Ancestry of Marshall Scot Allman

compiled by Christopher Challender Child

The following material on the immediate ancestry of Marshall Scot Allman should not be considered either exhaustive or authoritative, but rather as a first draft.

This report was compiled by Christopher Challender Child, with additions and corrections provided by Idanell [Brown] Allman. The contribution of the undersigned is limited to HTML-izing Mr. Child's report.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Marshall Scot Allman
1 Marshall Scot Allman, actor ("L. J. Burrows" on Prison Break), b. Austin, Texas 5 April 1984 [Texas Birth Index]
2 James Martin Allman, Jr., b. Travis Co., Texas 27 April 1950. [Texas Birth Index]
3 Idanell Brown, b. Austin, Texas 14 Jan. 1950 [Texas Birth Index as "Ida Nell Brown"]
4 James Martin Allman, b. Travis Co., Texas 22 Feb. 1928. [Texas Birth Index]
5 Anna Merlene Reeves, b. Mills Co., Texas 21 Nov. 1928. [Texas Birth Index]
6 Bart Eugene Brown, b. Blanco Co. Texas 20 April 1919 [1930 Census, Austin, Travis, Texas]
7 Ophelia Mae North, b. Steen Flat, Gonzales Co., Texas 15 Mar. 1922
8 Thomas Chary Allman, b. Texas 22 Oct. 1896; d. Travis Co., Texas 10 June 1974 [Texas Death Index; SSDI]
9 Ludie Simpson, b. 11 Nov. 1897; d. Travis Co., Texas 6 July 1974 [Texas Birth Index; SSDI]
10 Edmond Walter Reeves, b. Texas 23 Aug. 1874 [1900 Census Cass Co., Texas; 1930 Census Mills Co., Texas; WWI Draft Card]; d. [poss. Brown Co., Texas 18 Nov. 1937, Texas Death Index]
11 Emilene Eunice Ree Harris, b. Texas ca. 1895
12 John Steen Brown, b. Hye, Blanco Co., Texas 17 June 1889; d. Austin, Texas 5 Aug. 1975
m. Hye, Texas 12 March 1917
13 Ida Wells, b. Cedar Creek, Bastrop Co., Texas 8 April 1898; d. Austin, Texas 5 July 1969
14 John Edward North, b. DeWitt Co., Texas 23 Feb. 1896; d. Kerr Co., Texas 10 April 1962 [1930 Census, Gonzales Co., Texas]
m. DeWitt Co. 9 April 1920
15 Danna Pearl Steen, b. Steen Flat, Gonzales Co., Texas 6 March 1898; d. Austin, Texas 15 April 1975
16 --- Allman, b. Arkansas
17 ---, b. Texas
18 --- Simpson, b. Kentucky
19 ---, b. Texas
20 Edward Reeves, b. South Carolina ca. 1810 [Hopkins Co.]
21 Parthenia Gilland, b. Tennessee ca. 1836


William Addams Reitwiesner