The Family of William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke

by William Addams Reitwiesner

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (d. 1469) [NCP X: 400-401] appears in WG2 at Godwin 8 (A1). His ancestry can be traced there and in Peter C. Bartrum, "The Ancestors of My Lord Herbert" in Cylchgrawn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru (The National Library of Wales Journal), vol. XVII (1972), pp. 238-248.

By his wife Anne Devereux, William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke, had several children, including:
A.       Anne Herbert m. John Grey, Ld Powis
AA.       John Grey, Ld Powis m. Margaret Dudley
AAA.       Edward Grey Ld Powis = Jane Orwell
AAAA.       Edward Grey m. Grysogon Gifford
AAAAA.       Grysogon Grey [Evans 4533] m. Sir Moreton Bridges 1 Bt
B. Catherine Herbert m. George Grey E Kent
BA. Anne Grey m. John Hussey Ld Hussey
BAA. Anne Hussey m. Sir Humphrey Brome
BAAA. Christian Brome m. Sir John Tufton 1 Bt
BAAAA. Nicholas Tufton 1 E Thanet [Evans 5794]
BAB. Bridget Hussey m. Sir Richard Morrison
BABA. Sir Charles Morrison m. Dorothy Clerk
BABAA. Sir Charles Morrison 1 Bt [Evans 4406]
BAC. Elizabeth Hussey m. Sir Robert Throckmorton
BACA. Muriel Throckmorton [Evans 5763] m. Sir Thomas Tresham
BACB. Temperance Throckmorton m. Sir Randal Brereton
BACBA. Mary Brereton m. Sir Richard Egerton
BACBAA.       Elizabeth Egerton [Evans 5411] m. Peter Warburton
C. Maud Herbert m. Henry Percy 4 E Northumberland
CA. Anne Percy m. William FitzAlan E Arundel
CAA. Henry FitzAlan E Arundel m. Catherine Grey
CAAA. Mary FitzAlan m. Thomas Howard D Norfolk
CAAAA. Philip Howard E Arundel m. Anne Dacre
CAAAAA. Thomas Howard E Norfolk m. Alathea Talbot
CAAAAAA.       Henry Frederick Howard E Norfolk [Evans 5316]
CB. Eleanor Percy m. Edward Stafford 3 D Buckingham
CBA. Elizabeth Stafford m. Thomas Howard D Norfolk
CBAA. Henry Howard E Surrey m. Frances de Vere
CBAAA. Margaret Howard m. Henry Scrope Ld Scrope [see below]
CBAAAA. Thomas Scrope Ld Scrope of Bolton [Evans 5444]
CBAAB. Thomas Howard 4 D Norfolk [LAPC M7193]
CBAB. Thomas Howard Vct Bindon m. Gertrude Lyle
CBABA. Charles Lyle-Howard m. Roberta Webb
CBABAA. Catherine Lyle-Howard [Evans 4153] m. Sir Thomas Thynne
CBB. Henry Stafford 3 B Stafford m. Ursula Pole
CBBA. Dorothy Stafford m. Sir William Stafford
CBBAA. Elizabeth Stafford m. Sir William Drury
CBBAAA. Elizabeth Drury [Evans 5783] m. William Cecil 2 E Exeter
CBC. Mary Stafford m. George Neville B Bergavenny
CBCA. Catherine Neville m. Sir John St Leger
CBCAA. Mary St Leger m. Sir Richard Granville
CBCAAA. Sir Bernard Granville [Evans 4136]
CBCB. Ursula Neville m. Sir Warham St Leger
CBCBA. Anne St Leger m. Thomas Digges
CBCBAA. Dudley Digges m. Mary Kempe
CBCBAAA. Edward Digges (d. 1676), colonial emigrant to Virginia [RPA 273; RMC 284]
CBCBB. Sir Anthony St Leger m. Mary Scott
CBCBBA. Sir Warham St Leger m. Mary Hayward
CBCBBAA. Sir Anthony St Leger [Evans 5942]
CBCBBAB. Katherine St Leger m. Thomas Culpeper
CBCBBABA.       John Culpeper (d. 1694), colonial emigrant to North Carolina [RPA 632; RMC 251]
CBCBBAC. Mary St Leger m. Col William Codd
CBCBBACA. Col St Leger Codd (d. 1706), colonial emigrant to Virginia [RPA 632; RMC 718]
CBCBBAD. Ursula St Leger m. Rev Daniel Horsmanden
CBCBBADA. Col Warham Horsmanden (d. 1691), colonial emigrant to Virginia [RPA 631; RMC 718]
CBCBC. Dorothy St Leger [LAPC K1776] m. William Kingsmill
CC. Henry Algernon Percy 5 E Northumberland m. Catherine Spencer
CCA. Margaret Percy m. Henry Clifford 1 E Cumberland
CCAA. Catherine Clifford m1. John Scrope Ld Scrope m2. Richard Cholmley
CCAAA. Henry Scrope Ld Scrope m. Margaret Howard [see above]
CCAAB. Sir Henry Cholmley [Evans 4442]
CCAB. Henry Clifford 2 E Cumberland m. Anne Dacre m. Eleanor Brandon
CCABA. Francis Clifford 4 E Cumberland [LAPC M7365]
CCABB. Margaret Clifford m. Henry Stanley E Dweby
CCABBA. William Stanley E Derby m. Elizabeth de Vere
CCABBAA. James Stanley E Derby [Evans 5338]
CCAC. Maud Clifford m. John Conyers Ld Conyers
CCACA. Elizabeth Conyers m. Thomas Darcy
CCACAA. Conyers Darcy Ld Darcy m. Dorothy Belasyse
CCACAAA. Conyers Darcy 1 E Holderness [Evans 5936]
CCB. Sir Thomas Percy m. Eleanor Harbottle
CCBA. Henry Percy 8 E Northumberland m. Catherine Neville [see below]
CCBAA. Eleanor Percy m. William Herbert 1 E Powis [see below]
CCBAAA. Katherine Herbert [Evans 5167] m. Sir Robert Vaughan
CCBAB. Henry Percy 9 E Northumberland [LAPC M7407]
D. William Herbert 2 E Pembroke m. Mary Woodville
DA. Elizabeth Herbert m. Charles Somerset 1 E Worcester
DAA. Henry Somerset 2 E Worcester m. Elizabeth Browne
DAAA. Lucy Somerset m. John Neville 4 L Latimer
DAAAA. Catherine Neville m. Henry Percy 8 E Northumberland [see above]
DAAAB. Dorothy Neville m. Thomas Cecil 1 E Exeter
DAAABA. Dorothy Cecil [Evans 5449] m. Sir Giles Alington
DAAABB. Frances Cecil [Evans 5795] m. Nicholas Tufton 1 E Thanet
DAAABC. Lucy Cecil [Evans 4445] m. William Paulet 4 M Worcester
DAAABD. William Cecil 2 E Exeter [Evans 5782]
DAAAC. Elizabeth Neville m. Sir John Danvers
DAAACA. Eleanor Danvers m. Thomas Walmesley
DAAACAA. Sir Thomas Walmesley [Evans 5162]
DAAB. William Somerset E Worcester m. Christian North
DAABA. Edward Somerset E Worcester m. Elizabeth Hastings
DAABAA. Henry Somerset 1 M Worcester [Evans 4400]
By Mawd Turberville, the first Earl of Pembroke had, among others, an illegitimate son:
E.       Richard Herbert m. Margaret Cradock
EA.       William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke, m. Ann Parr
EAA.       Sir Edward Herbert m. Mary Stanley
EAAA.       William Herbert 1 E Powis m. Eleanor Percy [see above]
EAB. Henry Herbert E Pembroke m. Mary Sydney
EABA. Philip Herbert E Pembroke [Evans 4148]


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William Addams Reitwiesner