The Ancestors of Evan Robert Lewis

by William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Evan Robert Lewis
1 Evan Robert Lewis
+ ... 1668
m. (1) Jane f. Cadwaladr, m. (2) Gainor.
Issue by first wife [see Thomas Allen Glenn, Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, vol. II [Oxford: Fox Jones & Co., 1913], pp. 97-100] includes:
A.          John Evan, m. (1) NN, m. (2) Margaret John. Issue by 1st wife:
AA.          Robert Jones, to Abington, Pa., 1696.
AB. Griffith John, to Merion, Pa., 1690.
AC. Margaret, d. at sea 1698, m. David Evans, to Radnor, Pa.
AD. Gwen, m. (1) John d. bef 1696, m. (2) John Humphrey of Gwynedd, Pa.
B. Owen ap Evan, of Fron Goch, d. ca. 1671, m. Gainor John
BA. Robert Owen, to Merion, Pa., 1690, d. 1697.
BB. Jane, m. Hugh Roberts, to Merion, Pa.
BB. Ellin, m. Cadwalader Thomas ap Hugh, of Ciltalgarth, d. 1680. For issue, see here.
C. Griffith ap Evan
CA. Hugh Griffith, to Pa., 1698.
CB. Edward Griffith, d. bef. 1713.
CBA.          Griffith Edward, to Gwynedd, Pa.
CBB. Jane, to Gwynedd, Pa., m. John Jones
CBC. Margaret, to Gwynedd, Pa., m. David George
CC. Robert Griffith, d. at sea 1698 on way to Pa.
CCA. Catherine, m. William Morgan
CD. Catherine, to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698, m. John Williams
D. Evan Lloyd Evan bur. Llanfor 25 Apr. 1690, m. twice. Issue by first wife:
DA. Elen, m. John
DAA. Robert Jones, to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698.
DAB. Cadwalader Jones, d. at sea 1698 on way to Pa.
DABA.          Robert Jones of Gwynedd, Pa.
DABB. (other issue, named Jones, of Gwynedd, Pa.)
Evan Lloyd Evan's issue by his second wife:
DB. Thomas Evans, to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698.
DC. Robert Evans, to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698.
DD. Owen Evans, to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698.
DE. Cadwalader Evans, to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698. The descent of President Abraham Lincoln from Cadwalader Evans, given in Burke's Presidential Families of the United States of America [London: Burke's, 1975], p. 617, is wrong. See Gary Boyd Roberts, Ancestors of American Presidents [Santa Clarita, Cal.: Carl Boyer 3rd, 1995], pp. 33-36.
DF. Sarah, m. Evan Pugh, to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698.
2 Robert Lewis
3 Gwerful f. Llywelyn ap Dafydd
4 Lewys ap Gruffudd
[WG2 Tr. G. 2 (B)]
5 Elen f. Edward
[WG2 Trawsfynydd].

William Addams Reitwiesner