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I've been a Verizon Wireless customer for many years, but I finally got tired of dealing with them, and I decided to change my wireless service to Cingular. So I went to the Cingular Wireless store at 1050 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC. I arrived there around 3:45 PM on Wednesday 21 March 2007.

I was helped there by a tall gentleman with a nameplate which read "Jemar". He explained several of the options which were available to me, and was generally helpful. Then he went to his terminal and started entering the information needed to establish my Cingular account and transfer my service from Verizon Wireless to Cingular. So far, so good, but then someone walked in with a problem with his BlackBerry, and Mr. Jemar stopped working with me and started working on fixing the BlackBerry. I'm not sure why Mr. Jemar would do this; apparently the gentleman with the BlackBerry was more important than me. After waiting for several minutes for Mr. Jemar to resume working with me, he was still working on the BlackBerry, so I retrieved my papers and left, and instead transferred my Verizon Wireless service to Sprint/Nextel.

I understand that if Mr. Jemar is representative of the Cingular Wireless sales force then nobody will care about this, but I wanted to take the time and energy to let Cingular Wireless know they lost a sale, due entirely to the actions of Mr. Jemar.

William Reitwiesner
[my snail-mail address]

cc: Manager
Cingular Wireless
1050 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC  20036