The Ancestors of Edward ap Watkin

by William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Edward ap Watkin
1 Edward ap Watkin of Garth Llwyd
+ before 8 Aug. 1614
[for his ancestry see the chart facing WFP I:116]
NN, a daughter of Thomas ap Robert ap Gruffudd of Llanderfel
Issue includes:
A.          John ap Edward, d. bef. 24 March 1646, m. ca. 1588 (Jane?) [WFP I:122-123] and had:
AA.          Edward ap John of Cynlas, Penllyn, buried Llanderfel 1 March 1667 [MWT 89], had three sons:
AAA. John Edwards, baptized at Llanderfel 19 June 1635, arrived in Pennsylvania Aug. 1682, d. Merion, Pa., 1683 (Will dated 16 8mo 1683 and proved 8 2mo 1683/4) [MWT 89; WFP I:124 note 3]
AAB. William Edwards, to Pennsylvania Aug. 1682, d. Merion Pa., 1714/5 (Will dated 29 Dec. 1714, proved 29 Jan. 1714/5) [MWT 90-91; WFP I:124 note 4].
AAC. Evan ap Edward, b. Cynlas, Llanderfel, liv. 16 Oct. 1683 [WFP I:125]. Issue includes:
AACA. John Evans, b. Cynlas, Llanderfel, to Merion, Pennsylvania, by 16 July 1686 when he married [WFP I: 125-126].
AB. (daughter) m. Thomas
ABA. John ap Thomas
ABAA.          Hugh John Thomas, to Pennsylvania by 1682 [WFP I:123].
B. Agnes m. William Owen of Llanfor, Letters of Administration granted to his widow in September 1640
BA. Elizabeth Williams, d. in Pennsylvania, m. Robert Pugh
BAA.          Hugh Roberts, to Pennsylvania [WFP I:122].
2 Watkin ap Edward of Garth Llwyd, Penllyn, Carnarvonshire
buried at Llanderfel 20 Feb. 1610/1
[WFP I:118-120]
3 Grace f. Cadwaladr
[PACF 247; WFP I:5 n. 4]
4 Edward ap John Wynn of Garth Llwyd
+ ... [Will dated 20 Apr. 1575, proved 6 May 1575]
[WFP I:117-118; [WG2 Rh. Fl. 6 (C)]
5 Lowry f. Hywel Llwyd
+ ... [living at the date of her husband's Will]
[WG2 Rh. Fl. 7 (A)]
6 Cadwaladr Price ap Robert, of Plas Rhiwlas
[WG2 Marchw. 2 (A5)]
7 Jane f. Maredudd
[WG2 Gr. ap C. 15 (B2)]


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William Addams Reitwiesner