The Ancestors of Rowland Coytmore

by William Addams Reitwiesner

Ancestry of Rowland Coytmore
1 Rowland Coytmore (or Coetmor)
* ... [ca. 1565-1560]
+ Wapping, Stepney, co. Middlesex, ... [will dated 5 June 1626, probated 24 Nov. 1626]

Rowland Coytmore was one of the grantees of the Second Charter of Virginia, 23 May 1607; Mariner with the East India Company (visited Indonesia and Java but not the American Colonies);
m. (1) Stepney, 13 Jan. 1590/1, Christian Haynes;
m. (2) St. Mary's, Whitechapel, co. Middlesex, 28 March 1595, Dorothy (Lane) Harris, widow of William Harris of Wapping, and daughter of Dorothy (Burton) Lane;
m. (3) Harwich, co. Essex, 27 Dec. 1610, Katherine (Miles) Gray, d. Charlestown, Mass., 29 Nov. 1659, widow of Thomas Gray of Harwich, and daughter of Robert Miles of Sutton, co. Suffolk [JIC 10a].
By his third wife he had, among others, a daughter:
A.          Elizabeth Coytmore, b. ca. 1617, d. Boston, Mass., between Jan. 1642/3 and Jan. 1648/9, m. ca. 1636-1637, as his second wife, Capt. William Tyng, b. ca. 1605, d. Braintree, Mass., 18 Jan. 1652/3, and had four daughters. Descendants include:
   .Anna Tyng m. Thomas Shepard
    .Anna Shepard m. Daniel Quincy
     .John Quincy m. Elizabeth Norton
      .Elizabeth Quincy m. William Smith
       .Abigail Smith m. JOHN ADAMS (1735-1826) US President
        .JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (1767-1848) US President
2 William Coetmor, of Coetmor, Arllechwedd Uchaf, Carnarvonshire
[PACF 277]
3 Jane Williams
[PACF 186; JIC 9; Anthony R. Wagner, "The Royal Descent of Mr Neville Chamberlain", in The Genealogist's Magazine, vol. 8, no. 4 (Dec. 1938), pp. 204-205, at number 11]
4 William Coetmor of Coetmor
+ ... [liv. 1568]
[WG2 Iarddur 3 (C)]
5 Elen Puleston
[WG2 Puleston (A3)]
6 William Wynn Williams of Cochwillan, Arllechwedd Uchaf, Carnarvonshire; High Sheriff for Carnarvonshire, 1570-1571
+ ... [Will proved 13 March 1610]
[WG2 Marchudd 6 (D2)]
7 Dorothy Griffith
+ [WG2 Marchudd 6 (B4); Douglas Richardson, Plantagenet Ancestry (Baltimore: Genealogical, 2004), p. 244; Douglas Richardson, Magna Carta Ancestry (Baltimore: Genealogical, 2005), p. 242]


2 & 3 have other descendants, such as:

William Coetmor m. Jane Williams
.Robert Coytmore m. Lumley Lloyd
 .Blanche Coytmore m. Thomas Bulkeley 1 Vct Bulkeley
  .Henry Bulkeley m. Sophia Stewart
   .Anne Bukleley m. JAMES FITZ-JAMES 1 D BERWICK
   |.CHARLES FITZ-JAMES, duc de FITZ-JAMES (1712-1787)
   .Charlotte Bulkeley m. Charles O'Brien, 5 Vct Clare
    .CHARLES O'BRIEN 8 E Thomond, MARECHAL de FRANCE (1699-1761)

6 & 7 have other descendants, such as:

William Wynn Williams m. Dorothy Griffith
.Edmund Williams m. Mary Wynn
 .JOHN WILLIAMS (1582-1650), Archbishop of York


JIC -- John Insley Coddington, "A Royal Descent from King Edward III of England ... ", in The American Genealogist, vol. 32 (1956), pp. 9-23. Numerals refer to generations.

PACF -- John Edwards Griffith, Pedigrees of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire Families [Horncastle: for the Author, 1914]

William Addams Reitwiesner