The succession to the British Throne is regulated by the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement. The second of these extends the succession to Electress Sophia of Hanover and the heirs of Sophia's body. The following is a list of the descendants of Sophia, as of 1 January 1741, arranged in sequence by their eligibility to become the heir of her body. This type of list is often referred to as the "Order of Succession" to the British Throne.

William Addams Reitwiesner

Succession to the British Throne in 1741

Descendants of Sophia Kfstin v Hannover
1. Children of George I K Gt Britain
SOV  George II K Gt Britain (*1683)
 1.     Frederick P Wales (*1707)
 2.        George P Gt Britain (*1738)
 3.        Edward P Gt Britain (*1739)
 4.        Augusta Pss Gt Britain (*1737)
 5.        Elizabeth Pss Gt Britain (*1740)
 6.     William D Cumberland (*1721)
 7.     Anne Pss Gt Britain (*1709) m. Willem IV P Orange
 8.     Amelia Pss Gt Britain (*1711)
 9.     Caroline Pss Gt Britain (*1713)
10.     Mary Pss Gt Britain (*1723) m. Friedrich Pz v Hessen-Cassel
11.     Louisa Pss Gt Britain (*1724)
 X.     [Illegitimate issue]
12.  Sophia Dorothea v Hannover (*1687) m. Fried Wilh Kg in Preussen [2-1, below]
13.     Friedrich II Kg in Preussen (*1712)
14.     August Wilhelm Pz v Preussen (*1722)
15.     Heinrich Pz v Preussen (*1726)
16.     Ferdinand Pz v Preussen (*1730)
17.     Wilhelmine v Preussen (*1709) m. Friedrich Mkgf v Brandenburg-Bayreuth
18.        Friederike v Brandenburg-Bayreuth (*1732)
19.     Friederike Luise v Preussen (*1714) m. Karl Mkgf v Brandenburg-Ansbach
20.        Karl Alexander Pz v Brandenburg-Ansbach (*1736)
21.     Charlotte v Preussen (*1716) m. Karl I Hz v Braunschweig
22.        Karl Pz v Braunschweig (*1735)
23.        Christian Ludwig Pz v Braunschweig (*1738)
24.        Friedrich August Pz v Braunschweig (*1740)
25.        Sofie v Braunschweig (*1737)
26.        Anna Amalie v Braunschweig (*1739)
27.     Sophie v Preussen (*1719) m. Fried Wilh Mkgf v Brandenburg-Schwedt
28.        Friederike Dorothea v Brandenburg-Schwedt (*1736)
29.        Luise v Brandenburg-Schwedt (*1738)
30.     Luise Ulrike v Preussen (*1720)
31.     Anna Amalia v Preussen (*1723)
2. Descendants of Sophia Charlotte v Hannover
m. Friedrich I Kg in Preussen
2-1) Descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm Kg in Preussen
m. Sophia Dorothea v Hannover [12, above]
 X.  [13-31, above]