The succession to the British Throne is regulated by the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement. The second of these extends the succession to Electress Sophia of Hanover and the heirs of Sophia's body. The following is a list of the persons eligible to succeed to the British Throne as of 12 June 1701 (the effective date of the Act of Settlement).

William Addams Reitwiesner

Succession to the British Throne in 1701

SOV  William III K of Gt Brit (*1650)
 1.  Anne Pss Gt. Brit (*1665)
 X.  [Further descendants, if any, of Princess Anne]
 X.  [Further descendants, if any, of King William III]
 2.  Sophia Pzssin v der Rhein (*1630) m. Ernst August Kfst v Hannover
 3.     Georg I Kfst v Hannover (*1660)
 4.        Georg KPz v Hannover (*1683)
 5.        Sophia Dorothea v Hannover (*1687)
 6.     Maximilian Wilhelm Pz v Hannover (*1666)
 7.     Christian Pz v Hannover (*1671)
 8.     Ernst August Pz v Hannover FstB v Osnabrück (*1674)
 9.     Sophia Charlotte v Hannover (*1662) m. Friedrich I Kg in Preussen
10.        Friedrich Wilhelm KPz v Preussen (*1687)