The Ancestors and Relatives of William R ... Cozens

A plausible continuation of the ancestry of William Addams Reitwiesner

by William Addams Reitwiesner

The parentage and ancestry of Dr. William R ... Cozens (d. 1823, and occasionally called "William Arch. Cozens), my ancestor number 118, is not known.

The first record of him is "An inaugural dissertation on the chemical properties of atmospheric air : submitted to the examination of the Rev. John Ewing, S.T.P. provost, the trustees and medical professors of the University of Pennsylvania : for a degree of Doctor of Medicine, on the twelfth day of May, 1791 by William R. Cozens, of New-Jersey, member of the Philadelphia Medical Society."

He may be the "Wm R. Cozens" who, with L. M. Shute, was a witness of the marriage in Cumberland Co., N. J., on 30 Jan. 1789 between Daniel Eldredge and Dorcas Bacon.

He may be a member of the Cosyn/Cosine/Cozine/Cozean family of New Jersey, descended from Cozyn Gerritsen of New Amsterdam (see for that family), but other origins have been proposed for him.

Mary Vallence, second wife and widow of the Revolutionary War General Horatio Gates (1728-1806), left 1000 pounds (British) in her Will (dated 19 Sept. 1806, probated New York 10 Dec. 1810) to John Cozens, a relative of her late husband. See New England Historical and Genealogical Register , July 1867, pp. 252-256. She described John Cozens as "educated at Greenwich College for the Sea Service". Dr. William Arch. Cozens (whose first child was named "Horatio") may be related as well.

                                 ---- Gates m. ----
               |                                           |
          Robert Gates      m. Dorothy Parker         Thomas Gates m. ----
      of Malden, co. Essex  |                                      |
                            |                                      |
               -------------                                -------
              |                                            |
      Gen. Horatio Gates  m2. Mary Vallence         Elizabeth Gates m. ----
      (1728-1806)              (testatrix)                          |
                                                    John Cozens


William Addams Reitwiesner