The claimed ancestry of Jasper Farmar (d. 1685)

A (possible) continuation of the ancestry of William Addams Reitwiesner

by William Addams Reitwiesner

Jasper Farmar, of Ardevalaine, County Tipperary, Ireland who died in 1685 on board the Bristol Merchant heading to Philadelphia, is said in a number of references to have been a son of a Robert Fermor or Farmar, son of Sir George Fermor of Easton Neston, Northamptonshire. In addition, Robert's wife is said to have been Mary, sister of Sir John Bolles. This webpage is based on the idea that these claims are true, and that the following is the ancestry of this Jasper Farmar.

Note that the ancestry of Robert Fermor is accurate, and the ancestry of Sir John Bolles is accurate. The uncertain part is whether Jasper Farmar is connected to either of them.

If at some point in the future one or the more of these claims can be effectively confirmed (or refuted) then this webpage can be modified appropriately. In the meantime, here is the (claimed) ancestry.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Claimed ancestry of Jasper Farmar
1 Jasper Farmar, of Ardevalaine, co. Tipperary, Ireland
+ at sea, on board the ship Bristol Merchant [will dated 25 Sept. 1685, probated Philadelphia 2 Jan. 1685/6].
2 Robert Fermor or Farmar,
slain at Carlow, in Ireland, ... 1616
3 Mary Bolles
4 Sir George Fermor, of Easton Neston
+ ... 1 Dec. 1612
5 Mary Curzon
+ ... [will dated 13 August 1625, probated 10 Feb. 1628 (PRO: PROB11/155/20)]
6 Charles Bolle, of Haugh
+ [v.p.] 3 Feb. 1590/1, bur. Haugh
[ARM 50:151]
7 Bridget Fane
8 Sir John Fermor, of Easton Newton
+ ... 12 Dec. 1571
[LAPC O24671]
9 Maud Vaux
+ ... 14 Apr. 1569
[LAPC O24672]
10 Thomas Curzon, of Addington, co. Bucks
+ ... 1555
11 Agnes ----
12 Richard Bolle, of Haugh, HS Lincs 4 Ed VI and 11 Eliz
* ... 1507
+ ... 6 or 7 Feb. 1591/2, bur. Boston 8 Feb. 1591/2 ae. 85
[ARM 50:150]
m. ... [before 28 July 1535]
13 Jane Skipwith
[ARM 52:890]
14 George Fane, of Badsell, Kent
15 Joan Waller
16 Sir Richard Fermor, of Easton Newton
+ ... 17 Nov. 1552
17 Anne Browne
+ ... 14 Apr. 1569
18 Nicholas Vaux, created ... 1st Baron Vaux of Harrowden
+ ... 14 May 1523
m. ... 1507
19 Anne Greene
* ... 1489
+ ... [before May 1523]
20 Walter Curzon, of Waterperry, co. Oxon
+ ... 1527
21 Isabel Saunders
24 Richard Bolle, of Haugh,
+ ... [bur. Louth 26 Jan. 1548/9]
[ARM 50:150]
25 Marian Fitzwilliams
[ARM 50:357]
26 Sir William Skipwith, of South Ormsby, Knt., HS Lincs
* ... [aet. 30 in 1518]
+ ... 7 July 1547
[ARM 52:889 and 895]
27 Alice Dymoke
[RD500 213]
32 Thomas Riccards alias Fermor, of Whitney, co. Oxon
+ ... 1485
33 Emmote Hervey
34 Sir William Browne, Lord Mayor of London
+ ... 1507
35 Elizabeth ----
36 Sir William Vaux, of Harrowden
+ ... 4 May 1471
37 Catherine Peniston
38 Sir Thomas Greene of Greene's Norton
+ ... 9 Nov. 1506
[TG 13:24-29]
39 Jane Fogge
40 John Curzon of Kedleston, co. Derby
41 Margaret Montgomery
42 Robert Saunders of Harrington, Northants
43 ----
48 Richard Bolle, of Haugh,
+ ... [bur. at Haugh]
[ARM 50:149]
49 Isabel Nanfant
50 John Fitzwilliams, of Mablethorpe
[ARM 50:357]
51 Elizabeth Pickering
96 John Bolle, Sheriff of Lincolnshire 16 Edw IV
[ARM 50:149]
97 Katherine Haugh
98 John Nanfant, of Cornwall
99 Joan Coleshill

While there are many further ancestors that can be traced, using the cited sources (and others), I decided to end this list at the generation which includes NN (see number XXX above).


1 -- See Lewis D. Cook, "Farmar of Ardevalaine, County Tipperary, Ireland and of Whitemarsh, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania", in The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, vol. XXI, no. 2 (1959), pp. 89-124, for information on Jasper Farmar and his immediate descendants.

For some of Jasper Farmar's more distant descendants, see here, where Jasper Farmar appears as number 7480.

2 -- The primary reason for doubting that Jasper Farmar was a child of Robert Fermor is that Robert's mother, Dame Mary Fermor (number 5, above), outlived Robert and left a long and detailed will dated 13 August 1625 and probated 10 Feb. 1628 (PRO: PROB11/155/20), which runs to six closely written pages and names a host of children, grandchildren, godchildren, and relatives, and begins with an instruction that all the debts of her son Robert "late unfortunately slaine at Carlow, Ireland" should be assessed and paid. The only other mention of Robert in her will occurs when Dame Mary bequeathed his desk to a servant.

The fact that Dame Mary Fermor does not mention a wife (or widow) of her son Robert, or any grandchildren of hers through him, may not mean much. Perhaps (as they were in Ireland) she was unaware of them, or she wasn't interested in acknowledging them or providing for them. Nevertheless, this negative evidence must be taken into account when trying to establish the ancestry of Jasper Farmar.

3 -- Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland, 4th Edition [London: Burke's, 1958], p. 266), says that Robert Fermor went to Ireland ca. 1599 as a Lieutenant in the Company of Sir John Bolles, and is described in a letter from Sir John to Sir Robert Cecil as his brother-in-law, having married his sister Mary. Robert Fermor received large grants in Ireland.

The Sir John Bolles, who is said by Burke's to have led a military Company in Ireland, and whose sister Mary was married to Robert Fermor or Farmar, appears to be the Sir John Bolle mentioned by Rev. Canon Arthur Roland Maddison in his Lincolnshire Pedigrees (published as vols. 50, 51, 52, and 55 of the Publications of the Harleian Society [1902-1906] and cited here as "ARM"), in vol. 50 at p. 151 as follows:
     Sir John Bolle of Haugh, Knt., 1596, only
     son and heir of his grandfather , born
     1560 , served at Cadiz 1596 , a Com-
     mander in Ireland , died 3 Nov. 1606,
     aet. 46 , bur. at Haugh.  Will dated 3
     Oct. 1606 , proved at Lincoln 16 March
     1606-7, then described of Thorpe Hall.
though Maddison mentions no sister named Mary.

Note that the Burke's publications have always been inconsistant about the Jasper - Robert - George descent. In all of the Burke's articles on the Farmar family, such as the article in the Landed Gentry of Ireland cited above, the descent is treated as an established fact. Yet in all of the Burke's articles on the Fermor family the descent is treated as impossible. For example, in Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, 107th edition [2003], vol. II, p. 1894, Sir George and Mary (Curson) Fermor are stated to have an oldest son Hatton (with descendants, including a son who was created a Baronet in 1641), five named daughters all of whom married, and another six sons, all of whom "dsp." No explanation for this discrepancy has been found.

4 & 5 -- Sir George Fermor and Mary Curzon have other descendants, including:

Sir George Fermor m. Mary Curzon
.Sir Hatton Fermor m2. Anna Cokayne
|.Sir William Fermor 1 Bt m. Mary Perry
||.William Fermor 1 B Leominster m2. Catherine Poulett
|||.Mary Fermor m. Sir John Wodehouse 4 Bt [Ruv MP XXIII]
||| .Sir Airmine Wodehouse 5 Bt m. Laetitia Bacon
||| |.Philip Wodehouse m. Apollonia Nourse
||| | .Philip Wodehouse m. Lydia Lea
||| |  .Henry Ernest Wodehouse m. Eleanor Deane
||| |   .Sir PELHAM GRENVILLE WODEHOUSE (1881-1975), author
||| .Sophia Wodehouse m. Sir Charles Mordaunt 6 Bt
||.William Fermor 1 B Leominster (again) m3. Sophia Osbourne
|| .Thomas Fermor 1 E Pomfret 
|.Mary Fermor m. Sir Charles Compton [Ruv Clar XX]
|.Anne Fermor m. Jonathan Cope
||.Jonathan Cope m. Susan Fowler
|| .Jonathan Cope 1 Bt m. Mary Jenkinson
||  .Jonathan Cope m. Arabella Howard [Ruv Ex XVIII]
|.Catherine Fermor m1. Sir John Shuckburgh 1 Bt
||.Sir Charles Shuckburgh 2 Bt [Ruv MP 444]
|.Catherine Fermor (again) m2. Sir Roger Norwich 2 Bt
.Agnes Fermor m. Richard Wenman 1 V Wenman
|.Thomas Wenman 2 V Wenman m. Margaret Hampden
||.Mary Wenman m. Francis Wenman 1 Bt
|| .Richard Wenman 1 V Wenman m. Catherine Chamberlayne (below)
||  .Richard Wenman 2 V Wenman m. Susanna Wroughton
||   .Philip Wenman 3 V Wenman m. Sophia Herbert
||    .Sophia Wenman m. William Humphrey Wykeham
||     .William Richard Wykeham m. Elizabeth Marsh
||      .Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham Bss Wenman (1790-1870)
|.Jane Wenman m. Arthur Goodwin [co-h B Grey de Wilton]
||.Jane Goodwin m. Philip Wharton 4 B Wharton [Ruv MP X]
|| .Thomas Wharton 1 M Wharton m. Lucy Loftus
||  .Philip Wharton 1 D Wharton
|.Mary Wenman m. Sir Martin Lister
| .Agnes Lister m. William Harttopp
|  .Thomas Harttopp m. Anne Bennet
|   .Chiverton Harttopp m. Catherine Mansfield
|    .Mary Harttopp m. Richard Howe 1 E Howe
.Catherine Fermor m. William Hobby
|.Alice Hobby m. John Sydenham
| .Sir John Sydenham 1 Bt
.Elizabeth Fermor m2. Sir Thomas Chamberlayne
|.Thomas Chamberlayne 1 Bt m. (twice)
||.Thomas Chamberlayne 2 Bt m. Margaret Prideaux
|| .Catherine Chamberlayne m. Richard Wenman 1 V Wenman (above)
|| .Penelope Chamberlayne m. Robert Dashwood 1 Bt
||  .Catherine Dashwood m. Robert Bankes Jenkinson 4 Bt
||  .Penelope Dashwood m. John Stonehouse 3 Bt
||   .Anne Stonehouse m. William Bowyer 3 Bt
||   |.Penelope Bowyer m. George John Cooke
||   | .Penelpe Anne Cooke m. Robert Brudnell 6 E Cardigan
||   .Penelope Stonehouse m. Henry Atkins 4 Bt
||    .Penelope Atkins m. George Pitt 1 B Rivers
|.George Chamberlayne Denton m. Elizabeth Denton (hss)
| .Elizabeth Denton m. Wenman Roberts Coke
|  .Thomas Coke 1 E Leicester (anc of Sarah Ferguson and Angus Ogilvy)
|  .Margaret Coke m. Henry Hunloke 4 Bt [Ruv Ex II]
|  .Elizabeth Coke m. James Napier Dutton 1 B Sherborne
.Mary Fermor m1. Robert Crichton 8 L Crichton of Sanquhar (hanged 1612)
.Mary Fermor (again) m2. Barnaby O'Brien 6 E Thomond
 .Henry O'Brien 7 E Thomond m1. Anne O'Brien
 |.Henry O'Brien Ld Ibrackan m. Katherine Stuart Bss Clifton (below)
 | .Mary O'Brien m. John FitzGerald 18 E Kildare, d. 1707
 | |.Henry, only child, d. young
 | .Katherine O'Brien Bss Clifton, d. NY 1706, m. Edward Hyde Ld Cornbury, Gov NY, later Earl of Clarendon [Ruv Ex XXVII]
 |  .Theodosia Hyde Bss Clifton m. John Bligh 1 E Darnley
 |   .many descendants
 .Henry O'Brien 7 E Thomond (again) m2. Sarah Russell
 |.Henry Horatio O'Brien Ld O'Brien m. Henrietta Somerset
 | .Henry O'Brien 8 E Thomond, d. 1741
 .Penelope O'Brien m. Henry Mordaunt 2 E Peterborough
  .Mary Bss Mordaunt 

7 -- As mentioned above, ARM does not mention a "Mary" among the siblings of Sir John Bolle. However, Sir John's father, Charles Bolle, is shown by ARM as having married four times:
m. (1) Katherine Dymoke, dau. of Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby, Knt., by his wife Anne Talbois [ARM 55:1205]. No issue by her.
m. (2) Bridget Fane, dau. of George Fane, of Baddeshill, Kent. Issue by her:
a. Sir John Bolle, b. 1560, d. 3 Nov. 1606 m. Elizabeth, bur. Haugh 14 Aug. 1647 dau. and h. of Edward Waters of King's Lynn, Norfolk,
a) Elizabeth, bur. Louth 4 Feb. 1599/1600
b) Sir Charles, b. 1592, bur. Louth 14 Feb. 1660/1
c) Mary, bapt. Louth 8 Jan. 1592/3, m. before 13 Aug. 1621 Nathaniel Hunt
d) Martha, bapt. Louth 8 Dec. 1597, unmarried 19 Oct. 1619, m. Edward Doughty of Worlaby
e) Anne, bapt. Louth 29 Dec. 1598
f) John, bapt. Louth 25 Sept. 1600, bur. Louth 19 Jan. 1653/4
g) Bridget, bur. Louth 28 Feb. 1603/4
h) Catherine, bapt. Louth 10 Dec. 1602, bur. Burgh-in-the-Marsh 14 Aug. 1640, m. Christopher Palmer of Burgh-in-the-Marsh
i) Edward, b. 1603, d. Nov. 1680, ae. 77
j) Elizabeth, bur. Louth 19 Apr. 1669, George Cracroft of Fulnetby
k) Bridget, d. unm. Utteby, will dated 6 Dec. 1651, pro (CPC) 4 June 1652
b. Catherine Bolle, living 4 Sept. 1604 and d. s.p. before 1606 m. [post-nuptial settlement dated 5 May 31 Eliz (1589)], as his first wife, Sir Edward Carr of Aswarby, Knt. and Bart., d. 1 Oct. 1618 [ARM 50:229; CB I:59]
m. (3) Mary Powtrell, dau. of Thomas Powtrell, of Derbyshire.
a. Elizabeth Bolle, bur. Louth 10 March 1632/3, m. Louth 16 Apr. 1596, Thomas Gilby, of Stainton-in-the-Hole, under age in 1583
a) John
b) Charles
c) Mary
d) William
e) Thomas
f) Jane
g) Faith
h) Martha
m. (4) Anne Dymoke, d. 18 Aug. 1616, bur. Lincoln Cathedral, dau. of William Dymoke of Friskney, and of Elizabeth Harington [ARM 55:1205; she later m. Boston 12 Oct. 1595, as his third wife, Bartholomew Airmyne of Osgoodby ARM 50:40]
a. ARM at 50:151 says that Charles and Anne had a daughter named Anne, but at 50:40 and at 55:1205 ARM says that Anne died s.p.
In the ancestor table above, I have given number 7 (mother of Mary Bolles) as Bridget Fane, the second wife, solely because the letter from Sir John Bolles to Sir Robert Cecil, referred to in the article in Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland cited above, Sir John says that Robert Fermor married his "sister", not "half-sister".

8 & 9 -- Sir John Fermor and Maud Vaux have other descendants, including:

Sir John Fermor m. Maud Vaux
.Mary Fermor m. Sir Thomas Lucas of Colchester
|.Anne Lucas m. Sir Arthur Throckmorton of Paulspury
||.Mary Throckmorton m. Thomas Wotton 2 B Wotton
|| .Catherine Wotton m. Henry Ld Stanhope
|| |.Philip Stanhope 2 E Chesterfield, to QE II
|| .Hester Wotton m. Baptist Noel 3 V Campden, to QE II
|.Thomas Lucas m. Elizabeth Leighton
| .John Lucas 1 B Lucas m. Anne Neville
|  .Mary Lucas 1 Bss Lucas of Crudwell
.Catherine Fermor m. Sir Henry Darcy
 .Katherine Darcy m. Gervase Clifton 1 B Clifton (d. of ennui 1618)
  .Katherine Clifton Bss Clifton m. Esme Stuart 3 D Lennox
   .Lord George Stuart m. Katherine Howard
    .Katherine Stuart Bss Clifton m. Henry O'Brien Ld Ibrackan (above)

14 & 15 -- George Fane and Joan Waller have other descendants, including:

George Fane m. Joan Waller
.Sir Thomas Fane m. Mary Neville Bss Le Despencer

16 & 17 -- Sir Richard Fermor and Anne Browne have other descendants, including:

Sir Richard Fermor m. Anne Browne
.Anne Fermor m. William Lucy
|.Sir Thomas Lucy m. Joyce Acton
| .Anne Lucy m. Sir Edward Aston
| |.Walter Aston 1 B Aston (d. 1639)
| .Sir Thomas Lucy m. Constance Kingsmill
|  .Elizabeth Lucy m. Sir Anthony Hungerford
|   .Bridget Hungerford m. Edmund Dunch "B "
.Thomas Fermor m. Bridget Bradshaw
|.Richard Fermor m. Cornelia Cornwallis
| .Lucy Fermor m. Hon William Petre [Ruv C L]
.Ursula Fermor m. Richard Fiennes B Saye and Sele
 .Richard Fiennes B Saye and Sele m. Constance Kingsmill
  .William Fiennes 1 V Saye and Sele m. Elizabeth Temple
   .Bridget Fiennes m. Theophilus Clinton 4 E Lincoln [Ruv C XVII]

38 & 39 -- Sir Thomas Greene and Jane Fogge have other descendants, including:

Sir Thomas Greene m. Jane Fogge
.Maud Greene m. Sir Thomas Parr


ARM -- Rev. Canon Arthur Roland Maddison, Lincolnshire Pedigrees, published as vols. 50, 51, 52, and 55 of the Publications of the Harleian Society [1902-1906].

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William Addams Reitwiesner