The Family of Rose Trevor

by William Addams Reitwiesner

Family of Rose Trevor
1 Rose Trevor, wife of Otwell Worsley, was the mother of, among others,
A.       Ann Worsley m. Sir John Gainsford
AA.       Sir John Gainsford m. Anne Haute
AAA.       Mary Gainsford m. Sir William Courtenay (d. 1535)
AAAA.       Gertrude Courtenay m. Sir John Chichester
AAAAA.       Bridget Chichester [Evans 5155] m. Sir Edmund Prideaux 1 Bt (d. 1629)
AAAAB. Sir John Chichester (d. 1586) m. Anne Dennis
AAAABA.       Sir Robert Chichester (d. 1627) m. Frances Harington
AAAABAA.       Anne Chichester [Evans 2889] m. Thomas Bruce 1 E Elgin (d. 1663)
B. Isabel Worsley m. Richard Culpeper
BA. Joyce Culpeper m. (1) Ralph Leigh
BAA. Isabel Leigh m. Edward Baynton
BAAA. Henry Baynton m. Anne Cavendish
BAAAA. Ferdinando Baynton m. Joan Weare alias Brown
BAAAAA. Anne Baynton m. Christopher Batt, to Massachusetts [RPA 70; RMC 53]
BAB. John Leigh m. Elizabeth Darcy
BABA. Agnes Leigh m. Sir Thomas Paston
BABAA. Edward Paston (d. 1640) [Evans 4418]
BAC. Ralph Leigh m. Margaret Ireland
BACA. John Leigh m. Margaret Sanders
BACAA. John Leigh m. Elizabeth West
BACAAA. Thomas Leigh m. Mary Fleming
BACAAA. Anne Leigh m. Joseph Stockman
BACAAAA. John Stockman, to Massachusetts [RPA 687; RMC 782]
Joyce Culpeper m. (2) Lord Edmund Howard
BAD. Margaret Howard m. Sir Thomas Arundell
BADA. Dorothy Arundell m. Sir Henry Weston
BADAA. Jane Weston [Evans 5793] m. Sir Thomas Bishopp 1 Bt (d. 1627)
BADB. Matthew Arundell m. Margaret Willoughby
BADBA. Thomas Arundell m. Anne Philipson
BADBAA. Anne Arundell m. Cecil Calvert 2 B Baltimore [RPA 183; RMC 169]
BAE. Katherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII.
BB. Margaret Culpeper m. William Cotton
BBA. Anne Cotton m. Thomas Gargrave
BBAA. Cotton Gargrave m. Anne Waterton
BBAAA. Elizabeth Gargrave m. William Fenwick
BBAAAA. John Fenwick, to New Jersey [RPA 306; RMC 321]
C. Margaret Worsley ml. Adrian Whetehill
CA. Sir Richard Whetehill m. Elizabeth Muston
CAA. Elizabeth Whetehill m. John St John (d. 1576)
CAAA. William St John m. Barbara Goore
CAAAA. Barbara St John m. Thomas Worsley
CAAAAA. Sir Richard Worsley 1 Bt (d. 1621) [Evans 4144]

Rose Trevor's ancestry for five generations is given in Walter Goodwin Davis, The Ancestry of Mary Isaac [Portland, Me., 1955], chart facing p. 334. Rose Trevor also appears as Gwenhwyfar f. Edward at WG: Tudur 14. A comparison of the chart in Mary Isaac with WG will show that the chart in Mary Isaac is remarkably accurate.


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William Addams Reitwiesner