda Taplin, widow of Henry Taplin

Death Date: 13 April 1874 [not 15 April as transcribed at]

Gender: F

Age: 73

Where born: United States

Cause of death: old age

Duration of illness: 2 months

Name of physician: Dr. Edwards

Informant: Augustus Taplin, farmer, Elizabethtown

Date of registration: 4 May 1874

Religion of deceased: Methodist

From Hamilton Child, Gazetteer Of Washington County, Vermont, 1783-1899, ed. William Adams [Syracuse, N.Y., 1889], pp. 353-375, transcribed for Rootsweb by Karima Allison, at

The TAPLIN family in America are unmistakably of Huguenot descent, and all sprang from the French emigrants, of the name, who settled in Overton, Hampshire, in England, after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

... Col. John TAPLIN, resided in Marlboro until about 1764, when he removed to Newbury, Vt., and was one of the first settlers of that town. "He was one of the most noted men of his times, had been a colonel in the British American army under Gen. AMHERST, and actively engaged with ROGERS, PUTNAM, STARK, and other distinguished American officers in reducing the fortresses of the French on Lake Champlain, and fighting their red allies then prowling through the entire wilderness territory of Vermont." Col. John TAPLIN was the chief judge of the first court ever held within the territory now called Orange county. His court was held in the New York county of Gloucester, and he received his commission from King George III., from the governor of New York, March 17, 1770, and again April 10, 1772. His first term of court was held at Kingsland, as appears upon the original records of the courts held in Kingsland, which are preserved in the county clerk's office at Chelsea. Kingsland, now Washington, was made the county seat, although there was not a house nor an inhabitant within its limits. A village, or, as our western people would say in these days, a city, was plotted upon paper, near its center, but it has never yet been built.

Judge TAPLIN probably held his last court in Kingsland on Tuesday, May 25, 1773, when he adjourned to meet in Newbury. The last record of any court at either Kingsland or Newbury, held by judge TAPLIN, commonly called Col. TAPLIN, was in Newbury, February 25, 1774. Judge TAPLIN was not a lawyer. He probably resided at Newbury while he was judge, but later he removed to Corinth, of which town he was an original proprietor. His sympathies were undoubtedly with the colonies in their efforts to throw off the British yoke, for July 15, 1775, he wrote a letter from Newbury to Peter V. B. LIVINGSTON, Esq., president of the Provincial Congress at the city of New York, in which he uses these words: "The country seems to be very well united, and firm to one another, and also in the cause of liberty; and I make no doubt but they will cheerfully join in whatever measures and directions the honorable Congress may point out from time to time." But D. P. THOMPSON, in his history of Montpelier, says that "on the opening of the Revolution, Colonel TAPLIN, declining to take sides against the king who had distinguished him, retired during the war into Canada, leaving his son, John TAPLIN, Jr., on the paternal property in Corinth, Vermont." Col. TAPLIN married Hepsiba BRIGHAM, presumably in the year 1746, as we are informed by Mrs. H. N. TAPLIN, widow of his grandson now aged eighty-two years, residing in Montpelier, that his wife (Hepsiba BRIGHAM) was but fifteen years old when her first son was born, or when she was married. As she was born in 1731, and fifteen when she was married, that event must have occurred in 1746. She died December 27, 1815. Col. John TAPLIN died November 9, 1803. We are unable to gain any information of his birth or age. Their children were John, Jr., born July 14, 1848 [sic? -- recte 1748], Johnson, Brigham, Elisha, Mansfield, William, Nathan, Gouldsburn, Polly, and Hepsa.

John TAPLIN, Jr., was the first high sheriff under his father in Gloucester county, Vt., removed to Corinth with his father, and from there came to Berlin in 1787, and settled near the mouth of Dog river. He was the first representative of Berlin, and the first justice of the peace. When twenty years old he married Catherine LOVEWELL, of Newbury, who was born July 10, 1748, and died July 16, 1794. She was the mother of twelve children, viz.: Caty (Catherine), born December 30, 1770 ; Augustus, born June 30, 1773; Susan, born April 28, 1775; John, born July 31, 1777; Henry, born May 27, 1780; Robert, born April 24, 1782; Ira, born June 14, 1784; Hannah, born May 21, 1786; Walter, born May 14, 1788; Chittenden, born June 14, 1789; Thomas Chittenden, born April 30, 1792; and William, born June 16, 1794. He married his second wife, Lydia GOVE, says THOMPSON, some time in the year 1795, who bore him nine children more, namely, Ebenezer, born March 2, 1796; Hazen, born April 5, 1797; Edward Langdon, born May 5, 1798; Harriet, born September 2, 1799; Horatio Nelson, born April 15, 1801; Sidney Smith, born February 5, 1803; Guy Carlton, born April 29, 1804; John Adams, born October 4, 1805; and Susan, born May 30, 1807. Only the last named of this large family is now living. H.N. TAPLIN, son of H.N., and George E. TAPLIN are the only male descendants of this branch of the TAPLIN family now residing in Montpelier.

See for pertinent extracts from a Brigham genealogy.

History of Corinth, Vermont, 1764-1964, compiled and edited by Town of Corinth History Committee [West Topsham, Vermont, 1964]

extracts published at

p. 463.

COL. JOHN TAPLIN was the first TAPLIN in Corinth. The exact date of his birth is not known but he was baptized Oct 28, 1727 in Charlestown, Mass. He d. Nov. 9, 1803 in Corinth. On Mar. 21, 1748 (or 1749) he was m. to HEPZIBAH BRIGHAM, dau of NATHAN and HEPSIBAH (WARD) BRIGHAM. She was b. 1731, d. Dec. 27, 1815 in Corinth. Settled on TAPLIN Hill where IVAN VAN BREE lives.

They had 10 ch.
JOHN, JR. b. July 17, 1748 x ; 

NATHAN, b. 1751 x ;

MANSFIELD, b. 1754 x ;

WILLIAM, b. 1755 x ;


ELISHA, b. 1758

POLLY, x ;


JOHNSON, b. 1766 x

GOULDSBURN, b. 1776, d. Nov. 16, 1862 x ;

JOHN, JR. eldest son of COL. JOHN, was b. in Marlborough, Mass. He d. Nov., 1835 at Montpelier, Vt. He m. 1st CATHERINE LOVEWELL, dau. of NEHEMIAH and RACHEL (FARWELL) LOVEWELL (b. June 17, 1749, d. July 16, 1794). They had 12 ch.: KATE, AUGUSTUS, SUSAN, JOHN, HENRY, ROBERT, IRA, HANNAH, WALTON, CHITTENDEN, THOMAS and WILLIAM. CATHERINE d. and JOHN, JR., m. 2nd LYDIA GOVE. They had 9 ch. EBENEZER, HAZEN, EDWARD, HARRIET, HORATIO, SIDNEY SMITH, GUY C., JOHN A. and SUSAN. They early moved to Berlin, Vt.


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