Peculiar messages left on my answering machine

As described elsewhere, I have set up a number of barriers to being telemarketed. Nonetheless, telemarketers call regularly, usually hanging up rather than talking to my answering machine. Occasionally an unusually persistant telemarketer will wait for my answering machine to finish its announcement, and then will actually leave a message for me. Why a telemarketer would be simple enough to believe that I might call them back is a mystery, but there it is.

Instances where a telemarketer actually leaves a message on my answering machine are documented below.

Date and Time (Eastern) Caller ID City/
Registered Carrier/
Caller Name Display Text of message left Notes
708-983-1964 Chicago Heights IL
XO Illinois Inc
PRICE CLAIM DEP [paraphrased]
Caller's name was Jason Lee. Apparently I'm a finalist (in a contest I never entered), and I'm eligible to win an Escalade (presumably the vehicle from Cadillac). I'm to call 866-487-3280, extension 100.
Shouldn't it be "Prize claim department", not "Price claim"?