The following articles, which explore some genealogical issues in greater depth, have been written by others, and have been sent to me so that the articles can be made available on the Web. All credit for the content of these pages should go to their author(s), and not to me. My contributions to these pages is limited to HTML-izing them, as needed.

Click here for "Andrew & Jane (Patton) Blythe: Great-Great-Great Grandparents of President Clinton" by R. Andrew Pierce.

Click here for "Notes on the Irish Ancestry of President Ronald Reagan" by R. Andrew Pierce.

Click here for "The Parentage of William Truman Sr. of Henrico, Buckingham, Franklin and Bedford Cos., Virginia" by R. Andrew Pierce.

Click here for an examination of the family and background of Abraham Lincoln's paternal grandmother, Mrs. Bathsheba Lincoln, commonly called "Bathsheba Herring", by R. Andrew Pierce.

Click here for "Alexander Leopold Anthon von Ranzow, a person of princely blood in the house of correction at Koudekerk", originally a lecture (in Dutch) by C. C. van Valkenberg of the Koninklijk Nederlandsch Genootschap voor Geslacht- en Wapenkunde, translated into English by Otto Schutte, editor of De Nederlandsche Leeuw, and sent to me in early 1984 by Henry Bainbridge Hoff.

William Addams Reitwiesner